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4 Tips to Help You Embrace The Constantly Changing World and Live Your Best Life

Jack Canfield: “Because the ultimate goal of life is not just a life of comfort, but a life of mastery and mastery only develops when you are confronted with challenges.” | Image courtesy: jackcanfield.com

For some people, the idea of constant and never-ending change is terrifying, because change often involves risk and loss – possibly of something big, like your house, your job, your money, your friends, your family, or just the loss of whatever is comfortable and familiar.

Change Offers You An Opportunity To Grow

Some people see change as something to fear or dread, instead of something that is a new adventure that has the potential to improve them or their life.  That’s what change actually is: it’s an opportunity for you to experience something new and to grow and evolve as a person.

All of which ultimately results in you becoming a better, more capable person.  When you try to resist change, you rob yourself of the experiences that can transform your life on both a professional and personal level.

When you welcome and embrace change, you open allow yourself to cooperate with the natural evolution that is the reality of existence on earth. Think of it this way. Change is inevitable. It is like a river flowing downstream, following the law of gravity.

Resisting Change Is Difficult

When you resist it, it feels like trying to row upstream during a flood.  When you accept change and embrace it is like easily flowing downstream. You may still need to row to avoid ramming into a rock or a bridge abutment, but it won’t feel like you are fighting the current. Life gets easier.

The Internet, personal computers, smartphones, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Uber, Lyft, Amazon.com, cable television, cryptocurrencies like BitCoin and Etherium are all examples of changes that are events that have happened.

Global warming, floods, droughts, earthquakes, mass migrations of huge populations, trade wars, massive layoffs, mass shootings, terrorist attacks, cyber attacks, and the rise of nationalism and populist leaders are all events that represent change.

As you’ve probably noticed, you cannot do much to change those events. But you CAN change your response to them and ensure that the outcomes you experience in your life are as positive as possible. | See the full story here… jackcanfield.com


How to Accept and Embrace Change | Jack Canfield (Video)

  • In this video, Jack Canfied shares some tips on how to accept and embrace change in every area of your life.



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