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everybody I’m Kenneth Copeland this is the believers voice of Victor broadcast let’s have a word of Prayer together father we thank you today we open our ears and we open our eyes our hearts and minds for revelation of Jesus we receive your presence and we thank you for manifesting yourself we give you the praise we give you the honor and all of the glory yes in Jesus name Amen would you join me today in welcoming Jesse Duplantis to this broad catch-all being Jesse we talking about this now let’s go back and read our text and then in fact why don’t you why don’t you just won’t you the first Corinthians 4 mm-hmm and particularly that second verse why don’t you just go ahead and read it and then just allow the Lord just to propel us into there all right first Corinthians 4 verse 2 is this moreover it is required in stewards that a man be found faithful to kind of recap there in my opinion there’s two voices of excitation that are in the Bible one is to have faith and one is to keep faith I know a lot of people may have faith but I’ve noticed through the times that they didn’t keep faith they were not found faithful and one thing that God observes and one thing that God wants is faithfulness you know yesterday we were talking about it faithfulness produces gratefulness and also loyalty I began to realize what this meant that the only Jesus some people may ever see is the Jesus in you or the Jesus in me you know we imitate us of Christ this dear children I never forget one time when man he did it as an insult but I took it as a compliment he said what you’re trying to be like God and I went yes you caught on oh yes it finally struck him and you know first he was trying I could tell you we wanted to do as an insult naturally but when I said yes it shocked him he thought I was gonna say no and I said yes because the Bible said be you therefore imitators of God one thing I know about God is faithful he’s always been there when I wasn’t there I was selling the makeup lady earlier today cherrylle than when I was a sinner God was faithful to me he protected me from Satan he protect him Satan wanted to kill me and wanted to destroy me yet God knew my destiny and destination would be sitting at this table with him yeah you were like me you had a mother prayed for you night and day night and day and she’s faithful very faith my mother was faithful yeah your mother did the same I want that mother’s a powerful you know that’s one thing I sometimes people get a little angry with me maybe and if I’m a little too strong on it then I’ll stand corrected I don’t like it when people talk bad things about Jesus as mama now I know I raised Catholic now I’m not talking about praying to and I’m not talking about like I said I thought that’s his mama and then nobody like nobody talking bad about their mama and Mary with Jesus’s mother and to me when you are 15 years old virgin girl and an angel of the Lord says you’re gonna have a baby and you say how can this be since I know not a man and he explains it and not really very but I would say good Jew just says it the whole spirit come on you can see and she says let it be even as thou hath said now can you imagine the kind of faithfulness and faith it took to believe that she new shoes will get the persecution of the family she new shoes will get the persecution the friends and in fact I can see it Luke 4 when Jesus preaches his first message to a congregation he opens that the book find the place where he’s written the Spirit of the Lord God is upon me now you know and it says toward the end of the chapter there are the end of that the passage that would great day he had gracious words but they still didn’t understand that virgin birth they said is not this Joseph’s son you see when Mary said that Jesus was born of God didn’t believe her they didn’t believe her at all Oh yet she was found faithful in her whole life to what God said and proclaimed him as the Son of the Living God now to me that is a great example of the Lord I think some people may take things to an to an extreme in certain areas and concerning one man told me and you may disagree with this he said that he thought that she was a coal Redeemer now I had to answer that and I answered that at the International believers convention in England if we remember that I said there’s only one there’s no coal Redeemer Jesus is the one that redeems it but I highly honour and an unfavorable the Lord Jesus Christ and mama that was his mother so I thought if she could go through all that and be found faithful I said then why can’t I who God had not requested that of me in terms of that magnitude of of standing when the whole world says it’s totally wrong and you’re lying and whatever but yet she was found faithful John the Baptist found faithful but he did have a little slip you know what I mean when he got a woman he got a man up that it was very lustful and a woman dancing with no clothes on and the girl’s mom but it can’t stand you and asking for your head he sends a message to Jesus and I love what Jesus said he said are you the one John says are you the one that should we wait for another and I can understand that when you but ready to get your brain you won’t get decapitated here in a few minutes and Jesus said well if you want to see something go tell him that the blind see and they and the Deaf hear and then he said something that ministered to me blessed or empowered to prosper is he who’s not offended in me he said what’s the matter John you don’t think I’m working fast enough but I never find and I have searched this scripture where I ever heard the father say are you offended me Jesus and he did say this father why has thou forsaken me but he was so faithful to the cross and I never really understood the word scourge I read it and he was scourge I read it in different translations and I I got one like a twenty seven translation and one but when Mel Gibson did the