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0:00 angels are not just metaphors for good 0:03 angels actually exist and i want to give 0:06 you nine biblical truths about angelic 0:09 beings 0:09 [Music] 0:15 before i begin if you’re watching us on 0:17 youtube don’t forget to subscribe and 0:19 click that notification bell when you do 0:22 you can also follow us wherever you’re 0:23 watching us 0:25 now in regards to angels these heavenly 0:27 beings the bible only gives us glimpses 0:31 at them 0:32 concerning angels not everything is 100 0:35 crystal clear so i’m only going to stick 0:37 to what the bible clearly teaches and 0:40 will leave speculation for another time 0:42 now i did tell you that i wanted to give 0:44 you nine truths about these heavenly 0:46 beings but before i do that i want to 0:48 talk about the classification of these 0:51 heavenly beings 0:52 first we have the archangels 0:55 these are the chief angels they are 0:57 engaged in spiritual warfare they are 0:59 the stronger angels 1:01 we find a reference to the archangels in 1:04 jude chapter one verse nine 1:06 but even michael one of the mightiest of 1:08 the angels did not dare accuse the devil 1:12 of blasphemy but simply said 1:14 the lord rebuked you 1:17 now notice the language here used in 1:19 jude but even michael in other words 1:22 even michael the strong angel 1:25 even michael the spiritual warfare angel 1:28 wouldn’t come against the devil 1:30 personally he wouldn’t bring an 1:32 accusation against satan himself 1:35 so the scripture puts them in a category 1:38 of their own as a more powerful type of 1:40 angel one engaged in spiritual warfare 1:43 first thessalonians 4 16 says this for 1:46 the lord himself will come down from 1:48 heaven with a commanding shout with the 1:51 voice of the archangel and with the 1:53 trumpet call of god 1:56 in daniel chapter 10 verse 13 the 1:58 scripture says but for 21 days the 2:00 spirit prince of the kingdom of persia 2:02 blocked my way 2:03 then michael one of the archangels came 2:06 to help me and i left him there with the 2:08 spirit prince of the kingdom of persia 2:10 so there the scripture clearly shows us 2:13 that archangels are involved in 2:15 spiritual warfare next we have the 2:17 seraphim a reference to the seraphim can 2:19 be found in isaiah chapter 2:21 the seraphim are usually associated with 2:24 worship or with purification 2:26 some speculate that the seraphim 2:28 actually sing this is why we at 2:30 encounter tv say that we have our own 2:32 in-house seraphim with stephen mach the 2:34 zuma but that’s sort of an inside joke 2:36 that we have 2:38 next we see the cherubim 2:40 genesis 3 24 says after sending them out 2:42 the lord god stationed mighty cherubim 2:44 to the east of the garden of eden and he 2:47 placed a flaming sword that flashed back 2:49 and forth to guard the way to the tree 2:51 of life now in ezekiel chapter 1 verses 2:54 5 and verses 13 through 15 and in 2:57 ezekiel chapter 10 verses 1 through 2 2:59 we see a more detailed description of 3:02 the cherubim next we have the fallen 3:05 angels now a few points to be made here 3:08 about the fallen angels 3:09 in revelation chapter 12 verse 9 we see 3:12 that they rebelled against god this was 3:14 their first sin and as a result they 3:17 were banished to the earth 3:19 then while on earth they committed a 3:21 second sin found in genesis chapter 6 3:24 verses 1-6 as a result of this second 3:27 sin 3:28 their punishment was to be banished to 3:30 the bottomless pit revelation 9 11 tells 3:33 us of the king of the bottomless pit 3:36 second peter 2 4 tells us that these 3:39 angels in the bottomless pit are 3:41 awaiting judgment 3:43 now it’s possible that some of these 3:45 fallen angels can still remain upon the 3:47 earth in fact galatians chapter 1 verse 3:49 8 tells us of the potential of an angel 3:52 preaching another gospel only a fallen 3:54 angel would preach deception so 3:57 the archangels the seraphim the cherubim 4:00 and then the fallen angels 4:03 now concerning the truths about angelic 4:05 beings 4:06 number one angels have physical bodies 4:10 luke chapter 24 verse 4 says as they 4:12 stood there puzzled two men suddenly 4:15 appeared to them clothed in dazzling 4:17 robes 4:18 in verse 23 of luke