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Dr. Sonia Lupien: How to Manage Stress Before It Turns Toxic

Elevate Christian Network - Health and Wellness

Elevate Christian Network :: Health and Wellness

How to Manage Stress Effectively:  In this video, Dr. Sonia Lupien  talks about stress – what causes it, which stress is good and which is bad, and how to manage the stress we cannot avoid. She is Director of The Centre for Studies on Human Stress (CSHS).

They are dedicated to improving the physical and mental health of Canadians by empowering individuals with scientifically grounded information on the effects of stress on the brain and body.  Visit Dr. Lupien online:  http://www.humanstress.ca


Dr. Sonia Lupien - Centre for Studies on Human Stress (CSHS)

Dr. Sonia Lupien – Centre for Studies on Human Stress (CSHS).


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How To Make The Right Choices When Dealing With The Consequences Of Stress

Dr. Sonia Lupien - Professor Department of Psychiatry Faculty of Medicine - University of Montreal

Dr. Sonia Lupien – Professor Department of Psychiatry Faculty of Medicine – University of Montreal.

When it comes to understanding the consequences of stress, people don’t quite understand what to do. There is so much information on this topic, it’s easy to find help when you need it. It’s an individual choice with taking action, and it’s interesting that so many people avoid it.

But this only highlights the fact that the majority of people fail to take preventive measures. People simply won’t act if they don’t have to, and this is true for most of us out there. There are actually three separate and useful discussions in this article that can help you deal with the stress in your life. Let’s look at those now.

Premature Aging

Premature aging is one of classic signs of people that have endured stress for many years. When people are teenagers, they have quite a bit of stress. However, this usually starts when they are much younger. If you see a person with lots of gray hair, this may be a sign that they have endured quite a bit of stress. You could be as young as 20 years old and have graying begin at that age.

You could find yourself with non-regular patches of hair coming off of your head. People that look older than their years usually had a lot of stress in their life. Due to stress, you could actually see your skin aging well beyond your years in your 30s. Chronic stress can actually affect you internally if you have a lot of stress for many decades.


Many people that are stressed all of the time we’ll actually overeat, which is a negative behavioral response that stress can cause. Teenage children can have this type of reaction, which can be very serious. There are certain medical conditions, along with obesity, that are very detrimental for younger people for many reasons. The incidence of Type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease has been increasing in obese teens for over a decade in the US.

Stress levels cannot be entirely blamed on obese conditions. However, research has found a clear correlation between stress at school to include social stress and over eating. A sense of satisfaction will help drown out how bad someone feels when they eat junk food.

Professional Relationships

The effects of stress in people’s professional lives is known throughout the world. These individuals will do illogical things as a result of the high stress that they are experiencing on a regular basis. The usually result is to cause damage to professional relationships or reputations. It is possible that they could lose their job simply by saying the wrong thing to the wrong person.

Unfortunately, some employers are not forgiving in these understandable circumstances. Your best bet is to try to stay calm, collected and composed, regardless of the stress that you are dealing with on the job. You are currently experiencing what stress does to your body even if everything seems normal.

High Blood Pressure

That’s the thing about stress, it’s like high blood pressure in that the symptoms are not detected for a long time. You really need to do something about your stress, even if your body is not having bad reactions. By reducing the amount of stress in your life, you will feel noticeably better. This is something that you will try to achieve every single day from that point on.



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