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Elevate Christian Network :: Ministry Outreach TV

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Wow God this weekend has been incredible we’ve seen him do some amazing things actually I just I’m curious it’s not like I have a word from God or something but I’m curious if you came in here with some kind of condition some kind of issue I want you to test it out real quick and see if it’s already healed like it happened during worship and just like do something you couldn’t do try to move something see if something happened and if it did wave at me yeah what happened oh Jesus look at that come on anybody else anybody else I love when when there’s these ones that absolutely nobody but Jesus could possibly get the credit for that right see he’s just wanting to do this even more than we are yeah I think it’s uh I’m not going to read into Jesus’s motives here but I will say this it’s kind of nice that he left some because you’re going to get to have fun praying for people if everybody got healed we’d miss out on some fun application time all right we’re we’re going to talk about some good things tonight we’re going to look at a few things at just during praise and worship actually let me back up a little beforehand tonight I looked at my friend Jonathan and I go dude I’m like I have studied this healing thing I’ve experienced so much I could talk for like five hours about the topic of physical healing and Jonathan gave me some great advice he just said don’t I’m not going to go for five hours but what I was the point I was making was you know this this could go on for like I mean what vein do I take you know I mean a lot of times churches invite me to preach on healing and I actually I don’t know that I’ve done to the same way yet because Jesus just he really wants it and there’s so much to back this stuff up throughout Scripture throughout experience throughout history I mean it’s like it’s it’s mind-blowing even to me but let me tell you a little bit of my story where I was just oh four years ago this would have been 2009 yeah so where are we at now this is 2013 did good math in my head alright four years ago so I uh I was born and raised in the Assemblies of God I’m pretty sure I might have been born in the pew not positive on that I’ve got got the Assemblies of God brand on my left cheek I’m not kidding kidding well I mean I was like born and raised I’ve got the the credentials I got all that you know I’m like I’m a AG through and through and I attended a church and grew up in a church that believed in the power God believed in miracles and we saw people get healed now and then but I’m going to be totally straight forward and just honest with y’all in my experience growing up even in that environment my understanding of a miracle was one of two things a something that could possibly have been medicine but we thank God for it anyway or be some sovereign move of God that he just chose to touch this person and not that person for some reason and so this person boom they got touched and that was the miracle it just all of a sudden out of nowhere during praise and worship somebody’s back gets healed you know that that kind of a thing and so that was my experience with miracles and then I would like well let me just tell you the story there was a woman at my church this this was just four years ago and she was actually she had been my preschool teacher she had I had known her all my life her son and I were friends I mean we i’ve known this lady for a long time and she was diagnosed with cancer she was absolutely convinced God wants to heal me absolutely convinced and I was still wrestling with well if it’s God’s well you know that kind of thing but she was convinced she went to every faith healer she could find to lay hands on her she got she went through all kinds of inner transformation stuff to see if she could find some route that was causing her problem and things like that she went through it all our whole church fasted and prayed for her and I can’t say everybody did but you know like we fasted and prayed for as a congregation and she died of cancer and it kind of got to me this was in this right around this time of year in 2009 and I was like God what’s what’s the deal here like I’ve been I mean I know enough that you’re wanting to heal people I had read bill Johnson’s book when heaven invades earth I was kind of like leaning a little bit in this okay miracles are for today and you know God maybe maybe wants to use me for it but I was still stuck in this rut of maybe it’s God’s well maybe it isn’t but when I saw this lady who was full of faith who was just like all about Jesus and and we did everything right and she died a cancer I was pretty bothered by that and I was really frankly upset so I decided all right I’m done with things the way they are I need to find out how to never let this happen again you know in fact Jonathan had a similar story he had a couple people died when he was praying for them for healing and that’s how he found me was he was like I got to find somebody who can help me with this and Jesus has hooked this up and now he’s teaching me things but you see I started wondering so I shut down every podcast I was listening to every every preacher I was listening to every every book I was reading all of it just to focus on the four Gospels the book of Acts and then people who were actually doing the stuff throughout history so everything from back John G Lake Smith Wigglesworth all the way up to present-day people like Bill Johnson a guy named Todd white some you know some of these names dan Mohler and I decided I’m only going to listen to these guys who are doing the stuff because obviously something happens there’s something they’ve got that I don’t have because it’s following them the Holy Spirit’s doing these healings all the time through their ministry and he’s not through mine I had prayed for hundreds of people to be healed and never saw someone healed yeah and that was frustrating because the 16 fundamental truths of the Assemblies of God say that we believe in healing so hi I just kind of you know focused on that well one of the first things I saw was a video by Todd white and what he said really bothered me he said you know in mark 16 jesus said these signs will accompany those who believe so what that means is if these signs don’t accompany you there must be something up with your belief yeah I said are you kidding me I am an Assemblies of God pastor I believe in healing you know you can’t tell me there’s something up with my belief I have credentials I’m a youth pastor right you can’t do that to me I was pretty irate about it but that’s what really set me on this journey of these three months where I was just purely focused on people who were doing the stuff guess what I found none of them had an exactly identical theology so I’m like now what is it because you said it’s those who believe and these guys like they don’t even agree among each other and yet God’s following with signs and wonders what’s this about God I mean yeah they all agree on Jesus well guess I did I did find one common thread it was this they all believed it was always God’s will to heal and they all believed that Jesus paid the price for it with his blood in the atonement when he went to the whipping post by His stripes we are healed so they all believe those things but I discovered it’s less about what I believe and more about who I believe yeah these signs will accompany those who believe it when I settled on you know what I’m just going to believe Jesus and I’m going to like follow his example all of a sudden it became simple so guess what I did I was a youth pastor and Assemblies of God Church at the time I showed up on a Wednesday night still never prayed for someone got healed right but I get up at that pulpit and I was now convinced I mean I had I had brought every argument I had to the table everything from Paul’s throne in the flesh to Jacobs limp to I mean I everything job what about Joe I and I’m we might get to talking a little bit about some of those but I brought all my arguments to the table searched the scriptures and God answered every one I finished out with a thirty page outline of notes of just you know a tight of God answering my questions and solving it all for me yeah in fact actually I’ve got it with me here look at this we’re talking notes and notes and notes I mean just one thing after the next and I carry this with me because every once in a while somebody asked me something I’m like I remember studying that I just thumb through here God’s done some incredible stuff now out of this I preached my youth group God wants to heal it’s always his will he wants to use you to do it still deep inside I’m kind of like yeah but he might not use me because he’s never never has used me but if these kids catch on to it god bless him that’s not much faith out of my part whether so I just said are at the end I said all right we’re going to break into groups of five chances are somebody in your group of five has something some kind of pain sporting injury whatever but if nobody does I’m sure one of you has an aunt with cancer or something so just pray for someone we’re going to put this into action right away well they broke into groups we had up in the front row right on my left hand side we had these uh three seventh-grade boys and an intern from our church his name was Josh and being an intern he had no health insurance and he had no money so he got a ear infection and didn’t go to the doctor and didn’t tell us about it now this year infection had now gotten so bad that he was almost completely deaf in his left ear and was in excruciating pain and only told us about it that morning and we’re like come on we’ll pay for you to go to the doctor right well here he is with these seventh-grade boys he’s like yeah pray for my ear well they prayed for him and I’m just standing back because God doesn’t use me for healing right yeah and suddenly Josh comes up to me and kind of taps me because I’m praying you know trying to look holy and and he comes up to me he goes hey pastor and I feel really bad they prayed for me and nothing happened like what do I do now one of the things I learned while I was studying all these other speakers is they were like persistence is a biblical trait like this is good so if you pray once and nothing happens you just pray again right so I said well tell him to do it again he’s like you’re serious I’m like yeah absolutely so he goes back they pray again and I just stood back here looking holy again right seventh grade boys come up to me this time pastor art we tried everything everything right animated seventh grade boys everything what else is there a go