chapter 24 the bible 4:21 says they said his body was missing and 4:23 they had seen angels who told them jesus 4:26 is alive so notice that in verse 4 4:29 they’re described as men and in verse 23 4:32 it’s clarified that they were actually 4:34 angels in other words when they saw the 4:37 angels because the angels appeared in 4:39 physical form they mistook them for 4:42 human beings so angels do have physical 4:44 bodies 4:46 number two angels can appear in dreams 4:50 matthew chapter 1 verse 20 says 4:52 as he considered this an angel of the 4:54 lord appeared to him in a dream joseph 4:57 son of david the angel said do not be 4:59 afraid to take mary as your wife for the 5:02 child within her was conceived by the 5:04 holy spirit what an amazing truth that 5:07 these angelic beings not only can they 5:10 move from realm to realm but they can 5:12 also enter into your dreams 5:16 number three angels walk among us this 5:18 isn’t superstition this is biblical 5:20 truth 5:21 hebrews 13 2 says don’t forget to show 5:25 hospitality to strangers 5:27 for some who have done this have 5:29 entertained angels without realizing it 5:33 number four angels are messengers 5:37 luke chapter 1 verses 11-14 says this 5:40 while zechariah was in the sanctuary an 5:42 angel of the lord appeared to him 5:44 standing to the right of the incense 5:46 altar 5:47 zachariah was shaken and overwhelmed 5:49 with fear when he saw him but the angel 5:52 said don’t be afraid zachariah 5:54 god has heard your prayer your wife 5:57 elizabeth will give you a son 5:59 and you are to name him john you will 6:01 have great joy and gladness and many 6:03 will rejoice at his birth so often 6:06 throughout the old and new testament 6:08 when god wanted to send a message to a 6:10 certain individual he would sometimes 6:12 send an angel 6:14 number five and this one is a powerful 6:16 truth angels protect 6:19 daniel 6 22 says 6:20 my god sent his angel to shut the lion’s 6:23 mouths so that they would not hurt me 6:26 for i have been found innocent in his 6:28 sight and i have not wronged you your 6:30 majesty 6:32 psalm 91 11-13 6:35 for he will order his angels to protect 6:38 you wherever you go this is for you 6:39 listen now for he will order his angels 6:42 to protect you 6:44 wherever you go 6:45 they will hold you up with their hands 6:47 so you won’t even hurt your foot on a 6:49 stone you will trample upon lions and 6:52 cobras you will crush fierce lions and 6:55 serpents under your feet 6:58 angelic beings protect god’s people 7:02 you 7:04 have heavenly protection you have your 7:05 own set of security guards that follow 7:08 you around and god watches over you yes 7:11 but he also sends angelic mings 7:14 who knows how many times angels have 7:16 prevented disaster from coming your way 7:20 god sends his angels to protect 7:23 number six 7:25 angels warn 7:26 revelation 14 6-7 says and i saw another 7:30 angel flying through the sky carrying 7:31 the eternal good news to proclaim to the 7:33 people who belong to this world to every 7:35 nation tribe language and people fear 7:38 god he shouted give glory to him for the 7:41 time has come when he will sit as judge 7:43 worship him who made the heavens the 7:45 earth the sea and all the springs of 7:48 water angelic beings don’t only bring 7:51 messages for direction they also bring 7:54 warnings from god 7:56 number seven angel’s guide 7:59 exodus 23 20 says see i am sending an 8:02 angel before you to protect you on your 8:04 journey and lead you safely to the place 8:07 i have prepared for you 8:10 number eight angels serve 8:12 therefore angels are only servants 8:15 spirits sent to care for people who will 8:18 inherit salvation 8:20 so angels are not to be worshiped in 8:23 god’s place 8:24 yes they are supernatural beings but 8:26 look at what the scripture says i want 8:27 to read this again because it’s so 8:28 powerful 8:30 angels are only servants 8:32 spirits sent to care for people who will 8:35 inherit salvation in other words god has 8:38 sent angels to serve you and i 8:40 what a powerful truth that not only do 8:43 angels protect us but god sends them to 8:46 serve us 8:47 number nine 8:49 angels pray 8:51 zechariah 1 12 says upon hearing this 8:54 the angel of the lord prayed this prayer 8:58 o lord of