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I have a Pilates workout for you I’ve included your warmup and your cool-down you don’t need any equipment for this routine at all and I’m going to show a bunch of different modifications all the way through so that you can make it work for whatever your fitness level wherever you might be today let’s go ahead and get started with our warmup alright guys for a warm-up we’re doing 30 second intervals no rest in between a nice smooth segue of nice low-impact exercises to get the muscles in the body ready to work so we start with marching in place like I said we’re going to show modifications all the way through so if you want to your feet don’t even have to leave the ground we’re just talking about just gently starting to move so you’re asking your body where am i tight what do I need a little extra love a little extra movement listen to your body so if you feel like you ever need an extra warm-up little extra movement go for it otherwise get your arms swinging we’re going to slowly bring our heart rate up as we go through this so next up we have a sidestep chest opener so we’re gonna take this and go from side to side opening up the arms side to side as you get more comfortable if you’re feeling stronger today you kind of start to sink into a deeper side step but we’re still really early so if muscles are cooled just stay nice and easy for these first five minutes so a lot of things we’re doing here are mimicking what we’re going to be doing in our actual routine which is very smart you want your warm-up to look kind of like your workout like a way easier version of your workout all right next up we be doing warrior steps so can be wringing out arms up and stretching just briefly briefly up and really we’re just getting that laying out behind us getting a little bit of core stretch a little bit of an upper body stretch so not pushing too deep into anything yet it’s kind of feeling good here make sure you’re not holding your breath alright so next up we’ll be doing a single leg Walker first week nice and easy just going forward and back so getting your arms in this motion so you’re meeting your upper body warmed up as well and again we’re just kind of moving gently through these ranges of motion so this requires a little bit of balance you can see if you take big steps and you wanna make it easier stay nice and close to the planted leg you want to make it bigger it makes it harder on your balance hard on your core and that’s fine too pick your difficulty level it might be different every single day you have to ask yourself where am I at every time you go to workout it might be different it’s gonna switch sides this time make sure you’re alternating the arm movement as well as the upper body movement and again you can keep it nice and small if you want to and so you start to feel more confident then you can start to add more distance on that step so I highly recommend turning on some music that you love I know that always helps me push through I good workout helps ease the pain all right next up three marches plus a knee so 1 2 3 up 1 2 3 up so you only have to go as high as you’re comfortable don’t ever cut yourself any pain but you open to pushing yourself do be open to the question can I push myself a little harder throughout this 15 so you can always you don’t need any equipment for this but you can always add ankle weights or resistance bands you can cut out the breaks alright so next what we’re doing pivot poles so feet together I’m just stepping I’m getting it opening up the torso here and the chest and the hips just stretching from one side mid-back up front your core nice and tight just a few more exercises in our warm-up here all right next up we’re doing a squat put the side leg so shallow or as deep as you need down weighing the heels and lift up so if your balance is bad or you don’t have that strength yet to go up just go down not shallow squat and then just lift up on one foot so again make it work for you choose your difficulty level and just make sure that you’re pushing yourself pushing your own fitness level and staying tuned did it works better if you stay tuned in and do all of this mindfully it’s harder that way that’s the point all right next up is the up and over side lunge so arms overhead and then we’re just coming down for a really shallow side lunge so you know the whole body in there this should feel good and you can pick up the pace if you like if you start to feel more comfortable muscles and feeling warm take up the pace about ten seconds left of these there’s five seconds three all right so next up is jumping jacks so you can go full explosion here or just cut up the jumps and step side to side so pick your poison just make sure that you’re keeping a nice cleaning full range of motion so if you’re jumping jacks look like this that’s not good you want the full I’d rather see you do the full thing the right way then do the wrong way faster or with more repetitions all right so this is our last few seconds okay so now we may drop down the floor and we’ll get right into that potties routine so make sure you’ve got a soft surface whether it’s an exercise mat or carpet just make sure you’re not working on really hard surface otherwise we’re going to be doing each of these exercises for 10 repetitions so we’re going to start off with a side leg raise so you’re lying on your side here one foot bent one foot straight out flex your foot so that you’re pulling your toe back at you and we’re going to be lifting hold it there for just a second and then slowly lower back down so there’s one so we’re not taking we’re not resting the the leg in between these repetitions you’re just hovering right here so you’re never I mean you can if you need to if you need a breather feel free to rest there briefly otherwise this whole time you’re kind of an active hold so you want to keep your stomach your core nice and tight you’re holding that leg up there no swinging nice and slow fully intentional the most painful way of course is the most effective way and in this situation do you want to make it count because you don’t want to cheat through the range of motion where you’re weak and if you’re using momentum it’s easy to get your leg up there but you’re not creating strength through the entire range of motion so slow and intentional is where it’s at we have just one more here and slowly lower that back down so now we’re just going to take this