really you tried everything now right now I still number one I don’t actually think God is going to use me and number two all I’m doing is I’m just trying to think of some creative smart aleck thing that they hadn’t done yet so I go what did you try they said well we laid hands on him we prayed for him we said in Jesus name we told his ear to be healed and I go well did you do this and I walked up to him stuck my finger in his ear and I go open now mind you that no faith nothing I’m just trying to come up with something goofy open in turn Josh goes oh my gosh that worked and I go oh my gosh that worked are you kidding me he’s like no like no pain he was no pain you can hear I can hear like is this for real yes is for real I was more surprised than he was yeah and that’s when I learned something else I mean all these years I’d been trying to pray for people for healing I was trying to like do something you know this was the first time I had never tried to do anything and that’s the time it worked I was always trying to like Lord come hanging up I was always like you know trying to feel the power of God moved on my arm how many ever did that we’re gonna push the Holy Spirit out of me I’m real laughing but you’ve all done it come on yeah like okay we’re gonna get our hands hot so that come on it’s all just silly superstition and Jesus is the one that does it it’s by grace you didn’t have to try to do anything to get saved you just Jesus I accept you I’m saying right just as you received him so continuing him I think that’s in Colossians right yeah it’s just as easy so I just said open his word he confirms his word by the signs of the company it you see he just backed up everything I preached even though I didn’t even believe it myself oh he is so good he’s so good and he really does like to use people so I learned something really powerful out of that experience I was like it is not about me at all jesus said they will these signs will accompany those who believe and then he’s one of the the last thing on the list he said they will lay their hands on sick people and they will recover that’s like really really simple you don’t have to have all the right words you don’t have to speak in King James English don’t hate me you don’t even need to use a 90-mile I’m sorry to take away your Pentecostal magic potion you don’t need it you don’t need it it’s it’s in the Bible you can use it if you want to but you don’t need it jesus never did his disciples sometimes did Jesus didn’t you don’t need it what you need is Jesus he’s the one that does it he’s the one that does it it’s so easy folks and I feel like that’s the vein that God wants me to share with you today number one it is so easy it is so simple to minister healing and for many of us the reason we think it’s so hard is because we’ve tried and tried and tried and we’re like wow I’ve tried so hard it’s got to be harder than this or it would have worked by now when he’s saying stop trying just believe believe me right it is so simple the less I try the more likely it is to happen I mean that’s experience talking there in the August 2009 is when that happened with intern Josh right now here’s something cool I’ve learned that God always over compensates for injustice what did he do with job I mean Satan came and just wrecked job’s life let’s talk a little bit of what about job Satan came and wrecked his life you can read the book of Job but it’s very obviously Satan who did all those horrible things to job okay and then actually if you look at James this is the only place job is listed in the Bible and the New Testament I should say and it’s not in the Hebrews 11 Hall of faith but in the book of James chapter 5 verse 11 here we go james511 as you know we consider blessed those who have persevered you’ve heard of job’s perseverance and have seen what the Lord finally brought about the Lord is full of compassion and mercy that’s an interesting thought the New Testament goes to such lengths as to clarify there were all these things that happen to job praise God job persevered and he’s a great example of you have perseverance but you saw it as he persevered through what Satan was due to him doing to him God came through in the end and you saw what God finally brought about the Lord is full of compassion and mercy the junk that happened to job was not compassion and mercy that was not God you see in it so job’s a really easy one to answer it wasn’t God that did all that junk what God did was in the end and what did he do in the end he blessed Jobe double everything the devil had taken from him God gave him double God loves to overcompensate for injustice The Book of Proverbs says if a thief is caught stealing he has to repay seven times right overcompensate the book of Job it said Joel it says that God God said I will restore the years that the locust has eaten right do you realize that word restore doesn’t simply mean okay the famine ends it means now you’re going to harvest double until you get back everything you lost over there he loves to overcompensate for injustice so guess what happened my preschool teacher who I’d known all my life who died of cancer unjustly because she died in faith believing for Jesus to heal her and it didn’t happen that was an injustice God came and he overcompensated he did something in me it changed me and then I’d do this I’m not even trying open he gets healed guess what happens the next night we have our young adult meeting we share the test Josh shares his testimony of what happened and some people are there like Lois I’ve got problems pray for me we had a pastor I was working with he had bone spurs in his neck he had blacked out on a roller coaster previously and he went to the doctor the doctor said found this bone spurs he said if you ever ride a roller coaster again you could die so knock it off and you’re just going to have to take pain meds and all that stuff these bone spurs are serious deal he’s got these bone spurs they cause me all this pain and everything pray for me so we pray for him he starts moving his head around he’s like I feel good just so happens that weekend we were scheduled to go to an amusement park Michigan adventure and guess who rode the roller coasters yeah yeah he said to me all right you’re riding with me because if I die you need to pray for me to be resurrect you ride roller coasters all day God did it man we had another intern in our church who had just recently she fell down a little half flight of stairs but grabbed the railing as she came down and tore this muscle right apart she had her arm in a sling doctors were going to do surgery on her she had surgery scheduled and about a week and a half after that she was supposed to go to Lithuania on this missions trip so guess what happens we pray for her and God supernaturally reattaches the muscle as these young adults are praying for her yeah and she goes back to the doctor she needs no surgery she’s totally fine full mobility back she in Lithuania throwing big bags of rice like nothing ever happened carrying her own luggage are you seeing it so then we come to Sunday morning right and we just share the testimonies of what had happened in the youth group and in our young adults group and there were actually a few other healings that happen in the young adults group those were just the most dramatic ones that I remember Sunday morning we had the people of the church pray for each other after sharing these testimonies and as they prayed for each other other people started getting healed this went on for about a month a whole bunch of just healing after healing after healing we had a husband and wife he was healed of diabetes and she was healed no he was healed of cancer and his wife was healed of diabetes within a week of each other come on this is our Jesus folks he overcompensates for injustice and I don’t just point to that one little month as the overcompensation since august of 2009 I have seen literally thousands of miracles close to a thousand I should I take that back close to a thousand miracles somewhere right around there I have can’t even count them it’s just crazy crazy Wow God August of 2009 God messed me up but guess what I had degenerative disc disease I was praying for other people to be healed while I was in chronic pain I had bulging degenerating discs in my lower back chronic pain vicodin ibuprofen 800 milligrams you know just the whole deal my back would I wasn’t allowed to lift more than 30 pounds my back would go out I’d be laid up for two weeks at a time unable to move just strict bed rest my um my back would go out about two times a year at least the most was four times one year and so for four years I suffered with that two of those years where while I was ministering healing to other people in April of 2011 jesus healed me yeah I’ve been fine ever since come on I’m telling you this stuff is so real in fact I wasn’t allowed to lift more than thirty pounds well my wife and I we had just April of 2011 this is when I stepped out into traveling ministry just three days before I was supposed to step into traveling ministry that’s when God healed my back and I wound up on this stage sharing my testimony at the conference I was at and the guy that was leading the conference he goes up wait I’m like yeah he goes the Lord says this he’s calling you to ministry not to just be a pastor to church somewhere but he’s going to take you all over the world I see you getting off a little plane in Africa I see and he starts listing all this stuff things that had been on my heart that only God knew things that only my wife and I had talked about in fact God had spoken something to my wife and me separately the night before and we compared notes that night and this guy said oh and one more thing and he spoke that one Wow so here I am three days before I’m stepping out of staff at a church to do traveling ministry and this guy calls me out by prophetic word and God heals my back and he just names all this stuff that God’s calling me into and God commissioned me into ministry come on God over compensated for injustice those four years I suffered he turned it around into a tremendous opportunity to experience Wow Wow God Wow God to be commissioned in the ministry like that I don’t know if it would have happened like that if I hadn’t been on that stage sharing my testimony of what had happened to my back you see God always over compensates for injustice so every time I pray for someone and it doesn’t work I do two things number one I go to God and I ask why didn’t it work because that’s what the disciples did with the epileptic boy and number two I get a little bit excited because I know God’s going to overcompensate devil can’t win he can every time he tries God overcompensates he just blasts