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0:01 CS: Are you called to the mantle of a prophet? 0:03 What does it take to carry out this mantle? 0:06 Stay tuned, because my guest is going to share with us 0:09 how to be pure in the prophetic. 0:14 [Music] >> Now is the time to go forward 0:16 and become all that God has intended for you to become. 0:21 Today is your day to change your life 0:24 and live in victory and wholeness. 0:27 This is Your Path to Destiny with Dr. Candice Smithyman. 0:37 CS: Welcome to Your Path to Destiny. 0:39 I’m your host, Dr. Candice Smithyman 0:41 and today we’re going to be talking 0:42 about the mantle of a prophet, the call of a prophet, 0:46 how important it is to have purity in the prophetic. 0:50 And so, this is a very important show 0:52 because it really helps us understand God’s desire 0:55 for His prophet to have purity. 0:58 And so, I’m excited today because my guest, 1:00 Pastor Joshua Giles, he is the lead pastor 1:04 and founder of Kingdom Embassy Worship Center in 1:07 Minneapolis, Minnesota. And he is joining us 1:09 today because he has written a book 1:12 called “The Rise of the Micaiah Prophet: 1:15 How to Keep Purity in the Call of Being a Prophet.” 1:20 So, Pastor Giles, it’s so good to have you with us. 1:22 JG: Thank you so much for having me 1:24 Dr. Candice, it’s a delight to be here with you. 1:27 CS: Well, I’m excited about your book. 1:28 I had the chance to read it, 1:29 and it really, really touched my heart, 1:31 mostly because you’re talking about something 1:34 that is often seen as unnecessary by some people. 1:38 But it’s really the core 1:40 and the basis of who we are as prophetic leaders. 1:43 And that is purity. Absolutely the importance of purity. 1:47 So, tell me, why did you write this book? 1:49 JG: Well, you actually just touched on it. 1:51 You know, maybe two years ago, the Lord spoke to me 1:54 and told me I needed to write on this subject. 1:57 I’ve been traveling, 1:58 doing prophetic ministry from state to state. 2:01 I’ve been to over 30 nations and it was exciting to go. 2:05 But I found out that there were many people 2:07 operating in the prophetic 2:09 that did not know or understand the aspect of purity. 2:13 They didn’t know prophetic protocols. 2:15 They didn’t know what they were doing. 2:17 And so as I started writing this two years ago, 2:21 I started and then stopped 2:23 and then the beginning of 2020 2:25 I picked it back up and just started writing this out. 2:28 And I discovered such prophetic insight on Micaiah 2:32 and all about his life and then began to use that 2:35 as a springboard into deeper, prophetic revelation on purity. 2:41 CS: Wow. I mean, it’s amazing because, you know, 2:43 there really does need to be purity in the prophetic I mean, 2:46 I don’t even understand 2:47 how somebody could call them a prophet 2:49 without going through the processes 2:52 which you discuss in your book of being pure. 2:55 I mean, it’s not an easy thing. 2:57 I mean, the tests for the call of being a prophet 3:00 are not something that people sign up for 3:03 or should not sign up for with a laissez faire attitude. 3:06 It’s a very, very important thing. 3:08 We know from Revelation, chapter 19, verse 10, 3:10 that the Word says for the testimony of Jesus 3:13 is the spirit of prophecy, 3:15 which means that when we are prophesying 3:18 or in an environment of the prophetic, 3:21 the Spirit of Jesus is present. 3:23 JG: Yes, yes. That’s so true. 3:25 And I think many have lost track of that. 3:28 And God is centering the prophetic back 3:30 to where it needs to be, 3:32 where we testify of who Christ is. 3:34 And if we’re not pointing people to Him, we’re not doing our job. 3:37 And so pure prophetic flow is to, is to point people 3:41 and direct them back to the Father. 3:43 Now, we know in the book of Amos it says 3:47 specifically that, “The Lord does nothing 3:49 unless He reveals His secret counsel 3:52 to His servants, the prophets.” 3:53 That’s Amos, Chapter three, verse seven. 3:56 And so we know that if the Spirit of the Lord 3:58 is going to be speaking to us, 4:00 we can’t have anything that is attached to us 4:03 that is not in common 4:05 with the Lord. If it is in common with the enemy. 4:08 It will skew the pure prophetic word, 4:11 the pure truth and unadulterated word 4:13 that is coming from the Lord. 4:14 JG: That’s so true. 4:16 And those are some of the things I write about even in this book, 4:19 touching on the stages of purification 4:22 and even the stages of sanctification for profit. 