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0:01 [Music] welcome to from his heart with pastor Jeff Schreve who’s in his practical 0:08 series called it’s not easy being me if you’re tired of trying to be the good person you want to be but are ready to 0:14 let God have control in your life listen today to discover how to be a whole new you 0:21 [Music] 0:29 [Music] 0:46 [Music] how many in this room are familiar with 0:53 a television show called fixer-upper anybody ever seen the show fixer-upper 0:59 fixer-upper is a show that has a couple Joanne and chip Gaines they have a 1:07 company called Magnolia homes and they specialize in taking old dilapidated 1:13 homes and turning them into showplace homes well we had a couple in our church 1:21 Noah and Jessica Dansby Jessica worked at our church she met Noah at our church 1:28 they got married and they moved away and they live in the Waco area and not too 1:34 long ago they were on the show fixer-upper here’s a picture of them with chip and Joanne well they were 1:42 looking for a house that they had a certain budget their budget was two 1:48 hundred and seventy five thousand dollars so they’re gonna buy a relatively inexpensive house obviously a 1:55 fixer-upper and they’re going to get chip and Joanne to work their magic on it and this is the house that they ended 2:02 up buying it’s 350 300 noce 3 500 square 2:07 feet and it was built in 1920 it was listed for a hundred and forty thousand 2:14 Noah got it for $50,000 this thing was a 2:20 dive with a capital D I mean edges this was a dump but after chip and Joanne got 2:27 through with it this is what the outside looked like this is what it looked like 2:33 on the inside that was the kitchen here’s their new kitchen this is their 2:42 den the old Danny the new den here was 2:49 their master bedroom here it is today 2:56 chip and Joanne can work magic on a home 3:01 now they don’t work their magic for free it was $225,000 for them to do that but 3:08 Jessica and Noah ended up with this house built with the character that is 3:14 only found in an older home and they have a beautiful new home now we look at 3:22 that and and we like shows like that because we like to see things that were old and broken-down and dilapidated and 3:29 all of a sudden they’re brand-new chip and Joanne specialize in doing that to 3:35 homes Almighty God specializes in doing that in lives to transform a life to 3:43 take a person who is old and broken-down and covered up with sin and degradation 3:49 and to pull him out of the muck and the mire and the slime of the sewer and said 3:54 his feet on a rock as the scripture says and totally change him from the inside 3:59 out a song that I like says hallelujah what 4:07 a savior who can take a poor lost sinner lift him from the miry clay and set him 4:12 free I will ever tell the story shouting glory glory glory hallelujah Jesus 4:18 ransomed me the Lord is in the renovation restoration total 4:26 transformation business and no matter where you are today no matter what’s 4:32 going on today no matter how broken down you might feel Jesus Christ can change 4:37 you and make you a whole new you now 4:42 we’ve been in a series we’re finishing up today but our series has been entitled it’s not easy being me and 4:47 we’ve talked about some of the struggles and some of the difficulties that we all have individually with ourselves God 4:55 makes us and we have strengths in our personality and in our temperament and we also have weaknesses and we have 5:02 things that as the scripture says in Hebrews chapter 12 sins 5:07 so easily untangled us and many of us get entangled in sin and we fall down and and that’s how we we get broken down 5:15 the Lord says I want to make a whole new you hey it might not easy be easy being 5:20 you but let’s have a new you because a whole new you is where there is joy and 5:26 peace and love and power the scripture says therefore if anyone is in Christ is a new creation the old 5:34 has passed away behold the new has come and the Lord changes us from glory to 5:41 glory so here’s our question do you want to experience a whole new you let me 5:51 share with you three discoveries from Colossians chapter 3 about a whole new 5:56 you discovery number one a whole new you begins at salvation it begins at 6:05 salvation Paul says this in the new American Standard if then you’ve been 6:11 raised up with Christ keep seeking the things above where Christ is seated at 6:16 the right hand of God set your mind on the things above not on the things that are on earth for you have died and your 6:24 life is hidden with Christ in God when Christ who is our life is revealed then 6:29 you will also be revealed with him in glory how do you get a whole new you 6:36 well it begins at Salvation now what happens at salvation at salvation you 6:45 die and you are raised back up again see 6:51 every Christian has died with Christ and been raised up with Christ that’s why he 6:56 says if then you’ve been raised up with Christ keep seeking the things above where Christ is before you have died and 7:03 your life is hidden with Christ in God every Christian has