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0:01 CS: Did you know that you have a kingdom mantle? 0:03 What is this mantle and how do you wear it? 0:06 Stay tuned and I’m going to share this with you. 0:10 [Music]>> Now is the time to go forward 0:12 and become all that God 0:14 has intended for you to become. 0:17 Today is your day to change your life 0:20 and live in victory and wholeness. 0:23 This is Your Path to Destiny 0:26 with Dr. Candice Smithyman. 0:33 CS: Welcome to Your Path to Destiny. 0:35 I’m your host, Candace Smithyman, 0:37 and your life coach mentor. 0:38 I’m so excited that you joined me today 0:40 because we’re going to be talking about Kingdom mantles. 0:44 What is a Kingdom mantle, 0:46 and how do you have one? 0:47 I’m really excited to tell you 0:49 that Jesus has given you an individual mantle, 0:52 that is a mantle that is a covering. 0:55 It is a cloak. 0:56 It is Him wrapping Himself around you. 0:59 It comes when we become born again. 1:02 We receive a mantle covering from the Lord. 1:05 And this mantle is also what God uses 1:08 to help expand you 1:10 when you learn to walk in His authority, 1:13 when you learn to carry the power of the mantle 1:16 and the mantle literally 1:17 is the delegated authority of God upon your life. 1:21 So depending upon your spiritual giftings, 1:23 your personality, 1:25 the assignment that God has given you, 1:27 you have been assigned a mantle 1:29 that helps carry you to accomplish the purpose 1:33 that God created for you on the Earth. 1:35 But today I want to talk about Kingdom mantles, 1:38 and, and a Kingdom mantle is broader. 1:41 It’s a mantle in which the Church 1:43 of Jesus Christ itself 1:46 carries the Kingdom mantle. 1:49 Now, that word kingdom actually 1:52 is the word basileia, 1:53 and it means to have the royal power of Jesus 1:58 as the triumphant Messiah. 2:00 It means to, to carry this royal power. 2:03 It’s conferred upon us. 2:05 It’s a realm of Kingdom living that we, as a member 2:10 of Jesus’s Church, have been given by Him. 2:14 So you have an individual mantle, but then 2:16 we all walk in a corporate mantle 2:18 and what’s so exciting about this teaching 2:21 is it’s a teaching where you learn and understand 2:24 that there is power in 2:26 the realm of the Kingdom of God, 2:29 that He has given each one of us as part of His Body. 2:33 Now, we’ve been told by Jesus Himself 2:37 that the Kingdom of Heaven has arrived. 2:39 Okay, so if the Kingdom of Heaven has arrived in Him, 2:43 Who walked the earth, died, buried, 2:45 resurrected and ascended, then we, His Church, 2:49 also, carry this Kingdom and the power of this Kingdom. 2:54 In Matthew, chapter 12, verse 28, 2:56 the Word says, and Jesus says this, 2:58 but if it is by the Spirit of God 3:00 that I drive out demons, then the 3:02 Kingdom of God has come upon you. 3:04 In other words, He’s showing that 3:06 when He’s there 3:08 or when members of His Kingdom are there, 3:11 the Kingdom of Heaven has arrived. 3:13 It is a present reality, 3:15 as much as a future reality, 3:16 and that demonic forces flee 3:19 when the Kingdom has showed up, 3:22 and the, the demonic forces are, are forces 3:25 that migrate around poverty mindsets. 3:29 They migrate around a lack thinking, 3:32 and see, this is what is so great 3:34 about the power of the Kingdom mantle 3:36 is because of what Jesus did through His death, 3:39 burial, resurrection and ascension, 3:41 every force was broken. 3:43 Every stronghold was ripped apart, 3:47 that means that we walk in the power 3:50 and the favor of God as a Kingdom, 3:53 as part of the realm of the Kingdom. 3:55 We’re all members of the Kingdom. 3:57 So see, the Kingdom of Heaven arrived 3:59 when Jesus came to the Earth, 4:02 died, buried, resurrected and ascended, 4:05 and we, His Bride or His Body, now have all that power. 4:10 Yes, you have exousia power, 4:11 that means you have delegated authority. 4:13 You have dunamis power, 4:14 which is the power of God on the inside of you. 4:18 Everywhere that you are, the demonic forces flee. 4:23 Now, how do we walk in these Kingdom mantles? 4:25 Well, we have to make sure we change our thinking. 