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0:00 CS: How important is faith and healing for 0:03 evangelism? 0:04 How do we prepare our hearts to evangelize 0:06 nations? 0:07 For the answers to these questions, 0:10 stay tuned because you’re going to find out how do 0:12 we evangelize the world for Jesus? 0:16 [Music] >> Now is the time to go forward and become 0:19 all that God has intended for you to become. 0:22 Today is your day to change your life and live 0:27 in victory and wholeness. 0:29 This is Your Path to Destiny with Dr. Candice 0:36 Smithyman. 0:37 CS: I’m so glad you joined us today for Your Path to 0:40 Destiny. 0:41 I’m Candice Smithyman, your life coach, 0:43 trainer and personal mentor. 0:45 And today we’re going to be talking about faith and 0:48 healing for evangelism. 0:50 Evangelism is so important; 0:52 it helps us share with people the love of Christ 0:55 and draws those who need Christ into relationship 0:59 with Him. 1:00 And so I’m so grateful today to have with me 1:02 Pastor Siegfried Thomazsewski He worked 1:05 with Rhinehart Bonnke for more than 18 years as a 1:09 European director of CFAN. 1:11 He also has his own ministry called, 1:13 “Calling Ministry,” and he is the CEO of “One God, 1:17 One Day, One Africa,” which is a great Christian 1:20 event that is coming soon. 1:22 And so I’m excited to talk with him today about how 1:26 to evangelize the nations, especially using faith and 1:30 healing ministry. 1:31 ST: Amen. 1:32 Thank you so much, Dr. Candice, 1:34 for allowing me to be here today. 1:35 CS: I’m so happy to have you. 1:37 Your ministry is so amazing. 1:39 And I know I had you on a prior show and we had the 1:44 opportunity to talk about healing and the importance 1:47 of healing. 1:47 And then in your book that you have, 1:49 Knowing Your Destiny; inside, 1:51 you share testimonies of how you’ve personally been 1:54 healed and then how God has healed many on the 1:57 crusades that you have done. 1:59 So I want to really just start off today talking 2:03 about a personal experience that you had 2:06 where you were actually healed from the Lord of a 2:09 brain tumor, is that right? 2:11 TS: Yes, that’s right. 2:12 Yeah. 2:13 I was about 14 and a half years old. 2:15 My nose started bleeding. 2:17 I went to the hospital. 2:19 They found me in the bathroom, 2:22 actually, when blood was running out of the 2:24 bathroom. 2:26 They didn’t notice it before. 2:28 I had four surgeries and they found a tumor that 2:30 was growing between the brain and the eye. 2:33 And they didn’t give me any hope. 2:35 And my mother had to sign that they- for the 2:39 surgery, they said if he survives, 2:41 he will lose his eye. 2:43 But there is not much of a chance because it’s at 2:46 the, at the brain. 2:48 And, you know, forty-five, fifty-years ago they 2:52 didn’t have that technology. 2:54 Long story short, I survived. 2:56 I kept my eyes and everything, 2:58 but I was married, ah, years later. 3:01 Many years later, I was married. 3:03 We had our first child, actually one and a half. 3:05 The other one was still in the wrapping and my nose 3:08 started bleeding and I got pain in the cheek. 3:10 I went to the doctor and he said, 3:13 took x rays. 3:14 He said, you’ve got a tumor, 3:16 you need to go to the hospital. 3:17 I went home. 3:18 I asked my wife, “What are we going to do?” 3:20 We prayed and she said, “Let’s get a second 3:22 opinion.” 3:23 So I went to another specialist and he checked 3:26 me through thoroughly. 3:28 I mean, he did x-rays and with me present, 3:30 he called the hospital. 3:31 He said “Tomorrow, eight o’clock, 3:33 this man is coming. 3:34 The tumor is filled with blood. 3:35 If this breaks, he’s going to be dead. 3:38 So he needs to come for surgery immediately.” 3:40 I went back home, I called my pastor. 3:42 We prayed. 