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we got some excited people in the room tonight and wherever you’re joining us 0:05 from around the world welcome you’re in the right place the word is directly for 0:11 you tonight we’re in a new series called the DNA of destiny and you’re getting ready to be connected hooked up to the 0:18 inheritance that God has always ordained for you are you excited about it the 0:25 wealth and riches that he has laid up that’s promised to us it says the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous you’re getting ready to 0:30 connect yourself to purpose and prosperity is directly conjoined to 0:36 finding out what you are here for what God puts you on this earth to do you’re gonna be able to solve problems meet 0:42 needs you’re gonna address issues God is gonna give you a calling God is gonna raise you up as a leader in your 0:49 generation we’re decree these things over you if you haven’t a notice yet we’re speaking prophetically 0:55 into the womb of your spirit into the womb of your future the reason you were drawn to this message is because the 1:01 same message that resonates within this ministry the message of the kingdom that Jesus was as obsessed about it’s 1:08 resonating within you as well God is calling your name tonight I want you to put your spiritual ears on 1:14 because he has a word for you we want you to hashtag as God speaks to you we want you to tweet Facebook 1:21 Instagram and but hashtag destiny DNA so you can join in the coversation 1:26 intercessors are standing by right now at Cindy trim ministries org ready to 1:32 pray for you in a private chat room and it’s gonna bless you indeed share this 1:37 right now on all your social media channels let’s get this word out and right now I want you to welcome with me 1:43 to the platform dr. Cindy trim [Applause] [Music] 1:50 yes we are so excited to be doing life with you and tonight I believe even as 1:56 you gather together with your life groups I’m here with my life group and we are experiencing the presence of the 2:04 Lord and we’re believing that the presence of the Lord will be the salient feature within your living room within 2:09 your car in the part wherever you’re gathering together in your your church 2:14 and your synagogue wherever you are gathering together there the Spirit of the Lord is let’s pray our Father a God 2:22 we give you praise and honor and glory for this day this is the day that you 2:27 have made we are rejoicing and we are glad in it I pray father for the anointing that 2:34 makes preaching and teaching easy I thank your father because we sense your 2:41 presence right now Holy Spirit we know that you are in the midst of us and even 2:47 as we are dealing with the concept of destiny father I pray that you would 2:52 think through my mind speak through my lips let there be none of me all of you give me clarity in my communication and 3:00 give me the ability to articulate what’s what you have laid on your heart for 3:05 this day and even as I shared let our destinies come into alignment with your 3:11 original plan and purpose we give you praise for what we will walk away with for the practical truths that were with 3:19 that is hidden therein in the word and father for the great testimonies that we 3:25 were here and we decree in the clamps that already our lives are being altered 3:31 already our lives have been changed we thank you for the breakthrough in every 3:36 area in Jesus name Amen amen tonight you’re gonna want to take 3:42 copious notes I believe that God is really gonna bless you you’re really gonna feel the anointing 3:47 of God in this season if you would just take out your Bibles with me we’re going 3:53 directly into the Word of God Hebrews chapter 11 verse 8 to 10 Hebrews 11 4:00 verse eight to ten and we’re going to marry that with John chapter 14 verse 2 4:05 to 3 and it’s very interesting even as we begin to talk about destiny there’s 4:11 not a lot of people who really understand the whole concept of destiny and so we’re gonna take our time and lay 4:18 a line upon line precept upon precept in our last teaching we discovered that 4:24 destiny was directly associated with a decision that we make it’s it’s 4:30 associated with the choices that you make and that destiny is ever-changing because we are dynamic individuals we 4:38 also learn the different components of destiny that is not just one but you 4:44 have a financial destiny a personal destiny relational destiny and it’s 4:50 all-encompassing when it comes to destiny but tonight we want to dig very deep and look at an individual by the 4:58 name of Abraham I love hebrews hebrews is written about individuals that not only made history 5:05 but they shaped history and and and I believe in our generation we’ve got history makers in history shapers as 5:12 well and we cannot talk about history makers except we introduce of course the 5:19 personality of Abraham the Bible calls him just the father of faith because 5:26 that’s basically who he was and so when we talk about destiny we have great vision and we have great dreams and 5:34 aspirations but it’s gonna take a lot of faith on our part in order to quantum 5:40 leap into that that realm where God has promised to prosper us and help us to be 5:47 successful and so the scripture says in Hebrews chapter 11 verse 8 to 10 the 5:54 scripture says by faith Abraham when he was called to go out into a place which 6:01 he should after receive for an inheritance obeyed in other words God is 6:07 going to give you some instructions and in that instructions it’s going to 6:12 require Oh billions from you now when it comes to obeying God it’s not always going to be 6:19 easy and it’s not always going to be convenient and when God gives you instructions sometimes it will 6:25 inconvenience the people that are the closest to you and it’s a decision that 6:31 we have to make every single day whether we are going to obey God in his 6:37 instructions or whether we are going to just stick with the clutter of the 6:42 common folk who don’t understand that attached to the obedience of God is a 6:49 blessing and so God has a blessed future for you 6:54 God has a blessed destiny for you I like that someone was excited about that but 7:01 God has a blessed future for you he doesn’t know he hasn’t I orchestrated a 7:07 future filled with curses he has orchestrated a future filled with 7:14 amazing tremendous blessing how many of you believe that I believe that it is my 7:20 destiny to be blessed the Bible says that he has