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3 Signs That God is Ready to Bless You
It’s easy to see God working in your life when the blessings are flowing and all is well. But what happens when you can’t seem to see any of His blessings for miles? What about when all you see is trouble, trials and calamity all around you? Does it mean that God is not at work in your life?

You may know in your head that this is not the case, but in your heart, you may dare to ask, “Where are you, God?”

Has God taken a long lunch break, or forgotten about you? Or are you maybe doing something wrong?

Just because you can’t “see” what God is doing in your life, it doesn’t mean He isn’t moving heaven and earth to answer your prayers.

I want to give you some evidence that God is actually working on your behalf:

1. Nothing you do makes a difference. Have you ever set out on a goal but no matter what you do, it doesn’t seem to make a difference? I’ve been there too. It makes you want to throw your hands up in the air in defeat.

God doesn’t want us to give in to defeat, but He does want us to throw our hands up in the air and give it all to Him. Sometimes He keeps our actions from making a difference because if they did, we would be tempted to take the credit. God deserves the glory.

2. It keeps coming back to you. If God is not changing your situation, it’s because he needs to change you. He needs to prepare you for the place He is bringing you to. He needs to make sure you are in a place to receive the seed He is going to plant.

3. Doors are closing. Doors closing in your life may seem like a great defeat, but in reality they could be one of your greatest blessings. You don’t want to waste time by going through a wrong door, do you? Then celebrate when God closes one. It wasn’t for you.

Don’t let closed doors, delayed blessings or your fruitless effort keep you from all God has for you. Stay pliable in His hands and remember His promise:

“He knows the thoughts and plans that He has for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, thoughts to give you a hope and a future.” — Jer 29:11


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