died to his or her old way of life and has a brand new life 7:10 in Jesus Christ in the early part January of 1980 that’s the day that I 7:18 died I died to my way of life I saw that I was a sinner 7:23 and I was lost and I cried out for Jesus to come and save me and that day that 7:28 Monday night in my bedroom all by myself that’s when I died and I was buried and 7:34 I got a brand new life in the Lord Jesus Christ the old Jeff died and boom Jesus by his Spirit came 7:42 to live inside of me and I was made alive in Christ now I didn’t see any of 7:47 that take place the Lord comes into your life invisibly you don’t see that take place and say if you’re waiting for a 7:55 feeling you know sometimes there’s a feeling sometimes there’s not a feeling you don’t trust in feelings you trust in 8:01 the Word of God but that happened to me and I died – my old layaway of life and 8:07 I received a brand new life in Jesus now we watch baptism today well what is the 8:13 importance of baptism baptism is the wedding ring of the Christian life baptism shows to the world it’s the 8:22 outward expression of an inward reality it shows that hey you died to your old 8:27 way of life and you’re raised to walk in newness of life that’s why we always use a tank full of water because in the 8:34 Bible baptism was always done in a tank full of water it was some kind of pool of water you you a spoonful of water 8:42 can’t picture death burial and resurrection so in Baptism we show that the person is 8:48 buried in the waters of Baptism their they’ve died with Christ and they’re raised up with Christ we don’t leave 8:54 them down there you’re not dead and buried and then we’ll come get you next week will you come right back up why 9:01 because you’ve got a brand new life in Jesus so that’s true for every Christian you have died with Christ you’ve been 9:08 raised up with Christ and every Christian has an intimate or an innate 9:14 desire for Christ every single Christian has died with Christ been raised with 9:20 Christ and has a desire for the Lord Jesus Christ verse 4 says when Christ 9:28 who is our life is revealed then you also will be revealed with him in glory when Christ who is 9:35 our life I have no other life apart from Christ cuz I died in January of 1980 the 9:43 only life I have is in Jesus when Christ who is our life what is the Christian life it is Christ as Adrian Rogers used 9:50 to say Christianity is not a Creed it’s not a code it’s not a cause it’s not a church it’s Jesus Christ it’s a personal 9:58 relationship with Jesus Christ do you have that lets people have churchianity 10:05 churchianity and worth half a hallelujah christianity is a relationship with the 10:11 Lord Jesus Christ when Christ who is our life one commentator I read said this 10:18 you know life is what you come alive to 10:23 when Christ who is our life do you come alive to the things of the Lord Jesus Christ you look at people sometimes and 10:32 you see how they come alive to sports they come alive to business they come 10:37 alive to movies I mean you’re talking about things all of a sudden somebody mentions a movie or somebody sudden this 10:44 person just perks up why because that’s where he finds life you’re talking about this and that and the other and all of a 10:50 sudden you know the subject of football comes up and when they perk up why 10:55 because there’s life there for them now when the subject comes up of the Lord 11:00 Jesus Christ what does that do to you is that like no no gosh we’re talking about that again why do we have to talk about 11:07 that well that’s a great indicator if you have that kind of an attitude when 11:13 the person of Christ the subject of Christ and saying things of the Lord Jesus Christ come up and you’re just 11:18 kind of blah blah and dull about that you don’t find life there when I first 11:24 got saved I had a long way to go I was far from the Lord when I got saved and 11:29 then I get saved and the Lord comes in and how do I know that he’s there because there is a desire for the things 11:38 of the Lord there was a desire to go to church and to be with the people of God 11:43 and to sing the praises and to hear the sermon there’s a desire for that the scripture says in 2nd Peter 11:50 chapter first Peter chapter 2 and verse 2 like newborn babes long for the pure milk of the word the by it you may grow 11:57 with respect to salvation now we all know those of us who have had kids 12:02 especially know this that when your baby comes into this world you don’t have to 12:07 teach that baby at how to have a desire to eat they want to eat they come into 12:14 this world with an appetite because that’s part of being alive everyone alive has an appetite and so they come 12:23 into this world and it’s lost like boy we’re trying and trying and the baby just a baby hates milk baby hates food 12:29 baby doesn’t want anything this wants to watch TV you know that the babies not like that and the baby will let you know 12:36 2:30 in the morning wow what are they what does that do but 12:41 where is I’m either upset about my diaper or I’m hungry 12:47 pretty much they just have a couple