leg fold it stock it on the other so your feet are stuck together and be opening up the hips right here so this counts as one so only go as far as you can without rocking your body over without any pain at all and again this is slow and intentional there’s two back down and again you’re not really resting your feet your your knees together there that leg is always working so it’s just a static hold there at the bottom and then you want to do a little kind of a little intentional pause right at the top there even if it’s just for just a split second just let it kind of burden were you just letting those muscles know what they’re doing just hold and lower make sure you’re not holding your breath and then you’re not straining your neck all right one more of those and we’re going to switch it up slightly it’s going to stamp in the same position but we’re going to be instead of lifting straight up from our leg we’re gonna be again point your toes back up at you so you’re getting a little bit of a calf stretch to this and you’re gonna be going back so not directly away from your leg but just out and back so out and back and again it’s only it’s the range of motion is all yours so it’s whatever you can do without pain whatever you can do without sacrificing your form in the exercise so just listen to your body and be willing to adjust there’s five five more of those if you’ve got it in you and if you have to you can always stop early like I said you can always cut out the breaks if you want to make a harder to you can always add ankle weights or resistance bands it’s a few more here one and two more one and there we go last one so now we’re gonna repeat the same thing on the opposite side of the body so rolling over alright stretch out so again toe flexed up towards your body we’re gonna be going one and that’s slow and controlled raise back down so hold this is a good way to see if you have any weakness on one side of the body as well when we’re doing this kind of back to back if there’s a side that tires out early or feels like it struggles more than the other just take note of that I want to always work your sides equally so don’t do more on one side than you do on the other all right [Music] and that was it so now we’re gonna go to this clam show or hip opener right here so once you have your feet stacked and you feel comfortable already go ahead and stop or start hinging at the hip there again without opening up your body or rolling over whatever even if it’s just a little tiny range of motion you’re gonna feel it and you’re gonna know and whatever you can do is enough so don’t feel bad or like you have to push further than you’re actually capable of pushing it’s more important that you do it right it’s our halfway point it’s a few more repetitions all right now we’re gonna be going back the ninety degree by the left behind the body so here’s straight and we’re going up and back there’s someone so it’s just like the Rays except for you’re going behind your body a little bit and if you need to counter with your weight from your arm right here you can and in order to keep yourself from tipping over it’s a little bit of a cheat that allows you to target the glutes in a different way keep it going that’s the halfway point right there all right two more there’s a last one right here all right so now we’re gonna switch it up a little bit we’re going to do a reverse leg lift so on all fours keeping your back nice and flat I’m going to be taking one leg up and again he’ll flex and you’re gonna be pushing up and you’re doing all this work through your glute you want to keep your core and your back nice and strong but inhale it’s you late lower your leg and then exhale during the hard part as you push back up as you push back through so inhale open your leg in kind of hover there and then strong push back through and again it’s all about moving slow and intentional and that hold at the top just right there just that little pause all right at the top there you’re gonna feel it not only in the leg that you’re lifting but also you might feel a surprising amount of muscle talking to you from the leg that is supporting you on the ground because it’s also working the whole body’s working here three more repetitions and here’s our last one good now we’re gonna do that on the opposite sign so take a second to stretch out if you want to you can always take extra breaks if you need to and we’ll start on that other side so that but ready you’re poking up pause at the top so make sure you’re not letting here not getting lazy and your arms there you know your scapula poking out like crazy or for your your chest to cave try to keep nice clean body form through the whole thing for more here’s our last two and one more so now we’re going to switch up the range of motion just a little bit again kind of what we did on our side only this time we’re upright so we’re going to be doing a fire hydrant at this time so holding everything in place where it is just lifting up the leg as much as you can control without compensating throughout the rest of your posture so I don’t want to see you like open up your whole body or change your arm position you’re saying facing the ground and just open that one side keep everything else the static as possible you know it’s swinging and only go up as far as you can without pain or without using momentum it doesn’t count if you’re throwing your leg take it up there three more repetitions here and slips that other side last two alright so again take a second do whatever you need to between repetitions shake it out you know where you’re feeling it and who will do that on the opposite side so same thing plant those hands and hinging on that opposite side so just like with the other exercises inhale doing the easy part while you’re lowing that leg and then exhale doing the part where username yourself so wherever you’re working the hardest is typically where you want to exhale for more after this you don’t have to move in my pace either you can move any pace you want to there’s no judging no one’s judging alright here’s the last repetition okay so again stretch out those legs stretch out your back wiggle out of you like in between sets and now we’re going to go right into it another similar exercise again just a little tweak here instead of going straight out behind the body we’re gonna go in an angle again so not out directly behind the body but kind of out and behind there’s two so again where