movie of The Passion of the Christ and many of y’all have saw it it shook people I was in the theater it shook him it just kept beating if people begin to say stop but actually it was worse than Mel could depict on yeah you know him you couldn’t even get there you couldn’t get there and so we realize the depth of the faithfulness of Christ that in physical literal pain and I tell you what I did I don’t know if I ever told you this I got so excited watching the thing I was so engrossed in the movie I forgot that I was in the movie out and when they were just hitting it I’m you might see when they said turn him over they did that you know that that Roman got hit I jumped up and when they hit him I lived to come out my seat and Kathy was trying to pull me down and I said there goes cancer there goes diabetes there goes heart trouble because by His stripes we are healed and the whole stood up and started shouting but I had forgotten them I was in gross to me every stripe well if you got cancer it’s healed by the power Jesus name every stripe that’s faithful boy I mean you know that hurts cutting his flesh to to the bone and yet he says I just healed somebody of diabetes I just healed somebody of Alzheimer I just healed somebody of cancer now that’s found faithful and that’s what I love about Jesus as my Lord and Savior and you think that would be enough that he stopped this from going to hell but he also has our future in mind in heaven and we got a little bit on this yesterday on the reward of faithfulness he said you have a crown of life he he’s already got our destiny and destination out there even when we get to heaven and I you know I inspect my faithfulness Lord I’m not saying am I good enough and I’m not I’m talking to this will I be found faithful you know and I made up my mind and cuz debates make discussions and decision makes choices I made a choice never heard of tithing before yeah we didn’t know what nothing about that we made our money on bingo you know in fairs and that’s how the church that’s what we and when I never forget when the I got saved and we’re in a church and the pastor said it’s time to receive the morning tithe and offer ladies em I thought he said tires good morning time I leaned over to Kathy of the church this was a terrible full gospel – I remember that day so so quick I said the church needs some time he’s just gonna say when this I will say four months before but I wasn’t I was playing rock music I was in a hotel room when I got born in you know accident a bathroom inside of hotel room and I saw I had not yet I had just finished I walked out to the music business on on Christmas Eve 1974 and I was in church January 1975 and heard tithe okay and I went like this and I leaned over she said no it didn’t say tires tie that’s what’s tithe and and of course he went to Malachi 3:10 and favorite I mean you got to understand I’m a had been to church I knew a lot about God but I didn’t know God in in terms of his word we just we wouldn’t we were told not to read the Bible growing up not today the Catholic Church they tell you to read the scripture make a long story short and he said bring all the tithes and the other so yeah and I said I was like a child I went oh okay we’re gonna do that the rest of our lives we that was a decision not a debate I didn’t I didn’t make a disk we didn’t discuss this it’s what Jesus said I said we made a choice and we’ve done it ever since and even my own brother-in-law when I went into the ministry he was an atheist now but he loved me you know I married Kathy sister he said not Jesse I know she’s giving tied to the chair I mean you need the money you’ve gone in a minute man you’re gonna be starving I said we’re not according to the Word of God and then I had ministers saying I’d be careful when you go out there he saw I found God faithfully he found me faithful they would say this you know you used to drink a lot for you say I’ve got the thinking underbidding said what he’s trying to meddle in my past for and I would hope this scripture brother Copeland but they just want to get it I said they said so man if you get around booze it it’s gonna get you and I was saying but but the scripture said not in no mininum but I knew this one therefore if any man be in Christ he’s a new creature I said is that right pastor oh yeah but he says old things have passed away and there and here comes the commentary I know he said that but no no but wait wait this is what he said not is he telling the truth and then I found another scripture I was learning this within the first few weeks of being born again where I could go to a church he said he took you in Furman and I never heard of you we mean better called met them and who would have thought that God had this plan in a in a elevator hello hello that was it because you have gone preach meeting I was going to hear you I never thought I’d never preached with you I just thought I’d go to hear you you know and when I read that scripture he took my infirmity and he brought my sickness my stripes on me and I said it in a in a very faithful way well then I don’t need to get sick no more you would have thought I dropped the nuclear bomb on that church they said well I know God said that but that can’t be in my mother yeah now I look back they weren’t faithful to the Word of God they were faithful to their sickness they just said well that’s just natural and then I would come up with something I guess yeah but Cathy wrote it read scriptures the other day that the natural man receiveth not the things of God oh and they would say in a sense shut up stupid you don’t know much about the Word of God we’ve been in this all our life well they show and helped you because it seems like it it didn’t working for you so I just kept reading the Word of God they were faithful Jesse I noticed this in that same situation because I spent the first two years of this ministry in church situations in and out and around and different things most