3:43 I went to bed. 3:44 I slept like a baby. 3:45 In the middle of the night, 3:47 I woke up, I heard a voice and the Lord says, 3:49 “Haven’t I healed you?” 3:51 I said, “Yes, He as healed me. 3:53 So why don’t you claim that?” 3:55 So I continued sleeping. 3:57 We went eight o’clock to the hospital for four 3:59 hours. 4:00 They checked me. 4:02 Here was the x-rays from the day before with the 4:04 tumor. 4:05 Here was all the new x-rays lined up on the 4:08 screens. 4:09 And they said we cannot understand that. 4:11 They called the other doctor – a mistake, 4:13 no mistake. 4:14 So God has healed me. 4:16 And since that day, I never had any issue. 4:18 Nothing. 4:19 I mean, there was much more to that story because 4:21 there was God replaced cells and whatnot. 4:24 We, we believe in a God of miracles. 4:28 And, you know, one thing people ask me about Africa 4:32 and everywhere we see miracles, 4:33 miracles all over the world. 4:35 I think there is a difference to hear from 4:38 somebody who has experienced a miracle or 4:40 to see a miracle or to experience in your own 4:44 life, your family. 4:45 I believe we should look out to experience 4:48 ourselves what God has for us. 4:51 CS: Well that is so good. 4:52 I know just like you, I was healed of anxiety, 4:55 depression and Crohn’s disease. 4:58 One touch from the Lord. 4:59 People are not healed- I mean, 5:01 Crohn’s disease is, is, you know, 5:03 a lifelong disorder; it’s a chronic disorder. 5:06 And a, one touch from the Lord- ST: Hallelujah! 5:09 CS: -completely transformed my whole life 5:12 in that area. 5:12 We’re going to pray for you today for sure. 5:14 I feel the healing anointing in the house 5:17 right now. 5:18 And I want to make sure that you all are prayed 5:20 for; for healing for so many different things. 5:23 So we’re going to continue our conversation. 5:25 But I want you to stay tuned to the whole 5:27 program, because I know God has a special touch 5:30 for you right where you’re at. 5:32 So you have this amazing encounter with the Lord 5:35 amongst many other encounters and now you are 5:40 evangelizing the world through “Calling Ministry” 5:43 and you spend most of your time in Africa. 5:45 ST: Yes. 5:46 CS: So share with us a little bit about that. 5:48 How long have you been in Africa? 5:49 ST: Well, we have been traveling to Africa for 5:52 more than thirty-five years. 5:53 We have crisscrossed the country, 5:56 the continent of Africa last year, 5:58 about seven and a half times around the world, 6:01 just traveling within the continent of Africa. 6:03 It’s a lot of traveling. 6:04 But, you know, people tell me again and again I want 6:07 to come to Africa. 6:08 I want to come to Africa. 6:09 I want to be an evangelist. 6:11 And I always remember Keith Green. 6:13 I don’t know whether, you know, 6:14 Keith Green. 6:15 He said once “People are ready to cross the ocean, 6:19 but they are not willing to cross the street.” 6:22 And that’s for evangelism starts. 6:25 You can only go to Africa if you start in your 6:28 neighbor’s house, if you start in your own 6:30 community, Jerusalem, Judea, 6:32 Samaria and to the ends of the world. 6:34 So we are called to be a witness with the next one 6:39 that we meet. 6:40 And then God will elevate us and the crowds will 6:42 become bigger and bigger. 6:44 But that’s natural growth. 6:46 CS: That is so powerful, what you just said, 6:49 because people they may have even been given a 6:52 vision by God of seeing themselves a great 6:54 crusades or ministering overseas. 6:56 But He always starts small and He’ll give us a 6:59 vision. 7:01 He’ll cause us to see the hope in the future that He 7:03 has for us. 7:04 But there are steps to that, 7:06 and it’s highly unlikely He’s going to cause us 7:09 from a place of zero all the way to go and do all 7:13 of that without first going out into our local 7:17 Jerusalem area. 7:17 So I really, really appreciate that. 7:19 Those are definitely words of wisdom. 