4:26 We have to make sure that we’re not contaminated 4:29 by any outside source. 4:31 And it’s very easy to become contaminated in the prophetic 4:34 where we’ve got money. You know, that could be a draw. 4:37 You know, you’ve got people who want you to do things. 4:40 They have certain demands for you. 4:42 And when it comes to being a pure prophet, 4:44 you have to make sure that there are no outside influences 4:47 that really control you 4:49 or control your prophetic utterance, 4:51 because that’s where we get into the danger zone. 4:54 CS: And that means we have to have a handle on our flesh. 4:56 JG: Yes. So, tell us a little bit about 4:58 what are some of these processes 5:00 that God takes us through to purify us? 5:02 JG: Well, when we look at Micaiah’s life, 5:04 I’ll start there- CS: Yes, please do! 5:06 JG: -because Micaiah 5:07 is this obscure biblical figure. We don’t hear much about him. 5:11 A lot of people, even in the Body of Christ, 5:13 haven’t really heard too much about him. 5:14 But he was a protege of Elijah the Prophet, 5:19 and he was one of the three that were trained by him 5:22 that the Bible highlights. 5:23 And of course, many of you know the story maybe in First Kings, 5:27 Chapter twenty-two 5:28 where Micaiah’s called on to give a word to the king. 5:32 And the word that he has is not a word that he wants to hear. 5:35 And so, Micaiah 5:36 gives it anyway, but he’s put in prison because of it, 5:40 and so when we deal with stages of purity, 5:44 we have to come to the conclusion of, am I God’s 5:48 prophet or the people’s prophet. 5:50 And so, I believe that that’s the first step, 5:52 is being completely surrender to God, 5:54 knowing that you are His prophet 5:57 and it doesn’t matter whether people like you 5:59 or accept you or even like what you have to say, 6:03 your choice is between those two. 6:05 And when you choose God, He’ll back you up every time. 6:09 CS: You know, that’s really, really powerful 6:11 because if you still have within your flesh 6:12 and need to please men. 6:14 JG: Oh, yes. CS: Then you are setting 6:17 yourself up for a very, very difficult pathway as 6:21 a prophet because you’re going to be fighting a lot with, 6:23 “Wow, I got this word like, should I give this word?” 6:24 JG: Right, right. 6:26 CS: You know, how, how will this be prevented? 6:28 I really want people to like me. 6:30 You know, I like my title, these kinds of things. 6:32 And I know you’ve traveled the world 6:33 and so you’ve seen a lot of things 6:36 that are not holy and not righteous, 6:38 which is what caused you to write this book. 6:40 And so, so seeing men and women 6:43 want to be pleased more by the word spoken. 6:46 I think you have a story in there about that, too. 6:48 Can you elaborate on that? 6:50 JG: Well, there’s, there’s a couple of stories 6:51 that are there. I can remember going to a church 6:55 and I was sitting in the very back 6:57 and the pastor called me up out of the blue and said, 7:00 I want you to come up to the front. 7:02 And they just shoved the mic in my hand 7:04 and I didn’t have time to really process it 7:07 or think too much about it. And before I knew it, 7:10 I just started speaking what I heard the Lord say. 7:13 And He spoke to me two different names of people, 7:17 and He gave me specific detail 7:19 about what was going on in their lives. 7:21 When I said it to the people, nobody moves, 7:24 nobody said anything. Nobody came forward. 7:27 And I was kind of in one of those embarrassing moments 7:31 where you’re thinking this word, I must have missed it. 7:34 And I remember after the service, 7:37 they came up to me and they said, ah, two of the people, 7:38 they said, you called 7:40 the names of my two family members. 7:44 They said, but we were just too afraid to come up. 7:46 And I started to go back to the pastors and tell them, 7:50 “Hey, this word was accurate.” 7:51 And the Holy Spirit stopped me right there. 7:54 And He said, “This is a part of your training.” 7:56 He said, “I’m teaching you about rejection. 7:59 I’m teaching you how to deal with embarrassment. 8:02 I’m teaching you as a prophet how to stand on my Word 8:04 and know when I’m speaking and not go after the fame, 8:08 the attention, the approval 8:10 or even the validation of the crowd then.” 8:13 So, I left that service with the majority of the people 8:16 thinking the word just was off, 8:18 although the testimony came in secret after. 