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Elevate Your Potential Magazine

Elevate Your Potential Magazine

How to Find Your Passion: If you’re struggling with how to find your passion, here are 40 life lessons from Barrie Davenport’s journey that will help you.

I’d been trying to figure it out for a over a year without much success. Nothing seemed intriguing, and the things that did were clearly out-of-the question (ie: become a professional ballet dancer).  I sometimes wondered if I even had a passion.

I ultimately decided to register for coaching school — not that I was convinced with certainty that coaching was my passion. I wasn’t. But all clues pointed in that direction, so I finally took a leap of faith. That leap was the launching point for a new direction in my life.

When I first began my coaching practice, I had no idea how passionate my passion would become. I would never have guessed that coaching would lead me to so many other passions —  almost effortlessly. Since the day I made that leap of faith, I’ve accomplished more than I could have ever imagined, more than I previously believed I was capable of.

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Jim Carrey – Commencment Speech Excerpt – How to Find Your Passion (Video)

Inspirational excerpt from Jim Carrey’s commencement speech on How to Find Your Passion:
– Dare to ask the universe for what you truly want in life
– How to figure out what really matter in life


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