Christian people are faithful mm-hmm but if you’re not really aware you will get faithful to the denomination or you get faithful to what religion and you really thought all the time that was the Word of God when actually when you get and examine it it wasn’t Bible at all it was what we thought the Bible said commentary I heard Keith Moore preach a whole series emit of of meetings on the title with Jesus wear a Rolex yeah well but that calls them now most I’m telling you most woods with just automatic to say well of course not and then the most of them then would say and neither should you know right not ever stopping to think why they think that yeah but they are very very faithful to it now if someone comes up said well of course he would well now wait a minute why are you saying that yeah here’s this here’s the vast majority to say well no he wouldn’t right uh and neither should you but here’s another group over here that there’s a smile real things that well yes he would well no why are you saying that why are you faithful to that and you and you you get shocked I still get shocked I’ll be I’ll be reading I read the word every day and I read a chapter a day then this is not study this isn’t every day I read the next chapter in the next chapter in the next chapter I don’t know how long I’ve been doing that I don’t know how long I’ve been reading it but it is just so fill and rich and and I and I’ll see something I’ll say I don’t know what I thought that said yeah yeah what what have I been thinking here then go back and say Lord show me that again and you get Christian people are faithful people Jesse I’m talking by and large they’re faithful people and could be people that are born again got God on him yeah that’s right and they’re faithful people well if the devil can’t keep you from getting saved he’ll do his best to get you faithful to something other than the word faithful to somebody other than Jesus jesus said have faith in God well there’s a lot of people been having faith but what in at Sookie so that you just really stirred this up in me there a moment ago for when you say here you come out of a sin world man I mean Mason didn’t know you tl Osman told me one time I was still a student there to Oral Roberts University he said brother Copeland you’re you’re really blessed I said why I’m brother husband he said she was born free he said you didn’t have no religion to unlearn ah that’s good and see you heard the preacher say that and then you heard him read it in the book and you didn’t see no reason why not believe it right so just instantly you became faithful to that scripture right that’s in you Jesus is in there and that’s what you want to do you want to be faithful brother they were faithful to doubt they doubted them you know if you get faithful to it you get faithful to and I thought well all I want to do is because you say it doesn’t work I just want to use the same faithfulness use that you say it doesn’t work that it does work I’m just gonna use the same thing what was the word that they say they said you quoted a little bit ago and you said you just a kid come down here but we’ve been you don’t know what I’m about to worry huh we’ve been there so long we’ve been in this all of our lives hurting at all times very faithful to it yes but when the analyze it and find out what it was their weakness all of us have done some of this but people that were raised up in it if you if your pastors not very very aware to to continue to make sure that you’re singling in on the Word of God not on not on hears or anybody else’s did you begin to believe assumptions yes well that’s just the way it is right yeah well of course that’s Bible when it wasn’t Bible at all right like the three wise men that is not scripture I mean here they come out of wood work about use of their fangs bared here to go three wise men yeah there were three gifts yeah but it’s anything but and actually if all the research that we’ve been able that when we had a good time around here about it one time the dignitary she got in there went digging in that I mean she got history she got everything you can think of and there was anywhere from fifty upwards the whole crew and all of them together was something like four or five hundred people that were in that whole that whole traveling party because they they came out a long ways but tradition just had those three my wise men up Danny it doesn’t take the second figure out where they came from because it got each one I’m bringing one of those three gifts right so so that meant there was only about this much gold and about this much frankincense and about this much mine when it there’s caravan full of it and and all of that and it but you become faithful to assumptions that is a very dangerous idea and a very dangerous thing we do it in and us Word of Faith people I’m telling you we’ve been in this long enough to build our own traditions and if we’re not careful it’s being to do the same thing because Jesse things we learned 35 40 years ago that we latch stone through and went to preaching there and and they revolutionized our lives but we didn’t get all of it when we got that revelation and if if we’re not aware of what we’re doing here and you let that build up over a period of years and different ideas that have come through you through the time of that you better go back and read that thing again get them original notes out and see what it was God said be you instead of what you made up over the last twenty or do you want to ask me this the other day for the coma brother sir you still believe in confession I myself what what did this man say I said yes every day I confess the Word of God is truth yeah and I thought well you know I thought maybe you know some of the word of faith you might have got all the balance and I realized something about religion they can only tell you what you what you can’t do they don’t know what to do oh when I got saved I wanted to know what to do I