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4 Ways to Overcome Fear of Being Criticized by Others

If you ever let the fear of what other people will say stop you from creating to your full potential or don’t know how to handle criticism, learn these 4 ways to deal with it. | Image courtesy: (johnhain/pixabay)

For some of us, the fear of criticism can feel so big and so crushing that it shuts us down completely. Because no matter how thoughtful or honest your work is, we all know there’s a good chance someone is going to slam your for it.

The Internet and Public Criticism

And these days, that slam will likely occur in public — on the internet, for the entire world to see forever more. The toughest part? Knowing that once you see those harsh words written about you or your work, you can’t unsee them.

Due to negativity bias, those stinging phrases have a way of lingering in the dark corners of your consciousness, often for decades.

In this video by Marie Forleo, you’ll learn four critical points to keep in mind about critics, as well as two of her all-time favorite quotes on the subject…


4 Keys To Dealing With Criticism | Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo: Criticism is something we all deal with at some point. In this video you’ll learn the 4 most important things to remember the next time you’re criticized and judged by others.

1. We’re all judged and criticized, right now. It’s a normal part of being human to judge and be judged by others. You can overcome the fear of being criticized by realizing it’s something we all do all the time.

2. The bigger game you play, the more criticism you’ll receive. The more you put yourself out there, the more people will try to tear you down. To overcome fears of criticism, keep in mind that opinions are like a certain part of the human anatomy – everyone has one, and most of them stink.

3. Who are you really gonna listen to? Most successful people are too busy creating and living their lives to criticize others. The majority of the people who criticize you are creative cowards. It’s easy for lazy people to point out what you’re doing wrong, but are you really going to let them have power over your life?

4. Most criticism is irrelevant. Overcome the fear of being judged by realizing most criticism is not constructive, it’s really just that person’s opinion.

Source: Marie Forleo at MarieTV


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