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needed we needed amen the devil hasn’t changed the world hasn’t got any less wicked hasn’t got any less dark the devil is still the devil in God desires to be God amen so Sunday morning at 10 o’clock we’re going to be preaching on being filled with the Holy Ghost and we may yeah we’ll we’ll get into a lot of different stuff but tonight let’s turn our Bibles John 14:23 hallelujah I was going to teach on you know after Easter on Wednesday nights we’re going to start teaching a series about the basic doctrines of Christ there are thirteen of them they’re found in Hebrews 6 1 through 3 and they cover everything from the new birth faith in God new birth and even eschatology and we’ll be taking teaching about that in times and so forth and there is you know a great gap in eschatology being taught today about the rapture and so forth our hope is the rapture of the church amen and people say well I don’t believe in the rapture well you can stay here I really don’t want to argue with you jesus said he’s coming back and he’s going to catch those that are dead in Christ up with him first and then those that are alive and remain he’s gone we’re gonna be caught up to meet him in the air ever to be with the Lord and you want to miss that trip that’s great just miss it you’ll regret it hallelujah so but I’m going to start teaching that right after Easter the week after Easter go and start talking about the doctrines of the scripture and the doctrines of Christ and we need to lay them so that we can go on and to perfection Hebrews 6 3 so but tonight we want to look at John 14 23 John 14:23 and we’re going to talk to you tonight about loving God you would almost think that it’s impossible to express our love for God when he is love that’s all the God is God is love and but we can love God and therefore release God’s love into our life you know it’s been said a million times wrongly that God loves unconditionally no God gives his love unconditionally at the cross but nobody can receive that love without the condition of faith and so you can even say what you want to say but it’s really not true well you know you you can’t do anything to earn the love of God well the Bible says that’s not true so in John the 14th chapter and verse 23 it says jesus answered and said unto him if a man will love me he will keep my words and my father will love him and we will come unto him and make our abode with him and he that loved me not keepeth not my sayings and the word which I say or that ye hear is not my word but the word of the Father which sent me now these things I had I have spoken unto you that you being present with you but the comforter which is the Holy Ghost whom the father will send in my name he shall teach you all things and bring all things back to your remembrance whatsoever things I have said you now let’s go back up to verse 23 because it’s real simple we just need to read it you know there is this belief system that because somebody said that enough were supposed to believe it but the belief system of God is that he wrote these things that we may read them and believe so we have to choose what we’re going to believe and we can’t hear what people are saying to us we need to read the Bible amen and the Bible says in verse 23 and jesus answered and said unto him if a man love me if if if a man love me he will keep my words and my father will love him notice that if a man doesn’t love Jesus in the way that Jesus has just said now I didn’t say this the father will not love him there went your religious book the father will not love him so that tells me that the love of God is given without condition but it is not received nor is it experience without condition and sometimes we think that we just tell get to tell God what he should do and how he’s supposed to do it and I know that me and you would but but I’ve always heard well that’s the problem we need to quit always hearing and we need to read just read the Bible amen and it says this and he will keep my words and my father will love him and we the Father and I will come unto him and make our abode with him he that loveth me not keepeth not my sayings and the word which he here is not of me but the father with sent me so here we have a very simply stick outlay that God’s love is available to any man he needs to receive first of all salvation through Christ Jesus God so loved the world he’d spread that love at the cross that was the unconditional provision but just because God provides something doesn’t mean that people can receive it remember when Paul said in acts the nineteenth chapter have you received the Holy Ghost they said we never even knew that there was anything like the Holy Ghost we haven’t heard about that so they couldn’t receive it because of ignorance a lack of information and then there are people that can’t receive that which God freely demonstrated and gave at Calvary unconditionally they can’t receive it because they refuse to do or to meet the requirement now I didn’t write this is it right here in the Bible now that you can bend your head and read it for yourself this is the misconception of Christianity that just because we’re saved that everything’s going to be okay well everything’s not going to be okay many are the afflictions of the righteous but God will deliver us out of them all if you meet the conditions of deliverance now so here it tells us that Jesus said if you love me David you’re going to keep my Commandments now how do we love God you’re kidding me you got it no no what did it say keep my Commandments all disobedience or proclamations of the rejection of God and the hatred towards the father exert on words okay let’s sweeten them up so that you can eat them like what a crack cow’s berry chocolate egg the cattle what is it Cadbury chocolate egg maybe that’ll make you feel better you know that God wants you to have all these things it doesn’t matter what you do he’s just going to do right by you that’s not true that is a false Christianity when the Bible says that if you declared that he is Lord then you do what he said and if you don’t do what he says you can’t declare lordship over your life and so it’s real simple Jesus says if you love me keep my