7:21 What are some other words of wisdom you might have 7:23 for some young evangelists out there that are hanging 7:25 on every word in this program? 7:27 ST: Well, I believe, you know, 7:29 we want to be an evangelist. 7:30 But to me, an evangelist, is somebody who trains 7:33 others to do the same thing they are doing. 7:35 So it starts to do for things and then to give it 7:39 to others, you know, everything that’s natural 7:41 in our life, in the natural life or in the 7:45 spiritual when it’s born or it comes to life, 7:49 it will grow, it will expand and it will 7:53 multiply. 7:54 So we cannot multiply before we start growing 7:57 and expanding. 7:58 And God wants us to grow, to expand and to multiply. 8:03 And we need to stick to what God has called us to, 8:05 to be faithful, have faith in what He wants us to do 8:09 and be obedient and then follow His call. 8:13 CS: Oh that’s awesome. 8:14 So do not despise small beginnings. 8:17 Let’s start in that place and then God will grow us 8:21 and advance us. 8:22 That’s exciting. 8:24 So, for those of you that are watching today and 8:25 you’re ready to go and get on the next plane out of 8:29 the country, make sure you look at your local area, 8:32 you spend some time in that space in place, 8:34 ask God what it is that He’s calling you to do 8:38 right there at home. 8:39 And, you know, when God began to speak to me, 8:41 that very thing, you know, of course, 8:43 He’d shown me going overseas and ministering 8:46 the Crusades and doing these things. 8:47 But He first called me. 8:49 He’d take the time to minister to the people 8:51 that were right there at home in my home. 8:54 Of course, that’s where the first ministry starts, 8:57 is with your own family and then right there in 9:00 neighborhoods. 9:01 And then from there, God opens up the doors and He 9:04 takes us to next places. 9:07 I’m excited today because I do feel the presence of 9:10 the Lord. 9:11 And when we come back in just a few moments, 9:14 I’m going to have Pastor Seigfried pray for you, 9:16 because I really do feel the overwhelming presence 9:20 of the Lord right now and that God wants to do a 9:22 great thing. 9:23 He wants to really draw you into a personal 9:26 relationship with Him. 9:27 But some of you have been praying and asking for a 9:30 healing right now. 9:31 And I do see some people who have a brain tumor. 9:34 And you’re going to [Music] call that out when we come 9:35 back. 9:36 So stay tuned. 9:38 [Music 9:43 [Music Ends] 9:45 [Music] >> Are you in need of personal 9:46 counseling or coaching or would like some direction 9:48 and encouragement? 9:50 Dr. Candice is a board certified counselor who 9:52 walks in the gifts of prophecy and healing, 9:55 and she wants to mentor you in her School of the 9:58 Supernatural. 9:59 Dr. Candice will teach you through her E-courses, 10:01 books and many other additional resources that 10:04 will help you strategize and release Heaven in 10:07 every area of your life. 10:09 Her classes on the supernatural will equip 10:11 you to live in the heavenly realms on a daily 10:14 basis. 10:15 You can also schedule some personal time with Dr. 10:18 Candice, where she will encourage and pray for you 10:21 in private 45-minute sessions to help you walk 10:24 through personal issues in your life and propel you 10:27 into your purpose and destiny. 10:29 Visit her website for all of her resources and 10:32 follow and subscribe to Dr. Candice on Facebook, 10:35 Instagram and YouTube. 10:41 [Music Ends] 10:41 [Music] 10:46 [Music Ends] 10:47 CS: Thank you so much for staying with us. 10:50 I really feel the healing anointing of the Lord in 10:54 this meeting today. 10:56 I’m going to call this a meeting today. 10:58 It’s a show and it’s a meeting that we’re having. 