him ha ha ha so every time you’ve been seeking healing or you’ve been seeking some miracle and you’re standing in faith and it looks like the devil got the upper hand do not get discouraged instead get a little encouraged because God’s going to do something more this blessings building up steam it’s going to blast soon you see I’m talking Bible and I’m talking experience here you see how that works then I get called to go to Uganda some of you heard a little bit of the story this morning all by myself into the middle of the bush oh what’s this all about right i mean what’s God doing I don’t know I’m just going because I feel like that’s what God wants me to do and I did I went well uh the first three days we spent in Pastor Paul’s village and ministered just I taught them I taught them about the baptism the Holy Spirit I taught them about gifts of the Spirit I thought I just whatever was in here whatever the Holy Spirit put on my heart they’re like hey preach to us for five hours they like five hours unlike Americans because they don’t have microwave popcorn so they they’re okay with being patient yeah so we like things like this come on make it quick buddy so here I just unload to them whatever God’s put on my heart I’m just pouring out right well people were getting healed and I had seen blind people and deaf people getting healed cripples walking and I was just I mean I had never seen those magnitude of miracles because in my mind those are big miracles you realize Jesus paid the same price for all of it he paid the same price for cancer as he paid for a headache Lord gave me this analogy a few days ago not a couple weeks ago I love this imagine you’re at home you don’t have a TV you don’t have any food in your house and you just suddenly think I’d really like to watch some TV and I could really go for an apple so you go on over to Walmart and you buy yourself a big-screen flat-screen TV $4,000 boom buddy get me the best one out there and there’s an apple for what 80 cents right and so you go you wring it all up you come home you get your TV all set up you sit down on the couch you’re ready to go and where’s my Apple oh no I left the Apple at Walmart well it’s just a stinkin 89 cents you know let’s forget the Apple and you just watch TV now let’s rewind and replay a different scenario you go to Walmart you buy your big-screen TV you go over to the apples and there’s one Apple left it turns out it’s the only Apple left in the world and it costs $4,000 for that Apple now you’ve paid $4,000 for your TV and here’s a $4,000 Apple and it just so happens you’ve got $4,000 because you’re blessed by Jesus and so you buy your Apple and your TV and you get home and you set up your TV and you sit down to watch and you reach for your Apple oh no I left my Apple at Walmart guess what buddy you’re going back to Walmart for that appalachia yeah because you paid the same price for that Apple as you paid for that TV didn’t you you realize Jesus paid the same price for a headache as he paid for cancer we’re the ones who say things are smaller things are big and he’s the one who says every bit of it takes so lashing on my back I deserve what I paid for I love my Jesus he deserves what he paid for that’s why I do what I do that’s why I’m here preaching healing to you I want him to get what he paid for do you see it he’s so good he’s so good you know suppose you buy yourself a big-screen TV you get it delivered to your house open up the box and it’s empty what are you going to do you could be at Walmart you’re gonna be on the phone you’re like either give me my TV or give me my money right jesus paid a much higher price than a measly $4,000 for you to be healed and he deserves what he paid for hmm let’s go to Isaiah chapter 53 I’m actually going to read this from the amplified for those who don’t know about the amplified they basically a taken certain words and put in parentheses other possible translations from the original Hebrew or Greek in this case Hebrew and so it just kind of pulls out a little more meaning from the original language here we go Isaiah 53 yeah Jesus verse 4 surely he has borne our griefs sicknesses weaknesses and de-stresses did you know that’s what the word griefs means in the original Hebrew that word for grief actually means sicknesses weaknesses and de-stresses some of you were sick some of you are weak some of you are distressed Jesus bore it let’s keep going and he carried our sorrows and pains of punishment that’s an interesting one pains of punishment some of you feel like the reason I’ve got this condition is I’m being punished for something I did guess what this verse makes that ingest because Jesus took the punishment you deserve do you see it yeah you do deserve that in fact you deserve worse than that wages of sin is death but Jesus took it he took your punishment you’re not allowed to hold on to that sickness as though this is my you know reward for what I’ve done Jesus paid for it come on he took our sorrows and pains of punishment yet we ignorant Lee considered him stricken smitten and afflicted by God as if with leprosy but he was wounded for transgressions he was bruised for our guilt and iniquities the chastisement needful to obtain peace and wellbeing for us was upon him and with the stripes that wounded him we are healed and made whole amen Jesus paid an incredibly high price do you realize throughout scripture you see yes and physical healing together often a whole lot of times and Psalm 103 of this this is a great example right here as a 53 we just read it forgiveness and healing psalm 103 says praise the Lord O my soul and forget not all his benefits praise him right and then it says who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases there they are together right James 5 when it’s talking about the prayer of faith it says the prayer of faith will make the sick person well the Lord will raise him up if he is sinned he will be forgiven where’d that come from we were talking about healing and right on the heels of that it says therefore confess your sins one to another that you may be healed so which one is it do I get healed and out of that I get forgiven or do I confess so I can be forgiven and then I get healed the answer is yes you see the blood of Jesus is messy you get a little on you for one thing it’s going to cover the rest some of you in this place you are dead-set convinced Jesus forgave me and I’m telling you that as a guarantee if your healing because it was the same blood that paid for both and some of you are wondering whether or not Jesus forgave you but you’re going to be healed tonight and that’s going to be an absolute realization Wow oh my goodness he really did heal me he’d really did forgive me too because it’s his blood has power you see how this works we don’t do this physical healing thing just so everybody can be comfortable while they sit in their pews we do this physical healing thing so Jesus can get the reward of his suffering we do it so that his glory can be shown so that his word can be backed up and proven so that the gospel can go forth and people can know if God can touch my body like this surely he can touch my spirit you see how this works this is valuable folks this is valuable and it’s so so simple so simple I want to just read to you a few scriptures here yeah this is so good I’m just going to kind of rapid-fire read it if you want to jot down these references you can do that and look it up find out I’m not lying later but for the sake of saving your from paper cuts I’m just going to read really fast I mean it is a healing meeting so if you want to get paper cuts it’s all right all right Matthew for 24 news about him spread all over Syria and people brought to him all who were ill with various diseases how many did they bring all those suffering severe pain the demon-possessed those having seizures and the paralyzed and He healed them all of them Jr Bible – right okay all of them let’s see if we can find that word all somewhere else about this Matthew 8:16 when evening came many who were demon-possessed were brought to him and he drove out the spirits with a word and healed all the sick Wow Matthew 9:35 Jesus went through all the towns and villages teaching in their synagogues preaching the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness come on Matthew 12:15 aware of this Jesus withdrew from that place many followed him and He healed all their sick Matthew 14 35 to 36 and when the men of that place recognized Jesus they sent word to all the surrounding country people brought all their sick to him and begged him to let them just touch the edge of his cloak and all who touched him were healed come on a mark 6 56 and wherever he went into villages towns or countryside they placed the sick in the marketplaces they begged him to let them touch even the edge of his cloak and all who touched him were healed are you starting to notice a common theme Luke 4:40 there’s more when the Sun was setting the people brought to Jesus all who had various kinds of sickness and laying his hands on each one he healed them Luke 6 18 through 19 goes start in the second half of 18 so we have a full sentence those troubled by evil spirits were cured and the people all tried to touch him because power was coming from him and healing them all Wow power was coming from him and healing them all I love it and then acts 10:38 God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and power and he went around doing good and healing all who were under the power of the devil because God was with him let me ask you a little theology question here is Jesus God yes good Christians all right do you realize acts 10:38 though it doesn’t say Jesus went around healing all because he was gone it says he healed all because God was with him if jesus healed all because he was God then you don’t have the same ability but if he healed all because God was with him is God with you are you seeing it Philippians 2 tells us that Jesus gave up everything about himself that could be considered God it says that Jesus who being in very nature God did not consider equality with God something to be grasped but humbled himself taking on the form of a servant right just like you and me even to the point of dying a criminal’s death on a cross therefore God exalted him to the highest place right are you seeing it Jesus when he walked this earth he didn’t walk this earth as God even though he was God he set his equality with God aside to come and be like us to show us how we could live and then Jesus said in John I think it’s in chapter 5 he said that son can do nothing by himself he only does what he sees his father doing the son can do nothing Jesus was saying look I can’t heal the sick I can’t raise the dead I can’t