heaven’s armies for seventy 9:00 years now you have been angry with 9:02 jerusalem and the towns of judah how 9:05 long until you again show mercy to them 9:08 here we see an angel interceding praying 9:11 for 9:13 think about that 9:14 that god allows angels to pray for you 9:18 and i we know the holy spirit prays for 9:20 us we know our loved ones pray for us 9:22 what an amazing truth that angels also 9:25 pray for us so we have an army 9:28 praying for us 9:29 so number one 9:31 angels have physical bodies number two 9:33 angels can appear in dreams number three 9:36 angels walk among us number four angels 9:39 are messengers 9:41 number five angels protect 9:43 number six angels warn 9:46 seven angels guide eight angels serve 9:49 nine angels pray god has given us 9:52 these gifts these heavenly beings 9:55 angels are not i’ll say it again angels 9:58 are not just metaphors for good 10:01 they are living sentient beings from the 10:03 heavenly realm 10:05 that god sends to assist and protect and 10:08 guide and pray for 10:10 his children 10:11 so father help us 10:12 [Music] 10:14 to be thankful for and aware of 10:17 the heavenly hosts who surround us 10:20 thank you father that you have given us 10:23 divine support 10:25 through not only your holy spirit 10:28 through not only fellow believers 10:31 but also through angels your heavenly 10:33 messengers 10:34 thank you father and help us to be more 10:36 aware 10:37 please help us to be more aware 10:40 of the spiritual realm say that out loud 10:41 say lord 10:43 help me 10:45 to see 10:46 say it again say lord 10:49 help me 10:51 to see 10:53 in jesus name we pray 10:54 i want you to say it because you believe 10:56 it say 10:57 amen 10:58 well that is it for the lesson here now 11:00 is a question for conversation have you 11:03 ever had an encounter with an angel 11:06 tell me about it in the comments now 11:08 here are comments from a previous video 11:10 titled this is what spirit-filled people 11:13 are like 11:14 on that video kathleen guile wrote 11:17 wonderful teaching 11:19 walk in excellence so others will praise 11:21 god because of how he is moving and 11:23 working through you excellence is not to 11:25 be the best among men but to do your 11:28 best to please god thank you pastor 11:30 glory to god 11:32 amanda rivera writes amen only the holy 11:35 spirit can lead us to be excellent 11:38 because he is excellence himself thank 11:41 you brother david this message was just 11:43 on time god bless you 11:46 emily larimore writes amazing teaching 11:48 about doing everything with excellence 11:50 for the lord by the holy spirit 11:53 this trait is often overlooked so thank 11:55 you for doing a teaching on it god bless 11:58 you 11:59 catherine meyer writes this is good 12:01 thank you pastor david for this 12:03 inspiring message 12:05 hey don’t forget if you’re watching us 12:07 on youtube subscribe and click that 12:09 notification bell when you do you can 12:11 also follow us wherever else you’re 12:14 watching us now i want to talk to you 12:16 about partnering with this ministry if 12:19 you believe in what we’re doing if you 12:21 believe in soul winning if you believe 12:23 in evangelism if you believe in praying 12:26 for the sick if you believe in 12:28 empowering and equipping christians all 12:30 over the world then be a part 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Angels are real, and they walk among us. Glimpse the angelic realm. If you want angelic beings explained to you simply and Biblically, you’ll enjoy this fascinating teaching. In this revelatory message, David Diga Hernandez gives you 9 facts about angels. These Heavenly beings do more than you may know.

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Video Chapters:

00:00 – Intro
00:25 – The Classifications of Angels
00:53 – The Archangels
2:16 – The Seraphim
2:37 – The Cherubim
3:04 – The Fallen Angels
4:06 – Angels Have Physical Bodies
4:45 – Angels Can Appear in Dreams
5:15 – Angels Walk Among Us
5:33 – Angels Are Messengers
6:13 – Angels Protect
7:23 – Angels Warn
7:56 – Angels Guide
8:08 – Angels Serve
8:47 – Angels Pray
10:10 – Prayer
10:58 – Question for Conversation
11:07 – David Reads Your YouTube Comments
12:14 – Offering

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