of things in there you know well maybe it’s both but but they’re hungry and they 12:54 want to eat as newborn babes long for the pure milk of the word that by it you may grow with respect to salvation every 13:00 Christian is given by God this new birth desire this innate desire as a believer 13:07 for the things of God it doesn’t mean it’s a voracious appetite you have to develop your appetite to get a voracious 13:15 appetite for the things of God but listen if there is no appetite for the things of God just like with physical 13:22 food if there is no appetite for physical food two things one of two things is true number one you’re sick 13:30 sick people don’t want to eat if you’ve ever had stomach flu or something like 13:36 that somebody says oh I man I’m sorry you’re sick you want to go to steak and stomp and get all-you-can-eat pancakes 13:42 no no thanks I’d rather not ah they got with Larry’s pizzas good let’s go there they don’t want to go there why cuz 13:49 they’re sick they don’t want to eat so maybe one of the reasons you don’t have 13:54 a desire for the things of the Lord Jesus Christ is cuz you’re sick spiritually sick 14:00 or maybe it’s because you’re dead if you’re spiritually dead you don’t have 14:05 the desire for the things of God you know Christ isn’t your life so you don’t have a desire for life for Jesus because 14:15 there you don’t have life there question to ask yourself have you been raised up 14:23 with Christ have you really died with him have you been given life with him a 14:29 whole new you begins at salvation and churchianity never saved anybody and 14:36 Jesus will save anyone who comes to him in repentance and faith so that’s the first discovery that how do I get 14:43 started on this whole new Jeff starts the salvation it starts the moment I 14:48 repent and believe second discovery a whole new you continues as you grow now 14:55 in Christianity there is this thing we call salvation but salvation has three 15:04 parts you know when we talk about salvation we talk about well when were you saved and we talked about being say 15:09 being say be it safe some people don’t use that term it’s a good term the Bible talks about that term Bible talks about 15:14 being saved but salvation has three parts it has the justification part that 15:21 happens the moment I repent and believe justification is a big theological word 15:26 all it means is it’s just as if you’ve never sinned the Lord justifies you in 15:32 his sight and I am made right with God that happened for me for all eternity 15:39 January of 1980 when I put my faith and trust in Jesus Christ I was justified 15:44 before God and I’ll never lose my justification but the second word that 15:50 comes into play is the word sanctification sanctification doesn’t happen boom like that sanctification is 15:56 a process sanctification is Christian growth sanctification is the the the 16:03 means by which the Lord works on me and chisels me and chips away those parts of 16:09 me that aren’t like himself and that takes time that’s a that’s a process scripture says 16:16 in 2nd Corinthians chapter 7 verse 1 perfecting holiness in the fear of God 16:21 and we’re in this process every Christians in this process of sanctification and and sanctification 16:28 doesn’t end you know you never hit it a point where it’s like I am done being sanctified I’m 75 years old and at 75 16:34 you don’t have to be sanctified anymore no it happens all the way until you die or until the Lord comes back and when 16:41 the Lord comes back or when you die as a believer then you are taken to be with 16:47 the Lord and he separates from you that part of you that flesh part of you that 16:52 still wants to do evil and that’s gone forever and you are glorified and you’re made like the Lord Jesus Christ and he 16:58 gives you a brand new body and your body is like Jesus well we’re not at the glorification stage every Christian has 17:05 experienced justification but now we’re in this process called sanctification and that’s the process of growth that’s 17:12 the process of the Lord working in you from glory to glory making you a whole 17:19 new you and that’s a continual process so how exactly does that work first of 17:26 all you must be intentional how’s that going to happen for you to really become 17:32 the person God wants you to be you have to be intentional verse 1 if then you 17:39 have been raised up with Christ keep seeking the things above where Christ is 17:44 seated at the right hand of God set your mind on the things above not on the 17:49 things that are on earth you have to be intentional nobody ever grows in the Christian life by just you know it just 17:57 happens well I don’t know I just kind of just going through life and I was all of 18:02 a sudden became the Apostle Paul doesn’t happen like that you have to be intentional I have to seek the Lord you 18:10 know that Jesus talked about three words ask seek and knock and those words are 18:15 continual action in the Greek Acts ask and keep asking seek and keep seeking knock and seek keep knocking because the 18:22 one who asks and who keeps asking the one who seeks