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0:01 CS: Are you carrying fear, guilt and shame 0:03 in your life? I want to see you be set free. 0:06 I want to share with you about the 0:08 righteousness of Jesus. 0:11 [Music] >> Now is the time to go forward and become 0:14 all that God has intended for you to become. 0:18 Today is your day to change your life and live 0:22 in victory and wholeness. 0:25 This is Your Path to Destiny 0:27 with Dr. Candice Smithyman. 0:32 CS: I’m so glad you’ve joined me today 0:33 because we are going to talk about shame, 0:37 shame is something that we carry with us. 0:41 It’s a very, very heavy weight that is difficult 0:45 for us. And I want to share with you 0:47 today the importance of letting the shame 0:49 go if you want to step into Your Path to Destiny. 0:53 And so let’s talk about how shame 0:56 can come upon us. Shame is something 1:00 that the enemy loves to deposit upon us. 1:04 He likes to cause us to wear shame when we’ve been 1:08 involved in things that we know are not right, 1:11 or maybe somebody has done something to you that 1:14 was shameful and there was no way for it to be stopped. 1:18 And so the moment that shame touches us, 1:22 it becomes something that we have to combat. 1:25 And shame will cause us to retreat. 1:27 It will cause us to go into places that we want 1:31 to isolate ourselves. 1:33 We don’t really know who we are and how to 1:36 get out of it. But one of the most amazing 1:38 things is that Jesus took our shame. 1:42 That’s what the Word tells us. He took our shame. 1:45 He took our guilt. He took our condemnation. 1:47 He took our fear. When I understood this myself, 1:52 when I became one who could grab a hold of the 1:55 fact that any shame that I was experiencing from 1:59 passing, past choices could be completely gone simply 2:04 by what Jesus has done for us on the cross, 2:09 what He did for me personally, 2:11 then everything in my life transformed. 2:14 Shame is something you have to let go of. 2:17 I know you’ve been in situations that are difficult. 2:19 I know that you’ve been faced with having to be 2:24 put in in certain circumstances that you 2:27 didn’t want to be around shameful things, 2:30 but yet you were. I know that there’s 2:32 a lot of people that are incarcerated that 2:36 deal with a tremendous amount of shame. 2:38 If you’ve had abuse in your life, 2:40 you’ve had had shame that you have received from 2:45 shameful activities and things like that that people 2:47 have done around you or that you’ve been 2:49 a part of. And to shame is something 2:51 that God says he wants to exchange 2:55 shame, our shame, and that we would 2:58 receive His very own righteousness. We 3:00 would receive the blessing. We would 3:03 receive the beauty for our ashes, the joy for 3:08 our mourning, that we would receive the 3:10 things that he is upon us, that our shame could be 3:15 taken away. Shame causes us to want to hide. 3:19 If you feel like you want to hide and you don’t want 3:21 to go out, you want to be isolated, 3:23 then begin to take a look at your life and determine 3:26 whether or not shame may be the reason that you 3:30 don’t want to move into the path of destiny that 3:33 God has called you. And so we need to 3:35 come up with an understanding through 3:38 the Word of God that will help us combat shame. 3:41 And I’m going to throw in their fear as well. 3:44 You might be experiencing great fear. 3:46 Fear comes when we are in situations that are 3:52 difficult for us to understand. 3:54 We can’t navigate those situations. 3:57 Then fear will come upon our lives. 3:59 And when we’re enveloped in fear, 4:02 then we’re in a place where we have difficulty 4:05 stepping out and moving into the plan, 4:08 purpose and destiny that God has for us. 4:10 We don’t want to be people that live like 4:13 this, and God doesn’t want us to be people that live 4:16 like this, which is another reason why 4:18 He sent Jesus to die berry and resurrect so 4:22 that our fear and our shame could be put on 4:26 the cross of Christ. I just want to encourage 4:29 you today that shame is not something that you 4:32 are called to carry any longer. 