you’re kind of sticking it sticking the landing you’re just holding it there for just a second just as long as your endurance allows and then letting it back down so again try not to like right now I can I can feel myself but I get distracted my posture starts to change I start to lean and I start to compensate so try to stay mindful and try to keep your posture good and also make sure to mind your breathing pattern again it’s inhale during that easy part exhale as you press back up and here’s our last one and we’ll do that same thing on the opposite side so drop it real quick stretch it out if you need to and you’re starting on that other side right away okay same thing here we go ten more repetitions we’ll get a quick water break there’s one alright there’s our halfway point keep it going you can have your form still clean try to push yourself just three more three no need to rush it right we can take our time to hold it and here’s our last one right here alright okay so we’re gonna take a very quick water break don’t drink too much water and telling you down with your workout otherwise take a quick second and we’ll be right back into it you alright guys let’s go ahead and push through the second half of this routine we’re starting on the floor again with a bridge so and have our weight in our shoulders and our back here and we’d be passing up through our heels to lift our torso and bomb off the ground so you need to be taking a deep breath in and then exhaling as you press up again kind of that holds at the top there so you’re lowering down never resting on the floor unless you really need to in between repetitions press up and there’s rep number two so inhale on the way down and exhale as you press back up so you want to focus on squeezing your glutes you want to focus on pressing through your heels if you want to make it harder you can put your arms up in the ground up in the air just to make a little bit of extra balance challenge you can also do this just one leg at a time so again pick your poison make it work for you half way through right here three more and here’s our last one right here all right hold slowly lower to the ground and then we go flip over real quick to work the opposite side of our body so we’re gonna what do a back foot so we’re only gonna lift the top of our bodies off the ground so you just feel this right in your lower back here through your upper back if you keep your your arms nice and strong here so we’re lifting up hold for just a second and slowly lay back down so same breathing pattern and exhale on the way to our exhale on the way up and here was you rise back down and you want to focus on that pause at the top again just a short pause as long as you can tolerate and then lower back down smoothly never resting at the bottom unless you need to here’s our halfway point if you want to you can make this harder by extending your arms out make sure your upper body heavier to lift off the ground you can also add in your legs if you’re feeling confident you want to go just a few more repetitions here all right now we’re gonna flip back over and go back to the fridge this time with a modification to make it harder so if you found the bridge the regular bridge hard the first time feel free stick with that otherwise we’re gonna be pressing up and while we’re here go ahead and extend one leg nice and strong and then tuck it back in and then we’re gonna lower so there’s one repetition so hover over the ground press back up slowly extend that way keep it strong and then tuck it back in there’s two so for this we want to make sure that you are keeping your core nice and tight and that you’re not changing the orientation of your body as you lift that leg out because if you find that one sign is really drooping or dropping or you can’t control it if you can’t keep your body strong in that bridge cuz that’s the challenge right you’re moving one year when your stabilizers so if you can’t keep your body stabilized wow you have it leg extended then just go ahead and stick with the ready leverage for now and if you can try a couple repetitions like this and keep your form clean then do that and then just stop when you get tired or just go back to the easier version but it’s all about kind of adjusting and making it work for you like I said it’s better to do it right better to the easier version right than it is to do the hard version a harder version or more repetitions wrong or with poor form then you’re just asking for an injury all right we have one more on each side here and then we’re going to stand up extend and hold let’s head back in and lower to the ground all right that’s our last of those so then we jumping back up and we have got some squats in line for us ourselves I toss this out of the way there we go and okay so we’re gonna do some squats so this is all about your you’re where you are at so you can add weights if you on and do a total body weight you can go as low as you need to make sure your form is clean otherwise we’re just going to go down keep your weight in your heels back nice and flat and press up through the heels good so back down there’s two so just like just like with the other ones we’re focusing here at the bottom at the top and exhaling is through the hard part as we press back up so inhale on the way down exhale on the way back up keep your core nice and tight don’t let your shoulders around and only go as low as you can control if your knees start wobbling your back starts rounding any of those things you are going too deep you don’t have the control to control that range of motion yet so that’s okay you just need to adjust that’s our halfway point really squeeze those glutes on the way up here’s nine and our last one keep everything nice and tight squeeze all right there’s 10 so now we’re gonna do a standing version of the lateral movement we were doing earlier and that’s what sidestep says shake out your legs if you like just do a little bit to loosen them up if you need to otherwise we’re gonna go back and forth sneaking down into as deep as the squat again as you can control we’re gonna go back and forth so it’s sidestep so you’re not coming up from that squad there’s number two repetitions right there so each side will count there’s three four keep it going make sure you’re not holding your breath just a few more repetitions here oh hey you can always come up for a break if you need it otherwise keep your form nice and clean stay as low as you can