Commandments is that what it said okay how can we love God keep his Commandments no options keep his Commandments now the Bible says do we love Him because He first loved us in other words if we’re going to keep God’s commandments we have to prefer him above ourselves we have to put his way before our way and we might think that simple but that’s the struggle of every believer it’s not that God hasn’t given us a way out of every situation it’s that we struggle believing that he’s really going to do it and so we choose other options so the first thing we’re going to have to keep somebody say keep his commandments so if you really want to love God just be obedient keep all his Commandments now some people say well what is the commandments well of course love your brother as yourself and love your enemy and but really it’s every word that proceeds out of the mouth god amen if you say well God what do you want me to do in this time of need give that’s a commandment is not an option he has commanded and ordered our steps so we as Christians have to obey the Lord and when we obey God guess what he loves us the son loves us they join together and they make their abode in us in other words all of the enablement of the Trinity comes to the rescue of the believer when we keep his Commandments when we simply love God just put him first I don’t know if you’ve ever heard this we’ve been bought with a price and we are not our so we belong to who when it’s convenient when do we belong to the Lord all the time but we see many Christians living Connelly you know living haphazardly living a half holy life living lives of compromise living lies behind closed doors that they would never live with the doors were open because they simply believe that they’re bought with a price but they still have ownership of their life that’s not Christianity Christianity means that a man has died to himself and come alive to one Christ Jesus Christianity means that we have relinquished all rights of personal will and expression and have surrendered ourselves to him that’s Christianity we are not our own we are bought with the price Christianity is not the slot machine of the Western civilization b-but I mean I’ve met people that Bachelet because they didn’t get the car they were believing for now what does that do what what does that mean that means that there was no way even close to Christianity were those people living they were leaving living in a greed infested world where they thought God would do what they said every time and if they don’t the big threat is well I’m going to backslide as if God’s the one that loses out he’s already got eternal life oh but but God said when we backslide but he doesn’t leave the throne and he doesn’t stop being God and you’re the one that made the choice his choice is no one will pluck you out of your hand my hand but if you’re dumb enough to jump I won’t raise the fence Jesus never laid hold of anybody tied him up so they couldn’t sin because he couldn’t stop him even if he bound him and put him in prison because his brain would carry it out you can’t stop people from sinning if you shackle them their mind will still commit the sin amen absolutely so you say well well I didn’t really steal it but you were looking for a way to steal so did you already steal it well yeah I guess it by planting in my heart and that was my purpose and all that I guess I did steal it I guess you did too and so we as Christians really and I say this and no no disrespect but I’m telling you that 90% of the church doesn’t even know what Christianity is we get offended because somebody said in our pew on Sunday morning and you call that persecution let me take you over and show you somebody that had their eyes plucked out or their arm cut off for Christianity let me take you and show you a whole household slain with the machete because of their Christian faith let me show you what persecution really is because we have never tasted it and so when we talk about Christianity we talk about God and heaven being Las Vegas and hopefully we give to God and we command the Lord who said what the Bible does say we command the Lord the Bible don’t say you command the Lord but you have no authority to command God you have an authority to remind him therefore he always watches over his word and he has commanded himself man cannot manipulate God and so I think that it would be good that we remember that just because we have access to heaven that God is not going to go bankrupt if we don’t by heavens Big Macs yes we we treat heaven so pathetically that most Christians have no honor for God in their life at all well what do you mean I honor God you certainly do when it’s convenient but honor means that all the time his way or no way and we’re not going to take a poll of how many people disobeyed that today we do it all the time some way we think that God can’t live without us but remember what he told Moses once you get out of the way I’ll kill them all and I’ll raise up a brand new nation out of you Moses now I don’t know how many wives Moses would have needed to do that I don’t know how long he would have needed to live but God would have done it and it’s only because of Moses intercession did God not destroy Israel and we think they’re so brutish and so forward and so hard but if you want to see Israel in the 21st century just look at the church and so when we say that we love God think of what God said he asked you to do that it’s not in word only but in deed and in truth now how do we love God keep his Commandments when all the time all the time now when we look at doing that how easy is it to get Luke 1 it’s pretty easy isn’t it and we get lukewarm and we don’t even know it I’m so glad you’re happy let’s go to 1st John 1st John the fifth chapter and verse 7 this is a lot of scriptures but we’re going to read them first John I’m sorry the 4th chapter and verse 7 this is another way that we love God is not an option these are the only ways that we’ve got and I’m not trying to doggy and throw water on your parade but you know it is time that we wake up I mean how about if God said we were going to cast out Devils have you ever questioned yourself why they never come out with you we never questioned ourselves we