already knew what I couldn’t do I want to know what to do huh how does this work right that I was I was looking for information that’s what I needed and then Luke 4 I read Luke 4th oh god man the first weekend when I got saved Labor Day weekend 1974 and the Bible said when Jesus went the night he brought it as his customer and went to the synagogue on the Sabbath day what’s this and they delivered to him the book of the prophet Isaiah and you said spirit of Gaza no Ethan he closed the book that struck me he closed the book and gave it to a minister and he sat down now I interpret that was this preach this not your opinions you know what I’m saying that hit me this is a closed book yeah it can’t be amended it is perfect in its entirety and that’s what we’re talking about in faithfulness and olives want to do is learn so when I heard you and give you a compliment I had such a refreshing my first sermon the established heart that’s what I was looking for establish that’s the first thing I ever heard you preach at a John Osteen Thanksgiving thing i sat there I want to be established that and you and you took that scripture and you took the Word of God and I mean by the time I offend you’d finish that that sermon as established I had me I said this is a man that believes he’s established in there there’s a foundation here that you can build what God wants you to build as you go through life whatever you may be right to preach at okay brother Jesse and I’ll be back in just the faithful man is he who is trustworthy with confidence that their trust will not be misplaced faith is the cement that holds society together it’s a quality decision that handles the little things in daily life that will determine your future Jesse Duplantis 2-cd set faithfulness the lifeblood of Christianity teaches you how to trust God’s Word to receive from him reveals the reward for faithfulness and shows you the value that God places on you and your word this foundational teaching proves that faith eliminates need by illustrating how Jesus is faithful he becomes the guarantee of everything you require or desire Jesse opens up the Word of God and brings to life the power and purpose of faithfulness it is an ongoing process that positions you to be found faithful get your copy today and fill your heart with the word that will create your dynamic destiny ordered Jesse Duplantis is CD set faithfulness the lifeblood of Christianity for just 995 and enjoy a special savings of 30% simply log on to KCMG org slash TV special for call or write to us today discover the benefits of living a faithful and joy-filled life for an additional product discount or 48-hour processing order your CD set online for more products from Kenneth Copeland ministries go to kcn org if you have never in your life accepted Jesus Christ of Nazareth as your Lord and Savior then don’t breathe one more breath without saying Lord come into my heart this is I’m telling you and I’m talking to you from forty five and a half years of experience here I came out I was so messed up when I came to the Lord Jesus I thought I had sinned away my whole opportunity to ever do anything right in my life but I look back on it now I have more faith in him than I then then end my ability to mess it up I understand I understand it and that’s what you need to do Jesus is faithful to God the scripture says he’s faithful to God and he’s faithful to you that if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord believe in your heart god raised him from the dead you shall be saved that’s right so just pray this right now just out loud Oh God in heaven Oh God in heaven I believe with all my heart I believe with all my heart Jesus has been raised from the dead Jesus has been raised from the dead come into my heart or Jesus come into my heart Lord Jesus I receive you as my Lord receive you as my lord I receive you as my savior see here’s my Savior I repaired of sin I repent of sin I renounce it I renounce the past or announce the past I renounce the devil and all it stands released and I receive you as my Lord and my Savior CD as my Lord and myself fill me with your precious Holy Spirit fill me with your precious Holy Spirit I receive my supernatural prayer language to receive my supernatural prayer I thank you for it thank you and for the ability to praise you the ability to free your mind I pray it in Jesus name Amen that’s good ever done to it any just what I like if you prayed that let us know use the information on your screen and want to get this little book to you free and postpaid that help you get started studying your Bible amen we’ll see you tomorrow tell them this is Kenneth and Jesse reminding you that Jesus is oh thank you for joining us on the believers voice of victory if you made Jesus Christ the Lord of your life today Kenneth and Gloria Copeland welcome you to the family of God they would like to send you some free information to help you get started in your new life in Christ request your free salvation package on KCMG org learn who you are in Christ and how you can experience all God has for you when you live by faith everything is going to be alright don’t miss the 2012 32nd annual Southwest believers convention at Fort Worth Texas July 2nd through 7th surround yourself with the word based teachings of Kenneth Copeland Gloria Copeland Jerry Savelle Jesse Duplantis Creflo Dollar Keith Moore and bill Winston Friday morning join Kenneth Copeland flip partners meeting in Saturday morning Gloria Copeland teaches healing school 1440 student ministries is available for grades 7 through 12 and super kit Academy will be in session for kids ages 6 through 12 come celebrate the 4th of July with us you [Music]

Jesse Duplantis Ministries:  Today’s message from Dr. Kenneth Copeland and Rev. Jesse Duplantis is on being faithful and having an established heart that is centered on the Word of God to bring honor to the Lord Jesus.


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