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Church on Wheels: Britain takes the church to the people

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Church on Wheels - Britain takes the church to the people

Britain’s first church on wheels has hit the open road – with a bishop celebrating mass on a double-decker bus. | Photo credit: SWNS

Britain Church on Wheels: The project is aimed at taking “the church out into the world” and getting people to change their “lives for the better”. Passengers will be able to confess their sins or just enjoy a cup of tea with a priest by hopping onto the vehicle over the next week. And there will also be a music group playing on the lower deck, while worshippers will be out on the streets giving candles to people and inviting them to pray.

Church on Wheels Inspired by Pope Francis

The idea, which is the brainchild of the Friends of Divine Mercy Scotland, set off on its opening tour from Paisley, Renfrewshire, on Monday. Organiser Helen Border said: “Inspired by the call from Pope Francis to ‘go out to the people and take the Church to them’ we’ve decided to do just that — with a church on wheels.

“There will be priests hearing confessions on the top deck of the ‘Mercy Bus’ and literature, tea and coffee available downstairs. Everyone is welcome. We hope passers-by will come on board where they can say a prayer or just chat.”

“Today, so many people are angry and upset, often because they’ve made the wrong choices and want to change. Stepping on board the bus could be the first step in changing their lives for the better. We hope they’ll come aboard.”  Read the full story…. eveningtimes.co.uk


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