4:35 And if you’re watching this program today and you 4:37 are feeling shame because shame does have a feeling 4:41 associated with it, I want you to let that go today 4:45 in Genesis, chapter two, verse twenty five, 4:47 we find that when Adam and Eve sinned in the garden, 4:51 the word says that they were both naked and they 4:53 felt no shame. All right. 4:57 So there was a period in their life before they 5:00 sinned where they had no shame. 5:04 That is where we’re supposed to be once we 5:07 receive Jesus as our lord and savior. 5:10 Yes, it’s supposed to be so powerful, 5:12 our salvation experience so powerful. 5:15 The healing and restoration that we have 5:17 received from Jesus to that shame is not 5:21 something that we carry any longer, 5:23 but we actually have no shame. 5:25 And so I just want to encourage you today, 5:27 it is God’s will that you have no shame. 5:30 And you might say, “Well, Candice, how 5:33 is it that I should have no shame, 5:35 I mean, I carried this with me my whole life, 5:36 you don’t know what I did.” 5:38 Listen, there’s nothing that you could have 5:41 possibly have ever done that Jesus’s blood 5:45 sacrifice does not cover. He’s covered 5:49 everything. He’s covered fear, guilt, shame, 5:53 anything that falls into that category. 5:54 And so shame has been covered. 5:57 God calls us now once we know Jesus is our lord and 6:01 savior, to enter back into that garden experience 6:05 where there is no shame the prior to Adam and Eve 6:10 eating the apple. Yes, you can have that. 6:12 It is yours. It is available to you 6:15 today to be in that place of no shame. 6:18 I’m actually seeing something in the spirit 6:20 realm right now. I’m seeing that there’s 6:23 someone out there who’s had an abortion, 6:26 you had an abortion and you’re feeling 6:28 great shame. As a result of that, 6:30 you’ve now come to know Jesus as your 6:32 lord and savior, but you can’t let 6:34 go of the shame. I just want to encourage 6:36 you right now that God does not want 6:39 you to carry that shame. You have asked 6:41 for forgiveness. That’s all you need to do. 6:44 His shed blood covers you and shame is 6:47 falling off of you. I just want to speak 6:50 right now into your life and say, begin to 6:53 get up and start moving on your path 6:56 to destiny. Become a person that speaks 6:59 about how you have recovered from 7:01 shame, the supernatural grace of God abounding 7:06 uncovering shame in your life. 7:09 It’s not where God wants you to be. 7:10 He does not want you to walk without shame. 7:13 Here’s another reason why we should not 7:15 walk with shame. Shame does not represent 7:17 who Jesus is to others. See, there was 7:20 nothing shameful about him. And when 7:22 his children walk in shame, then what 7:26 we’re saying is what Jesus did for us 7:29 wasn’t enough. The same goes with fear. 7:31 Same goes with guilt. You’ve got to 7:33 press on and move forward. You’ve been 7:36 called to be a son or a daughter of the father. 7:41 And with that it means that you present 7:43 yourself one without fear, guilt or shame. 7:47 Now, if you’re struggling with what 7:49 I’m saying and you’re thinking that’s just too 7:50 hard and I can’t possibly do that. 7:53 Listen, you can do it. You just have to 7:55 wash yourself in the Word of God. 7:57 You just have to cover yourself with 8:00 the understanding that what Jesus did is 8:03 enough for you. He has covered everything. 8:06 This is very, very important to grab a hold 8:09 up because there’s people walking all over the world 8:12 who are have their heads down and they’re wearing 8:15 great shame. That is not who Jesus called us to be. 8:18 He didn’t die on the cross for us, 8:21 Shed His blood that we should walk in shame. 8:24 There is no walk of shame for you. 8:27 There is a walk of fame for you, 8:29 the walk of fame in Jesus, where you 8:32 show and express him and who He is to others. 8:36 If you want people to come to know your love 8:39 for Jesus, then let them see. Let me be 8:41 part of your testimony that you have no shame. 8:44 There’s nothing that you could tell me ever that 8:47 I would say you need to carry that shame. 8:49 It’s only don’t carry that shame because 8:52 of what Jesus did. And then you will 8:54 bring Him joy. You will bring Him gladness. 8:59 He will be magnified on His throne because you 9:01 are walking in no shame. Stay tuned. 