multiply food I can’t walk on water I can I can do nothing by myself I can only do what I see my father doing Jesus said a powerful example and then Jesus comes and he heals all so number 1 that tells me the father wants to heal all Hebrews 1:3 says that the son is the exact representation of the Father the exact likeness of his being so Jesus is perfect theology if you want to know what God’s will is look at Jesus it’s really really simple some of us we remember Romans 12:2 it says do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind so that you may be able to test and approve what God’s will is his good pleasing and perfect well there’s a few things I get out of that number one if God’s will is always done why do we have to test and approve what his will is wouldn’t we just like everything’s God’s will and we just accept it isn’t that kind of silly right let me just see if this chair is still green yeah yeah still green that chairs always going to be green I don’t need to test and see if it’s green do you see how that works when you’re transformed by the renewing of your mind then you’re able to test and approve what God’s will is I have this image of like the old movies where they’re out in the jungle and there’s this bridge that’s like rickety rope bridge and it’s got these slats across it and you’re wondering are those slats aren’t going to hold there’s never been a movie where those slats hold right and the people they’re going across it and they’re gently tap it on those boards and yeah that one’s good yeah yeah that one’s good they are testing and approving yeah that’s good and there are times when I’m like is this God’s will is it good yeah yeah that’s God’s will is this yeah see because I’ve been transformed by the renewing of my mind I’m a different person I’m willing to take that next step even though it’s shaky do you see it come on if God’s will is always done why do people perish because the Bible says God wills that none should perish God’s will is not always done Jesus came to do the will of the Father – perfectly reveal the will of the Father and He healed all I mean that to me that settles it set aside the atonement that’s just proof enough but then you got the atonement – that Jesus paid this price to purchase it all he didn’t just go around healing everybody cuz God wanted he healed everybody because God wanted it and he knew he was going to pay for it are you seeing that and the same price he paid then is just as valid today his blood still speaks his blood is still powerful and he is still using Christians like you and me to do this stuff so there I am in Uganda the first three days I see all these people get healed then the pastor tells me like I knew nothing of what I was going to do while I was there right so he tells me tomorrow we’re going to go well this was actually earlier the second day he’s in a couple days we’re going to go out to this village called boonga and we’re going to do a big evangelistic crusade and you’re going to preach because we want to plant a church there it’s an all Muslim village and it’s overrun with witch doctors and I’m like dude I didn’t fast and pray like I’m supposed to right what have you gotten me into I didn’t I didn’t say that but deep inside I’m like I wish I had emails so I could get some intercessors right Jesus is in me there is no sense being afraid so let me actually backpedal a little bit Here I am remember how I said my back got healed I hadn’t been allowed to lift more than thirty pounds yeah here it comes my wife and I we got this small group the Lord just kind of spoke to me one day I want you to get rid of your cable TV I said why Lord he said well why are you paying people to distract you from me oh yeah okay well I’ll stop paying somebody else to distract me from Jesus that’s kind of stupid isn’t it right so I cancelled my cable television and guess what I discovered once I cancelled cable I didn’t really watch any TV so my wife and I had this big ol old-school monster box TV sitting in our living room and I that we had inherited from my parents then they retired and moved down south and so I’m like well what would you say honey if we just got rid of that TV and put a couch there for our small group and we’d have more seating she goes sure but where we going to get a couch I mean we had nothing when we stepped into evangelistic ministry the Holy Spirit told me I want you to empty your bank account and then never solicit a pastor for a speaking engagement unless I tell you otherwise which he still hasn’t I mean that was and here we are we have nothing and he wants me to just give this thing away and a couch is coming right so guess what we did my wife goes all right if Jesus gives us a couch absolutely well guess what we go outside the next day and sitting on the curb across the street suede couch matches our living room looks beautiful the only thing wrong with it was a cat had clawed the front corner and I just you know one dollar can of shoe polish that thing was brand new my wife and I carried that couch into my house so now I’m laughing at the devil on two fronts because number one Jesus gave me a couch and number two I’m carrying it right come on so we get into the house we’d set that up now it’s like a month after that I get out of the car and boom my back’s out oh I wasn’t healed I was wrong and I’m looking at the grass like how do I fall gracefully and not injure myself further because I know this feeling I know this pain I’ve been there and then what I call Jesus logic kicked in I was like I carried that stinking couch this is not real and I put my hand on my bat was already there because it hurt my hands on my back I go spirit of infirmity leaving Jesus name and then I stood up straight and I emptied all the groceries from the car was totally fine yeah because you realize the same way the devil tries to convince you you’re not saved he’ll try to convince you you’re not healed it’s true so sometimes you got to fight for this thing it’s like wait a minute I know I was healed I know it happened now I’m not going to tell you I’m not the type of healing minister that’s just like I’m going to lay hands on you you’re healed and you’re like I still can’t hear you no I’m not that guy I’m like I’m going to stand there with you and be like all right how about now let’s test it do you feel any change are you 100% yet and we’re not going to stop til you’re a hundred percent and that’s how I do this stuff I mean it’s it’s agonizing sometime there was a woman in Africa I prayed for for 20 minutes just eyes open in Jesus name and he changed no eyes open in Jesus name and change no twenty stinking minutes and then all of a sudden she can read the headings and then right after that she gets completely healed yeah and then she played prayed for a guy who was completely blind and he got healed yeah and that was the only woman I prayed for at that meeting there were ten people who all needed healing the people prayed for them and everybody got healed yeah come on do you see how this works it’s not all about me it’s about Jesus and we are the body of Christ I want to show you something well before I do that I’m going on so many rabbit trails here I got a rain all right so here I am I have this experience now back to Africa back to Uganda I’m supposed to go to this village and preach all Muslim village overrun with witch doctors I asked them what is the name of your village boo alga what does that mean they said it means spear makers so that other stuff wasn’t intimidating enough these are the spear making Muslim witch doctors they’re going to put me up on a stage in front of them and I’m obviously not one of them I was a target buddy I stuck at there’s no blending in to the crowd in Africa when you look like me so I get up there and I just start preaching I opened up to Luke chapter 6 oh but before I get there all of a sudden my back goes out uh-huh and I’m like spirit of infirmity leaving Jesus name and nothing happened the back was still hurting and I’m thinking oh I know this is that same stupid demon he’s still he’s coming back he’s trying to hit me again and he’s trying to stop me from going to that village to preach those Muslims right so I am not falling for this so in pain I get on the motorcycle that we’re supposed to ride for 45 minutes through dirt trails and swampland to get to this village come on this is anybody who’s had back problems like this you’re like no don’t do it or don’t do it don’t do it I rode all the way there in pain I get up to preach no pain I preach the gospel I read out of Luke 6 blessed are the poor for they will inherit the kingdom of God and I’m looking at the people I’m like these are the ones that Jesus was talking to they’re poor they’re they’re mourning they’re going through rough stuff and the last thing on Jesus’s list was blessed are you who are persecuted right and then I paused and this little nugget of boldness hit me I’m standing there on this little makeshift stage that they had basically put some wood posts piled a bunch of wood and nailed it all together I mean this we’re in the bush and there’s 250 people in front of me from this village and off to my right hand side there’s a line of about 20 just stone-faced grumpy looking men who are not you’ve not participated in anything and the whole time I’m thinking at some point they’re rushing the stage I’m having visions run through my mind of me in a dark room all night bloody and beaten and wondering where my next meal will come from and I’m just like Jesus will set me free I’m like I could die here but Jesus is going to raise me from the dead because he’s got so much more to do through me you know I’m I’m just going by faith but this boldness hit me after I read blessed are you who are persecuted I said you know the people who persecute Christians are cowards yeah I’ve said that I really did I said because they fear gods that have no power that’s cowardly isn’t it to fear someone who has no power I said if they knew the Christian God and the power he has they wouldn’t touch Christians and I’m like I really hope that Ward’s them off for a few more minutes right I said in fact if you’re a witch doctor or an imam the Muslim leaders said I want you to come up here on this stage with me bring your biggest demon bring your Muslim God I’ll prove to you they have no power Jesus Christ his king he has all power and then I waited and nobody came and I was a little bit disappointed because I really wanted to see something weird happen but nobody came so I said you see they are cowards just poke a sleeping bear with a stick right they know what I say is true in fact to prove to you that what I say is true if you have a sickness of disease eye problems ear problems I went through the list I said I