11:00 We can feel the presence of God here. 11:02 And I want to invite you to be a part of what God 11:04 is doing right here and right now. 11:07 And when we were off camera, 11:09 I really saw that there is somebody that has a mass 11:12 behind their right eye. 11:16 There’s a mass behind your right eye, 11:18 and it is preventing you from being able to see. 11:21 And so your vision is impaired. 11:22 And I want to speak right now to that mass. 11:26 We’re going to cross that mass in the Name of Jesus 11:29 and we’re going to ask for the Lord to bring complete 11:32 and total healing. 11:33 I see that there’s inflammation to your eye. 11:36 It’s red, it’s hot, a hot place. 11:39 And you have been told that you cannot see out of 11:42 that eye. 11:43 And so I’m going to speak life to your eye right now 11:46 in the Name of Jesus. 11:47 But first, that you should have spiritual sight and 11:50 then you will have physical sight in the Name 11:53 of Jesus. 11:54 Father, we thank you for shrinking that mass. 11:56 We thank you right now for giving spiritual sight, 11:59 Father. 12:00 And we think that that is also leading to physical 12:02 sight in the mighty Name of Jesus. 12:05 Pastor Siegfried, what do you have for the people 12:07 today? 12:08 ST: Well, you know, when, when you spoke about 12:10 healing and faith and evangelism, 12:13 many times people come to me. 12:15 You know, yesterday we had a wonderful service. 12:17 It was the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit 12:20 present. 12:21 And I say it’s wonderful. 12:22 But what does it help? 12:23 On Sunday in the church and on Monday, 12:25 your neighbor is suffering and you don’t go to him. 12:28 I see the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit 12:31 must become our natural lifestyle on Monday and 12:34 Tuesday where we are. 12:35 And as I travel the world, I see we are not healers. 12:39 I don’t consider myself a healer at all. 12:42 I’m an evangelist who happens to pray for the 12:45 people and then Jesus heals them. 12:46 But I also know that I need to have faith when I 12:50 pray for the people. 12:51 And in many religions, people don’t understand 12:54 the love of God. 12:55 They don’t understand faith. 12:57 And when I speak about Moses and David and what 13:00 not, they don’t understand. 13:01 They are not even interested. 13:03 But if I tell them that there is somebody who 13:06 loves them and I see they are sick and we pray for 13:09 them and Jesus heals them, that’s when they open up 13:12 and the gospel comes into their heart. 13:15 So we pray for healing because it’s a, 13:18 I call it the gate to their heart when Jesus 13:21 touches the people. 13:22 And if you allow me, I just feel like sharing one 13:26 story out of our own family life. 13:29 My daughter, she’s a missionary in Africa. 13:31 And they always, all our children have been working 13:34 with children. 13:35 They love children. 13:36 She became married and she wanted to have children 13:40 one year, two years, the third year, 13:42 no children. 13:43 They had two different doctors. 13:45 They told her, you will never have children in 13:48 your life. 13:48 It’s not possible. 13:50 So she came to me. 13:51 She said, Can you pray for us? 13:53 We are thinking about adopting a child. 13:54 I said, I pray for you. 13:56 I lay my hands on her and I pray. 13:58 Just a few minutes into the prayer, 14:00 the Holy Spirit speaks to me and I say, 14:03 “Victoria, God says, you will have a child.” 14:06 She said, “Wonderful. 14:07 We have already prepared the adoption papers.” 14:09 I said, “I’m not talking about adoption. 14:11 I have no problem with. 14:12 But I believe God wants to give you your own child.” 14:15 A year later, she had her first child. 14:18 Today they have two children. 14:20 So we see the healing power of Jesus today. 