already blessed us with all 7:28 spiritual blessings in heavenly places so that means that that that the whole 7:33 spirit realm is pregnant with blessings and I’m decrying and declaring that this 7:39 is the season that you’re going to tap into those blessings he obeyed God and the Bible said he obey God and he went 7:47 out not knowing whether he went there are some instructions that God is going 7:53 to give you that is going to be on a need-to-know basis it’s gonna take you 7:59 puttin one foot in front of the other the Bible said he went not knowing 8:05 whether he went by faith he sojourned in the land of promise as in a strange 8:11 country dwelling in the tabernacle with Isaac and Jacob the ears with him of the 8:18 same promise before he looked for a city which had Foundation whose builder and maker is gone and I love the fact that 8:24 it says that we’re gone let him was strange now this is important because we are talking about 8:32 two things we are talking about you moving through time in a terrain that 8:38 you understand but you moving in the spirit and navigating a terrain that 8:44 doesn’t make sense to the natural mind and so obedience doesn’t mean that you 8:51 always understand what God is doing but you trust him in the process and most of 8:58 us have to understand that we’re living during a time where God is converting Christians into believers and one of the 9:06 toughest things that a pastor has to do is to be able to be a part of a process 9:13 that actually converts Christians into believers where you’re able to say I 9:18 believe God now let’s break this particular text the scripture said that 9:24 he was gone he was called to go out in to a place John 14 chapter 2:4 or John 9:33 14 chapter 2 or John 14 verse number 2 to 3 John 14 verse number 2 to 3 the 9:43 scripture says that God has a specific place for each one of us Abraham was 9:50 called to go to a place and this scripture says that God has a place for 9:57 each one of us let’s look at this and I’m going to read it from out of the na na s verge version the new American 10:06 Standard Version Bible it says in my father’s house are many dwelling places 10:12 if it were not so I would have told you for I go to prepare a place for you and 10:20 if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you to 10:26 myself that where I am there you may be also now in the new in the King James Version 10:33 it says in my father’s house are many mentions if it was not so I would have told you I go 10:39 to prepare a place for you and where I go if I go to prepare a place for you I 10:46 will come again and receive you to myself now this is very important we are 10:53 in a dispensation of grace will you not agree this is the dispensation of grace so dispensation tells you that it’s a 11:02 process where grace will be dispensed so that means that wherever you end up in 11:09 your life God has a grace that he wants to dispense that will keep you there 11:17 that will cause you to process be processed there that will cause you to 11:22 progress there that will cause you to prosper there and that will cause you to 11:28 succeed there this dispensation of grace I believe we are not tapping into the 11:35 grace that is made available to us because we don’t understand how powerful 11:41 of a dispensation we are living in now if God has a place for you God has a 11:49 grace for you he has a space for you he has a race for you that means you’ve got 11:56 to be able to find that place get in that space you’ve got to run your race 12:02 as you access the grace I’m dickering and declaring that God is 12:07 opening up your spirit that he’s giving you an understanding of how to access 12:13 the grace for where you are right now no matter where that place is whether that 12:20 place is spiritual whether that place is financial whether that space is 12:26 relational wherever you are in any space during any time of your life sometimes 12:33 gone is gonna lead us to a place which seems as if it is diametrically opposed 12:39 to his will but when you get there you’ve got to trust God there now in our 12:46 tax we are introduced to the history maker Abraham was the firstborn of teera his father 12:54 was named Terra he was the er-2 the best part of his father’s bequeath inheritance Abraham’s 13:02 therefore his natural inclination would have been to love his family to take 13:07 care of his father during his golden years and to perpetuate the family 13:12 heritage he wasn’t a cold person he was a loving person he was he had a tender 13:18 heart towards people and towards his family we know that because he often 13:23 posted himself as an intercessor to intercede for his family we see how he 13:29 negotiated with God in order to save a city because his family member lived in 13:36 that city when he discovered that God was gonna destroy the city we see how he 13:41 was tender even for his adult relatives where he would stand in the gap and say 13:47 God you cannot destroy this city because if it’s one if it’s if it’s just 40 13:53 righteous and 30 righteous or 20 righteous eaten and navigated and negotiated down with God because he knew 14:00 that his his nephew and his nephews family would have been destroyed here is 14:06 a man of tenderness here is a man that loved God but he was not a cold person 14:12 but a loving person and Abraham also was a man of integrity and so God tested his 14:21 heart and gave him a test that that went against his nature and went against his 14:28 culture and went against his tradition tradition and this was a test of faith 14:36 can we talk about your destiny we are talking about you being able to 14:42 understand the ways of God to be able to understand that you two are gonna be 14:49 tested you’re gonna be tested for your commitment to God you’re gonna be tested for your love for God you’re gonna be 14:56 tested in the area of character you’re gonna be tested in the area of integrity 15:02 and my question to you today are you gonna pass the test our destinies will 15:10 often take us into unknown territories where we will have to trust the leading 15:16 of the Spirit of God in in Genesis 12 if we go back to we’re called hallelujah 15:24 had a conversation with Abraham that changed his life the Bible said that 15:31 that when God had had spoken to Abraham he had spoken him unto him in a way 15:38 where he gave him instructions so if you would go with me to Genesis chapter 12 15:45 and if you will open your Bible and let’s examine this conversation gon is 15:51 heaven with him Genesis chapter 