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Becky Young - How I Stay Positive in the Face of Adversity - Positive Thinking

Becky Young: “Be the kind of energy, that no matter where you go, you always add positive vibes to the spaces and people around you.” | Image: Pick the Brain

Becky Young: Every bad day contains a lesson and if you allow yourself time to think about what it is you’ve learned, then the day is never wasted.  Tough times can make you stronger and when you feel that things have happened for a reason, it really helps to keep your positivity flowing.

We humans are social creatures, we thrive off each other.  In a difficult and tense situation a smile and a laugh goes a very long way.  If you’ve got to laugh or cry . . . always go for the laugh.  Laugh and the world laughs with you.  I always try to act with kindness and with love and I do so without expecting reward.  These kind of positive vibes flow into every corner of you well-being and that of those around you.

Staying Positive When Things Aren’t Going According to Plan

I’m quite a positive person usually, but it’s easy to remain upbeat on days when everything is going to plan. Sadly, this isn’t always the case and I think we all have those days where everything just keeps going wrong, don’t we? It’s on those days that it can be useful to learn some techniques for keeping your positivity up.

I had a day recently where I really struggled to maintain my positive vibes.  I’d recently had my fourth baby, just fourteen months after my third.  It was my first week on my own with all four children as my husband had returned to work. It was my most stressful day of the week anyway as my eldest had swimming and karate after school that day.  Read the full story…. pickthebrain.com

About the Author

Becky Young works at Country Court Care where she see’s first-hand the importance of being a positive person and sharing your optimism with those around you.  She brings joy into the lives of older people every day and they also bring joy to her.


Drew Canole: How To Be Positive – Mindset Monday

Drew Canole: “If you want to achieve success and happiness, you need to be optimistic. There are countless benefits of positive attitude. It’s a state of mind that we should all be develop. When we adopt it as a way of life, changes slowly unfold around us. We become happier, brighter, and more successful.”

However, thoughts and attitude do not change overnight. Some inner work has to be done. For this week’s Mindset Monday, we will give you the 3 things that can help you stay in a positive state.

1) Recognize when you are not being positive.

It’s very important that you acknowledge where you are right now. Assess your current state. Are you being negative? Do you easily see the negativity of things?

If you recognise that you are in a negative state early on, you give yourself an ample time to address it, before it gets worse and become contagious. So start the process in pieces. Think about how you can step out of that negative zone by looking at the brighter side of a negative situation. Maybe, you can think about the smallest things that you feel grateful of. And do it again, and again, and repeat the cycle. In no time, you will slowly feel this change in you. And you will gradually embrace positivity in your life.

2) Practice it.

It’s about pouring your mind with positive thoughts constantly, so that you can get rid of the negativities. We clean our bodies by pouring in clean water, and same goes with positive thoughts that we fuel into our mindsets. When we practice optimism, we begin realising that life can be viewed in a better picture. We don’t have to lock ourselves in a prison cell barred with doubts, fears and insecurities.

Let go of the negative thoughts and embrace the positive side, anytime and anywhere.

3) Laugh at yourself.

We don’t have to take life seriously, all the time. We sometimes find ourselves in a ridiculous or awkward situation. Instead of blaming ourselves or thinking how we messed up. why don’t we just laugh about it and move forward? That way, you can let go of the negativity that surrounds in a negative situation. And start radiating a positive aura by laughing at yourself. If you can afford to laugh at yourself, you can start sharing laughter with others.

Be happy, my friend! It takes a positive mind to unlock the keys of success and happiness. Live with it slowly, one positive step at a time.


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