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Africa - Food seeds bring smiles to children in South Sudan

In South Sudan, the ICRC is distributing different kinds of seeds, including ground nuts, kale, okra, onion, amaranthus and pumpkin. | Image: ICRC / Mari Aftret Mortvedt

Africa: One year ago, Vajda had to flee her home village in South Sudan with five young children. His death was one of thousands in the country since violence broke out in late 2013.

His death was one of thousands in the country since violence broke out in late 2013. The fighting has forced hundreds of thousands across the country to leave their homes, a flight for safety that has led to deep hunger needs.

“In my village, life used to be good,” she said. Now, though, “the conflict has affected my whole life. My husband was a caring man. He was always working and helping us. Now everything depends on me.”

Thousands of people have been forced to flee from their land and abandon their belongings in Equatoria, leaving them unable to cultivate the fertile land in the region.

Even though Vajda and her children are far from home, they have been given a piece of land by the host community to plant crops. “They understand that we did not come by choice,” she said.

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