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Best Foods to Eat in the Gym: Maximize your Workout- Thomas DeLauer… All about what you can do before going to the gym, a while at the gym, and AFTER the gym. http://www.ThomasDeLauer.com

This video was originally created for SixPackShortcuts but I wanted to be able to provide my channel viewers with the opportunity to see it as well! Please check out SixPackShortcuts for more of my videos on their channel. This video shows you the best foods to eat in the gym, or at least surrounding your gym time. For example, I will take you through the perfect pre workout meal to eat, as well as some tricks that you can implement when you’re IN the gym, and then of course, a quick recipe for when you get home from the gym as well!

I’ll explain the benefits of fructose before a workout, but also explain the benefits of healthy Omega-3 fatty acids after your workout as well! As always, keep it locked in here on my channel and check out my additional videos on Sixpack Shortcuts as well!


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