4:28 The Kingdom means that fullness, satisfaction, 4:33 victory, overcoming power, 4:36 the totality of who we are in Christ has arrived. 4:41 And so we want to learn to live like this. 4:44 I want you to stay tuned with me 4:46 because we’re going to come back 4:47 and we’re going to talk more about these Kingdom mantles 4:52 [Music] and the Kingdom mantle that God has given us, 4:53 and how we can walk in the this fullness. 5:02 [Music]>> Dr. Candice Smithyman 5:03 is an international prophetic voice, 5:05 healing minister, author and pastor 5:08 who travels the world 5:09 sharing how to access the heavenly realms 5:11 and live the resurrected life. 5:13 Her passion is to see people healed 5:15 and delivered and come into a knowledge 5:17 of who they are in Christ as royal heirs, 5:20 seated with Him in the heavenly realms. 5:22 She believes everyone can access Heaven 5:24 and walk in the power of God. 5:26 In her meetings, your faith will increase 5:29 and you will feel the presence of God 5:30 and see miraculous healings. 5:33 Dr. Candice loves to teach and train 5:35 in the supernatural and mentor you 5:37 in the glory, she offers many classes 5:39 in her school of the supernatural 5:41 where you, too, can learn to release heaven, 5:43 the glory, and walk in the power of God. 5:46 She’s also a mentor, life coach 5:48 and founder of Dream Mentors International, 5:51 an organization that teaches and trains 5:53 biblical life coaches. Check out her website 5:56 and subscribe to her YouTube channel, 5:58 Instagram and Facebook for more resources. 6:08 CS: Thank you for staying with me. 6:09 We’ve been talking about Kingdom mantles, 6:11 and I’m really excited now because I can get way 6:14 deep into the Word of God with you 6:16 and share with you even more about these mantles. 6:19 So I want you to kind of reframe 6:21 your thinking here. 6:23 God has given you an individual mantle. 6:25 We are all a part of His Body, 6:27 which is we walk in a Kingdom mantle. 6:29 The Kingdom mantle 6:31 means the Kingdom of Heaven has arrived. 6:33 It’s a present reality. The Kingdom is here now, 6:37 not just coming in the future 6:39 when Jesus returns 6:40 to rule and reign here on the earth, 6:42 but we’ve been called to live the Kingdom life 6:45 in the here and now, and the Kingdom life is 6:48 amazing because it’s where we 6:51 begin to focus on the, of being 6:53 in the fullness of Jesus Himself. 6:55 See, when Jesus died, buried and resurrected, 6:58 He overcame sin, death and the grave. 7:01 But when He ascended, 7:03 He positioned the Church to live full, satisfied, 7:07 abundant in a place of peace and rest. 7:11 That’s the kind of Kingdom 7:13 that He wants to see manifest 7:15 in the earth today. 7:17 And who’s going to bring that about? 7:18 It’s going to be you and me. 7:20 We’re the ones that are going to express 7:23 the Kingdom in the earth, 7:25 just like when He walked the earth 7:27 and He said the Kingdom of Heaven has arrived. 7:29 I’m here. And where I’m at, 7:32 all devils and demonic forces flee. 7:35 And so I just want to encourage you 7:37 that you have been given this power, 7:39 this delegated authority from the Lord, 7:41 that’s called exousia power. 7:42 You’ve been given this power. 7:43 You’ve been given dunamis power 7:45 to carry out His plan 7:47 and His assignment on the Earth. 7:49 But now, no matter what your individual assignment is, 7:52 you can wear this corporate mantle. 7:54 So everybody has individual assignments, 7:56 but we all wear the corporate mantle, which says 7:59 that we have complete and total satisfaction, 8:02 fullness and wholeness, knowing Jesus 8:05 as our Lord and Savior. 8:07 And so I just want to equip you today 8:10 with understanding how to truly live out 8:12 a life of satisfaction and fullness. 8:16 One of the ways that we do this 8:17 is we first have to recognize how 8:20 our thinking may be off 8:22 and we might be living in what’s called a 8:24 poverty mindset. 8:25 A poverty mindset is a mindset of lack. 8:29 It’s where we’re always looking at things 8:30 and we see things as deficient 8:33 or it’s not enough. 8:34 In other words, it’s like looking 8:36 at the glass half full or half empty. 