and who keeps seeking the one who knocks and keeps knocking that’s the 18:29 one who sees God do great and mighty things in his life in her life so you have to be intentional if you want to 18:38 learn scripture and the scripture in this passage talks about that verse 16 let the word of Christ richly dwell 18:44 within you how does the word of Christ richly dwell within me within you within 18:50 any of us by spending time in the Word of God I remember when I was a young 18:56 Christian in college I went out witnessing with a friend of mine and he was taking me to show me how to do this 19:03 and we were on the campus to the University of Texas and we were down Guadalupe the drag and he was witnessing 19:09 to this person witnessing to that person and he was quoting scripture and he would say you know the Bible says in 19:16 John chapter 3 and then he quote you must be born again and I thought that was the coolest thing I was just like 19:21 wow how do you do that he’s like do what I said how do you quote that it’s like 19:29 well it’s not hard I opened up to John three and memorize verse three hey you 19:34 know how do you learn anything how do you in school learn any any kind of 19:40 memorize any kind of part from Shakespeare or something like that any play where you learn you look you just 19:45 slug it out and you’re memorizing and you write it down and you go over it and over it and over it and you get it down 19:52 in your heart there are no shortcuts you have to be intentional listen some of 19:58 you really want God to do great makeover work to change you from the inside out 20:04 and that would take place in your life in your relationships and and there would be peace and joy and all those 20:10 good things that the Lord gives but you’re not being very intentional you ain’t even joined the church yet 20:17 some people that did they just visit for years it’s like hey plug in and get 20:23 going and start serving and God will do great things for those who seek him with 20:28 all their hearts you must be intentional secondly you must appropriate the truth 20:35 look at verse five therefore consider the members of your earthly body as dead 20:41 – immorality interesting word therefore immorality it’s the Greek word porneia 20:47 from which we got our English word pornography consider your earthly member 20:53 your earthly body as dead to immorality impurity passion evil desire and greed 20:59 which amounts to idolatry for it is on account of these things that the wrath of God will come and in them you also 21:06 once walked when you were living in them we need to appropriate the truth now the 21:13 Bible says in verse 3 that we have died and our life is hidden with Christ and God Jeff didn’t you say that you died 21:19 and in January of 1980 and you got a brand-new life so you’re dead but then it says in verse 5 therefore considered 21:27 the members of your earthly body as dead I mean why does this say we are dead and then we have to consider ourselves dead 21:32 well the truth of the matter is every Christian is dead to sin but every 21:38 Christian doesn’t feel dead to sin we all know that we don’t feel dead descend 21:45 the truth on paper you’re dead to sin you’re alive to God but the experience 21:52 for many of us is we feel alive to sin and sometimes dead toward God but that’s 21:59 not the way it is for Christian you’re dead to sin you’re alive to God and so 22:04 you have to reckon yourself dead to sin you have to consider yourself dead to sin you have to let sin know the sin in 22:12 your members the sin in your flesh that wants to do evil say hey here’s the deal I’m under new management here I don’t 22:18 have to listen to you flesh I don’t have to obey the lusts of the flesh that is 22:24 dead that doesn’t have any more power over me and so I consider it I reckon it 22:29 I render it and say this is dead in my life – The Grocer sins of the flesh 22:34 which he talks about in verse 5 immorality impurity passion those sexual 22:39 sins evil desire and greed which amounts to idolatry God hates those things it’s on account 22:46 of those things the scripture says that the wrath of God will come he said all right I feel such a pull to those things 22:53 well that’s the testimony of almost all of us we feel a pull to those things but we have to stop 22:59 and say but the truth is undead to those things I’m dead truth is not what you feel truth is what God says suppose you 23:08 had a very wealthy benefactor he calls you up on the phone he says hey I want 23:15 to do something for you I want to put a million dollars in your bank account 23:21 that’d be ok he’d say yeah yeah that’d be ok but you 23:27 think it’s a hoax you think there’s no way who is this is Ross Perot who’s calling me he’s one to put a million dollar let’s 23:33 not Ross Perot it’s somebody impersonating Ross Perot he says he’s gonna give you a million dollars can you 23:40 get off the phone you say whoa somebody’s pranking me and then you get a call from the bank the bank says hey 23:47 we got a call somebody put a million dollars in your account so I don’t 23:53 believe that I don’t feel like there’s a