9:05 And I’m going to talk with you about shame 9:09 and some more strategies to be able to let this go. 9:12 We want you to step into a place of walking in 9:15 fame and not in shame. 9:18 [Music] 9:24 [Music] >> Dr. Candice Smithyrman is 9:27 an international prophetic voice healing minister, 9:30 author and pastor who travels the world sharing 9:33 how to access the heavenly realms and 9:35 lived the resurrected life. Her passion is 9:38 to see people healed and delivered and 9:40 come into a knowledge of who they are in 9:42 Christ as royal heirs seated with him in the 9:45 heavenly realms. She believes everyone can 9:47 access heaven and walk in the power of 9:50 God in her meetings. Your faith will increase 9:52 and you will feel the presence of God 9:55 and see miraculous healings. Dr. Candice 9:57 loves to teach and train in the supernatural 10:00 and mentor you in the glory, she offers many 10:03 classes in her school of the supernatural 10:05 where you, too, can learn to release Heaven, 10:07 the glory and walk in the power of God. 10:10 She’s also a mentor, life coach and founder of 10:13 “Dream Mentors International,” an organization that teaches 10:16 and trains biblical life coaches. Check out her 10:19 Website and subscribe to her YouTube channel, 10:23 Instagram and Facebook for more resources. 10:26 [Music] 10:32 I’m so glad you stayed with me. We’re going 10:34 to crush this shame in your life. We’re going 10:37 to cry shame, guilt, fear. 10:39 It’s already been put on the cross of Jesus. 10:42 Now, all we have to do is learn to live as though 10:46 it has been done. So you are resurrected 10:48 creature, and God is calling you to live 10:50 the resurrected life. So you can’t live 10:52 with guilt, fear and shame. 10:55 You just can’t because it’s not a part of who He 10:57 is and a part of who He is brought through 11:00 who you are. And so you’ve got to 11:03 change your thinking and get in line with 11:05 the fact that there is no guilt, 11:07 no fear and no shame. I want to read to Scripture 11:09 from Isaiah, chapter sixty-one, verse seven. 11:13 The word says that instead of your shame, 11:16 you will receive a double portion and instead of 11:18 disgrace, you will rejoice in your inheritance. 11:22 And so you inherit a double portion in your 11:24 land in everlasting joy will be yours. 11:27 Yes, that is a scripture for you. 11:30 God is speaking to you. 11:32 He says, I’m going to take your shame and then I’m 11:35 going to give you a double portion. I don’t know 11:38 about you, but that’s a pretty good deal. 11:40 I didn’t have to die on the cross. 11:41 He died on the cross. 11:43 He was buried and he was resurrected. 11:45 That I might be set free from shame. 11:48 When I learned this a long time ago about 11:50 how to combat guilt, fear and shame, 11:52 I became so free and being able to step into 11:56 everything that God had called me to be my own 11:59 path of destiny. There is no way that 12:00 God would want me to be out in front of people. 12:02 And I’m still carrying guilt, fear and shame. 12:05 See, there comes a point in your life where you’re 12:07 going to have to say, I want to be who God’s 12:10 calling me to be. 12:11 And those three guys, they can’t go with me. 12:13 Guilt and shame cannot go with you if he took it. 12:16 How are you carrying it? 12:17 I remember a conversation I had with my mother 12:21 shortly after I was married and I was talking 12:24 to her about love. And, you know, I lost 12:27 my father when I was a child. So I was raised 12:30 by my mother in a single-family home. 12:33 My mother was an amazing woman. 12:35 She loved the Lord. And I remember when 12:38 I, you know, I was an adult and I had 12:40 gone home to visit her and I began to 12:42 start sharing with her about the changes 12:44 that God was making in my life. 12:45 And I said, Mom, I finally understand now 12:49 that Jesus doesn’t want me to carry fear, 12:53 guilt and shame. And I thought that once 12:57 I became saved, I would not carry that. 13:00 But I’m still carrying that. And He’s teaching 13:03 me that in accordance with this Word, 13:06 those three things when on the cross with 13:08 Him, guilt without fear and shame went. 13:11 So with that went, mom, I can’t be carrying this 13:15 anymore. And she was like, Yes, Candice, 13:17 you’re so right. You need to start living 13:20 the life that God has called you to live. 13:22 I said, Mom, I think I’m finally starting to 13:25 realize what real love is. And it’s not 13:29 even manifested through people. It’s manifested 13:32 through what Jesus has done for me personally. 