8:38 How do you see it? Do you see your glass 8:41 with water in it half full 8:43 or is it half empty? 8:45 And that’s really the difference between living 8:48 with a Kingdom mantle of fullness. 8:50 You’ll see it in fullness versus living 8:53 in poverty mindset, 8:55 which is seeing something as lack when you look at it. 8:58 See, every time Jesus walked the earth, He always saw fullness. 9:02 Why? 9:03 Because He carried fullness. 9:05 He carried completeness. He carried wholeness. 9:07 So He, when He entered a situation where somebody 9:10 was bound by demonic forces, 9:12 or where He entered a situation where there was 9:13 a lack and there was deficit, 9:16 He came in, and as He came in, 9:19 He was able to bring fullness 9:22 and bring wholeness directly to the place 9:25 that was missing and broken. 9:28 See, the word shalom means nothing missing 9:30 and nothing broken, and that’s the fullness 9:32 of the Kingdom mantle. In the Greek, the word sozo, 9:36 it means salvation, deliverance, 9:38 but it also means nothing missing, nothing broken. 9:41 So these words express the Kingdom has arrived 9:46 because when Jesus arrived on the planet, 9:48 He walked in the fullness. And guess what? 9:50 He gave it to you and me through our death, 9:54 burial and resurrection in Him. 9:56 We have been given the entire inheritance 9:59 that He had, He gave to us, 10:01 and now our job is to walk in this Kingdom mantle. 10:04 So let’s assess what this poverty mindset 10:08 is that might restrict us from walking 10:11 in the fullness of the Kingdom mantle. 10:14 Now, in Galatians chapter five, verses 13 through 15, 10:19 the apostle Paul is talking to the Church of Galatia 10:21 and he says, “Brothers and sisters, 10:23 you were called to be free, 10:25 but do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh, 10:27 rather serve one another humbly in love. 10:30 For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command, 10:34 love your neighbor as yourself. 10:36 If you bite and devour each other, 10:37 watch out or you will be destroyed 10:40 by each other.” Wow. So listen, 10:42 when the Kingdom of Heaven is arrived 10:45 and you’re walking in the mantle 10:47 that God has given you, one of the keys to that 10:50 is you’re going to be loving other people. 10:52 But how can you love another 10:55 if you don’t love yourself? 10:57 And you won’t love yourself 10:58 unless you know and understand how much 11:01 God loves you. 11:02 Let’s just camp out there for a second. 11:04 I want you to think, how much do I believe 11:09 that God loves me? 11:10 Do you believe that God really loves you? 11:12 Maybe you don’t. 11:13 And if you don’t, take an assessment, 11:16 think about that and say, you know what? 11:18 I’m not sure that God really loves me. 11:19 Confess that. 11:21 Lord, I’m not really sure that you love me. 11:23 Okay, now let me tell you what you need to look at 11:25 for evidence. 11:26 Just look at the cross of Jesus Christ. 11:28 Just look at the fact that He shed His blood 11:30 for you to save you, 11:32 redeem you, heal you and make you whole. 11:34 That’s evidence enough that He loves you. 11:37 Okay, when we stand in this love, 11:39 we’re going to start to love ourselves. 11:41 And then, when you’re overflowing with love, 11:44 you’re carrying the Kingdom mantle, 11:46 fullness, satisfaction, wholeness, 11:49 and a lot of love to give to your neighbor. 11:53 We all want to live like this. See, 11:54 you won’t bite and devour 11:57 when you have so much love on the inside, 12:00 you will see things differently. 12:03 The glass is now half full. 12:05 It’s not half empty, 12:06 and now you have a lot to offer, 12:09 The Kingdom of Heaven. 12:10 When Jesus walked the earth, 12:12 He knew that He was going to have to die to redeem us. 12:16 But He loved us in fullness and completeness. 12:20 While He knew that we were going to be the ones 12:21 that actually put Him on the cross, okay, 12:23 that we were going to be the ones 12:25 that were positioned 12:27 to not only receive from Him, 12:30 but be the reason that He had to die. 12:32 Okay, and so God put Him on the cross as a sacrifice 12:35 so that we would be redeemed. 