want you to put your hands wherever the problem is and we’re going to pray Jesus thank you for your love thank you for being so good thank you for proving that you are the son of God the King of Kings the Lord of lords and we speak to every sickness and every disease in Jesus name go spirits of infirmity leave in Jesus name we just started calling it out blind eyes open deaf ears open at the end of this thing in this crowd of 250 people I said all right I want you to test it out if you know you are healed I want you to wave at me 40 hands go up across the field and I’m like if that didn’t work I was toast right I had never done anything like that in my life never but I was standing there in a position where it’s like either this works or it doesn’t I’m not going to get killed for nothing I’m going to go out with a bang right so we might as well get it all out money right after that I preach out of Colossians about the supremacy of Christ how he is the son of God he is exalted to the highest place in heaven Muslims don’t like that but these people received it and out of that crowd of two fifty fifty people got saved we had demons cast out we had we planted a church in that village that is still going strong there’s this young 20-something year old African guy who planted that church there and he lives there with the people come on he’s there given their lives for the gospel I get to come back and tell these awesome stories and he’s over there giving his life for this so don’t look too highly at me look at him man now uh everyday things have been ramping up we’re seeing more and more power the next day guess what happens I’ve got a video for you so if you want to get that ready it’s going to happen in a second I’ll tell you when we go out to this village called Buchi REE it’s out in the middle of nowhere I mean this is the farthest place pastor Paul would go and until our ministry bottom a motorcycle he would sometimes ride his bike out there it took us an hour and 15 minutes by motorcycle to get there and I mean I’ve got I’ve got I came back from Uganda with 95 pages of journaled testimonies so I mean I’ve got more stories than you could imagine just even the trip there God supernaturally protected us from a police blockade that they probably would have impounded the motor sweida had to walk and somehow get that back because of there’s a whole lot to it but I mean it could have been bad and Jesus protected us and we get all the way out to this village and I just preached the people I taught them on healing kind of what I’m doing tonight and I said all right I want to demonstrate how this works I’m going to demonstrate first so you can see it in action and then you’re going to pray for each other alright so go ahead and show that video and it’s just I don’t know five ten minutes but you’re going to get a flavor of what this Africa stuff was like and the video is going to explain what’s happening you ready Oh before before that happens there’s something the video doesn’t say it does say this there was this sound like wind and rain that came from nowhere I can’t explain it and it happened when I started praying for the deaf woman when you see this deaf woman you’ll see all the sudden this real gentle sound starts to build by the time I get to the blind person it’s roaring so you might even want to have your finger on the volume level because it could get really loud I didn’t hear anything pastor Paul didn’t hear anything Wyclef my translator who was holding the camera he didn’t hear anything but I think some of the people in the room heard something because you’ll notice some like get up out of their chairs and look out the window and look confused and sit back down it’s just I don’t get it I don’t get it go ahead and roll that video and I just want you to see what Jesus can do hold up God’s will is revealed in Jesus oh but that bucket old enough will be pretty lovely yes Jesus is the one with the power yes and he’s the one who paid the price and he has a sweet apple so we expect you that well I think it shows you all the time I think it will come away what is happing nothing up not because we are all powerful jewel of us nobody but because he is all-powerful and he purchased it I am from ASU Armani Yoshi go I call me a woman with AC do we have anyone here who is either death or partially that then one by one without my single yeah be healing in your ears one low is doing much a little slowly got over the Epiphone yes come here yeah we have anyone who is blind or partially blind well yeah I’m not none of these people were completely blind but they all had eye problems yeah charlie point I could never money not catch on that how we use our region of your no I don’t have PO yeah why not I’m on it you don’t need the man from America to come and kill you yes I guess I like to go Bobby got about jumping when I was having a couple good you need the man from heaven to live inside where God both side now but we grew I this one Hakan over our people are corrupted I Oh what is the problem we saw more than 500 healing miracles we saw more than 400 salvations yeah come on Jesus and I’m just an ordinary guy you know I mean yeah they called me an evangelist but I’m just like you you know this is just ordinary stuff and I don’t know if you noticed but I wasn’t jumping and dancing and shout and I didn’t have to stir anything up I wasn’t trying to push power out my arm it was just so simple be healed in Jesus name here is open in Jesus name you see I want to show you something else one more scripture remember how we read all these verses about all I want you to go to Acts chapter 5 ah I love this I love this X chapter 5 we’re going to start in verse 12 it says the Apostles performed many miraculous signs and wonders among the people and the believers used to meet together in Solomon’s colonnade that’s important ok the believers the ordinary Christians they’re all meeting together no one else dared join them even though they were highly regarded by the people nevertheless more and more men and women believed in the Lord and were added to their number as a result people brought the sick into the streets and laid them on beds and mats so that at least Peters shadow might fall on some of them as he passed by crowds gathered also from the towns around Jerusalem bringing their sick and those tormented by evil spirits and all of them were healed realized Jesus had gone to heaven at this point the believers were meeting together and people brought the sick and all of them were healed everyone who touched Jesus got healed correct yeah do you realize we collectively are the body of Christ I’ve now been in I think it’s eight meetings where 100% of the people were healed yeah some were in Africa and a few were here in America Jonathan went with me down to Leesburg Georgia and I mean it was incredible bata the same sized crowd we’ve got here tonight it was just a smaller room so we were more compact but we had some of the most amazing things I’ve ever witnessed in my life just in one setting I mean to have it all piled on top of each other it blew my mind the guy who was hosting us he had a 26 year old rotator cuff injury and he gets healed he’s moving his arm around he emailed Jonathan a few days later to say I didn’t realize it at the time but the Lord healed my heel of a problem as well I was so focused on my shoulder that’s all I noticed his wife had her deaf ear open up yeah then we had someone who had chronic back pain something about discs I think it was degenerative discs or bulging discs she got healed there was a guy who had a calf injury that was causing pain from his hip all the way down to his heel he was healed we had a 70 year old and on an oxygen tank pull out the tubes put his electronic oxygen meter on his finger and watch the numbers go up to normal as tears are streaming down his face I didn’t pray for these people the people of the church prayed for each other there was this guy who was used to be a guitar player but six months earlier he had severed two tendons in his hand and he lost movement and mobility of these two fingers and if you play guitar those are your fingers you know you need those so he hadn’t been able to play guitar in six months and no movement no feeling and by the end of the night he was up on stage playing guitar yeah it was awesome 70 year old man with the oxygen tank an hour later he tests his oxygen again still good walks all the way out to his car with no oxygen tank and he goes I haven’t been able to do that without getting winded he’s like jesus healed me it was awesome we shall one miracle after the next after the next I mean mind-blowing stuff to me in one little tiny group of church people and really I didn’t pray for anybody at that church I mean the guy with the tendons in his hand he was starting to have some use and I just wanted to jump on board because I wanted to be part of it so I went over and prayed with the people but I mean really Jesus was doing the work through everybody there it would be nice for me I would feel really good if I came here and prayed for all of you and everybody got healed through me and I would feel really happy but then I’d go home and if someone got sick tomorrow bummer for you right but if I can train you how to do it I never even have to come back and Jesus gets the glory and you as the body of Christ get to carry this thing you see he’s good so let me give you a few little practical tidbits number one you don’t have to try it’s Jesus it’s by grace the same grace that saved you is the same grace that’s going to heal people all right so you don’t have to like work yourself up into some emotional you know whatever you don’t have to pray and fast for five days you don’t have to you don’t have to do anything Jesus is going to do it just because he loves people and he already paid for it Jesus already did it you realize when Peter quoted Isaiah Isaiah said by here by His stripes you are healed when Peter quoted him he changed the tents and he said by his stripes you were healed he’s like Jesus already did it now here’s the other thing I’ve learned you don’t have to ask God to heal somebody oh my you know the book of James says uh you know the elders of the church should pray for the sick person and anoint them with oil in the neighborhood okay so so we read that the problem is a lot of us have the wrong idea of what the word pray means we think it means that we need to beg God and convince him to heal this person you don’t have more compassion than God does you don’t have to beg him you don’t have to twist his arm he already did it when Jesus taught his disciples how to pray he said I want you to pray like this our Father in Heaven holy is your name your kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven give us this day it carries on we all know it okay but that part your kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven in the Greek it’s emphatic it’s spoken as a command you could actually like if you talk and thy kingdom come you could actually translate it awkwardly and but it could come out come thy kingdom be done thy will speaking with authority that’s how Jesus taught us to pray and then give us this day our daily bread then the requests come but there is a part of prayer that is speaking from heaven to earth not just speaking from Earth to heaven you realize we don’t actually prayer is not speaking from earth to heaven prayer is speaking from heaven to heaven because you are seated with Christ in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus according to Ephesians 2:6 you don’t have to call down heaven to earth instead the kingdom of heaven is within you and you just let it out it’s really really simple so I don’t have to beg God for healing I don’t ask God to heal people I prayed for many many people asking God to heal them and God never healed them and it wasn’t like God was just dangling this promise saying if you jump through the right hoop then I’m going to heal them he’s like you’re my son don’t you realize what it means to be my son I want you to experience this I don’t want you to think that you’re powerless and I’m the one who can do it look I already did everything I needed to do to put an end to all sickness and disease you’re my son and I’ve commissioned you to go are you seeing it so he was trying to get me all along to speak with the authority that he gave me and to believe that I am who he says I am so instead of begging God to heal somebody I now just ears open in Jesus name right yeah and that is you could call that prayer you know when I see a sick person in Walmart I just say can I pray for you and they’re like yes because pray is non threatening if I say can I command healing into your hip you know you know freak them out so I say can I pray for you but I know what pray means I’m not begging God I’m just going to speak it buddy hit be healed in Jesus name and now here’s the other thing just now as I acted it out I did it with a little bit of ink right but when I’m there I’m usually really really soft spoken and gentle because you realize healing ministry is not I mean some of us we focus on the sickness when we do healing ministry instead of focusing on the person Jesus focused on the person I don’t need to embarrass this person in Walmart you know I’m not going to grab the intercom and start speaking in tongues she bought up vocals but yeah there’s no sense in that come on all I got it might be fun and make a great sermon illustration but it’s not going to do it only thing this person just needs the gentleness compassion of Jesus to come and touch them and love them so yeah be healed in Jesus name all right test that out how do you feel usually people look at me like wait that’s it and I’m like well Jesus said Jesus said do not when you pray do not go on babbling like the pagans who think they’ll be heard because of their many words your heavenly Father knows what you need before you ask him that’s what Jesus said right but we see someone we okay headache Lord Jesus please touch this person’s head we want you to heal their headache we know that your blood paid the price and we and we go through the whole list and we quote every doctrine but we know that’s not going to convince him you need to just say headache go in Jesus name and step back and say how do you feel dude we agonize I had somebody Facebook message me do you have time to pray for my family and I’m like do I have time it’s going to take me three seconds of course I have time I sometimes I I kid you not I have said to people do you want me do you want to be healed or do you want me to give you an eloquent prayer we can do one or the other here he’s made it so simple so simple and he’s given you the authority to speak in his name ah so tonight we’re going to pray for each other we’re gonna expect God to show up and do his thing I’m convinced every meeting I do to unconvinced God’s going to show up you know how I’m convinced because I showed up maybe that sounds a little conceited but you know he’s in me right and you know he’s in you right you showed up guess what God’s here yeah his Spirit is in you and he just really wants to touch people he really really wants to he really wants to confirm his word by the signs that accompany Jesus paid a very high price for every single person to be saved every single person to be set free and every single person to be physically healed and he deserves what he paid for and guess what he gave us the responsibility the disciples had a little epileptic boy brought to him brought to them by their father by the boy’s father and they tried to cast out this demon that was causing the epilepsy and they couldn’t do it and you know what the disciples did they patted that dad on the back and they said I’m sorry pops it looks like it’s God’s will for your son to have epilepsy or otherwise God would have healed him no they didn’t do that did they we do that uh-huh they didn’t do that the disciples were actually surprised that it didn’t work their lair huh that didn’t work Jesus shows up there’s all this commotion going on he’s like what’s going on and they explained everything that the boys dad goes well look I brought my son to your disciples he’s got epilepsy this demons been trying to like throw him into the fire and kill him and all kinds of horrible stuff your disciples tried to cast out the demon but they couldn’t if you can do anything would you please help my son and Jesus goes if I can do anything anything’s possible for him who believes in other words I believe of course I can you see it now this dad thought he was talking about his belief he goes well lord I believe help me in my unbelief come on folks that’s not belief you either believe or you don’t you can’t you can’t both okay he says I believe helped me in my unbelief Jesus wasn’t talking about him he said I believe right anything’s possible for him who believes bring the boy to me boy comes to Jesus Jesus notices a crowd starting to come he’s like alright we better get this done quick or we’re going to get mobbed right so he goes all right you and pure spirit come out of him he didn’t say in Jesus name because he was Jesus but boom both set free and then later the disciples come to Jesus and they say Lord why couldn’t we cast it out now depending on which gospel you read one of the accounts of the story says Jesus said this kind only goes out by prayer and fasting you read that one and then the other one in Matthew it says because you had so little faith now I find something interesting here Jesus said this kind goes out only by prayer and fasting but you realize he didn’t say well that’s a difficult case let me go pray and fast for a couple days and then we’ll take care of your son did he know so obviously he wasn’t saying oh this is one of those we have to fast for know he’s saying I’ve got this lifestyle of prayer and fasting where I have this relationship with the father that’s what faith is we talked about that this morning that’s what faith is it’s a relationship with God he’s saying look I’ve got this intimacy with the father and out of that I’ve got authority uh-huh so this kind only goes out by relationship with the father and you didn’t have the faith for you didn’t have that relationship Oh scary huh seven sons of sceva and the book of Acts you know they come up against this demon they were preaching in the nit where they were trying to cast out demons in the name of Jesus whom Paul preaches and and it was working some demons just they’re just not smart they don’t get it and once in a while you got one that’s like wait a minute this one goes Jesus I know Paul I’ve heard of but who are you and then the guy jumps on them beats them up rips their clothes off and they run away naked and bloody but we laugh but we’re like dude that could have been me are you seeing there’s something about it’s not in the name of Jesus who mark preaches you know Jesus or you don’t if you don’t know Jesus we’re going to start there if there’s anybody in this place you don’t know Jesus and you want to have a relationship with him right now is your time buddy he’s ready to receive you he’s waiting with open arms and I want to give you that opportunity right now I’m not going to make you say anything to anybody but this is your family and I want them to be able to rejoice with you so with everybody’s eyes open if there’s anyone who says I want to follow Jesus now for the rest of my life I want to give my whole life to him would you just wait raise a hand I want to pray for you real quick anybody everybody’s real quiet because they’re like I wanted to know I’m saved anybody anybody all right god is good god is good thank you Jesus so let’s just say we all know Jesus right here right now okay there’s some of you you’re gonna if there’s anybody in this place that you’re not saved after you see what Jesus about to do I think something’s going to change when I pray for a person and they don’t get healed I don’t say looks like you didn’t have faith I don’t say it because when that little epileptic boy didn’t get healed the disciples didn’t go oh you poor little guy you just don’t have faith sorry pal the disciples had the responsibility to have faith Jesus when they asked him Jesus didn’t say because that boy’s father didn’t have faith he said because you didn’t have faith he realized that sick person the boy’s father that relative who loves that person they’re going through enough it’s hard to have faith in a place of crisis it’s not their responsibility you are a representative of Jesus it’s your responsibility to have faith and I’m not again I’m not talking about just belief I’m talking about relationship with God it’s your responsibility if you got relationship with God buddy that’s it that’s faith and if you believe that Jesus paid the price then you’ve got the ball the belief you need and these signs will accompany those who believe and and even get this the seven sons of sceva were casting out demons even though they didn’t have faith you realize jesus said there will be those that say Lord Lord didn’t we cast out demons in your name work mighty miracles new name prophesy in your name and he says depart from me I never knew you right so it’s possible to do those things unbelief and not faith so some of you are wondering do I have enough faith do I have enough relationship with God let’s set that aside right now I want Jesus to get what he paid for and I don’t want an ounce of doubt in you we’re going to go with just the belief side do you believe