13:34 And now I want to love others in a way that I’ve 13:37 never loved them before. 13:39 I’m not trying to get from people any more. 13:41 I’m not trying to position myself to cover the guilt, 13:45 the fear and the shame with some type of force 13:48 covering myself. 13:49 I’m not trying to make myself look better. 13:52 I’m just trying to understand that Jesus 13:55 has done this for me and He wants me to live. 13:57 And so I don’t have it. And when I do that, 13:59 He’s going to be happy. 14:01 He’s going to be blessed. 14:02 And so my mom is encouraging me. 14:04 And she was like, Candice, yes, you’re right. 14:07 This is how we’ve been called. 14:08 You’ll live our life. 14:09 And so I just want to encourage you today, 14:11 there is great revelation and understanding that you 14:15 do not have to carry these things anymore. 14:17 They went on the cross. 14:20 And so now you have a responsibility. 14:22 And the responsibility is to live as though you 14:25 were free, free from guilt, free from shame, 14:28 accepting the fact that instead of disgrace, 14:31 you are called to rejoice in your inheritance. 14:35 Yes, you have an inheritance. He gave you 14:38 not only the freedom from fear, your own 14:40 shame, He gave you a double portion 14:42 and He gave you His inheritance. I don’t know 14:45 about you, but that’s a really good Word. 14:47 Listen, I’m receiving that Word right now! 14:50 I’m receiving the fact that I have an inheritance 14:53 that He has given me. 14:55 He is positioned with me in heavenly places with 14:57 Him and He has positioned you in those places. 15:00 There is no room in your life for fear, 15:02 guilt and shame. What God wants to 15:05 present through you on your path 15:07 to destiny is something that is going to change 15:10 other people’s lives. 15:11 How are they going to be changed? 15:13 If you are still carrying your fear, 15:16 your guilt and your shame, I want you to get out a 15:18 piece of paper and a pen and began to start 15:20 writing. Say, Lord, I confess my fear. 15:24 I confess my guilt. I confess to my shame. 15:26 I’m giving it to you right now because I shouldn’t 15:29 be carrying this, you see. 15:31 When we continue to carry what Jesus already took 15:35 for us, we open the doors for the enemy to continue 15:38 to work in our life, see when Jesus has already 15:41 taken it, then we have to lay it down to. 15:44 So I’m just encouraging you today to lay it down. 15:47 Don’t let this program end without laying down 15:50 your guilt, your fear and your shame. There’s 15:54 no room for it in the plan that God has 15:56 for you. I see you in great places. 15:59 And as I see you there, you are wearing the 16:03 crown of splendor. You have these things 16:05 upon you because you’ve decided to 16:07 live the life without fear, guilt and shame. 16:12 It’s not a God. See, I know it becomes 16:14 a part of us when we are first born into the 16:17 earth and then we begin to start doing things 16:19 that are wrong, making poor choices. 16:21 But it’s not a part of who you are once you 16:24 become to know Jesus as your Lord and Savior. 16:26 So I just want to pray for you right now. 16:28 I actually see in the Spirit realm that there 16:30 are people that are getting free right now of 16:32 guilt , fear, and shame. In other words, you’ve 16:36 received permission from the Word of God 16:39 to let this go. And so I want you to 16:41 start rejoicing. Just begin to start rejoicing, 16:43 get on your knees right now before the TV and 16:46 begin to start thanking God for what He has done 16:49 because He has set you free. 16:51 You will now be manifesting the love 16:55 of God, the peace of God, the joy of God. 16:57 People say they want the fruit of the Spirit. 17:00 That’s Galatians, chapter five, verse twenty-two. 17:02 Love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, 17:04 gentleness, kindness, self-control. 