12:36 But the entire time Jesus did not 12:39 hold anything against us. He had come to redeem us, 12:42 and so, He was so full of love 12:44 that He wanted to draw us to Him. 12:46 So when we wear our Kingdom mantles 12:48 as the Church of Jesus Christ, 12:49 we’re connected to the head, 12:51 which is Jesus Himself. 12:52 If He is full of love, then we are full of love. 12:55 We should love ourselves 12:57 and we should love our neighbor. 12:59 Now, the apostle Paul goes on to also share more 13:03 in the book of Galatia- Galatians. 13:06 And he says, “Walk by the Spirit 13:08 and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh. 13:11 For the flesh desires what is contrary to the Spirit, 13:13 and the Spirit what is contrary to the flesh. 13:16 They are in conflict with each other, 13:18 so that you do not do what you want to do. 13:20 But if you are led by the spirit, 13:22 you are not under the law.” 13:23 Now, those of us who walk by the Spirit of God, 13:27 and you walk by the Spirit of God, 13:29 if you’ve received Jesus as our Lord and Savior, 13:31 we do not break the law because the fullness 13:36 and completeness of who Jesus is 13:39 and who the Spirit is is within us. 13:42 Therefore, we will keep the law. 13:44 Now, when you’re keeping the law, 13:46 which means doing what’s right, 13:48 Okay, doing what God says in His commandments, 13:51 in His Ten Commandments, We’re not going to lie, 13:53 We’re not going to cheat. We’re not going to steal. 13:55 We’re going to live righteous lives. 13:57 When we’re doing what God says is right, 14:00 then we are walking in fullness, totality, 14:04 and completeness. That’s the Kingdom mantle. 14:07 The Kingdom of heaven has arrived. 14:09 There’s not any lack there. 14:10 If you’re not walking in a place of lack, 14:12 you’re walking in a place of Spirit fullness, 14:14 and then you can give forth 14:16 the Spirit of the Lord to those who need it. 14:19 You also have your mind tuned to the Spirit, 14:21 which means you’ll recognize when 14:24 your flesh is in a place of lack. 14:26 It means when your mind, your will, and your emotions 14:28 is in a place of lack. You will recognize 14:31 when you are carrying the Kingdom mantle. 14:33 That’s what we want to do 14:34 because that helps keep us on the right path. 14:36 We want to be able to recognize 14:38 when we’ve gotten off the path. 14:40 Now, let me share with you a little bit 14:41 about what getting off the path looks like. 14:44 In Galatians chapter five, verse nineteen, 14:49 it says, the acts of the flesh are obvious 14:52 and then the word goes in, 14:53 and very specifically, the, it is spoken about 14:56 what would be an act of flesh. 14:58 Well, sexual immorality, impurity, debauchery, 15:02 idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, discord. 15:05 He goes down the line. Envy, drunkenness, 15:08 these kinds of things, 15:09 and he says that we would not inherit the Kingdom of God 15:13 if we are acting like this, 15:15 and I want you to listen to me closely. 15:17 That means that we will not walk in the fullness 15:22 of who we are in the earth realms. 15:25 We will not be inheriting the Kingdom of God. 15:27 We will not be walking in the fullness of the Kingdom mantle, 15:30 if we do these things 15:31 and that’s the truth, that’s the truth. 15:33 Not only does it speak about a future reality 15:36 of not being saved, 15:38 if you continue with these actions, 15:40 but really, it’s more about the fact that we want to wear 15:43 our kingdom mantle today in the here and now. 15:46 So, don’t think about whether or not 15:48 that behavior is there, as to whether 15:50 or not you’re saved or you’re not saved. 15:51 Don’t put your, your thoughts on that. 15:53 Put it on, am I living the Kingdom life today? 15:57 Because if I’m living the Kingdom life today, 16:00 I’m not going to be manifesting those behaviors 16:02 and the Lord wants you to walk in His fullness. 16:05 People who walk in His fullness, 16:07 the satisfaction and the wholeness, 16:09 they’re not going to partake 16:10 of those things, so the Lord wants you 16:13 to live like the Kingdom of Heaven has arrived. 