12 the Bible said now the Lord had said unto 15:58 Abraham get thee out of thy country and from thy kindred and from thy father’s 16:05 house unto a land that I will show you and I will make of thee a great nation 16:11 and I will bless thee and make thy name great and thou shalt be a blessing and I 16:18 will bless them that bless thee and curse them that curse thee and in thee 16:23 shall all the families of the earth be blessed so Abraham departed as the Lord had 16:31 spoken unto him now it’s imperative to understand that when God speaks to you 16:38 the only person that can give you a confirmation of what God said to you is 16:43 God himself and the problem that the average Christian has is this that they 16:49 are seeking a confirmation from people that don’t even converse with God on a 16:55 day-to-day basis and so our destinies are being altered and that they’re it’s 17:01 being misaligned on a day-to-day basis because we are conferring with the wrong 17:07 folk and it’s time for you to restore your relationship back to God and began 17:14 to seek Him for the Chin’s that he has for you because whoever and whoever controls the flow of 17:23 information into your ear controls your destiny you’ve got to be careful who 17:29 you’re stopping on the way towards fulfilling the original plan and purpose 17:34 for God for poor that God has for your life you’ve gotta be careful who you 17:39 stop to ask for direction because if people don’t have directions for their 17:46 lives trust me they don’t have directions to give you for your life 17:51 so we’ve read in your hearing Genesis chapter 12 Abraham has a destiny 17:57 altering conversation with God who instructs hymns to instructs him to 18:03 leave the familiar in other words go away from what you are familiar with now 18:12 there is a term here for this process and the term is lock Locker and it’s 18:20 easy to understand if you think of footlocker you can think of Locka Locka right lock locking and it’s literally 18:28 translated go find yourself or gold 18:33 discover a better version of yourself it has the connotation of when he said I 18:40 want you to leave and go to a place where I’m leading you to he was throwing 18:45 him into a process which would introduce who he is to who God will one day make 18:54 him into in other words he was walking to himself when we talk about destiny 19:01 destiny is walking to yourself and here’s the caveat never allow who you 19:08 are sabotage who you have the potential to become and we love the familiar we 19:15 get over familiar with our strategies with our life strategies until we almost 19:20 fight with God when it comes to giving up our strategy and so sometimes God has 19:26 to allow a crises moment to get our tension to let us know that he’s 19:32 referring not to your resume but to a vision that he has for your life listen 19:37 your resume is not as strong as vision and so if gone is speaking to you about 19:44 vision things that he wants to do for you in the future that means that he’s gonna give you an option as to whether 19:50 or not you’re going to be in the process that helps you to discover who you really are and so the process Locka 19:57 Locka is also a discovery of the hidden potential that lies dormant in you and 20:05 most of us are comfortable with who we where and who we are but we are not 20:11 comfortable with who we possibly could be this literally means that there comes 20:17 a time in your life where God is going to begin to challenge you to address 20:24 your life strategies because a lot of us want certain things but our life 20:29 strategy is it diametrically opposed to it and we can get so comfortable because 20:37 of a paradigm that we have that needs to be shifted so going to find yourself 20:44 that means every day in every way your life is changing daily and and a lot of 20:52 people our unconscious of it because they walk like a like I don’t know what 21:02 word I want to use they walk like robots they walk like automatron where they’re 21:10 automated but you are not an automatron you are not a robot every single day God 21:17 is gonna or has wired you mentally emotionally and spiritually to 21:23 objectively to deliberately to spiritually respond to what is going on 21:29 around you so that you are not a victim of circumstance and a product of your 21:35 environment that means your destiny is ever unfolding and as you journey 21:41 through life it will take you places that literally are designed to bring the best out of 21:47 you your destiny is a place called there at any given moment at in any given day 21:54 it’s where you end up there is always filled with unlimited potentiality and 22:01 possibility for a brighter and a greater future while you are there the quality 22:08 of your thoughts the strength of your spirit your commitment to God in your 22:14 soul and the choices you make based on the options presented to you all 22:20 determine the next step that you take the next project you engage in the next 22:26 relationship you Forge and the next thing that you accomplish your there God 22:32 to Abraham go to a place that I’m calling there he said when you get there 22:38 I’m gonna let you know that you’re there but keep on moving in other words 22:43 there’s never a day where you are fully there until you die but that means that 22:50 today this is your destiny and then tomorrow you make another decision 22:56 because you have good have decided to take your husband or your wife out for 23:01 dinner and being with your wife at dinner rather than at a Bible study would have been your destiny your 23:09 destiny is determined by a decision that you make and you’ve got to understand 23:15 that there is never a moment in your life that you are not presented options 23:21 that means that you have to shift your spirit into gear and there should never 23:27 be a time that you lose connection with God because God wants to instruct you on 23:33 a moment by moment day by day basis to keep you in alignment hallelujah and 23:41 encores so that you end up where you need to be next year this time two years 23:47 from this day three years from this day five years from this day twenty years 23:54 from this day thirty years from this day and listen one minor adjustment which 24:01 might take you of course by a nano or by a small centimeter 24:08 hallelujah has the potential to have you off course by thousands of miles ten 24:14 years from now 20 years from now and just like an astronaut has to adjust him 24:21 hallelujah bee bee bee adjust the levers or