million dollars in my account well listen when the bank tells you there’s a 23:59 million dollars in your account I don’t care if you feel it or not you need to start writing checks before they before 24:06 they change their mind I mean whatever the bank says that’s that’s what it is right and so when the Lord says this is 24:14 the way it is you and I need to start writing checks on that on the promises 24:20 that he has made on the truth of the word of God Jesus said you know the truth and the truth shall make you free 24:26 you’re dead to sin you’re alive to God you must appropriate the truth Augustine 24:31 of Hippo the great theologian who lived in the 300s and 400s he had a testimony of a 24:39 life of sin before he came to the Lord I think he was 31 when he came to know 24:44 Christ but up until then he had lived a very sinful life very sexually immoral 24:52 well when he came to know the Lord he understood many things about the 24:58 Christian life story is told of Augustine he’s walking down the street one day and this woman who has very 25:06 loose been a woman of the streets that he had been with she called out to 25:11 him and she said Augustin he didn’t say anything and she yelled at him again 25:18 Augustin Augustin he didn’t say anything and she got right up where he was and 25:23 she said Augustin it is I he said I know it’s you but it’s 25:32 no longer me Augustin had died and he 25:37 had a brand new life and he was dead too those things of the flesh you must appropriate the truth and you must put 25:45 off thirdly the old and put on the new 25:50 he says in verse eight but now you also put them all aside anger wrath malice 25:58 slander and abusive speech from your mouth do not lie to one another since 26:04 you laid aside the old self with its evil practices and put on the new self whose being renewed to a true knowledge 26:11 according to the image of the one who created him a renewal in which there is no distinction between Greek and Jews 26:17 circumcised and uncircumcised barbarian Scythian slave and free man but Christ 26:22 is all and in all and so as those who have been chosen of God holy and beloved put on a heart of compassion kindness 26:29 humility gentleness and patience he talks about listen as a believer now 26:36 things have changed you died your old way of life you have a brand new life in Jesus Christ you you reckon yourself 26:42 consider yourself dead unto sin alive to God and don’t put on the old clothes of 26:51 your old life you put on the new clothes of the new life when Jesus rose from the 26:59 dead he laid aside his grave clothes he didn’t rise from the dead and walked 27:05 around in grave clothes he laid those aside when Lazarus was raised from the 27:11 dead by the Lord Jesus Christ he told the people when he came out of the tomb unbind him 27:17 let him go he was all bound up like a mummy like how they would would wrap you up back in that day get the grave 27:23 clothes off of him you know some of us we’ve been raised up with Christ we died 27:31 with Christ we raised with Christ and you know what we do we put on the old clothes of the old life to go out in the 27:38 world and the Lord says don’t do that why would you wear stinking grave 27:43 clothes that’s not what I put in your closet these are the clothes a heart of 27:49 compassion kindness humility gentleness patience put on those clothes don’t put 27:55 on the clothes of anger and wrath and malice and slander and abusive speech 28:02 don’t lie to one another as he says you know those things in verse 5 the 28:11 immorality impurity passion evil desire and greed which amounts to idolatry those are kind of like the big headline 28:16 sense those are the ones everybody knows who that’s bad you’re supposed to do that but how about these other ones one 28:23 theologian called them then the difference between gross sexual sins and acceptable sense and when we look at 28:29 anger was oh well you know that’s not that big a deal Rolla wrath that’s not 28:35 that bad malice slander abusive speech from your mouth had a friend of mine that that used to Christian guy he used 28:44 to let cuss words fly out and when he did he’d always tell me this was like 28:49 excuse my french excuse my French I took French in school 28:54 that wasn’t French hey George that’s not French you know what you’re doing get 29:01 that out of your mouth why would you want to talk like that how does that glorify Christ those are the old clothes 29:08 from the old life don’t put that on that stuff is rotten to God quit lying to one 29:15 another you know there are some people they just they just lie all the time they’re lying about this and lying about 29:22 that and lying about the other listen you cannot have a relationship with somebody if you’re a liar you can’t have 29:30 a marriage if it’s bill on your lies you gotta tell the truth the Lord desires truth in the innermost 29:36 being you wonder what God thinks about lying proverbs chapter 6 says there are 29:42 six things which the Lord hates yes seven which are an abomination to him and he lists off seven things and two of 29:48 the seven are lying he repeats himself