16:15 You’ve been given everything 16:17 that you need through your death, 16:19 burial, resurrection and ascension in Him. 16:22 Nothing missing, nothing broken. 16:25 You have the shalom of the Lord 16:28 that surrounds you. 16:30 Now, if you’re surrounded like this, you can’t help 16:32 but give away all the goodness of God, 16:35 all the blessings of the Lord. 16:36 You can’t help yourself. And so, I’m so excited 16:40 because I’m going to walk you through a prayer 16:43 that is really going to help you begin to come 16:46 to that place of knowing that you’ve received 16:49 this Kingdom mantle. See, the Lord’s not looking 16:52 at our poverty mindsets, and our behavior, 16:55 and condemning us. He’s not doing that at all 16:57 He looks at his Son, Jesus Christ, 16:59 as evidence of us being saved, 17:02 healed and redeemed. 17:04 We just have to walk in that ourselves, 17:06 and that’s our choice. 17:08 So you have a choice to make, 17:09 and the choice is, if you receive Jesus Christ 17:11 as your Lord and Savior, 17:12 are you going to walk like the Kingdom of Heaven has arrived? 17:15 Are you going to walk like royalty? 17:17 Are you going to carry the Kingdom mantle 17:21 that God has given you? 17:22 He’s given it to you. He’s given it to me. 17:25 It’s a corporate mantle of fullness, 17:28 satisfaction, wholeness, completeness. 17:31 I know you might feel like your life isn’t look- 17:34 doesn’t look that way, but guess what? 17:35 The reality, according to the Word of God, 17:38 is that the Kingdom of heaven has arrived. 17:40 “And you are now called to walk by the fruit of the Spirit, 17:43 which is love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, 17:46 kindness, gentleness and self-control.” 17:49 And that comes from Galatians chapter five, 17:51 verse twenty-two. So that whole passage 17:54 is talking about when we wear the Kingdom mantle, 17:57 we’re going to walk by the Spirit of the Lord. 17:59 When we walk like that, 18:00 The Apostle Paul tells us in verse twenty-four. 18:04 “Those who belong to Christ Jesus 18:05 have crucified the flesh 18:07 with its passions and desires, 18:09 and now we are living by the Spirit. 18:11 So let us keep in step 18:13 with the Spirit of the Lord.” 18:16 This is the power of wearing a Kingdom mantle. 18:21 You may not feel like you’re royalty, but you are royalty. 18:24 I’m just telling you right now, you are royalty. 18:26 He did everything for you to position you. 18:30 You’re now seated with Him in heavenly places, 18:33 right on His lap, 18:35 and you have been given a crown and a robe 18:38 and a breastplate of righteousness 18:40 all to carry with you, 18:42 so that this mantle can be made manifest in your life 18:46 and manifest in those around you. 18:48 God has great things for you, 18:50 and He wants you to learn to live in this fullness. 18:52 I don’t know about you, 18:53 but when I hear the word fullness, 18:56 when I hear the word complete, 18:58 I just enter a place of rest. 19:00 I’m like, oh, I’ve rested now from my work 19:03 and I rested from my work 19:05 because He’s done all the work. 19:07 And you can rest from your work 19:10 because of everything that He’s already done. 19:12 I know right now you’re going, 19:14 oh, if I could only rest like that. 19:16 Listen, the work is finished. 19:19 It is completed. It is final. 19:22 He has done everything for you. 19:24 All you have to do is wear your Kingdom mantle. 19:28 I want you to stay tuned 19:29 because I’m going to come back 19:31 and I’m going to pray with you 19:33 and I’m going to help you realize 19:35 how to wear that mantle [Music] 19:38 so you can walk in the fullness of Christ. 19:46 [Music]>> Log on today and get Candace Smithyman’s 19:49 powerful book “Releasing Heaven.” 19:52 CS: There are vats in Heaven where there is oil, 19:54 grain and wine, I teach you about 19:56 how you can access those vats for yourself, 19:58 or for a friend or a family member 20:00 that’s in need. 