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Only Believe Ministries Channel – Botkins, Ohio | Pastors Peter and Phyllis Doseck

Elevate Christian Network :: Ministry Outreach TV

Elevate Christian Network :: Ministry Outreach TV

  • This video shows highlights of Pastor Peter Doseck’s  Miracle Crusade in Mexico City. The ministry team had the honor of ministering to nearly 20,000 people during their visit there. There were many miracles, and over 2,500 salvations.

About Only Believe Ministries Christian Center

The mission of Only Believe Ministries Christian Center (OBMCC) is to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world and win souls. This mission underlies every activity in the church, and every ministry outreach undertaken by the congregation outside the church walls.

To accomplish this mission, Pastors Peter and Phyllis Doseck have dedicated themselves to the following vision points: (1) To fill their 3,200 seat Main Sanctuary to capacity with active, growing, and thriving disciples. (2)  To train their members to live by faith and share the gospel with others.

Humble Beginnings

From very humble beginnings in 1982, when the church building had dirt floors, no electricity or running water, they have undergone significant changes. God has blessed the church, increased attendance exponentially, and allowed the congregation to make an impact locally, regionally, and around the world.

Their church services have expanded to include campuses in Botkins, Kenton, Lima, Dublin, Urbana and Dayton, Ohio.

Pastors Peter and Phyllis Doseck - Only Believe Ministries

Image OBMCC | Pastors Peter and Phyllis Doseck

About Pastors Peter and Phyllis Doseck

In 1981, Peter felt the call of God on his life, and after careful consideration I left his job to enter the ministry. He believed God had called him to be a pastor and a teacher, and he began to prepare for the journey that lay ahead.

By March of 1982, Peter and Phyllis held their first church service in the living room of their small ranch home in Botkins, Ohio.One person came that day, and Only Believe Ministries Christian Center was born. Over the years, God has challenged them to expand their borders, and to increase their faith.

They have pursued His will for their family and church diligently, and they are pressing toward every goal with all of their might. Peter is a noted author and has touched the lives of millions through his miracle and soul winning crusades.


Only Believe Ministries Christian Center - Botkins Ohio

Only Believe Ministries Christian Center – Botkins, Ohio.

  • For the latest updates, news and information, visit them online at: http://obmcc.org



Only Believe Ministries Channel | Pastor Peter Doseck



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