14:24 And I truly believe there is people right here, 14:28 right now watching this program, 14:30 because to me, it’s not a show. 14:32 It’s a program, the program of God in your 14:34 life and for your life. 14:35 And God has a program for your life that you shall 14:39 not suffer any more. 14:40 You shall not be barren. 14:41 You shall not be without child. 14:44 I truly believe, as we pray right now, 14:46 the Lord will touch you and your family and there 14:49 will be great joy in your house. 14:52 And I pray you give testimony to Dr. Candice 14:55 and you will tell her what Jesus did in your life. 14:58 I just feel, I- to pray right now. 15:00 CS: Hallelujah, Yes! 15:01 ST: Lord, I thank you that You are here right now 15:03 because You are the Healer. 15:05 You do not change. 15:07 You are always the same as You have been two thousand 15:10 years ago; You are the same right now. 15:13 And wherever the people are watching this program, 15:16 Lord, I pray that you touch their body, 15:19 their life, right now with healing. 15:22 Whether it’s been cancer, it’s barren wombs Lord. 15:25 I pray that you touch them and heal them in this very 15:29 moment in Jesus Name, receive it by faith. 15:33 And that’s the point: we have to receive by faith. 15:36 We have to believe in the love of God and healing 15:40 will take place this very moment. 15:43 Jesus, thank You. 15:44 CS: Mmm. 15:45 Hallelujah! 15:46 ST: That’s what I believe. 15:47 CS: I’m seeing in the spirit, 15:49 people being overcome by fear, 15:51 by anxiety, by depression, by different 15:55 manifestations of the soul that are too hard, 15:58 too difficult to deal with. 15:59 And so I just want to speak life to you right 16:02 now where you’re in a place of despair, 16:04 where you’re feeling lonely, 16:06 where you have a void in your life, 16:07 where you feel as though there’s nobody there to 16:10 listen to you and nobody will answer. 16:12 I want you to know that Jesus loves you intently 16:15 and He has heard your prayer. 16:17 He says, “Get up.” 16:18 He says, “Rise up.’ He says “Begin to start 16:20 walking, begin to step into the plan and purpose 16:23 that I have for you!” 16:24 That although the devil has come to lie to you and 16:27 to say that your life has no value, 16:29 God is saying you have great value and great 16:32 value to Him, which is why he sent His Son Jesus to 16:36 die on the cross, for you to shed His blood, 16:39 for you for the forgiveness of sins so 16:41 that you might be in that position to carry forward 16:45 in the life that God has called you to have. 16:48 ST: You know, I believe God speaks to me right 16:51 now. 16:52 While I was listening to and watching the backdrop 16:54 here, in my spirit, I see people, 16:56 they are kind of drowning. 16:58 And it seems to me like there is a weight on their 17:01 legs that pulls them down as we speak. 17:04 I see that in front of my spiritual eyes, 17:07 somebody is being pulled down by the weight of sin 17:10 and sorrow and drugs and, and many other things. 17:14 I can read on those weights that are pulling 17:17 you down and you’re crying out for help. 17:19 And as I have experienced the stretched out hand of 17:23 God, you know, the prophet speaks about the 17:26 outstretched arms of God. 17:28 And Jesus takes that picture and He says, 17:31 “You have not only heard, but the cross.” 17:34 He says, “Here is my stretched out arms. 17:36 I want to reach out to you. 17:38 I want to rescue you. 17:39 I want to save you.” 17:41 Whether it’s sickness, whether it’s financial 17:43 problems, whether it’s sin that’s pulling you down. 17:46 I want to tell you today there is an opportunity to 17:50 reach out to Jesus, reach out and take his hand, 17:54 and He will rescue you. 17:55 He will put you on a solid ground that does not 17:58 shake. 17:59 That does not move. 18:00 That does not change because He is and will 18:03 always be the same not only yesterday, 18:06 today or tomorrow, but in all of your circumstances. 