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You will love this book. 20:51 [Music] CS: I’m so glad you stayed with me. 20:52 We’ve been talking about Kingdom mantles 20:54 and you have the mantle of God 20:57 that you carry with you 20:58 because Jesus bought that mantle for you. 21:02 He died, buried, resurrected and ascended 21:04 for you to carry the Kingdom mantle 21:07 of fullness, satisfaction, wholeness, 21:10 nothing missing, nothing broken. 21:12 You are complete. I don’t know about you, 21:14 but when I hear that Jesus has done 21:17 all of that for me, I get so excited 21:20 because it totally changes how I view my world. 21:24 I mean, what am I getting upset about, 21:26 or why do I feel burned out or tired or stressed or overworked? 21:31 If the work is finished and it is complete, 21:34 then I need to rest in Him. 21:36 In other words, I’m not having to work 21:38 in order to please God or to please others. 21:41 It’s simply an overflow of the Kingdom mantle 21:46 that He has already given me. 21:48 That just brings me great joy. 21:49 I know some of you right now are laughing. 21:52 You’re thinking to yourself, 21:53 this is the most amazing news ever. 21:56 You mean I don’t have to work so hard? 21:57 No, take a rest, take a rest from yourself, 22:01 take a rest from a poverty mindset, 22:03 take a rest from lack and deficit 22:06 and begin to step into that place of wholeness. 22:08 All you have to do is say, Lord, 22:11 “I don’t live my life like that. 22:13 I don’t live my life fully satisfied, 22:15 or I don’t feel whole. 22:17 I don’t feel complete.” Just confess that to Him 22:20 and then allow His presence to come, 22:23 and allow Him to just wrap His arms around you 22:25 and give you a holy hug, as He reminds you 22:30 that He has already given you a Kingdom mantle 22:33 and you are called to carry that fullness 22:36 to everyone that you know. 22:38 Now, we always come to different places 22:41 in our life where we feel like 22:43 there’s so much lack, there’s so much deficit. 22:45 If we’ll just confess, Lord, 22:48 I need Your help because I’m feeling weak. 22:51 I’m feeling as though 22:52 I can’t complete this project. 22:54 This is too difficult for me, Lord, 22:56 what’s going on in my family, 22:58 my home life. 22:59 This is too much for me, Father, and my workplace, Lord. 23:03 When we begin to confess these things, 23:05 then what we’re saying is, “Lord, 23:06 I need You to remind me that You have done 23:09 all these things for me already through my death, 23:12 burial, resurrection and ascension in You. 23:14 And I want You, Lord, to position me 23:17 to carry this mantle into the environments 23:21 that You have asked me to serve in.” 23:24 And you know, when we confess immediately that level 23:27 of repentance, 23:28 of just saying, Lord, I’m not walking in Kingdom, 23:31 it will break off every stronghold 23:33 that is bringing you depression, fear, 23:36 anxiety, insecurity. I’m going to speak 23:40 to those forces that have grabbed a hold of you 23:42 right now in the Name of Jesus. 23:43 I bind those forces, 23:45 change your thinking through confession. 23:48 And as you confess, those forces cannot 23:51 have a hold on you anymore. 23:53 And so, Father, we just praise You 23:54 and we thank You in this place 23:55 because You are breaking strongholds off of my friend 23:58 who is watching right now, Lord, 24:00 and You’re positioning them to walk 24:02 in this Kingdom mantle. You know, nothing 24:05 brings the Lord greater joy than for us, 24:09 the Bride of Christ, the Body of Christ, 24:11 to position ourselves to walk in His fullness. 24:14 You have so much blessing to give to people. 24:18 You have so much that God has given you, 24:21 and the enemy wants to come and kill, 24:23 steal and destroy so that you won’t step out 24:26 and you won’t realize what it is that 24:29 Christ has not only done for you, 24:30 but how you can give it away. 24:32 So, don’t allow the enemy 24:33 to make you look at yourself. 24:35 But look to heaven, look to, look to God, 24:38 look at where you’re seated with Him 24:40 and begin to just honor Him and you will start to 24:43 feel that freedom. 24:45 And so, I just want to walk you through this prayer. 24:47 I want you to pray this with me. 24:49 Lord, forgive me for my sins, Lord. 24:52 Forgive me for my lack and poverty mindset. 