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http://www.air1.com – for King & Country perform their song “Hope Is What We Crave” live from the Air1 Music Lounge. Read the bands bio below:

The Australian born band for KING & COUNTRY continues to make their mark on the Christian music industry with their latest single, “Middle of Your Heart,” off the album Crave (February 28, 2012). “We want to deliver a message that is about believing in something much bigger than oneself,” explains Luke. “You can confidently go through the ups and downs in your life because you know that life isn’t all about you and what you do but rather the hope and salvation of Christ.”

Coming from a musical family, brothers Joel and Luke have been singing and performing most of their lives.The brothers moved to America in the early 90’s when their father took a job in Nashville, Tennessee. After traveling the world, and performing in many live shows, the brothers decided to start making music together. According to the band, music is something that is of great importance to them, “Music has the peculiar ability to connect with the soul, and we want to use it to encourage… Life is a journey; full of highs and lows; triumphs and sorrows; these are the subjects we write about: Real human experiences.”
Their single “Busted Heart (Hold On To Me),” also off the album Crave, is a song about being absolutely broken, yet realizing that the Lord will always be there to hold on to you.”There comes those defining moments in each of our lives where we so severely need someone to hold on to us,” says Joel. “It seems we are all, in different ways, shapes and forms, busted to some degree. This song is an honest confessional of: ‘I can’t do this thing called life on my own. I need something, or more specifically, someone greater than myself to hold on to me.”

The band followed up “Busted Heart (Hold On To Me)” with “The Proof Of Your Love” (watch official video). Anchored in 1 Corinthians 13:1, the song emphasizes that without love underlying our actions, everything we do is useless. “We want to be known for writing music that is authentic, real and from the heart,” adds Joel. “Music has been a very therapeutic thing for us. There’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears that went into this record and what spurred us on is this whole idea that we can make a difference. That music, our music, can have the power to impact someone’s life for the better.”
The band recently performed “The Proof Of Your Love,” in front of millions of viewers on NBC’s The Tonight Show, giving listeners the opportunity to possibly hear about Christ for the first time. “I think what we’ve realized through music is- that song is taking specifically out of scripture- whenever your reading scripture you always know that there’s power attached to that, even if I make a mistake here or there, I still know those words will be sung. It’s gonna be bigger than me and I’m so thankful for that.”


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