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Israel: IDF Managing a Full Humanitarian Aid Mission to Help Syrians

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Israel - Humanitarian Aid to Syrians

In the past four years, Israel has helped more than 4,000 Syrians medically. Most of them were taken to Israeli hospitals. But Israel’s aid to the Syrians didn’t stop with the sick and wounded. | Courtesy: CBN News – Julie Stahl, Chris Mitchell

Humanitarian Aid: “A decision was made by Israeli commanders and government to allow them (wounded and sick Syrians) to enter the country and to give them full medical treatment. Since then, many, many other wounded Syrians followed,” Dr. Noam Fink told reporters on the Golan Heights.

But what began as a trickle of Syrian war wounded appealing to their arch-enemy, Israel, for medical help, has now grown into a full-fledged humanitarian aid mission, managed by the IDF, along the Israeli-Syrian border.

Operation Good Neighbor – Humanitarian Aid

“It’s a well-known fact that in Syria, medical infrastructures are not functioning,” Fink said.  “Approximately 70 percent of the doctors fled the country, and one year ago we decided to expand our cooperation and help even further by starting operation Good Neighbor.”

“We started bringing in sick Syrians, most of them are sick children, with neglected medical diseases and we’ve taken them in to our hospitals, to our clinics,” Fink said.

Many of the goods are donated by NGOs, including Friend Ships, whose shipping containers say “From Jesus with Love.”  They provide medicine, basic foods, and powdered baby milk and diapers.

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Humanitarian Aid: Transfer of Food from Israel to Syria

Israel Defense Forces soldiers prepare humanitarian aid for Syrians caught up in the Syrian civil war in the Golan Heights region. (IDF Media Day in the 210 Brigade)


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