whatever they’re doing in the 24:26 spaceship because there there are storms and there are storms that are out there 24:32 in outer space they can throw them off ever so slightly but then it can cause 24:38 them to totally miss planet Earth on the return I decree and declare you will no 24:45 longer miss any opportunities that God has for you because you find yourself in 24:52 the wrong place in the wrong relationship in the wrong space I decree 24:58 that God is altering hallelujah your ability right now to make the right 25:04 decisions for your life whether you’re in the midst of a crisis or in the midst 25:10 of a transition or in the midst of one of your greatest challenges I decree 25:15 that you will understand that you are decision making a human being and God 25:22 has wired you to make decisions you don’t have to feel as if you are a 25:27 victim of circumstances because the life just does not make sense things feel 25:33 like they’re out of control and I’ve discovered that just because it feels 25:38 like it’s out of control with you it doesn’t mean that it’s out of God’s control because when things feel like 25:46 it’s out of control I believe that God is in control your place hallelujah is a 25:54 place this is what we are talking about when we are talking about destiny it’s 26:00 where you end up it’s where you end up emotionally is where you 26:06 spiritually it’s where you end up financially is where you end up domestically is where you end up 26:13 professionally as a result of a series of decisions that you made yesterday that means that you are 100% responsible 26:23 for where you are going to end up tomorrow you no longer can blame it on a 26:28 demon you can no longer blame it on a deacon you no longer can blame it on 26:34 your DNS supervisor it is now your responsibility 26:39 father hallelujah we decree and declare that you are releasing the grace right 26:45 now and that we are readjusting hallelujah our mindset father we are 26:51 trusting you and this is a decision that we are making that no matter where we are where we are spiritually where we 26:59 are emotionally where we are professionally where we are domestically 27:04 no matter where we are we are now shifting our spirit into gear you know 27:12 the way that we take that after papa we’ve been tried and through the fire we 27:19 are going to come out as pure gold your place calls there is where you end up at 27:26 any given moment and your beer is always pregnant time becomes your womb your state of mind 27:34 your emotions and the quality of your thoughts determine what you make happen 27:40 with any particular moment in any particular circumstance in any 27:45 particular situation I want to give you an example of this when God plays Adam 27:51 in the Garden of Eden the Garden of Eden was that place or called there it there 27:59 was a pleasure spot there was no Wars there was no death there was no economic 28:07 downturn there was no terrorism there was no bills there was no mortgage there was no 28:14 divorce there was no abuse there was no addiction there was no perversion and 28:21 God placed him in the midst of this amazing place but this place became his 28:28 his place called there and there he made a decision to ignore a spiritual law 28:36 hallelujah of God that God had put in place to bless him and that decision 28:42 that he chose to ignore hallelujah not only altered his destiny 28:48 but it altered the destiny of the entire human race the world shifted we shifted 28:56 dispensational II it that that one that one decision that one choice that he 29:03 made took us from the dispensation of innocence into the dispensation of 29:09 consciousness in other words one simple act had the ability to change humanity’s 29:17 operating system in other words we call that the butterfly intact 29:23 in other words everything that you do everything that you say is not only affecting your destiny it’s affecting 29:31 the destiny of all humanity this is why you’ve got to be conscious as a 29:37 Christian because God wants you to effect positive change you are the light 29:44 of the world you are a city set on the hill that cannot be hid and it is your 29:50 destiny to be a leader God said it is your destiny to be the head and not the 29:57 tail to be first and not last but you get to choose whether you are the head 30:04 or the tail whether you are first or last because God has made you a free moral agent he 30:13 has made you a destiny making machine he has given you the ability to make 30:20 decisions that decision hallelujah when Adam was in his place altered humanity’s 30:27 operating system and how we operate as human beings was altered permanently but thanks be to God 30:35 for the second Adam where scripture said that I came to seek and to save that 30:42 which was lost not who which was the Lord because he was the lamb slain before the foundation 30:50 of the world but he came to restore what we lost through Adam in the Garden of 30:58 Eden and today likewise we find ourselves in a variety of circumstances 31:05 that alters our lives that changes our destiny but I want to tell you you don’t 31:12 have to sit up with regret you don’t have to look back and say I should have 31:17 did this and I could have done that you cannot go back to the beginning to begin 31:23 again but what you can do now you could start now to have a new ending I’m the 31:30 Green and declaring that no matter how this year started with you I decree 31:37 you’re gonna end this year strong something good is about to happen to you 31:44 your destiny is about to be altered reading through the Bible I discovered 31:50 how destiny is actually formed and we all know the story of Joseph he was born 31:57 into a family of 12 and he suffered at the hands of his brothers who were 32:03 jealous of the Tabor given to him by God and their father he was thrown in a pit 32:09 and then he was taken to Egypt and he found more favor with his new boss but 32:15 he rises to a place of prominence and influence as CEO over the entire 32:22 conglomerate that that his boss had set up but his boss his wife accused him of 32:29 attempted rape which landed him in Potiphar’s prison this is the place 32:36 where his life changed because they could have been bitter he could have talked about what is 32:42 family did not do he could have talked about what his father never saved him 32:48 from he could have talked about his demon possesses boss wipe he could have 32:53 talked talked about how nobody was with him but when he found himself in that 