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Elevate Christian Network | Ministry Outreach TV

Video Transcript

you can we’re talking about this great article about how your ego keeps you back with serving God and going down different ways you go through only two points so yeah well there’s six yeah well there’s six in total and I think it’s important to talk about this because a lot of times we don’t think we have it and that’s a lot of times because we we do happen I’m so proud that I’m humble well my friend my friend says it this way so I’m so proud of my humility you know and it’s true and sometimes we you know we think more of ourselves than we ought and we need to keep ourselves in check and this is just a healthy way to kind of look and make sure that we’re okay because none of us want to impede what God is doing in our lives I know you don’t and I sure know that I don’t letting God’s look at our hearts and show us those areas is such an important part of following Jesus or also we stagnate and we never get over the things that are holding us back so this is good what’s that what’s the fourth one yeah well before I get to that one I just I want to say this there are so many biblical characters that can teach us about the importance of keeping our egos in check we have men and women in the Bible who were Giants of the faith who had reason to boast but yet they said I will not boast in my own abilities I will only boast in effect that I am saved that I know Christ I think it’s important it doesn’t matter it’s not saying oh I’m not good you can be the biggest the best the brightest all that we all have a responsibility to keep our egos in check and so one of the things they talk about is saying that when our ego is too high we become reluctant to praise others and build others up you ever met anybody like that that they seemed to really I don’t know how to say it but they seemed to get off on putting everybody else around them down so they can feel higher but raised in a weird way it’s insecurity really that causes people to do that but it is your ego needing to be stroked who needed to be built up right because you’re insecure so it’s not a good thing definitely taking time to encourage people is so important yeah well there’s a knee court here says that ego needs the spotlight and isn’t afraid to manipulate people even God to attract attention I thought that was a pretty pretty heavy coat yeah ouch is one way that we can go okay here’s another thing it says that when you when you struggle with ego and you kinda you’re operating out of that ego role men two sizes the past and idealizes or idealizes the future but rarely lives in the present hmm okay have you heard of people who you know oh I get something great and amazing 30 years ago if I don’t have to do anything amazing anymore have you ever sure yeah you’re not gonna give me any names no you don’t mind what nobody comes to me okay good it says the ego obsessed is over the good old days you know the thing the way things used to be and there’s it they kind of fixate on what was and what that does is it takes our focus off of the future because we’re so caught up in what we did in the past and you know Israel was guilty of that in the Old Testament I think are some characters some people in the New Testament we’re guilty of that and I think some of us are guilty as when you get older too and you start thinking about your legacy sometimes you can get caught up and wanting recognition for what you’ve done and you know recognition that you didn’t get that you feel you deserve without realizing that no matter what stage you are in your life if you have one day left to live or a hundred days left to live a hundred years God has something for you to do today to change the world and make a difference and I think we need to know that in every stage of our lives that will preach you all over very good okay we only have a minute left here if we don’t get through all of these we’re gonna post them up on our website and maybe on some social media as well another sign that our ego may be out of order or you know lopsided the ego seeks immediate gratification and despises anything hard or comfortable I thought that was just being human oh I mean you know as humans we despise anything harder uncomfortable God asked us sometimes to die to ourselves to do die to our dreams and there’s there’s times in life right where we have to sort through the issues of our heart and sometimes we don’t want to do the hard work right no absolutely you know what that’s right is what you’re saying basically I mean no pride ego it gets in the way cuz we think well I should that’s beneath me I shouldn’t have to do that and it’s like no come on even Jesus who was them the king of kings and the Lord of lords he came and he said the Son of man has not come you know to be served but to serve what an example he was for us you talk about somebody who had an ego yeah somebody who’s who’s getting ready to be nailed to the cross and instead of you know calling down angels instead of you know doing whatever he could have done he just says Father forgive them for they know not what they do and just a beautiful display of humility and he took that humility all the way to the cross for us

  • 100 Huntley Street Show: Joe and Cheryl continue their discussion on how your ego is keeping you from God’s plan for your life.

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100 Huntley Street is a trusted leader in Christian television, bringing inspired media to the world for over 40 years. It is Canada’s longest-running daily television show and the sixth longest-running daily television show in the world.  The daily talk show is broadcast across North America on Yes TV, Global TV, and GEB America.

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Crossroads Christian Communications is Canada’s leader in providing faith and values media content for people of all ages. 100 Huntley Street, the flagship television program of Crossroads was founded by Rev. David Mainse.

It provides relevant messages of faith and inspiration for millions of Canadians and has done so for 50 years. Its mission is to help people of every age and stage become followers of Jesus Christ through inspired media.


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