17:06 You want those things in your life, 17:08 then you need to begin living a life free from 17:12 guilt, fear and shame. I’m going to 17:14 pray for you that you begin to connect with 17:17 the abiding presence of God in such a way 17:19 that fear, guilt and shame feels so 17:21 uncomfortable for you that you bury it finally in 17:25 your life that you never go one moment wearing 17:28 those garments because they are not a garment 17:31 that you are called to wear. You are called 17:32 to wear the garment of praise. 17:34 Father, I think you right now that you’re breaking 17:36 strongholds of guilt, fear and shame, 17:38 I thank you that my friends are taking off 17:40 their old clothes. They’re taking off the fear, 17:42 they’re taking off the guilt, they’re taking 17:44 off the shame. They’re laying them 17:45 down and they’re burying them. 17:47 And you’re rising and putting on a new cloak, 17:50 a new mantle, a new garment of praise, 17:52 something that is signifying that you are a 17:55 son and a child of the inheritance that you have 17:58 been set forth on a path of destiny, 18:00 one that God has for you, where you cannot carry 18:03 these things will only hinder your walk. 18:06 The only cause the enemy to come in and kill, 18:08 steal and destroy the plan that God has for you. 18:11 I just want to encourage you right now. 18:12 God has a great plan for you and it doesn’t include 18:16 those three things. 18:17 You have his permission to let it go. 18:20 You’re not called to carry the things that he 18:24 has already taken for you or gotten rid of or 18:27 buried. All right. If you do that, then 18:29 you’re actually saying to the Lord what 18:32 He did was not enough. Come on. 18:33 I know that what he did was enough. 18:36 Ask Him right now, say, “Father, 18:37 forgive me, because I’ve been carrying guilt, 18:40 fear and shame when you took it. 18:41 Lord, forgive me because this is not what I 18:46 should be carrying if you have already 18:48 taken it for me.” Just begin to confess 18:50 that out of your mouth right now, 18:51 that one confession, that one act of repentance 18:54 is going to bring forth the power of God. 18:57 Right now, I see the glory of God coming 18:59 into the places you are right now. 19:01 I see you being covered with the garments of 19:04 praise, a new cloak, a new mantle. You are 19:07 moving forward in Your Path to Destiny. 19:10 Without these things to hinder you or to slow you 19:15 down, God is setting you up for something wonderful 19:19 and something divine. Now begin to start 19:23 walking in it. I want you to stay tuned. I have 19:26 more to share with you about letting go 19:30 of this fear, guilt and shame. 19:34 [Music] 19:38 [Music] >> Are you in need of personal 19:41 counseling or coaching or would like some 19:43 direction and encouragement? 19:45 Dr. Candice is a board -certified counselor who 19:47 walks in the gifts of prophecy and healing, 19:50 and she wants to mentor you. In her 19:52 School of the Supernatural, 19:54 Dr. Candice will teach you through her E-courses, 19:56 books and many other additional resources that 19:59 will help you strategize and release Heaven in 20:02 every area of your life. 20:04 Her classes on the supernatural will equip 20:06 you to live in the heavenly realms on a 20:09 daily basis. You can also schedule 20:11 some personal time with Dr. Candice, where 20:13 she will encourage and pray for you in private 20:17 45-minute sessions to help you walk through 20:19 personal issues in your life and propel 20:21 you into your purpose and destiny. 20:24 Visit her website for all of her resources and 20:27 follow and subscribe to Dr. Candice on Facebook, 20:30 Instagram and YouTube. 20:35 [Music] 20:42 CS: I’m so excited that you are getting set free from 20:45 guilt, fear and shame, you’re learning to understand the 20:48 righteousness of Jesus and that you have right 20:50 standing with God. 20:51 No matter what you do, you are positioned in a place 20:54 with him where you are covered and you are safe 20:58 and you are in the realm of stepping in to the 21:01 plan, the purpose and the destiny that God 21:04 has for you. I want to read another scripture 21:06 for you because there’s not enough 21:08 scriptures to read on the fact that guilt, 21:11 fear and shame are not to be a part of our life. 21:14 In Psalm Chapter thirty-four, verses 21:16 four and five, the Word says that “I sought 21:18 the Lord and He answered me. 21:20 He delivered me from all my fears. 