32:59 place cold there that place called there changed his destiny because it was in 33:06 Potiphar’s prison this place became the place of supernatural promotion for him 33:13 because in all of this he maintained his credibility he maintained his integrity 33:21 and he never allowed what people would do were doing to him 33:26 make him lose his cool he never allowed them to determine his destiny he stood 33:33 up right before God and he sought God hallelujah and God helped him that in 33:40 the midst of the most adverse circumstances he was honing his skill he 33:46 was refining his gift he was refining his character so people thought of him 33:53 as being an overnight success but he had to go to sleep many nights without the 34:00 support of family he had to go to sleep many night with a reputation that didn’t 34:07 belong to him he had the goal to sleep with satanic stigmatization that was 34:14 placed upon him but he trusted God and his meteoric rise to the ultra power is 34:21 nothing short of divine God took him from the prison to the prime to being a 34:27 prime minister and it happened overnight some of you are going through you’re 34:33 going through in your family you are going through in the workplace and it seems as if people have got you wrong 34:41 have you ever been in a relationship with where people got you wrong they 34:47 called you arrogant when you win they called you stingy when you win they 34:52 called you blind but you are in a place in God where God is testing your character he’s testing 35:02 your perseverance you’ve got to be like job and all of this he did not accuse 35:09 God falsely he said though they slay me yet will I trust in you have you ever 35:18 had an experience that didn’t make any kind of sense and there’s a lot of 35:24 people that are giving up they are giving up on God they are giving up on 35:30 their destiny they’re giving up on their future but I decree and declare but no 35:35 matter what you are going through you are going to stand in the midst and say 35:41 I trust you God I don’t know why this is happening to me but I will not accuse 35:48 you and I will not do anything stupid I’m not gonna give up I’m not gonna turn 35:55 my back let them do what they want let them say what they want 36:00 cuz no weapon formed against me shall prosper I’m gonna be steadfast immovable 36:07 always abounding in the work of the Lord for as much as I know hallelujah my 36:14 labor is not in vain every moment in 36:22 every way every day your destiny is being formed as God takes you through 36:29 the process laka laka go to yourself 36:35 find out what you’re really made of find 36:41 out what you really made all you’re more than a conqueror but how would you know 36:47 that you’re more than a conqueror if you never had to conquer anything if you never had to battle anything and there 36:54 were so many people that are battling they’re battling all kinds of hardship I 37:00 can imagine Joseph with no one that was familiar in an unfamiliar territory 37:07 I can imagine the nights and the days 37:13 but what he did during those lonely moments was to prepare himself for the 37:21 inevitable success in the future 37:27 Genesis 50 verse 14 to 22 says this and Joseph returned into Egypt he and his 37:35 brother brethren and all that went up with him to bury his father after he had 37:41 buried his father when Joseph’s brethren saw that their father was dead 37:46 they said Joseph will pre adventure hate us you see people always want to project 37:54 unto you what is in their heart so 38:00 they’re fearful of Joseph not because of Joseph but because of the hidden 38:07 iniquity in their own heart don’t fight fire with fire be like David 38:16 find your place in worship had David thrown the javelin at the soul through 38:22 the javelin at him he would have become 38:28 had David thrown the javelin that sold threw at him he would have become just 38:35 like so but he found a place of Solace in worship see your worship is your 38:45 greatest testimony we’re not talking about what you do be behind the four walls of a church that’s convenient 38:53 and you understand that your work is your worship and that whatever you do 38:59 you’re not doing it for your boss you’re not doing it for your supervisor you’re 39:05 doing it as unto God verse number 16 Genesis 15 verse 16 he said they send a 39:12 message unto Joseph saying my father did commend before he died saying so shall 39:19 you say the Jews forgive I pray thee now and trust the trespass of thy brother and their sin 39:26 for they did they did unto thee evil and now we pray thee forgive the trespass of 39:33 thy servants of God of the God of thy father and Joseph wept when they spake 39:40 unto him and his brethren also went and fell down before his face and they said 39:46 Behold we be thy servant Joseph’s dream finally comes to pass everything that 39:56 you’re going through it’s because your dream is going to come to pass and God 40:03 is testing you lock Locker through this 40:08 test go discover who you really are find 40:13 out the stuff did you know if you’re not as weak as you think you’re stronger 40:19 than you think you’re more powerful than you think you’re more strategic than you can ever 40:24 imagine but you wouldn’t know until God takes you to that place Joseph said unto 40:31 them fear not for I am in the place of 40:37 God I’m in the place this is my destiny 40:42 one day you’re going to be able to send a thank-you note to everyone that hurt 40:49 you everyone that sabotage you everyone that undermined you you’re gonna say 40:55 thank you I didn’t know that what you were doing was a part of the process I 41:01 feel the anointing of God and some of you were getting delivered because you 41:07 couldn’t forgive people you know people actually about growing up in a single-parent home with my father my 41:14 father had seven of us there were seven of us and at the end of the seven child 41:20 left my mother remarried and had two more children and forgot that we existed 41:28 so people asked me about that I just tell them you don’t miss what you never had 41:34 and every single day I’m wakeful I’m great all because in his absence I 41:43 discovered how strong I was and how intelligent I was because at eight I 41:50 started my own business at twelve I was financially responsible for myself 41:57 and I’ve been paying my bills since I was eight years old so you know at this 42:03 age now that I’m 21 I bill didn’t frighten me honey it only brings listen 42:12 it only brings the billionaire out of