8:21 CS: My goodness, that is a test. JG: Yes. 8:24 CS: That is a training process, you know, 8:26 but the Lord will teach us when to keep our mouths quiet. 8:30 So, you pass the test in that you didn’t go back 8:33 to get the approval of the pastor. 8:36 And it is a tough situation when we’re faced with that. 8:39 But it also shows us to how close our relationship 8:43 is with the Lord when we choose not to go back into situations 8:48 and get man’s approval. JG: Right, right. 8:50 CS: You know, even if we want to try and clean it up, 8:53 it just means we say I’m steadfast in God. 8:55 JG: Yes. CS: He has anointed me 9:00 appointed me, called me, set me apart. 9:01 It’s okay if they don’t get it. JG: That’s right. 9:04 CS: And I’m just going to rest in my relationship with the Lord 9:08 and hang on to that. 9:09 And that is, that is a process of maturity right there. 9:12 JG: Absolutely. And it’s not easy. 9:14 You know, I believe there are several processes 9:16 that prophets have to go through now 9:18 to maintain that purity and to really be set apart. 9:23 And that’s one of them, passing that test of pride 9:25 and then also dealing with that rejection test, 9:28 the test of approval. 9:29 And then there are several others 9:31 that I write about in the book. 9:33 Looking at the life of Elijah and Elijah. 9:36 CS: I want to hear all about that. We’re going to 9:38 come back in just a minute. 9:39 We’re going to talk more about these specific prophets 9:43 in the Word of God. And we’re going to expound 9:46 more on how that affects us as prophets. 9:49 If you’re called to the mantle of a prophet, 9:52 how does their life reflect what we’re supposed to be 9:55 being and doing in this process? [Music] 9:57 So, stay tuned and we’ll be right back. 10:06 [Music]>> Dr. Candice Smitherman is an international prophetic 10:09 voice, healing minister, author, and pastor 10:11 who travels the world 10:13 sharing how to access the heavenly realms 10:15 and lived the resurrected life. 10:17 Her passion is to see people healed and delivered 10:20 and come into a knowledge of who they are in Christ 10:22 as royal heirs seated with Him in the heavenly realms. 10:26 She believes everyone can access Heaven 10:28 and walk in the power of God. In her meetings 10:31 your faith will increase and you will feel the presence of God 10:34 and see miraculous healings. 10:37 Dr. Candice loves to teach and train 10:39 in the supernatural and mentor you in the glory, 10:42 she offers many classes in her School of the Supernatural 10:45 where you, too, can learn to release Heaven, 10:47 the glory and walk in the power of God. 10:50 She’s also a mentor, life coach 10:52 and founder of Dream Mentors International, 10:55 an organization that teaches and trains biblical life coaches. 10:59 Check out her website 11:00 and subscribe to her YouTube channel, 11:02 Instagram and Facebook 11:03 for more resources. [Music] 11:12 CS: I’m so happy that you stayed with us 11:13 because we are talking about the power 11:17 and purity of the prophetic Call 11:19 and my guest today, Prophet Joshua Giles, 11:22 has written an amazing book called 11:24 “The Rise of the Micaiah Prophet” 11:25 and all about the purity of walking in that call. 11:30 And so we’re going to continue the discussion here. 11:33 Joshua, you began to bring us to that place of, of other prophets 11:36 that are in the Word of God 11:38 and how they went through process. 11:39 JG: Absolutely, Dr. Candice 11:41 And this is one of my favorite subjects to talk about, 11:45 looking at Elijah’s life. 11:47 He’s a huge example for many of us 11:48 that are in the prophetic 11:50 on what we should model our ministries. 11:53 After Elijah began to train the Prophet Elijah or Elisha. 11:58 and as he was training him, 12:00 he took him through a series of processes. 12:02 And I talk about this in Chapter five of my book, 12:06 and it deals with prophetic training. 12:07 What does that entail? 12:09 I find that every prophet needs to be trained there. 12:12 There are many people that think, 12:14 “Oh, you know, I just got this gift 12:15 and I don’t need anybody to teach me.” 12:17 And we end up kind of making mistakes and blunders 12:20 when we don’t have that. 12:22 But the first thing that Elijah did 12:24 was put him through resistance training. 12:28 This was saying, “I want you to wait here 12:30 and then I’ll, I’ll go and do this.” 12:32 And Elijah said to him, 12:34 “I’m going to go as long as the Lord my God lives. 