alright and I think that was ten we’ll throw out an extra one not nothing wrong there’s an extra one right all right there you go so shake out your legs again quick breather whatever feels good and now we’re gonna do a side lunge just to round out our all the angles will be here today so again is deep or showers you need to to feel it and as long as you can control it so you’re keeping legs straight and then come back up so you’re bending this leg leaving this one straight and you should feel it in this leg that you are bending there’s to count one rep on each side here it going keep your head up belly pulled in nice and tight make sure you’re not your posture is nice and clean here all right here’s our halfway point we’ve done five on each side again this is another opportunity we can add weights or you can cut out early you can do whatever you need to do there’s six this is our last exercise seven all right just a couple more on each side try not to lock out your knees in between repetitions keep them soft you’re just gliding from one side to the other and here’s our last rep on each side all right so we have made it to our cool down and stretch so even on light which he’s like this one’s a porn they stretch so take a second to check in with yourself personally and find out again just like with the warm-up is there anything that needs a little extra tension anywhere I’m feeling tight so we’re gonna do a general quick warm-up here always feel free to do extra pull down so we’ll start off with a quad sweat stretch so if you have a wall find one I have one it’s white believe it or not if there’s one here and then just pull your foot up towards your butt so you feel a nice stretch to the front of your thigh there I will just hold that for about 20 seconds here and just like with the stretches the stresses are just like with the exercise they’re all a question and you might get a different answer from your body every single day so it’s important to stay open to whatever your body is telling you so you know maybe a muscle is stuff today that wasn’t stiff yesterday or last week but that’s that’s okay things change our bodies are constantly changing so it’s important that we stay open and receptive to what they are telling us all right so go ahead and switch sides grab that foot all right then just enjoy some nice deep breaths while you’re here because you got you workout done and that’s a great thing alright so next up we’re here we do a standing hamstring stretch so just a little bit of again if you need support from the wall a little bit of bend and you knee flex your toe up at yourself and then sink down until you feel not only a stretch in your calf but also a stretch in the back of your hamstring here and then just sit find your comfortable place and then just let that let that stretch enjoy that stretch I mean down towards your toes if that feels good if you want to feel it through your lower back alright switch sides and look for that stretch in that leg that straight leg you can also do this lying down if you like alright so next up I’m gonna go to a warrior I need to keep it nice and shallow for myself but you can do whatever you need to be for yourself to feel a good stretch through upper body your core and your hip flexor here through the front of that hip joint make sure you keep your shoulders down and away from your ears stay comfortable enjoying that stretch and you might find after you’ve been in the stretch a little while that you can push a little bit further and your muscles will allow a little bit deeper range of motion so moved gently and carefully but go ahead and when your body gives you that and your body allows that go ahead and take it carefully alright so sides seam back some nice deep breaths alright let that relax then we’ll go for the inside of the thigh and then do an inside thigh stretch so kind of like the sideline was what we did only you’re just focusing on stretching this leg here you can go as low as you need to to feel that sometimes it just takes a little bit and you can lean into that if you like all right it’s kind of smooth over to the other side alright so next up we’re gonna do the IT band stretch we’re just gonna look sort of similar you can put your foot behind yourself so that you get a little bit of angle on this leg and then lean away so that you feel a nice stretch to the whole side of your body here as well as down if you are the outside of your thigh so this is the part of the day this is the part of your workout that you should really try to bottle and keep for yourself so that you know you can reference it when you don’t feel like working out you can say yeah but remember how good I feel when I do and a lot of times it can help you push through and actually start a workout go ahead and switch sides so just remembering how good you feel when you exercise remembering maybe not I’m not saying it feels like a walk in the park or it’s the greatest feeling in the world it doesn’t feel pretty good but um but when you’re done you feel so relaxed and so there’s just so much more ease and everything it’s so much less stress you feel accomplished so remember that and seek that out when you’re feeling less motivated alright next up we’re gonna drop down to the ground we’re gonna do a kneeling calf stretch so right here and just set that foot up so that you’re you’re not going to touch the ground with your heel but you’re pretending like you’re trying to and that should give you a good stretch through your calf all right switch sides okay now we’re going to slowly drop down to the floor and press up for a cobra to get a nice core stretch here in the front or stomachs go up only as far as you can without any pain without any straining you might you find that maybe you just set yourself up like this and make sure you keep your shoulders down and away from the areas you don’t want hunched up just a nice stretch to the core all right now take a deep breath yeah what-o outs and nobody you just finished your workout for the day so part of your workout for the day at least anything about what you’re doing so I just wanted to thank you for working out with me for tackling this workout with me I’m really happy to be back I really missed you guys and I can’t wait to do this more and be here and tell you just like I am going to now workout complete thank you guys for being here I’ll see you again soon with a new workout

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