me I can look back without regret I don’t 42:23 cry about my past there’s nothing to cry for why because I’m in a place in God 42:30 I’m able to stand here and give you principles I’m able to talk to the world 42:36 and give the world principles I’m able to be on a telephone conversation today with Oxford University I’m able to 42:43 advise why because I understand Kingdom principle the Kingdom principle 42:49 economics the kingdom principle of business the Kingdom principle of 42:54 success the Kingdom principle of prosperity and I could look back at my lock Locker 43:00 process and then then just thank God for an absent father it was missing in 43:10 action for a reason so you can dump me anywhere in this world and you could 43:16 take everything from me because I know what it’s like to grow up with nothing 43:21 but give me one year like Whitney said give me one moment in time each one of 43:32 us have our stories but the narrative of your past doesn’t have to become the 43:40 story of your future you can take your life off of Studdard 43:48 so many of us have a cycle where God is giving us an opportunity and we hear it 43:55 and I’m grateful to be able to do life with you because my assignment is to get 44:03 you from here to there and boy am I excited about it because we got some 44:09 millionaires here to here today we’ve got some history makers here today we’ve 44:16 got some line crosses here today we’ve got some entrepreneurs here today we’ve 44:22 got some industry leaders here today we’ve got some innovators here today 44:27 we’ve got some people that are the head and not the tail here today Lok Lak a 44:33 gold discover who you really are stop blaming everything on the devil 44:41 matter what you were going through you got to find your place in God and each 44:48 one of us have to journey and we have to be able to say though my outward man 44:54 perish yet day by day my spirit man is being renewed it’s not where you end up 45:01 in the natural is where you end up in the spiritual you see the realms that we 45:07 want the realms of power the realms of influence the realms of prosperity the realms of success is spiritual you can 45:16 have a title but no influence this is 45:21 what happened with David this is what Saul had the title David had the power 45:28 this is what happened with with with with with Esther and Nebuchadnezzar he 45:39 had the title but she had the power and so just because you don’t have the title 45:46 doesn’t mean that you don’t have the power this is what happened with Daniel 45:51 and and Nebuchadnezzar Daniel had the power nothing moved in 46:00 Babylon unless his footprint of thumbprint was on it and it didn’t 46:06 matter what they were doing through legislation he could go up in the RAM of 46:11 the spirit and overrule it and override it and they didn’t even know what hit him 46:18 this is the place that God wants us to be some of us have the tendency to 46:24 undermine our greatness and our future destiny because we don’t understand the 46:30 ways of God Isaiah 55 and 8 for my thoughts are not your thoughts not in my ways your your ways my ways says the 46:38 Lord we’ve got to understand that there’s a way that seemed right unto man 46:43 but the end thereof is death the end offers judgment so that word way another 46:49 word for way is the word strategy so my strategies and not your strategies God 46:57 said through Jesus Christ I come that you may have life and have it more abundantly so that means that once you 47:05 have that revelation your days of struggling is over I’m in the place I’m 47:13 in the place of God I’m in the place I go to prepare a place for you that where 47:23 I am there you may be as well where’s 47:30 that place it’s a place of Dominion it’s a place of power where the elements of 47:38 this earth no longer have control over you but you have control over it let’s 47:45 bring this to a comfortable place where we can stop let’s go back to Genesis 47:55 we’ll talk a little bit more about this in our text we see God testing Abraham 48:02 from this point that point straight through to Genesis 18 so if you want to 48:09 see what his laka his process is that gets him to that place in God you can read Genesis 48:16 chapter 12 to Genesis chapter 18 and you can see every area where he was tested 48:23 God told him this test is going to require you to leave something and 48:32 someone the question is is your destiny important enough for you to leave where 48:41 you are scripture said leave your country leave your family leave your 48:48 father’s house your country your family your father’s helps your country your family your father selves what does that 48:54 mean your country has to do with systems and environments and customs and language 49:00 and cultures and traditions and laws and mores and opportunity this is important 49:08 you’ve got this opportunity but sometimes you walk away from a good 49:13 opportunity to a great opportunity from from a good opportunity to a better when 49:20 I left Bermuda I was born in Bermuda and when I left from you know I didn’t leave and come to the United States of America 49:26 for a better life I had a better life I was running the country and money I had 49:32 status I had influence I I was well 49:37 connected around the world around the world with other movers and shakers and history makers I had a tea with the 49:47 Queen of England celebrated one of her son’s birthdays with him you know I I 49:55 dine with the sister so so I knew all the who’s who in the United States of 50:02 America back then went to breakfast is dinners so I was well connected but when 50:08 God said to me I want you to walk away 50:13 from what I’ve given you in other words I’ve given you the desires of your heart 50:19 walk away from it everybody thought I was easy but I discovered something I would 50:27 have been I would have been influential in my country but not influential in the world I would have been popular in my 50:35 country but not popular so God had a a bigger stage for me so walk away walk 50:42 away from what you know is familiar the things that are working for you walk 50:48 away from the opportunities turn your back on it and it’s not as it’s easier 50:53 said than done because sometimes God will have you walk away from something 50:58 that is actually working walk away from something that is actually causing you 51:04 to be successful walk away from that and that’s our Lord now those of you that 51:11 are married keep your boo not ain’t telling you leader he ain’t saying you were in 