12:37 I’m going to follow you wherever you go.” 12:39 And he was really testing him to see how bad do you want this? 12:43 How much do you really want to stick close to the ministry? 12:46 How closely are you going to follow 12:48 after what I’m doing, the assignment, 12:51 and every time he just went right with him, 12:54 then he also took him through yoke training 12:56 when he first met him. 12:58 This is where a Elisha’s is in the field 13:01 and he’s with his lucrative family business 13:04 and Elijah throws the mantle on him 13:06 and then the protege has the choice. 13:09 “Am I going to leave this business 13:11 that’s bringing me money, 13:13 what I’m comfortable with and follow after God, 13:16 you know, or will I pass this moment 13:18 and just stay where I am?” 13:20 So, we can see examples in scripture of sacrifice 13:23 when it comes to the prophetic. 13:25 And, you know, Dr. Candice, I believe that’s a key word 13:28 when it comes to purity in the prophetic. 13:30 What are you willing to sacrifice for the Lord? 13:33 And that’s for me. That’s been something 13:36 that God’s brought me back to over and over again. 13:39 Are you willing to give up this for that? 13:42 CS: You know, when I found in my prophetic call along those lines 13:46 is, every time the Lord asked me to sacrifice something, 13:50 He fulfills even greater presence. 13:53 JG: Yes. CS: Or with the promotion 13:57 of some sort. JG: Yes. 13:58 CS: And I found that there is nothing on this planet 14:00 that will ever satisfy you. Once you have touched deep 14:04 and abiding relationship with the Lord. JG: Yes. 14:06 CS: And so no matter how the enemy may come and tempt us 14:10 or try and move us away from the call of God in our life 14:13 by using those kinds of false and external types of things, 14:18 when we’ve been trained properly, 14:20 part of that training is coming to the place of saying, 14:23 “No, it doesn’t matter what you offer me 14:25 because nothing is greater than being with Him. 14:30 I’ll give it all up.” 14:32 And really, the prophets call is very much 14:35 about the Prophet and the Lord. JG: Yes. 14:38 CS: There is something that is so divine 14:41 about that deep connection. 14:44 The Lord spoke to Moses as a friend. JG: Yes. 14:46 CS: You know, and it is important for God 14:49 to have His prophets as it is for the world 14:51 to have the prophetic voice of the Lord going forth. 14:53 JG: Absolutely. CS: You know, it’s very, 14:54 very vital. And so when God was training me, 14:57 I just kept coming back to there’s nothing better than Him. 15:01 So, so what is it that you’re going to offer me 15:04 or what is it that I need approval of man or money, 15:08 no, nothing. And so, I think it’s really important 15:09 you have that in your book, because I think that helps 15:12 to determine what’s true and what’s false. 15:15 JG: Yes. CS: Expound on that a little bit. 15:17 because I know you’ve helped train younger prophets absolute. 15:20 What do they say about that? 15:21 JG: Well, you’re saying so much here 15:23 that I think is so powerful. I’m just mentioning friendship. 15:27 You know, that’s something that we’ve got to bring back 15:29 into the narrative with prophetic training. 15:32 Being a friend of God is more important 15:34 than anything else in the world. 15:36 And I think the majority of a prophet’s ministry 15:39 is not on stages, not on platforms, 15:42 not with microphones in your hand. 15:45 But the majority of the prophet’s ministry 15:47 is in that prayer closet with the Lord, 15:49 is in that secret place. 15:51 And that’s anywhere you go, God is there with you. 15:54 And that’s something that I’ve learned 15:56 that I train others in that as well. 15:58 I think sometimes people have a view that’s out of balance 16:02 and they think, you know, if you’re a prophet, 16:04 you should be prophesying 24/7. 16:06 You should be, you know, preaching all the time. 16:08 And they, they don’t realize that the secret place 16:11 is where we’re called to, 16:13 and it is a distinguishing line between the true and the false, 16:16 because those that are true prophets, 16:19 they love the presence of God, they love worship. 16:22 They love the heart of God. 16:23 That’s what we love. Those that are false. 16:25 They are more about the surface level. 16:28 They are more about, you know, 16:30 just spending that time in the public eye 16:32 and not private time with the Lord. 16:35 And so the Bible says this in Matthew, Chapter seven, 16:38 Jesus said you’ll know them by their fruit. 