21:22 Those who look to Him are radiant. 21:25 Their faces are never covered with shame.” 21:29 Listen. Is that not beautiful? 21:32 Your face will never be covered with shame when 21:37 you know and understand what Jesus 21:40 has done for you. No more shame for you. 21:44 Just radiant beauty, just one who is delivered from 21:48 fear, anxiety, depression. I had an encounter 21:52 with the Lord. I was my very first 21:54 supernatural encounter. And it was 21:58 at a time where I was experiencing 22:01 an incredible spirit of fear, a spirit of fear, 22:04 guilt, shame. Everything had overcome me. 22:08 And I had walked for a lot of years in fear and 22:11 anxiety, and it was crippling to me. 22:14 And so this one night I said to the Lord, 22:17 it was it was a very, very weak prayer. 22:19 It was not a prayer that was advanced 22:23 by any means. It was just, “Lord, if you’re 22:25 there and you can hear me, I can’t get 22:29 myself out of this one. 22:30 And really what I was sharing with Him was I 22:32 can’t get myself out of my earth suit. 22:35 I can’t get myself out of my guilt, my fear, 22:38 my shame, my depression, my anxiety. 22:41 I can’t get myself out of this one, yet- 22:44 I call out to you for help.” I went to bed 22:47 and the next morning I woke up. 22:49 And I was actually searching for my fear, 22:52 I was searching for my guilt, 22:57 my anxiety, my depression, incredible, 23:00 I was searching for it and all I had was the 23:03 unbelievable joy of God. And I thought, 23:06 my gosh, what happened? Well, 23:09 it turned out I was going to a funeral that day. 23:12 And I mean, the first funeral that I was to 23:15 attend since my father had passed away when 23:17 I was a little girl and I went to this funeral 23:19 and those that were there began to say to 23:22 me, what happened to you look totally 23:23 different. And I said, I don’t know. 23:25 This is the prayer that I prayed, 23:27 but I feel amazing. And they said, 23:29 we’ll come tonight to our Bible study. 23:32 And I was like, okay, I’ve been to a Bible study 23:34 before, so at least not since I was really young. 23:37 So there had been a lot of years. 23:39 So I went to the Bible study and the pastor was 23:41 there and he asked us to open up our Bibles. 23:42 And we were to talk about the various scriptures. 23:45 And I opened up my Bible and he was saying, 23:48 what is the scripture mean? 23:50 And my first time there, nobody was answering 23:54 what the scripture meant. And I said, 23:57 I know what it means. And everyone 23:58 looked at me and they were like, 23:59 how do you know what that means? 24:01 I mean, this is like your first time here, 24:02 you know, and you just had this experience 24:03 with God. But, you know, you don’t really 24:05 know anything about Him. And I began to 24:08 share and the pastor said that’s exactly what 24:12 that means. And then there was another 24:14 scripture that was exactly what that means. 24:16 In one touch from God, I was released from guilt, 24:19 fear, shame and anxiety supernaturally. 24:22 But listen, I knew enough to know that if I did not 24:26 wash myself in the word of God, 24:28 if I did not get in the scriptures and read 24:31 everything I possibly could on guilt and shame, 24:33 it was going to come back. And so 24:35 I began to start washing my mind 24:37 with that and I began to start fighting with the 24:39 word of God. I’m just speaking to you 24:41 right now. Listen, get out the Word 24:43 of God and start fighting. 24:44 So I’m sitting there and wallowing in your 24:46 guilt, your fear and your shame. 24:48 Get up. It was taken on the cross. 24:49 Get in the word of God. Start speaking it 24:52 to your mind. Say it so you can hear 24:55 it and then begin to watch the change 24:57 that starts to take place. The Word of 24:59 God is living and active. 25:02 It will divide soul and spirit. 