51:18 saving don’t want home and say God just 51:24 spoke to me through dr. trim I got a 51:31 better opportunity Deacon spaghetti he looks better than you he speaks in 51:38 tongues and he prays no that ain’t God that’s the devil turn to your neighbor and say shut it down I’m a covenant 51:48 woman if I ever caught covenant with you I will never walk away from you you can 51:54 walk away from me but I’m going with you you’ll get that tomorrow because I’m a 52:02 covenant woman i I don’t abandon covenantal contracts so if you have a 52:12 crazy moment where you’re going and then you come back I’m right here I never went anywhere I’m good 52:19 you crazy I’m in my right mind but God 52:26 said I want you to leave and this is going to be important because we are Kingdom people and I’ll probably leave a 52:34 cliffhanger leave your country leave the systems environments customs language cultures 52:40 tradition laws mores and opportunities when I left Bermuda a left success influence power and I 52:50 came to the United States of America that had different cultures and I came here legally that had different cultures 52:57 I didn’t sneak across the border I came 53:08 on Delta Airlines why did he say 53:16 countries because this molded his existing paradigm and where God was 53:23 going to take him into a position of power God had to give him a new paradigm 53:28 we don’t know how powerful Babylon is until we get safe because Babylon is not 53:37 gonna let you go you want to go but Babylon ain’t gonna let you go because 53:43 Babylon wants the best and the brightest and I’m gonna show you what Babylon has 53:50 done to the church leave your country leave your family this is your social 53:58 system your support system your heritage that’s coming from you your immediate 54:03 and extended family I was the only one living in the United States of America 54:08 no family no no establish anything lock lock go find yourself you’ve got 54:17 greater potential you’ve got books inside of you business is inside of you you’ve got 54:24 ministry inside of you you’ve got companies inside of you you’ve got foundations inside of you go find out 54:32 what your potential is you’ve got a you’ve got a CEO inside of you you’ve 54:40 got an innovator inside of you you’ve got a billionaire inside of you Gold 54:48 discover everything that you are and you’re gonna be tested 54:54 every way and you can always go back I can always go back because there were 55:02 times that were rough and tough and I kept getting if you don’t want to stay 55:08 there we have a job for you I fired my job and I went to work for 55:13 God said leave your family leave your 55:21 support system leave your identity people that know you people that have 55:26 your DNA and then leave your father’s house that’s your inheritance that’s 55:33 something that’s guaranteed and then I I want to you to to go to a land that I’m 55:39 gonna show you in other words walk to yourself leave from where you are and discover who you 55:47 really are discover my original plan and purpose for your life don’t let culture define it don’t let 55:54 your family decide define it don’t let your environment define it don’t let your neighborhood don’t let 56:00 your past don’t let your community don’t let your resume define it get rid of 56:06 your that resume get to a vision God 56:12 said if you do that I will bless you you know what that means I’m gonna alter the 56:17 very strata that you’re living in glory to God God said to Abraham I just want 56:28 you to leave the structures that created your current paradigm because I’m gonna 56:35 give you a new paradigm move away from the familiar we move away from the usual 56:41 move away from the normal move away from the standard move away from what’s 56:46 typical move away from what’s common move away from what’s customary move away from what’s a whoa 56:52 move away from what’s everyday move away from what’s regular move away from what’s routine move away from the 57:00 ordinary move away from the average move away from the normal move away from 57:05 the run-of-the-mill the standard the typical the middle-of-the-road the conventional move away from the 57:11 unremarkable move away from stuff that lacks luster move away from the the life 57:18 were you have nothing to write home about move away from the plan move away 57:24 from the mundane move away from the Han drum move away from the colorless move 57:30 away from the commonplace and I’m going to take you to a land that is opposite 57:36 I’m gonna take you from two to a dimension that is opposite you are going 57:42 to live in the realm of the extraordinary you are going to live in the realm of the exceptional you are 57:49 going to live in the realm of the remarkable you are going to live in the realm of the extraordinary you are going 57:56 to live in the realm of the unexpected you are gonna live in the realm of the surprising every day your gonna have a 58:03 surprise you are going to live in the realm of their out-of-the-ordinary you 58:09 are gonna live in a realm of the extraordinary you were gonna live in the realm of the exciting you’re gonna live 58:16 in a realm that is memorial you are gonna live in the realm that is noteworthy but you got to leave and the 58:23 decision is yours get the out of the country the structures that create it 58:31 your paradigm through socialization culturalization education and and and 58:38 and through relational constellations and from your kindred move away from 58:46 your relational constellation and your environment and your father’s house move 58:51 away from the spirit of inheritance what you inherited from your family it’s 58:59 interesting all of this has to be severed 59:08 all of us like the familiar and we like to go back but ain’t no going back go to 59:14 a land that I’m gonna show you in other words God was saying I’m gonna take you into a new spiritual social economic and 59:24 spiritual realm a new level or a new class to which people are assigned 59:32 according to their social status their education and income in other words I’m 59:38 gonna change your social status I’m gonna change your education I’m gonna 59:43 change your income in other words he was inviting him first to make the mental 59:51 journey before it was manifested in his 59:56 life second Corinthians 10 three to six but though we walk in the flesh we do 1:00:03 not war after the flesh for the weapons of your warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down 1:00:11 of strongholds casting down imaginations every high