what does the Lord hates a hardy eye is 29:55 a lying tongue and a false witness who utters lies he he mentions lying twice 30:01 that’s how much God hates lying listen I think that lying is something different 30:09 than other sins in that you know you’re struggling with immorality you’re struggling with impurity you’re 30:15 struggling with passion those are things inside your kind of wired hard wired for sex but sex has to 30:23 be under the kind the confines of one man one woman for life and then the Lord 30:28 says that’s how you that expression works and you can enjoy your spouse that 30:34 way lying is not something where it’s just like you know it’s just not at me I 30:39 hadn’t wide all day I don’t know what I’m gonna do call the operator and just 30:45 lie there’s the Larry Sims and just hang up on her alright lying’s not like that 30:52 right there’s nothing in you that makes you god hates lying you know why because 30:58 the devil is a liar and the father of lies and when you lie you like the devil 31:05 and God didn’t want you to be like that hey don’t wear the old clothes the grave 31:11 clothes put on the grace clothes when I was in college my think was my sophomore 31:19 year junior year something like that I lived about a mile and a half for a mile 31:25 or so from campus and I was walking to campus one morning and it just started to rain it started pouring down rain and 31:32 I was equipped I left my umbrella at home and so I was just I just got soaked 31:37 I was just soaking wet and so I got to the dhobi cafeteria where I had my meal plan and Adobe dormitory was 31:45 there and the guy that took the tickets for the meal plan was my friend his name 31:50 was Jamar he was from Spain he had the coolest name I learned it I had to memorize this his 31:58 name was this he had lots of names Jamar Colin Barcella turquoise knob liga de 32:03 les qu’il a co I mean it’s really tough on his licence but anyway he had this 32:08 long long name I was just called him Jamar and Jamar was so nice he said Jeff you’re just soaking wet why don’t you go 32:15 upstairs to my room and get a shirt so you can have a dry shirt to wear you 32:21 know when you go to class I said man that’d be great Jamar cuz I got you know I’m a mile from my house so this would 32:27 be great so I go up to his room he gives me the key up go up to his room and I open up his drawer and I’m gonna get a 32:32 t-shirt and I pull it out and then I kind of let’s this would be good man hmm wow that’s a bad one and that’s like 32:40 Jamar must Summit’s I don’t know why I put that one back and then I pick up another one in whoo and I put that one 32:47 back and pick up a third one every one of Jamar shirts stunk 32:52 I just determined Jamar says tinker you know I mean I was like I’d rather be 32:58 wet than distinct and I didn’t put on any of his shirts there’s like Jamar you keep it and here’s a quarter for some so 33:04 I you know has one of those kind of but I wasn’t gonna put on the stinky clothes 33:10 many of us in the Christian life and we putting on stinky clothes putting on the 33:16 grave clothes that stink lay those aside put on the grace clothes because that is 33:23 what the Lord wants you to wear a whole new you it begins at Salvation it 33:29 continues as you grow and a whole new you is what God wants for you look at 33:35 verse 12 again and so as those who have been chosen of God holy and beloved put on a heart of compassion kindness 33:41 humility gentleness and patience bearing with one another and forgiving each other whoever has a complaint against 33:47 anyone just as the Lord forgave you so also should you and beyond all these things put on love which is the perfect 33:54 bond of unity and let the Peace of Christ rule in your hearts to which indeed you were called in one 33:59 be thankful and let the word of Christ richly dwell within you with all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another 34:05 with Psalms and hymns and spiritual songs singing with thankfulness in your hearts to God and whatever you do in 34:12 word or deed do all in the name of the Lord Jesus giving thanks through him to 34:17 God the Father that’s the kind of person God wants you to be God wants me to be those are the things he wants to do in 34:23 our lives as we go through this process of sanctification to be a whole new you 34:30 a person who looks the same on the outside but on the inside man there’s 34:35 there’s been a change there’s peace there’s love there’s compassion there’s forgiveness ability to forgive even big 34:41 things to forgive other people now how will that happen for you first of all 34:48 you need to believe the truth I love verse 12 I love what it says and 34:55 so as those who have been chosen of God holy and beloved you need to believe 35:03 what the Lord says about you he chose you if you belong to Jesus Christ he 35:09 chose you jesus said you didn’t choose me I chose you I mean some of us have had the experience as a kid playing ball 35:17 and they line everybody up and they’re gonna pick who’s gonna play I’ve had that experience I was a gonna be a 35:23 freshman in high school at