always blame other things we twist doctrine we twist the things of God because we don’t meet the criteria to do what God said that we would do I mean when I pray for somebody that’s blind out blind I don’t come open I don’t say well I guess God didn’t want it now that would be a lie oh well you know maybe God just you know later he’s gonna heal you that’s not true at all because faith is always now and so but we create all these doctrines to justify ourselves but if a blind I don’t get open I don’t say well God what’s the problem with those people not a problem of those people it’s problem with me oh but they don’t have faith they don’t have this then why did you call them up if I feel like God wants me to call somebody out had nothing to do with their faith has everything to do with me and God amen and if I’m sowing seed for a miracle and as the harvest doesn’t come I don’t say well God what’d you do wrong I start looking at myself or Philippi which was the easiest the conclusion but you don’t start looking at ways to push it off on God or to blame it on somebody else I had a lady one time tell me she said I got all the faith in the world that this blind eyes gone open I said well if you had all the faith in the world sweetheart you wouldn’t be standing here waiting to see me but I got all the faith in the world I said okay so I’ll just lay my hands on him praying let’s see what your fate does she’s blind as a bat but then when I said really you just think you know something so how about you just letting me pray for you and I’ll have faith for your blind eye and you know what then she got to see how good-looking I was see we we just are afraid to take responsibility true God has never failed me but I failed him a thousand times millions of times and we don’t God doesn’t fail us our faith doesn’t fail we fail faith now first John 4:7 Wow loving God I thought this was going to be a marshmallow message now and it says if beloved let us love one another for love is of God and every one that loveth is born of God and knoweth God he that loveth not knoweth not God for god is love in this was manifest the love of God towards us because God sent His only begotten Son into the world that we might live through him herein is love not that we loved God but that he loved us and he sent his son to be the perpetuation for our sins beloved if God so loved us we are to love one another now remember we’re talking about how we can love God and then he says it no man has seen God at any time if you love one another god dwelleth in US and his love is perfected in us here by no way that we dwell in him and he in us because he hath given us his spirit and we have seen and do testify that the father sent his son to be the savior of the world whosoever shall confess that Jesus Christ is the son of God God dwelleth in him and he in God and if we know we have known him and believed the love of God that hath to us God is love and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God and God in him herein is our love made perfect that we might have boldness as in the day of judgment because as he is so are we in this world that there is no fear in love but perfect love casts out fear because fear hath torment and that fear and he that feareth is not made perfect in love we love him because he first loved us if a man say I love God and hateth his brother he is a liar and he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen how can he love God whom he hath not seen and this commandment have we from him that he who loveth God loveth his brother also now the first way that we love God is to keep his Commandments right his way always the second way is that we love the brother if we do not love the brother in any aspect that is defined by love then we don’t love God now that’s pretty tough that means we got to love the unlovable that means we have to love our enemies that means that we have to love our brother above ourselves love our neighbor as ourselves what would you want somebody doing to you in a hard time then that’s what we are to do for them now we are very poetic at saying man I just love the brother man I love people but you never do anything for them I would say you don’t love them at all because we love in Word and in deed so if we don’t respond to people’s needs their hardships their brokenness their struggles if we have this world’s goods and see somebody’s needs and don’t need them then how do well the love of God in us in other words we don’t have any love for God because we aren’t responding the way that God that dwells in us would respond amen what if we all took one day 24 hours are you pretty good at 24 hour things you could do something for 24 hours and and not just lose your mind tomorrow we all get up and we proclaim a Jesus day and we do everything that Jesus would do to the people that we run into no matter what it is we would do just what Jesus would do if he was here no more pointing people to the highway that doesn’t exist no more being aggravated no more being angry no more being quick to say something when you don’t even know one iota about what’s going on not speaking one thing not believing one evil thing about anybody in the day including your wife in your husband and you know everybody does that I get up in the morning I think you know if Phyllis would just keep her junk over there I could have a nice space but you know she throws it all over on my sink thinking or hoping I’m going to get it wet and then try to move it but I’m wiser than that now I don’t do that I just try to move it all over tell me how a woman has an eight-foot counter and a make up place that she doesn’t ever use and a makeup chair that had the towel over it so don’t get dirty what why even have the chair there and then she’s right beside mine and I’ve got like a 4-foot and she owns two foot up now my personal thinking in the morning is why doesn’t she just put it back but tomorrow I’m not gonna think that I’m gonna push it right on the floor and say you know what Jesus open her eyes that you don’t trip over them then that would be the fair thing to do but we all think things less even of people that live with us people that we work with people that we come in contact with because that Adamic