Jesus paid the price all right we’re ready y’all hahaha yeah it’s really good stuffing yay Jesus if I pray for someone they don’t get healed I look them in the eye and I say I’m sorry I just didn’t have the faith for this today yeah I take the responsibility for it now some of us were like whoa that’s heavy you’re going to walk around feeling condemned aren’t you I’m like no because Colossians 3 says set your mind on things above not on earthly things where Christ is seated in heavenly realms so if I walk around setting my mind on the times when it didn’t work then I’m disobeying Scripture so I can be completely honest and humbled before that person and say look I’m sorry I didn’t have the faith for this but then immediately turn to God and set my mind on things above and remember all the times that God has shown up and done stuff and then say Lord why didn’t it work that time like the disciples did that’s my pattern if it doesn’t work I ask God why didn’t it work and about a third of the time he tells me yeah and I then put into practice what he told me and guess what more people get healed I mean I can’t give you an exact statistic but I know more than half of the people i minister to get healed well over half yeah and that’s not like we look at art it’s just Jesus works his word is right and you can bank on it and so I go around teaching you folks how to do the same thing how to live just like I do and hopefully you’ll do even greater things than I will hopefully I can preach you into a level of faith I don’t have yet I’m hoping for it because I want to see a body of Christ that rises up I’m going to share with you a little something that the Holy Spirit spoke to me if a while ago that I haven’t I don’t think I’ve preached this yet I don’t know if I have but I don’t think I have I asked the Lord why am I not seeing 100% results with every person I pray for and he said well actually Rob talked about a little actually kind of touched on this Friday night and I felt released all of a sudden that I could just share it I might have actually shared it the next day but let me just share it with you why don’t I see a hundred percent so the Holy Spirit said to me you couldn’t handle it and I love you realize I have a physical street address Jesus didn’t the son of man has nowhere to lay his head he said right so Jesus could jump in a boat and get away and if there was no boat he could walk on water and get away you know Jesus could get away and hide from the crabs but me I got a street address if I was seeing 100% results and word got out I’d have every sick person in the city lined up at my door and I’d be exhausted but now get this if the body of Christ started seeing 100% results and it wasn’t me having a reputation but it was Jesus his people having a reputation do you think we could collectively handle a 100% results and so as this is why I do what I do this is why I go around training people to do this stuff because I want to see 100% results in my ministry and I know the only way it can happen is if I can get you folks to carry the same load with me yeah Jesus deserves a hundred percent results he paid for a hundred percent results so that’s what we’re contending for together so I just want to speak to you come on folks we are the body of Christ we are the body of Christ and everybody who touched Jesus’s body got healed so we’re going to pray for the sick now yeah Jesus if you have any kind of problem I Pro listen I did this in Africa and I made the mistake of saying a bump a scraper a bruise and it was 300 Kenyan school kids and every kid stood up every one of them so I was going to have the people sitting pray for the one standing and that just that’s out the window now it’s not going to happen so I paired him off and had him pray for each other every kid got healed they had been saved for five minutes how many of you here have been saved longer than five minutes dude you are overqualified we are ready for this thing all right if you have sickness disease eye problems your problems pain in your back pain in your body pain and you I want you to stand up real quick if you’re able if you can’t stand just wave a hand okay just go ahead yeah yeah stand up step if you if you can stand stand up if you can’t stand stand up in Jesus name come on all right now everybody who’s sitting down guess what even you kids you’re part of this you ready because Jesus didn’t give a junior holy spirit he didn’t say these signs will accompany those who believe if they’re old enough he said if you believe that’s the only if all right I was in one village the Holy Spirit showed up just started healing people before anybody started praying we were just waiting on God and then people just started spontaneously getting healed and then I said all right is there anyone who’s not healed yet and several hands go up and I looked at the kids I didn’t want to ruin what God was doing I said kids just go find someone with their hand up put your hand on him say be healed in Jesus name go find someone else be healed in Jesus name find someone else be healed in Jesus name every single person in the place got healed yeah I didn’t touch one of them the only person who prayed for the sick was little kids so come on you guys are part of this God’s going to use you too all right so I want you to look around at the people who are standing and I want you to pick in your mind just pick like three of them because if you only pick one everybody runs to that one person then someone standing off on the side so pick three and then if you see a crowd is kind of gathered around one and somebody’s alone go to that one okay but the reason you’re picking them now is because when you all stand up to go there you’re going to forget who’s standing so so look now pick three people and Ready Set Sikkim go for it remember what we said just put a hand on them just ask them what’s the problem if it’s appropriate to put your hand there put your hand there if it’s not appropriate ask them to put their hand there you just put a hand on their shoulder and once they’ve told you what the problem is I want you to just tell it to be healed if it’s their back just say back be healed if it’s their ears ears open in Jesus name if you haven’t gotten to somebody if nobody’s come to you yet you’re waiting for healing please wave your hand okay there’s a woman over there someone can get around to them gentleman over here if nobody’s got cheese yet raise your hand keep it up keep waving until somebody gets to you is there anybody who’s healed yet test it out do something you couldn’t do there anybody who’s healed yet once you’re healed I want you to come up here test things out test things out once you’re healed again I want you to come up here with me I want to know what Jesus did okay some of your playing a really long time if it’s simple keep it simple test it out what happened thank you Jesus being in the my boy at the same time Jesus come on uh-huh anybody else test it out test it out once you will come on up we’re being billed already everybody change it yeah what happened we’re bats better come on pinky Jesus how long have been knitting you’re the nominee hey she said thank you Jesus ha ha ha thank you Jesus anybody else anybody else yeah what happened your headaches gone thank you Jesus you paid for that hahaha Lord you’re good I hope you realize I haven’t touched anybody here first in you the hope of glory thank you lord thank you anybody else he buried votes to speak to it again wouldn’t have to even change out the words because it’s not about what you say it’s about Palestinian thank you yeah what happened pregnant with our try birth the signal are you having any symptoms still baby Jesus yeah she said she feels like there’s oil that’s been poured into dry bones thank you Jesus yeah librettist never come back in Jesus name hahahaha yeah arthritis bone disease their bone spurs degenerative disc disease come on thank you Jesus all right Jesus is still doing it she said people pray for her several times and then it happened so you guys keep going she was just paid for it looks like I see happiness going on over here we did we got a testimony yet okay you ready what happened what happened let me make sure everyone can hear this you broke your shoulder about a year and a half ago broke a chunk out of the bone you said keep going yep limited motion chronic pain and now you’re waving your arms thank you Jesus hahaha come on Lord you’re so good lord thank you thank you thank you haha come on folks you realize this is Jesus right he’s using you he’s using you ha ha ha ha you should share that one tonight my by babies I have diabetes you oh man you had diabetes real bad and I checked last night and it was line my numbers are loud so I’m praying that they stay one come on thank you Jesus thank you Jesus ha ha ha anybody else healed you way about me anybody else let’s go down man you’re claiming it yeah good claiming it is awesome being healed is better so claim it claim it walk in it right I want to see it happen yeah keep going keep believing Jesus keep believing Jesus he paid for it thank you lord anybody else anybody else Wow God now I see we didn’t have a hundred percent results here yet okay Jesus can still do it so but here’s what I want to do it is 8:26 by my watch and I know some of you it’s like you got work tomorrow and you want to go home and you don’t want to feel like the bad Christian that left early so I want to release you and give you the Liberty to go if you have to all right so father thank you for the people who showed up here tonight I pray that this message would take root in their hearts and that Lord they would go to their workplaces they would go to go to Walmart they would go to Africa wherever it is you send them Lord wherever they go they would carry your kingdom and they return you Jesus they would know Lord that you are going to show up simply because they showed up lord I pray that you would root and establish them in you and that they would be certain of who you said they are that there are representatives of you that they are ambassadors of you and they can do everything Jesus did because God was with Jesus and God is with them Lord thank you thank you thank you for all the miracles we’ve seen this weekend for all the healing miracles we’ve seen so far tonight thank you and it may for the ones that are still going to happen thank you we bless you in Jesus name thank you amen oh man god bless you folks if you got to go feel free if you want to stick around and just watch more miracles happen you are welcome if you are you want me to pray for you for anything I’d be happy to you the Lord every mile to go or anybody else who is your but is your testimony for two years the other this is why you