16:41 What are they bearing? Those that are true prophets, 16:44 they’re going to always lead people to Christ. 16:46 They’re going to always show that example 16:48 of being in the presence of God, leading others into the glory. 16:52 Those that are false, they’re not going to bear that fruit. 16:55 They’re going to try to bring glory to themselves. 16:58 And that’s a key difference with false prophets. 17:01 They bring the attention and honor to themselves 17:04 and not to the Lord. 17:05 CS: And that’s really important when I’m finding here 17:08 in these latter days that we’re living in, 17:10 is that the true prophetic voice and the true apostolic voice 17:14 are always speaking from being seated with Christ 17:17 in heavenly places. JG: Yes. 17:18 CS: The words that they bring forth are Heaven driven, 17:22 their heavens perspective. 17:25 They are always coming from that place of being seated with Him 17:29 and will overflow as a result of that. 17:33 And I’ve noticed that a lot of times, 17:36 you know, we have all these voices coming at us these days 17:38 and it’s very hard to discern 17:40 what is truly the voice of the Lord. 17:42 But when I measure hearing God’s voice, 17:45 I measure it and I can see it consistently in prophetic voices 17:49 that speak from a heavenly perspective 17:52 are always bringing forth the true 17:54 and unadulterated Word of God. They know their place. 17:59 And just as you said, they want to be in His presence 18:02 more than they want the platform. 18:05 And that is the biggest test for a brand-new ministry leader. 18:13 JG: Absolutely! CS: You know, the earth realm 18:14 and the enemy want to make the earth and the platforms look 18:16 like they’re the greatest place on the earth. 18:18 JG: Oh, wow! 18:19 CS: You know, and they’re just, they’re not. They’re not. 18:21 But we find that real prophets, as you said, 18:24 draw close to the Lord. 18:25 And then, of course, they speak from that heavenly, 18:28 JG: Absolutely, absolutely. CS: Heavenly perspective. 18:29 JG: Yeah. And that that’s the beautiful thing. 18:31 When you have that connection with the Father, 18:34 He brings you into His heavenly council. 18:36 You’re there in in the court of Heaven. 18:39 You’re a part of that assembly. 18:41 And you hear the deliberations of the Spirit. 18:44 And when we come in this earth realm and prophesy, 18:47 we are simply echoing what we’ve heard in the chambers of Heaven 18:51 in our personal private prayer time. 18:53 CS: That’s right. We speak what we hear in the chamber. 18:56 JG: Yeah. CS: Yeah. 18:58 And, you know, I think I mean, that’s just so important. 19:01 I think you really need to get this concept 19:04 that if God is calling you to be a prophet 19:07 and there’s different elements of that, 19:08 the whole body is the Body of Jesus Christ. 19:11 It’s called to prophesy, 19:13 but some are called to the office of Prophet 19:16 and the rise of the Micaiah prophet is a distinction. 19:19 And that you’re honing in on those that 19:21 are called to the Office of Prophet. 19:23 They’re feeling that call in their life and so if 19:26 that’s you, I want you to reach out to Joshua, 19:28 go to JoshuaGiles.com and get a copy of his book 19:31 so you can learn more about these very things. 19:34 Now, stay tuned with us [Music] 19:35 because we’re going to talk more 19:36 about being a Micaiah prophet, being a pure prophet. 19:49 [Music]>> Are you in need of personal counseling or coaching 19:52 or would like some direction and encouragement? 19:55 Dr. Candice is a board certified counselor 19:57 who walks in the gift of prophecy and healing, 20:00 and she wants to mentor you in her School of the Supernatural. 20:03 Dr. Candice will teach you through her E-courses, 20:06 books and many other additional resources 20:09 that will help you strategize and release Heaven 20:12 in every area of your life. 20:14 Her classes on the supernatural will equip you 20:16 to live in the heavenly realms on a daily basis. 20:20 You can also schedule some personal time with Dr. Candice, 20:23 where she will encourage and pray for you 20:26 in private 45 minute sessions 20:28 to help you walk through personal issues in your life 20:31 and propel you into your purpose and destiny. 20:34 Visit her website for all of her resources 20:36 and follow and subscribe to Dr. Candice on Facebook, 20:40 Instagram and YouTube. [Music] 20:53 CS: I’m so glad that you stayed with us. 20:55 We’re having a great time on set here 20:57 talking about how to be a prophetic minister of the Lord, 21:02 one who’s called anointed appointed, 21:04 one that works in humility. 