nature is still alive in believers and we got to put it off so if we’re going to love God the measuring stick is that we keep his Commandments the second thing is people have to see us loving them as if God was loving us now I think that we all think oh wow I could do that tomorrow it will be of the world would be a better place if we can accomplish that for 24 hours in a day we’re gonna call it Jesus day when they tell that’s nice of you say don’t expect that tomorrow brother today is the only day I’m buying you a cup of coffee so we’re going to have Jesus day and no matter what it takes we’re going to do it as if Jesus was that person and we’re going to express our love to them as if it was him in person yeah well yeah we’re all going to sleep in tomorrow nope really do you really these are the things that allow God and the Father will love you in other words he will ravish you with abundance of blessing because he will not be able to contain himself now that that’s what God wants you to do now let’s go to one more Scripture and we’re going to wrap up here we’re going to go to Roman’s of the eighth chapter and verse 28 and I kid Phyllis and you all know that I love Phyllis deeply I love her to her grave I love her after her grave might love her more after her Roman oh yeah that’s where I am Romans eighth chapter alright Romans eighth chapter in verse 28 we know that all things work together for good to them that everything is going to turn out good if if we love God so if you want everything to turn out right every battle to be successful every attack of disease to be transformed into a bed of healing every need to be transformed into an abundance what do we have to do we have to love God what’s a criteria loving God keep his commandment and love every body the way that God has loved you He gave His life for you so now we see something that when were in crisis if we love God we will do what keep his Commandments and if you will keep his Commandments in a crisis you become a doer of the word and the blessing from being a doer or a keeper of the commandments of God is victory right so when we get into battles and all that kind of stuff all you got to do love gone just keep his Commandments don’t get off-track don’t start crying oh Jesus where are you don’t start whining don’t start moaning don’t start disbelieving don’t start blaming don’t do anything just keep his Commandments if you’re in financial need you’re so a seed and you keep giving and you keep thanking him you still give offerings of praise and thanksgiving under God and you keep keep keep keep keep his Commandments that’s all you have to do the devil cannot win when you are in love with God and God is showering you with abundance you think about Abraham God said he’s my eternal friend you mess with him you mess with me he told Israel my enemies will be your enemies but many times we see us fighting battles that we don’t win why because some place along the line we stop doing his commandment for that situation we stop loving other people I had a man come into my office one time and he said pastor I just stopped by said I’m a truck driver stopped by for you to pray for me I said okay well what’s wrong with you he said I got back problems and he said I’m telling you I mean I really got back from I can’t hardly walk he said and it really affects my my job my truck driving and I said okay so I I just kept talking because I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t feel like I wanted to pray for him and so I said this to him I said if I was you and I was sick I would go buy groceries and I would go out and I would minister to the poor and I gave him Psalms 41 one through five that said if you consider the poor that God will bless you on this earth he’ll turn your bed sickness and disease into a bed of celebration so when I thought to myself but God he wants me to pray for him God says he doesn’t need prayer what he needs to do is do what he knows to do and that was the greatest release of faith not to piggyback off of somebody else’s faith but to set in motion something that would radically make a difference in his life and he didn’t like that now I felt bad that he wouldn’t do what God wanted him to do but it didn’t affect me I didn’t have back problems so he left my office the same way he came in disgruntled complaining except he had me on the list now and he went down the road stayed sick and as far as I know 20 years later he’s still sick hidden that horrible thing because he’s just bone lazy I told him what to do and he wouldn’t do it be like Elijah telling name and then go down there and dip seven times in the Jordan I ain’t going down okay then go home with leprosy so how what do we do in the midst of crisis so that everything turned out beautiful don’t you want beautiful lives I want everything to be a bed of roses without the thorns so when I’m in a crisis I want to love God why because it’s not whether I’m glorified is not whether I get something it’s whether God is revealed to world so if I will keep his Commandments he will reveal himself to the world and grant me a good end amen so we keep his Commandments somebody say keep his Commandments and then we love the brother the same way he loved us we give our lives give our lives and then we want things to come out good just keep doing his commandments no matter how bad it gets amen praise God all right let’s stand our feet Sunday morning don’t forget to bring people don’t have the infilling of the Holy Ghost we want to believe God they didn’t bring him even if their sin or bring him well God won’t fill them where the Holy Ghost I know but he might save them and then fill them with the Holy Ghost amen father in the name of Jesus now God I believe that people sincerely want to love you and I I do God sincerely believe that people think they’re loving you but God I asked you that tomorrow on Jesus day that you would open our eyes and let us love as if we were loving Jesus as we meet other people I ask God that you would open our eyes that we would really see the depth of our love by the commitment of our obedience now God go with the people refresh them and strengthen them keep them God and we thank you for it in Jesus name Amen and amen god bless you