24:55 And Lord, I thank you that You’re breaking strongholds 24:57 off me right now. 24:58 Anything that is holding me back, 25:00 Lord, any obstacles, any blockade’s. 25:03 Father, I thank You that a breakthrough 25:05 is coming right now in the name of Jesus. 25:07 I want you to begin to just listen to what I’m saying 25:09 and begin to receive this for yourself. 25:11 And that God right now 25:13 is dispatching angels to come to you 25:14 right where you’re at, to minister to you. 25:16 They’re bringing joy. They’re bringing peace. 25:18 They’re bringing healing 25:19 because that’s what angels do. 25:21 They migrate around Kingdom. 25:23 You are seen 25:24 as a Kingdom child with a Kingdom mantle. 25:27 And so, God has given you all provision. 25:29 And so, I just speak life to you right now 25:31 to raise up on the inside 25:32 and begin to walk in this level of mantle authority 25:37 and this level of provision. 25:39 I know you’re feeling a breakthrough right now. 25:41 I know that you’re starting to receive joy. 25:44 Listen, a merry heart does the bones good. 25:47 God wants us to wear this Kingdom mantle because 25:50 He wants us to bring joy into the universe. 25:53 See, what’s going to cause people to know 25:55 Jesus is the joy of the Lord, 25:57 that’s our strength. 25:58 And so I just want to encourage you today, 26:00 when you wear the mantle, 26:02 you are wearing joy, you are wearing peace. 26:05 Everything that was lack in your life 26:07 has been removed and every stronghold broken. 26:10 I just want you to start to praise the Lord 26:12 right now where you’re at. 26:13 Just begin to go. Whoo hoo! 26:14 Thank you, Jesus. Thank you so much. 26:16 Because I’ve been set free, redeemed, 26:18 healed, saved. 26:20 I received shalom peace. 26:22 I received this Kingdom mantle and then go out 26:25 and do the assignment 26:27 that God has called you to do and 26:29 wear, not only the individual mantle 26:31 that God has given you 26:32 for whatever that sphere of influence is, 26:35 whatever your spiritual giftings are, 26:37 but wear the Kingdom mantle, 26:39 because all of our individual mantles 26:43 are set on the foundation of the Kingdom mantle. 26:46 See, when you walk in fullness, 26:47 wholeness, completeness, 26:48 nothing missing, nothing broken, 26:50 that shalom, your spiritual gifts 26:53 are going to be so much more magnified, 26:55 and the environments and the people 26:57 that you’re going to reach out to will be 26:59 so much broader. That’s Kingdom expansion. 27:02 When you wear the Kingdom mantle, 27:03 which is expansion, 27:05 then Kingdom expansion comes. So, Father, 27:07 I just thank You right now for my friend, Lord. 27:10 And I thank You that they’re receiving this impartation 27:12 of wearing the Kingdom mantle of expanding, 27:16 of growing and learning about the fact 27:18 that the Kingdom of heaven has arrived in 27:22 and through You. 27:24 I just want to give the Lord a handclap. 27:25 I want to give Him a praise, 27:27 because when we walk in that place of fullness, 27:30 then all we can do is praise him. 27:32 All we can do is thank Him, it’s truly amazing. 27:36 Now, I love for you to reach out to me. 27:38 I have lots of different resources for you. 27:40 I’d love to mentor you and encourage you 27:42 and help train you because 27:44 God wants His Body to thrive, 27:47 survive and be active walking in this fullness. 27:52 That’s what He died, buried, resurrected 27:53 and ascended to give us. The least we can do 27:57 is become a part of this world 27:59 by bringing everything that He brought 28:02 when He walked it, and even more so, 28:04 these greater things shall we do than 28:08 He even did when He came. 28:10 And so, I just want to thank you so much 28:12 for joining us today. And I want you to remember 28:15 [Music] that if you take the hand of Messiah, 28:18 then He will lead you into the path 28:21 of destiny that God has called you to live. 28:23 [Music]

Dr. Candice Smithyman shares a revelation on your kingdom mantle. Are you wearing yours?
Learn more about Candice and purchase her resources: https://candicesmithyman.com

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