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Inspirational: Destined to Overcome Anything by Maxine Johnson

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Destined to Overcome Anything: This inspirational book by Evangelist Maxine Johnson encourages readersDestined to Overcome Anything - Evangelist Maxine Johnson to understand that God still delivers. She reminds everyone that even when a person doesn’t understand what He is doing, one needs only to trust God and He will deliver on time. This optimistic book was written to change a reader’s thinking for the better, which in turn will certainly influence his or her life in a truly positive way.

Evangelist Johnson lets readers know they will always be overcomers in Christ – no matter what the circumstance. She goes on to explain that problems and troubles are only a testing of one’s faith in God. He is not going to leave his followers in the midst of challenges.

“I hope my readers will internalize that they are born to overcome anything; that God is with them,” states Evangelist Johnson.

Evangelist Maxine Johnson holds a doctorate in Divinity and an extensive background in counseling. She is the CEO and founder of the Maxine Johnson Deliverance Ministry. She credits writing this book to her impressive 35 years of being an Evangelist operating in the Deliverance ministry and the Pastoral.  See full story …prweb.com


Xulon Press introduces Destined to Overcome Anything by author Evangelist Maxine Johnson. The Xulon Press bookstore provides an easy way to purchase this book using the link below, or you can find it at your local Christian bookstore.


Maxine Johnson Deliverance Ministries

Maxine Johnson Deliverance Ministries.

  • For the latest updates, news and information, visit Evangelist Johnson online at: http://www.mjdm.org




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