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About Only Believe Ministries Christian Center

The mission of Only Believe Ministries Christian Center (OBMCC) is to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world and win souls. This mission underlies every activity in the church, and every ministry outreach undertaken by the congregation outside the church walls.

To accomplish this mission, Pastors Peter and Phyllis Doseck have dedicated themselves to the following vision points: (1) To fill their 3,200 seat Main Sanctuary to capacity with active, growing, and thriving disciples. (2)  To train their members to live by faith and share the gospel with others.

Humble Beginnings

From very humble beginnings in 1982, when the church building had dirt floors, no electricity or running water, they have undergone significant changes. God has blessed the church, increased attendance exponentially, and allowed the congregation to make an impact locally, regionally, and around the world.

Their church services have expanded to include campuses in Botkins, Kenton, Lima, Dublin, Urbana and Dayton, Ohio.

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About Pastors Peter and Phyllis Doseck

In 1981, Peter felt the call of God on his life, and after careful consideration I left his job to enter the ministry. He believed God had called him to be a pastor and a teacher, and he began to prepare for the journey that lay ahead.

By March of 1982, Peter and Phyllis held their first church service in the living room of their small ranch home in Botkins, Ohio.One person came that day, and Only Believe Ministries Christian Center was born. Over the years, God has challenged them to expand their borders, and to increase their faith.

They have pursued His will for their family and church diligently, and they are pressing toward every goal with all of their might. Peter is a noted author and has touched the lives of millions through his miracle and soul winning crusades.


Only Believe Ministries Christian Center - Botkins Ohio

Only Believe Ministries Christian Center – Botkins, Ohio.

  • For the latest updates, news and information, visit them online at: http://obmcc.org



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