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0:00 hello all of you on 0:02 social media wonderful to be able to 0:04 connect with you today 0:06 um because as i was in prayer today i 0:09 received a vision which i believe is a 0:12 prophetic vision a vision that is 0:14 actually 0:15 activated already but it can be 0:18 activated in your life so i just want to 0:22 encourage you 0:23 with this vision and make sure that you 0:26 share it with your friends and those who 0:29 are hungry 0:30 to really seek the lord in this hour 0:33 so um most of you know the story 0:36 of 0:37 jacob and jacob’s ladder and how he fell 0:41 asleep 0:42 and he had a dream and in the dream 0:45 there was a ladder going up into heaven 0:48 and the angels of god were ascending and 0:50 descending on it and then the lord spoke 0:53 to him 0:54 from the top of the ladder of course we 0:56 know that the latter is jesus he’s our 0:59 connector to those uh heavenly places 1:02 but today i had a vision that was very 1:04 similar i 1:05 i saw an open heaven it was like a 1:08 portal a round circle 1:11 and it was in circle with glory clouds 1:13 and then i saw 1:15 the this golden ladder going up or it’s 1:18 a golden stairway actually going up and 1:21 angels were coming down out of heaven 1:24 with gifts and i saw specifically 1:28 what the gifts were and i want to share 1:31 that with you because i believe that 1:33 these gifts are coming to you 1:35 and when you hear a prophetic word or a 1:38 prophetic vision 1:39 it’s really important to 1:41 to digest it and to receive it for 1:44 yourself 1:46 because we can hear the word but 1:49 not not take it to ourselves so that’s 1:51 with anything anything that the lord 1:53 speaks like you can read through the 1:55 bible and see the different things that 1:57 lord speaks but unless you receive the 1:59 blessing of that word by faith 2:01 it’s not going to do you any good even 2:03 people that hear the gospel but don’t 2:06 receive the gospel they aren’t saved 2:08 even though the gospel was delivered to 2:10 them and so it’s really important when 2:13 you hear prophetic words that you 2:15 witness with and that you think wow lord 2:17 this sounds like a blessing from you 2:20 that you position yourself to receive 2:23 and um in our web church right now in my 2:25 web church i’m actually teaching a 2:27 course we just began it um and it is on 2:30 uh new levels of the prophetic it’s 2:32 called level up and so we’re doing a 2:35 boot camp in it right now it’s not too 2:37 late to start because we’ve got 2:38 everything that we’ve done live up for 2:41 you to watch on demand and so you can do 2:44 it it’s an absolutely free course it’s 2:46 going to be not only the foundational 2:49 boot camp but we’re also 2:51 featuring many prophets like um jane 2:54 hamon and james goll and and uh ryan 2:57 lestrange and and 2:59 jeremiah johnson and many others that 3:02 are going to be sharing input this fall 3:05 so it goes all the way from now all the 3:07 way through to december absolutely free 3:10 to the web church members but you have 3:12 to be a web church member so you can go 3:14 on patricia king.com find out more about 3:17 the web church i’d love to have you uh 3:19 join me in that and uh and teach you how 3:22 to work with the prophetic and make sure 3:25 that you can uh just receive that 3:27 prophetic into your life and into your 3:29 heart 3:30 um so 3:31 jacob’s dream you can read about in 3:34 genesis 28 3:36 but i want to share with you again just 3:38 for those of you that just jumped on 3:40 right now i had a vision earlier today 3:42 and it was a 3:44 an opening like a portal with glory 3:46 clouds all around it and there was this 3:49 like stairway or 3:51 ladder is what jacob saw but i call it a 3:53 stairway was golden and and angels were 3:56 coming down from heaven 3:58 on that stairway and they were holding 4:01 gifts in their hands and i saw the gifts 4:04 and i feel like the lord saying these 4:06 are gifts for his people and if you 4:08 belong to the lord these gifts belong to 4:10 you 4:11 and they were exactly what the wise men 4:14 brought to jesus 4:16 some of the angels were carrying gold 4:19 some of the angels were carrying 4:20 frankincense and some of the angels were 4:23 carrying myrrh and you can have a 4:26 threefold portion you don’t get just one 4:29 or you know just one of the three or two 4:32 of the three you get all three if you 4:34 want them so i just want to unpack it a 4:37 little bit and share with you the 4:38 prophetic insights that i received so 4:40 for the gold 4:42 i believe it has a two-fold dimension to 4:46 it one of them is obvious it’s just gold 4:48 it is it’s like speaking of provision 4:51 but but pristine provision 4:54 and the lord wants you to reach out and 4:56 just receive his provision 4:58 that gold from from that glory dimension 5:01 just receive it and pull it into 5:03 yourself saying lord in this season i’m 5:05 receiving gold so it doesn’t matter 5:08 what is going on in the world because 5:10 these angels are bringing it out of 5:11 heaven this is heavenly dimensional 5:14 provision and he’s bringing it to you 5:17 and then the other dimension of that 5:19 gold is in reference to the glory 5:21 the the glory of god that’s filling your 5:24 life and i saw these these angels that 5:27 were carrying the gold they were 5:29 presenting