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Pawanmuktasana is an excellent yoga pose for the health of abdominal region by easing stomach heaviness, increasing blood circulation, nerves stimulation and by removing trapped abdominal gases as well as harmful toxins. It is an important yogasana for the smooth functioning of digestive system. Pawan means air or gas, mukta means release and asana indicates yoga pose. Basically, it’s the yoga pose that helps in releasing of excessive gas. It has many benefits like releasing toxins from the body, weight loss, relieves constipation, spinal flexibility, etc. It is also good for sterility and impotence. Pawanmuktasana shouldn’t be performed by those who have neck strain and abdominal surgery. It is pronounced as puh–vuhn-mukt-aahs-uh-nuh. It is known as by different names like wind relieving pose, wind liberating pose, wind removing pose.

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