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Africa: Reaching Somali people in Kenya will open the Gospel to more people

Africa: Reaching Somali people in Kenya will open the Gospel to more people There are many national churches in southern and western Kenya. However, in cities like Nairobi, there are no large Christian influences engaging people groups in the north and east.

“What makes the Somali so interesting is that they’re less than one-half of one percent Christian. They’re incredibly difficult to engage in. Even though they’re inside of Kenya — which is a very mission-friendly country — it’s as if you’re inside of the country of Somalia. The persecution is just as fierce inside of Kenya as it would be inside of Somalia,” Kelley says.

Yet, despite the violence and danger outsiders may face, the Somali people inside Kenya are an imperative target to share the Gospel with because they have so much influence over neighboring people groups, including the Wata, the Moonyuyaya, and the Borana people. | See the full story here… mnnonline.org


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