it to the body and i can just 5:30 send some presenting it to you right now 5:33 just taking it and presenting it to you 5:36 so i just you know just say i receive it 5:38 i receive the gold now the next one was 5:41 the frankincense and that speaks of 5:43 worship and i believe that we’re going 5:45 to see greater moves of worship in the 5:48 body what i prophetically saw was 5:50 worship gatherings where the glory fell 5:53 and there was a literal incense of 5:56 worship that was lifting up in towards 5:59 the heaven that that heaven was being 6:01 like elated by the worship that we were 6:04 giving but it was also pouring down an 6:06 incense from heaven into the meetings 6:09 and i believe that many of you when you 6:11 are in worship gatherings are actually 6:13 going to smell 6:14 the incense 6:16 of of the heavenly dimension in a 6:19 tangible way not just by faith but 6:21 tangible and um so so this frankincense 6:25 of the angels we’re giving out is to 6:27 help you come into a pure worship 6:31 toward jesus towards the lord himself 6:35 and i just see this this this worship 6:38 unlocking from your own spirit unto the 6:41 lord with no distraction nothing getting 6:43 in your way and so receive that 6:46 frankincense receive it because it’s an 6:49 impartation of heavenly divine worship 6:52 you know there’s elders and and and 6:55 heavenly beings that are worshiping 6:58 around the throne constantly saying holy 7:01 holy holy they’re beholding the glory of 7:03 the lord and in response to that they’re 7:06 worshiping they’re not worshiping 7:08 anything but jesus himself and the lord 7:11 showed me that that some of you who have 7:13 been had idols in your life without even 7:15 realizing that they were idols but your 7:17 affections went towards different things 7:20 you’re going to see a shift in your 7:21 affections to only jesus and it’s going 7:24 to be amazing and so receive the 7:26 frankincense and then the the third 7:30 thing the third gift that these angels 7:32 were bringing to the people of god and 7:34 the earth was the myrrh now 7:37 in the 7:38 in the bible days when they would embalm 7:41 bodies and get them ready for burial 7:43 they would they would immerse them in 7:45 myrrh 7:46 and it’s it’s a symbol of dying to self 7:50 it’s a symbol of the cross okay and so 7:53 what i what i understood when i saw 7:56 these angels bringing the myrrh it’s to 7:58 help us come into an embracing of the 8:01 cross in a new way the fragrance of 8:04 death to self the fragrance that comes 8:06 from us when we die to our own ambitions 8:10 our own desires our own everything our 8:12 own everything you know and when we die 8:14 to that and give ourselves completely to 8:16 the lord so these angels were coming 8:19 down and they were bringing these gifts 8:21 and just receive them by faith right now 8:23 just say i receive them lord jesus i 8:26 received this for myself 8:28 and then 8:29 after they distributed them they were 8:31 collecting the worship they were 8:33 collecting the praise of god the 8:35 thanksgiving that we were giving to god 8:38 and bringing it back up to him as a gift 8:41 and that’s his gold and that’s his 8:43 frankincense and that’s that’s the gift 8:46 of the myrrh of his people being brought 8:48 to him um that’s his reward and so the 8:52 angels were ascending and descending it 8:54 was just powerful and i just believe 8:56 that you’re going to have more angelic 8:57 visitation angels are all around us all 9:00 the time whether we see them or not but 9:02 you can come into a greater sensitivity 9:05 of the angelic realm so i want to help 9:08 you 9:09 um i’m doing a um 9:12 a live webinar 9:14 on august 11th and 12th i’d love to have 9:17 you join me it’s absolutely free i just 9:19 and it’s open to everyone it’s two 9:22 sessions on one one night after another 9:26 and it’ll be on demand so when you 9:28 register for it you’ll also get the link 9:30 that you can watch it later as well if 9:33 you can’t watch it live but it’s going 9:35 to be amazing and what i want to teach 9:37 you 9:38 is how to open 9:40 heavenly portals over your life portals 9:42 of blessing where the blessings of god 9:45 can come out of heaven down upon you 9:47 your family your children your your 9:50 neighborhoods your cities your churches 9:52 your your businesses all those places 9:55 and so i’d love to be able to to teach 9:58 you not only how to open them but how to 10:00 steward what the holy spirit is giving 10:03 so when i had that vision today 10:05 of the angels descending with these 10:08 gifts i thought oh my goodness you know 10:11 this is such a confirmation of what i’m 10:13 going to be teaching 10:15 anyone who’s hungry to learn 10:17 coming up in august so 10:20 you can register for it it’s free but 10:22 you have to register 10:24 go to patricia king.com go to the events 10:26 tab there and you’ll find out all about 10:29 it and also if you go to 10:30 patriciaking.com and you want to join 10:32 the web church there’s a tab there for 10:34 the web church that you can find out 10:35 more about that too so anyways i bless 10:38 you with angelic visitation and with the 10:41 blessings that they bring into your life 10:43 and into your family receive them by 10:45 faith and start praising god for these 10:47 wonderful things god bless you

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