21:06 One that’s positioned himself to go through the processes 21:09 that God takes us through to be a prophet. 21:12 Now we have prophecy that the Body of Jesus Christ 21:16 shall prophesy and the spirit of prophecy 21:18 is there when we all come together 21:20 and we prophesy together as one. 21:22 But some are called to the office of Prophet, 21:25 which means they’re set apart for that particular office. 21:29 And so, I want to talk some more to Prophet Joshua 21:32 about raising up an army, 21:34 a company of prophets that come before the Lord 21:38 and need special training for that. 21:39 JG: Yes. You know, that’s one of the subjects 21:41 that I hit in this book. 21:43 Now, The Rise of the Micaiah Prophet. 21:45 I believe it’s not just one prophet 21:48 that the Lord is looking for. 21:49 He’s looking for a company, a body of prophetic people 21:53 that will stand up in the mind of God 21:56 and really echo what He’s saying in Heaven. 21:59 And so what I’ve noticed is the Lord’s raising up a new breed. 22:03 It’s not in the box that we have tried to put people in. 22:07 But I’m seeing now a breed of people that God 22:10 is literally rescuing out of the clutches of the enemy, 22:13 bringing them in, purifying them and raising them up. 22:16 And they have a testimony. They have a past. 22:18 They may not look exactly the way that others do now. 22:22 They may come from a different type of background. 22:24 But the Lord’s raising up this company 22:26 and it’s all races together. It’s multi-cultures. 22:30 It’s everybody operating in the Kingdom 22:33 with this alignment in one accord in the Spirit. 22:37 And I’m also noticing as the Lord’s raising up this army, 22:41 our company of prophets, 22:42 it’s a merging of streams that’s happening right now. 22:46 There are people that may have a certain type of anointing 22:49 and their strong suit may be in one area 22:52 and maybe they haven’t fellowship with someone else 22:54 in the Kingdom from another area. 22:56 But the Lord is causing those streams to merge 22:58 and we’re seeing an army of believers rise up 23:01 because that’s what it’s going to take 23:03 in order to defeat of the demonic powers 23:05 that we see in the world right now. 23:08 CS: How an army of the company of prophets. 23:10 Whoa, that is incredibly powerful. 23:12 But I love how you talk about the streams coming together. 23:15 JG: Yes. CS: Because as our world 23:17 has expanded and we have all different ways of connecting 23:19 with one another now, we have all different ways 23:21 of connecting with each other’s ministries 23:23 through a variety of different ways. 23:24 I can see that these streams are melting together, 23:28 but we’re coming together as one voice, 23:30 GJ: Yes. CS: And we are speaking the 23:31 Word of the Lord 23:32 and we are speaking from heavenly perspectives. 23:36 JG: Absolutely. CS: And so I know 23:37 some of you watching, right, right today, 23:38 you’re thinking to yourself, you know, I have 23:41 been manifesting some spiritual gifting 23:46 where I hear the voice of the Lord. 23:47 The Lord speaks to me about certain things 23:49 for certain people. 23:50 But I’m young at this. I need more teaching. 23:54 I need more education in that area. 23:55 If that’s you, I’m going to ask Prophet Joshua 23:59 to pray for you right now 24:00 so you can receive an impartation and activation, 24:02 because we want to take you from where you’re at 24:05 into the new place that God has for you. 24:07 There’s challenges and struggles there, 24:09 but you’re going to draw closer to the Lord 24:11 and develop a relationship with Him 24:13 that is so important to God, 24:15 bringing forth His Word in the earth. 24:17 Prophet Joshua, we pray for the people. 24:19 JG: Absolutely. Dr. Candice I can sense 24:22 that there are those watching now that feel this pull. 24:26 They can sense that God wants to stir something up in them 24:29 and they’re ready. 24:31 And so, I want to pray and activate you now 24:33 that are watching and just lift your hands 24:36 as a point of contact of your faith. 24:39 And I’m going to pray, Father, in the Name of Jesus. 24:42 I pray right now for every individual 24:44 watching that feels this pull in the Spirit, 24:48 they feel this calling to the office of the Prophet, 24:52 they can sense that there is an assignment and mandate 24:54 on their lives. 