Seifer high school and going to the gym and there the older kids were playing and I was 35:30 trying to get on a team and I didn’t get picked you know once they pick up the side and 35:35 the fifth guy is picked or the tenth guy is picked and they got their team and 35:41 you you go you go over to the side goal with all the other losers and you just go crud I didn’t get picked no I didn’t 35:48 like that not getting picked hey you know who picked me the god of the universe picked me 35:57 he’s that I chose you I want you to be on my team you’re holy which means 36:02 you’re set apart for God and he loves you and even when you do some terrible 36:09 horrible things even when you some times put on the grave clothes and participate 36:16 in some horrible things that doesn’t mean that you’re horrible 36:22 you’re still chosen you’re still beloved you’re still holy you need to quit 36:30 participating in those things that are so contrary to who you really are so I 36:37 believe the truth even in the midst when I fall and fail and the devil says you’re a loser 36:42 stay down God doesn’t love you anymore God can’t use you anymore you remember I’m chosen of God I am holy and I’m 36:50 loved and I’m gonna get up and walk with Him and then you live your life in the 36:55 power of the Spirit that’s what all that stuff when he talks about those clothes 37:00 put on the clothes the grace clothes those things the the heart of compassion and kindness and humility and gentleness 37:07 and patience and forgiveness and peace and in love and thankfulness all that 37:12 comes from the Holy Spirit I can’t generate that I can’t manufacture that and neither can you 37:17 it all comes from the Holy Spirit what is the Christian life in a nutshell it is Christ in you the hope of glory it is 37:24 yielding yourself to let the Lord who lives you in you live through you and empower you let me close with this story 37:32 years ago I did a magic trick up on the stage some of you may remember I have a 37:40 magic coat I’m wearing it today my magic coat my magic toque can do all kinds of 37:46 cool things I want to show you because this is really really awesome now I’m 37:51 gonna put my magic coat on display here all right magic coat stand up straight 38:03 did it in practice magic coat wave your arms magic coat pick up my Bible and 38:14 hold it up high come on magic oh I 38:21 forgot this is watch this is how this works magic coat stand up straight told 38:38 you magic coat move your arms around 38:43 that’s pretty cool magic coat lifts up my Bible hold it up high look at the 38:51 magic coat you say that’s not the coat 38:56 man you guys are easy now that that’s not the coat that’s you 39:07 in the coat that’s right that’s right and the one who lives in me is the Lord 39:16 Jesus Christ by his spirit and he says if you will just yield yourself to me I will live through you and I will change 39:23 your life and I’ll put upon you love and joy and peace and power I’ll enable you 39:30 to overcome I’ll do great and mighty things in you and through you I will 39:35 make you a brand new you if you’ll just 39:42 my friend life is hard and you have trouble and I have trouble living it the 39:48 Lord wants to help us he wants to live it through us listen if you don’t have a 39:53 personal relationship with Jesus today is the day to nail that down just pray 39:59 this simple prayer Lord Jesus I need you I know that I’m a sinner and I’m lost 40:05 and I can’t save myself but I believe you died on the cross for my sins that 40:10 you rose again from the dead that you are God in the flesh and right now Jesus 40:15 I ask you to come into my life forgive me of all my sins be my Lord and Savior 40:21 I surrender my all to you my friend if you’ll pray that kind of prayer and mean 40:27 it the Lord will come in and your life will never be the same I would love to 40:32 hear from you to know that you’re watching to know that God is using this broadcast to make a difference in your 40:37 life to know that you just prayed that prayer to receive Christ as your Savior and Lord please take the time to call that 40:44 toll-free number write me email me let me know what’s going on and how we can pray for you you really are important to God and 40:52 you’re important to us and we’re here for you thank you for watching from his heart the viewer supported broadcast 40:59 ministry of dr. Jeff Schreve who believes that no matter how badly you may have messed up in life God still 41:04 loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life you can find out more about that plan go to from his heart dot o RG 41:15 [Music] 41:23 you

A fresh start is a powerful thing. Do you often want to leave the old behind and start anew with the hope of everything being better? For the one who has surrendered to Christ, that is exactly what happens. We leave the old life of sin behind and start fresh and new with the Holy Spirit as our guide. In this wonderfully uplifting message, Dr. Jeff Schreve shares key truths about walking in the new life Christians are given through the blood of Jesus Christ.

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