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Antwinette Scott -- Woobee's Journey

Woobee’s Journey by Antwinette Scott

About Antwinette Scott

Antwinette Scott has a love for children and God.  So it’s no surprise that Scott would eventually follow her calling to help children who are enduring pain and trials.

She is committed to uplifting the spirits of young children and illustrating the beauty of relationship and importance of memories that transcend time. True love is the main theme of her work, as she desires to write about real life and the truths that are hard to ignore.

About Woobee’s Journey

In her new book, Woobee’s Journey, readers will discover a boy’s life path from boyhood to manhood. Joining him on his journey is his Woobee, a blanket that was given to him from his Grandmother when he was very young.

This story is about the love of a grandmother, memories that never fade, prayers that never end and love that is passed on for a lifetime. Full color illustrations accompany the story adding visual joy to the heartwarming message. | Read full story at:  http://www.prweb.com


Woobee’s Journey By Author Antwinette Scott (Video)

Having penned random thoughts on paper for years, Antwinette Scott finally decided to transform these scribbled ramblings into a children’s book.




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