24:56 Father, I pray that you would begin to release a fire in them, 24:59 stir them up, activate them. 25:02 I pray, Father, that you would come pour your Spirit over them. 25:06 I pray right now in the Name of Jesus, 25:08 that you would begin to raise up this company of believers, 25:11 those that are watching, those that are listening, 25:14 those that know 25:15 that there is something greater for their lives. 25:17 You would raise them up and use them for your glory. 25:20 Let their ears and the spirit be open to another dimension 25:23 to hear what they have not heard before. 25:26 Father let their vision and the Spirit be open to another degree 25:30 to see what they have not seen before. 25:32 Then I release this anointing right now to activate believers 25:36 that are watching I release, the anointing a prophecy. 25:39 I release the Nabi to bubble up and prophesy, 25:42 the Nataph that drops down with the preaching, 25:46 the powerful preaching, prophetic word. 25:48 And Father, I thank you right now 25:50 that you’re even sending prophets into the market. 25:52 You’re sending them beyond the realm of the church, 25:55 you’re sending them into every system of the earth 25:58 and there are many that are watching now 26:00 that you are is going to touch and they will be set forth 26:04 and commissioned on this assignment in Jesus Name. 26:07 JG: Amen, amen. CS: Amen, amen! 26:10 Wow. I could really feel that. 26:12 Yes, for sure. 26:13 And I know that there are those who are watching, if that’s you, 26:17 and you felt just that rise on the inside of you, 26:21 that rise of the Micaiah prophet coming on the inside of you, 26:24 I want you to reach out to to prophet Joshua. 26:27 Go to JoshuaGiles.com and make contact with him, 26:31 get a copy of his book, 26:33 reach out to me at CandiceSmithyman.com 26:35 We want to give you some free resources to some things 26:37 that are going to really help you grow in the call, 26:41 the anointing, how God is appointed you and set you apart. 26:44 It’s a long, tough journey 26:47 when you’re called to be a prophet. 26:50 You may look- it may look like on the surface. 26:52 Oh, well, this is the greatest thing. 26:54 But underneath is where God is doing the mighty, mighty work. 26:58 So, you’re going to need somebody to hold your hand, 27:00 walk you through the processes, encourage you. 27:03 You have a school of prophecy, don’t you? 27:05 JG: Yes, I do. CS: Okay, wonderful. 27:07 GJ: That school is actually in session now 27:09 and we do it seasonally. 27:10 And I’m training prophets virtually. 27:13 And so we’re able to meet every week online 27:16 and they’re discussions and group ministry that takes 27:20 place. And so, it’s a powerful opportunity to learn 27:23 and to be trained in the prophetic. 27:25 CS: Amen. And so you want to reach out to him 27:28 for that as well. I also have a school. 27:29 My school, too, also provides training in the supernatural. 27:33 And of course, prophecy is one of those aspects 27:37 of the supernatural. We want you to be equipped. 27:39 Our job is to come together to equip, train, teach you, 27:43 cause you to see and hear what the true Words of the Lord 27:48 are saying so that you can get your life in alignment 27:51 with the Word of God. And once you get in that place, 27:55 then God can use you in a mighty, mighty way. 27:58 But don’t forget this show, because we’re really talking 28:01 about having the Mary Spirit in a Martha doing. 28:05 GJ: Yes. Yes. CS: All right. That’s for sure. 28:07 All right. Thank you so much for joining us today. 28:10 It truly has been a blessing. 28:12 We’ve had the opportunity to speak to you 28:13 about purity in the prophetic. [Music] 28:16 I want you to reach out to me at CandiceSmithyman.com 28:19 I have lots of resources there. 28:20 Remember, take the hand of Messiah 28:23 and walk into your destiny. [Music to End]

Dr. Candice Smithyman and Joshua Giles share how to know if you are called to be a prophet.

About Pastor Joshua Giles

Joshua Giles is the Lead Pastor and founder of Kingdom Embassy Worship Center, a thriving ministry based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is also the founder of Joshua Giles Ministries and The Mantle Network; organizations that reach abroad through apostolic centers, prophetic schools, initiatives, and training modules. Joshua is a part of the Jabula Network under the leadership of Bishop Tudor Bismark; where he serves faithfully.


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