Art Thomas Ministries: In this video, he teaches on the simplicity of healing ministry in the name of Jesus Christ–training and equipping the people of the church to demonstrate God’s love and the power of the Gospel. Several people were healed by the end of the meeting including fibromyalgia and an ear that was deaf since birth.

Video source: Healing Is Simple

About Art Thomas

He is a missionary‐evangelist who travels the world to train and equip Christians for Spirit-filled ministry. He is the president and CEO of Wildfire Ministries International — a global ministry that seeks to spread the Gospel to difficult regions, train pastors, plant churches, build orphanages, and more.

Art Thomas is author of The Word of Knowledge in Action, the director and producer of the movie Paid in Full, and the lead author and developer at SupernaturalTruth.com. He lives with his wife, Robin, and two boys, Josiah and Jeremiah, in Plymouth, Michigan.

About Supernatural Truth Productions

Their name is based on a simple premise: The only supernatural Truth in existence is Jesus Christ.  It has grown from a simple blog that began in 2007 to a complete production company with books, videos, music, and more.

Their entire team is experienced in Spirit-filled ministry, having witnessed hundreds of salvations, miraculous healings, and confirmed prophetic words that have accompanied the preaching of the Gospel.  Supernatural Truth Productions, LLC, helps fund such ministry around the world by providing income for Wildfire Ministries International.


Art Thomas Ministries - Wildfire Ministries International

Hundreds have been trained and equipped to minister God’s power in the marketplace, in the streets, at family get-togethers, at work, at school, at stores, and pretty much anywhere Christians find themselves in their everyday lives. | Image: Art Thomas Ministries



Art Thomas Ministries Channel | Wildfire Ministries International



Photo Gallery

Art Thomas Preaching on the Power of Obedience

Art Thomas preaching on the power of obedience. | Image courtesy: artthomas.org



Art Thomas interview on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural Show

Art Thomas interview on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural Show. | Image courtesy: sidroth.org



Art Thomas interview with JonMark Baker Ministries

Art Thomas interview with JonMark Baker Ministries. | Image courtesy: jonmarkbaker.org



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Jesus healed every single person who came to Him, called out to Him, or sent someone on their behalf. The same is available for us today as members of His Body…

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Art Thomas and his wife, Robin, are passionate disciples of Jesus who have been speaking at retreats, planting churches, and training leaders in supernatural ministry for nearly a decade…

Art Thomas | Supernatural Truth Productions, LLC

Everyone wants to know how to have inner peace. People make great sacrifices, travel great distances, and waste much time searching for something that is immediately available to everyone. Whether you’re searching for your own inner peace or wanting to help others discover theirs…

The Word of Knowledge in Action (Book) | Art Thomas

The Word of Knowledge in Action Book - Art Thomas

The Word of Knowledge in Action Book – Art Thomas.

The Word of Knowledge in Action is the first book completely dedicated to a comprehensive, biblically-sound analysis of this spiritual gift. More than that, through testimonies and biblical examples there is page after page of rich, practical advice for implementing this gift in the context of supernatural Christianity.

Through personal experience, practical counsel, and biblical revelation, author Art Thomas brings this special spiritual gift to life in a whole new way by citing tested and proven strategies for integrating the word of knowledge into your everyday Kingdom life. | Learn more…


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