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Nerd Fitness: Part 2 of the bodyweight workout video that can help you learn  how to get in shape like Bruce Wayne as Batman in the Dark Knight Rises without picking up a single weight. When doing your workout, choose an exercise at your level that corresponds to what you will do in the workout.

Getting Proficient at Bodyweight Exercises

For example: where it says Pull-Ups, if you can’t quite do a Pull-Up, start with the Jump Pull-Up with Tuck. However, if you can crank out the Pull-Ups, you can start working on Ice Cream Makers. Once you get proficient at a level, go up one level for that exercise and work on mastering that within the workout.

Don’t try and jump up to the next progression too quickly. Focus on form and performing each rep as cleanly as you can. That is what will get you strong and help you master the moves.

Learn more about this workout at: https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/batman-bodyweight-workout


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