18:09 He is there to help you, to heal you, 18:11 to deliver you, to set you free. 18:13 I believe it. 18:15 Just say yes to Jesus. 18:17 CS: Mmm… 18:18 Hallelujah. 18:19 I know somebody is saying yes right now. 18:20 And, you know, if that’s you and you’re saying, 18:23 yes, I want you to reach out to us, 18:25 reach out to CallingMinistry.org or 18:27 CandySmithyman.com and let us know that you received 18:31 Jesus as your Lord and Savior. 18:33 We have materials. 18:34 We have things that we want to send you. 18:36 We want to encourage you in your walk with the 18:39 Lord. 18:40 I also feel in my heart that there’s somebody 18:43 laying right now in a hospital bed that’s 18:45 watching us. 18:46 And you’ve received a report, 18:49 a dire report about your health, 18:51 that you’re terminal. 18:52 And so, I want to speak live to you right now. 18:54 You are not terminal. 18:56 You are not a terminal. 18:57 You are eternal and you will live for eternity. 19:00 And so, we’re going to speak life to your body 19:02 right now that you get up out of that bed and you 19:05 would begin to walk down the hallway of the 19:08 hospital right now in the name of Jesus, 19:10 get up and begin to start walking. 19:13 Right now, you are not terminal. 19:14 You are not going to die. 19:15 You have been saved, healed and redeemed. 19:18 Jesus is willing and He wants to heal you. 19:20 And so, Father, I thank you right now, 19:22 Lord. 19:23 And I hear your name. 19:24 Your name is Katie. 19:25 Father, cause Katie to rise up out of the, 19:27 out of her bed right now and begin to start walking 19:31 down the hospital aisles. 19:33 I thank you that you’ve become a witness right 19:35 now. 19:36 God has a plan and a purpose for your life. 19:37 Begin to start living it. 19:40 I want you to stay tuned with me because we’re 19:41 going to come back. 19:42 We have more prayer time and impartation time for 19:45 you. [Music] 19:46 Remember, you’re on a Path to Destiny. 19:49 [Music] 19:54 [Music Ends] 19:55 [Music]>> Dr. Candice Smithyman is an 19:57 international prophetic voice healing minister, 20:00 author and pastor who travels the world sharing 20:02 how to access the heavenly realms and lived the 20:06 resurrected life. 20:07 Her passion is to see people healed and 20:09 delivered and come into a knowledge of who they are 20:11 in Christ as royal heirs seated with Him in the 20:14 heavenly realms. 20:16 She believes everyone can access Heaven and walk in 20:18 the power of God in her meetings. 20:21 Your faith will increase and you will feel the 20:23 presence of God and see miraculous healings. 20:26 Dr. Candice loves to teach and train in the 20:29 supernatural and mentor you in the glory, 20:31 she offers many classes in her “School of the 20:34 Supernatural” where you, too, 20:35 can learn to release Heaven, 20:37 the glory and walk in the power of God. 20:39 She’s also a mentor, life coach and founder of 20:43 “Dream Mentors International,’ an 20:44 organization that teaches and trains biblical life 20:47 coaches. 20:48 Check out her Website and subscribe to her YouTube 20:51 channel, Instagram, and Facebook for more 20:54 resources. 20:56 [Music] 21:00 [Music Ends] 21:01 CS: Thank you for staying with us. 21:02 God is doing a mighty work in this program on healing 21:06 and faith for evangelism, and so we have been 21:09 speaking to many of you, healing and faith and 21:12 encouragement. 21:13 And we want to continue with that. 21:15 I really feel in my heart that Pastor Seigfried 21:17 needs to be praying for those of you to receive 21:20 the baptism of the Holy Spirit. 21:21 And so I’m going to just begin to ask him to pray 21:25 for you to receive fire, fire to revive your 21:27 ministries, fire to revive your heart, 21:29 fire to cause you to get up and get out there and 21:32 begin being a witness for the Lord. 21:34 He has a plan and purpose for you. 21:36 You just need a little bit of oil in the wick to get 21:41 yourself going. 