thing that exalts itself 1:00:16 against the knowledge of God and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ 1:00:23 now this is what it’s simply saying is this if you notice that when we go into 1:00:28 spiritual warfare we don’t ever look at this text for its stratification so if you look at a rock 1:00:35 a rock has stratification so when you blow up one section of the rock you got 1:00:40 another strata then you blow up another section is like a big mountain then there’s another strata so mentally 1:00:49 through socialization through your family dynamics through your education 1:00:54 all of these things it contributed to your current paradigm and this journey 1:01:01 was one that would give him a paradigm shift that means that he would be tested 1:01:07 and one stratification of his paradigm would be eliminated then he would be 1:01:13 tested again and another stratification would be eliminated until the whole 1:01:19 structure and he had a completely new paradigm the 1:01:25 shorter vacations pulling down strongholds bone neck stratification 1:01:31 casting down imagination Oh the next stratification every high thing that lives herself against the 1:01:37 knowledge of God boom the next stratification your thought life bring into captivity your throw in 1:01:44 life boom there’s the four stratifications and you’re gonna be tested in every area my God told Abraham 1:01:52 to leave the familiar he was referring to the multi-layered cultural mental 1:02:00 economic psychological social spiritual structures they were called paradigm in 1:02:07 his mind that was erected by virtue of the fact that he had become a product of 1:02:14 his environment and God wanted to change his mental model the message of the 1:02:22 kingdom drives transformational change that starts at the level of this of the 1:02:31 mind let this mind being you which is 1:02:36 also though in Christ Jesus I beseech you therefore brethren by the 1:02:42 mercies of God that you present your body a living sacrifice holy acceptable 1:02:48 unto God which is your meant your reasonable service and be not conformed 1:02:58 to this world because the world will mold and shaped your mental paradigm 1:03:05 until you’re totally misaligned with the plans and purposes of God and you end up 1:03:11 in a place that you say where am i this 1:03:17 is not what I had in mind I didn’t think that at 50 I’ll be here and then think 1:03:25 at 60 I’ll be here and there are so many people that look back in their life and 1:03:32 they say if only I had me better decisions but thank God you don’t 1:03:39 have to live with regret because the years that the penguin Palmer won gala Bella destroy is gonna restore those 1:03:47 years so today I decree your destiny is 1:03:54 coming back into alignment God’s original plan and purpose for your life 1:03:59 and that today is a defining moment because today is a day that you began 1:04:08 you you get to begin again your life is 1:04:14 gonna be put on reset and tomorrow about this time things are going to begin to 1:04:22 change for you and they’re gonna change for the best they’re gonna change for 1:04:30 the best you got some decisions that you’ve got to make destiny is not a 1:04:37 matter of chance as a matter of choice it’s attached to the decisions that you make and this is your destiny now 1:04:45 listening to me why because you’ve made a decision you could have went to a 1:04:51 movie you could have been eating chicken wings at wings done and that would have 1:04:58 been your destiny but today you decided to hang out with us in the four-point broadcast because we’re teaching you the 1:05:09 changing your destiny then require a miracle it just requires a decision and 1:05:17 if you don’t like where you are today your one decision from being somewhere 1:05:24 else is as simple as that in Jesus name let’s pray how many of you 1:05:34 would say dr. frame I was really challenged today and I’m beginning to get an understanding of what destiny is 1:05:42 all about it’s starting to make sense I’m from anakata we thank you for each 1:05:47 individual that is listening to this teaching we thank you Father for 1:05:53 strategy that you will bring us and give us that you would give us a greater understanding of the ways of God that 1:06:02 you would teach us like you taught Abraham like you cho toi joseph many of 1:06:10 the other biographies that we have read and that we have admired I pray father 1:06:20 this moment will change our destiny teach us how to listen to you and hear 1:06:28 you let us not be victims of circumstance let us not play the victim 1:06:35 card or blame game and projecting our 1:06:41 own insecurities onto others but let us just stop and say it is what it is ain’t 1:06:48 weird I I’m here because of the decisions that I made 1:06:55 give us a vision of where we can be and then father if it’s an opportunity and 1:07:03 give us the courage to find ourselves to go to ourselves and to discover the 1:07:10 great potential that you have hidden inside of us but thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory for ever and 1:07:18 ever amen let’s welcome back cast Orion 1:07:28 what a powerful word the power of a decision doctor trim often says your one 1:07:34 decision away from living the life of your dreams you know who you were connected to last season got you to 1:07:40 where you are but they may or may not be the same connections that you need to get you to where you’re going and I know 1:07:46 that you heard a sound coming from this platform tonight and it’s a connection you need to make to get you to that next 1:07:53 dimension of faith that next dimension of influence and that’s why we’re encouraging you 1:07:58 tonight to make the decision to partner with Cindy trim ministries amen 1:08:03 got some partners in the room by sowing a seed every single month you’re connecting your faith with ours and the 1:08:11 anointing and the mantle that is upon this ministry is released into your life so hit that give button right now and 1:08:18 become a partner today whether it’s $25 a month or $1,000 a month every seed 1:08:24 that you deposit into this ministry goes right into the work of reaching those who are lost and bringing hope to the 1:08:31 hopeless around the world we’re adopting cities every single day we’re reaching out through outreach ministries and of 1:08:38 course making this broadcast possible to reach you every other week right there 1:08:43 in your living room in your car wherever you are 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