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Naturally Improve Your Gallbladder: If it has been removed, these tips are going to help you transform your digestive health and your ability to digest fats.

If your gallbladder has not been removed, these tips will still apply since most people today have a gallbladder that does not function at 100%, or as well as it should.

Why Is Fat Digestion Important?

Fat digestion is important for digesting fat-soluble vitamins. So if your body is not digesting fats well, this means you aren’t digesting vitamins like D, E, A and K. These are important for brain health, and also your nerve and immune system.

It’s vitally important that your body is able to absorb healthy fats, and absorb the vitamins in those fats. Check out the video for my top 4 ways to improve fat-digestion and gallbladder health.

Here are my TOP 4 TIPS for improving your gallbladder and digestion of fats.

1- Remove any form of hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils. Especially Canola Oil, Soybean Oil or Corn Oil. These oils are very difficult to digest and cause inflammation.

2- Remove Mono-Unsaturated Fats (like Olive Oil) and replace them with Coconut Oil.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil can have great health benefits, BUT if you’ve had your gallbladder removed or you’re struggling to digest healthy fats, I recommend using Coconut Oil.

3- Supplement
– Lypase: Helps with fat digestion.
– Ox Bile: Helps you break down fats and support the growth of good bacteria.
– Probiotics: Supports digestion.
– Milk Thistle: Helps detox your liver.

4- Switch to a Raw Food Diet. Here are the main five foods I recommend:
Vegetables, Fruits, Sprouted Nuts and Seeds, Organic Meat, Raw and Fermented Dairy.

For more info on improving digestion, check out https://draxe.com


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