21:42 So, please, Pastor Siegfried. 21:43 ST: Thank you so much. 21:45 I think this is wonderful because, 21:47 you know, we can have methods and everything. 21:50 Nothing will really accomplish what God wants 21:54 to do in this world. 21:55 It’s only the power of the Holy Spirit because He 21:58 says, “It’s not by might, not by power, 21:59 but, but by my Spirit,” says the Lord. 22:02 And I believe it’s a power that’s the secret. 22:05 But the good thing is, you know, 22:07 people try to become holy and try to become better 22:12 in order to receive the Holy Spirit. 22:13 But that’s nonsense. 22:15 You know, if we were perfect, 22:16 we don’t need the Holy Spirit anymore. 22:18 We all need the power of the Holy Spirit. 22:21 And the good thing is that, 22:22 Jesus, you will receive because I will pray the 22:26 father, we can claim the fire of the Holy Spirit in 22:31 the name of Jesus. 22:32 And I would love to pray right now this very 22:34 moment, because the Holy Spirit is ready to come 22:38 into your life with His anointing, 22:40 with the fire of God, to start and keep burning in 22:42 your life. 22:43 Holy Spirit, I pray that you come right now. 22:46 I pray Father in Heaven, pour out your Spirit right 22:50 now into everyone’s life who is looking for the 22:54 power, for the anointing, for the unction that he 22:58 needs for the ministry! 23:00 Lord, I pray for the fire to burn inside their 23:03 lives, to be able to go and be witnesses according 23:07 to your call. 23:08 “And you shall receive the power of the Holy Spirit 23:11 and you shall be my witnesses.” 23:13 So I speak the anointing of God, 23:15 the fire of God into your life right now! 23:19 Claim it in the Name of Jesus, 23:22 in the Name of Jesus. 23:23 CS: Hallelujah, hallelujah. 23:24 I just feel like I’ve got to walk some of you 23:27 through this process. 23:28 What I want you to begin to do is tune your ears to 23:32 the sounds of Heaven. 23:33 I want you to take your ears off of what’s in the 23:37 earth. 23:38 You remember what sounds like in the earthly realm 23:40 and get your ears tuned to Heaven to angelic sound. 23:44 I want you to begin to close your eyes right now 23:46 and listen to Heaven. 23:47 And as you begin to hear the sound of having it 23:51 will sound like tongues that you don’t understand, 23:54 then I want you to begin to open up your mouth. 23:56 Because as you do that, then I believe right now 23:59 that the Lord is going to baptize you with this 24:02 Spirit. 24:03 In a way, you’re beginning to speak in other tongues. 24:04 All right. 24:05 So I want you to listen to me right now, 24:06 at the sound of my voice, begin to speak. 24:09 You’re speaking the sounds of Heaven right now, 24:13 CS: [Speaking in Tongues] CS & ST: [Speaking in 24:20 Tongues] [Speaking in Tongues] [Speaking in 24:22 Tongues] Hallelujah! 24:22 Just began to come forth. 24:23 You’re starting to feel fire right where you’re 24:24 at, Lord. 24:25 I think you that you’ve sent the fire angels right 24:27 to where you’re at right now as this fire begins to 24:29 come forward. 24:29 Just begin to speak. 24:30 Lord, I thank you right now for the fire of God. 24:33 CS: & ST: [Speaking in Tongues] CS: You’re 24:35 receiving healing right now. 24:36 You’re speaking right now. 24:38 Hallelujah. 24:39 Thank you, Jesus. 24:40 Thank you, Lord. 24:41 Father, I thank you that people are encountering 24:43 you right now in the mighty Name of Jesus. 24:45 Father, I praise the Lord. 24:46 I thank you right now, in the mighty Name of Jesus, 24:48 we thank you for fire CS & ST: [Speaking in Tongues] 24:51 [Tongues] CS: Thank you, Lord. 24:52 Whooo! 24:53 Hallelujah! 