25:04 It will take care of everything that is going 25:07 on in your life. I just want to speak 25:08 to you right now that you will receive 25:10 supernatural understanding of 25:11 the Word of God. The Word tells us 25:13 that when the Holy Spirit comes upon us, 25:15 we will become bold witnesses for the Lord. 25:18 We will also become the ones who know and 25:21 understand the word. 25:22 And when I have an encounter with God in an 25:24 instant, I could read and understand the 25:26 Word of God, why His Holy Spirit was deposited on 25:29 the inside of me. It was later that I 25:31 received the baptism of the Holy Spirit by fire, 25:33 and I began to speak in other tongues. 25:34 Great power came upon me so that I would be 25:36 able to step into the path of destiny that God 25:39 had for me. And so God wants that for you to. 25:42 He wants you to be quick with the Word of God, 25:46 to know it and understand it and to 25:47 plan it into your souls. 25:49 And so I’m going to pray for you right now that 25:50 when you read the Word, you’re going to get 25:52 Kingdom understanding, you’re going to get the 25:54 knowledge of God, you’re going to get the knowledge 25:56 of understanding to the point that you walk in his 26:00 defined nature. Father, I think you’re 26:02 right now for those that are watching Lord, 26:04 that they receive a supernatural importation 26:06 of understanding the Word of God. 26:08 I thank you, Father. Those that confess 26:10 Jesus as Lord and Savior will be saved right 26:13 now and they will receive the Holy Spirit. 26:15 Father, I think you right now that your Holy Spirit 26:17 is coming right in to your home, 26:19 right where you’re at, right into your spiritual 26:22 home right here. 26:23 And you are being changed in an instant. 26:24 All you have to do is just confess that you need 26:27 Jesus Messiah as your Lord and savior and 26:31 you will be saved. That’s what the Word tells 26:33 us. Romans Chapter ten, verse 26:34 nine and ten. Just confess it. 26:36 Listen, get on your knees. 26:38 Start having a personal party right where you’re 26:40 at because you are being saved and the Holy Spirit 26:43 is being deposited in your life right now. 26:45 I see. Just oh, my goodness. 26:48 I see thousands of people right now on their knees 26:51 receiving Jesus as our Lord and Savior. 26:53 Father, I think you’re going right into their 26:55 homes and they’re receiving you right now. 26:57 I thank you, Father. You’re giving 26:58 supernatural understanding to the minds of those 27:02 that are speaking the truth right now. 27:03 And when you begin to open up the Word of God, 27:05 begin to open it up, it’s going to pop right off the 27:08 page and you’re going to get Rhema word. 27:10 Rhema Word means revelation is going to 27:13 come and it’s going to deposit right into it. 27:16 Begin to start changing you. 27:17 I speak life over you right now and then 27:19 everything is going to begin to change in your 27:21 life from this moment forward. 27:23 I want you to stand strong and stand tough. 27:25 You’re not going to walk and you’re not going to 27:27 walk in shame. You’re not going to walk in fear. 27:29 You’re going to walk in the overwhelming power 27:31 and presence of the Lord. 27:32 And then I want you to begin to ask Him, 27:34 say, Lord, give me the baptism, 27:36 the Holy Spirit, where I receive fire to come 27:38 upon my life. I pray for you right now. 27:39 That fire is deposited on your life right now. 27:42 Just began to speak and left fire come forth and 27:45 you begin to speak in other tongues. 27:47 I see right now. Heavenly Father. 27:49 Coming upon your like the power of God coming upon 27:52 your life, there is fire in your room right now. 27:54 The fire angels are being dispatched to your room 27:56 and you’re going to begin to start feeling heat. 27:58 Stay right where you’re at. 27:59 Just open your mouth and let God finish His 28:02 work, because when you get up, 28:03 you’re going to be ready for your path to destiny. 28:07 It is right before you. 28:08 God is loving you right here, right now. 28:11 Stay positioned because you are about 28:14 ready to rise and walk. 28:17 Take a hold of Messiah’s hand. 28:20 He’s leading you to Your Path of Destiny.

Dr. Candice Smithyman shares 3 major strongholds blocking you from fulfilling your destiny.

Learn more about Candice and purchase her resources: https://candicesmithyman.com

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