24:54 I feel people receiving right now. 24:59 Praise the Lord. 25:01 ST: I just want to add, you know don’t believe the 25:03 lies of the devil. 25:04 There are some people, they say, 25:05 you know, I don’t know whether this is right or 25:07 not. 25:08 Don’t believe the lives of the devil! 25:10 CS: Come on! 25:11 ST: Just obey and start speaking and He will fill 25:14 your mouth. 25:15 CS: Yes, that is so true. 25:17 That’s why, don’t listen to earthly voices. 25:19 Don’t listen to earthly sounds, 25:21 listen to Heaven, and you’ll begin to start 25:23 coming forth! 25:24 ST: Amen! 25:25 CS: Hallelujah! 25:26 I want you to write to us so we know you received 25:29 the baptism of the Holy Spirit, 25:30 so we can rejoice with Heaven, 25:32 rejoice for the angels, and rejoice with God for 25:35 what He has done in your heart. 25:37 Oh, Pastor Siegfried, this has been amazing! 25:39 I, I don’t want us to leave today without the 25:42 people knowing about the fact that you have a huge 25:46 event, you and Jennifer Wilde and Daniel Kolenda 25:50 and Heidi Baker right there in the continent of 25:54 Africa. 25:55 It’s “One God, One Day, One Africa” to share just 25:58 for a minute or so, what that’s all about and how 26:00 people can get involved. 26:01 ST: Wow, that’s such a big vision. 26:03 It would take an hour- CS: [Laughs] Whoo! 26:04 ST: But to put it into, let me put it into one 26:07 minute. 26:07 CS: Yes. 26:08 ST: God spoke and we obey. 26:10 It is impossible for man. 26:12 But what it’s impossible for man is possible for 26:15 God. 26:16 And He seems always to call us to do the 26:17 impossible. 26:18 And when Jennifer called me, 26:20 asked me to help her to have a gospel net in every 26:24 country of Africa at the same time, 26:26 simultaneously, I hung up on her and she called me 26:28 again and I obeyed. 26:30 And I said, “Okay, we’ll do it.” 26:32 And what we see today is a unity I’ve never seen 26:35 before. 26:36 Ministries, evangelistic ministries, 26:38 the apostolic ministry, the intercession ministry, 26:42 the church building, follow up discipleship, 26:44 church planters all coming together. 26:46 And we are going to see the finest gospel net 26:50 being- cast it over a whole continent at the 26:54 same time. 26:55 Wire-live events wire-live streaming broadcasting and 26:59 preparing ten thousand local evangelists going to 27:02 the rural areas to the unreached people groups 27:07 where there is no TV possible; 27:08 where people have never heard the gospel and we 27:11 will work together with a whole net of thousands of 27:15 churches throughout the whole continent of Africa. 27:17 So I want to encourage you. 27:19 I want to encourage your pastor, 27:20 your bishop, every church, every ministry to start 27:24 praying for the continent of Africa, 27:26 to receive the gospel and see a mighty move and a 27:30 wonderful harvest of souls. 27:32 CS: Oh, amen! 27:33 And listen! 27:34 You’re going to be in Egypt. 27:36 I’m going to be there with you. 27:38 I want to see this for myself. 27:40 I want to be a part of it. 27:41 It’s going to be an amazing day. 27:43 Go to 1gda.org which stands for “One God, 27:47 One Day, One Africa.” 27:49 If you happen to be watching this show after 27:52 “One God, One Day, One Africa has passed, 27:55 you can still participate in the event. 27:57 Simply go to the website and you can find out more 28:00 about what happened and how you can stay involved. 28:03 Thank you, Pastor Siegfried thank you so 28:05 much for joining us today. 28:06 It’s been a great time of ministry. 28:08 I know you’ve received healing and impartation 28:11 and I want to make sure you come back and join us 28:14 again. 28:14 Remember to take Messiah’s hand on Your 28:18 [Music] Path to Destiny. 28:20 [Music]

Pastor Siegfried Tomaszewski shares a revelation on the gift that all believers must operate in.

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