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you know my the one thing that’s got to stick right where it is I’ve got to get up and be with him by myself and I want what I’m after more than anything else is I want that sense and I know this is not all about feeling and i i don’t approach it that way but i do want to have a sense of God’s presence I do that is what I’m seeking I want to walk with him I want to know that he’s with me and that I am in in him and that he is he is working around me and what in what I’m encountering so it’s gonna start off right there and I love what you said I I agree I don’t have an exact way I do prayer every single day I always start out the day with him but sometimes I go flat on the floor I’ve had times when I’m just going facedown on the floor and going I’m gonna lay here until I know that you are in this room with me that you are dwelling with me and that you that there’s nothing that is between us that’s going to be my time of confessing right sin that Tom you know one of the things that I approach on my prayer time as that means of I’ll pour out Lord and then you pour in I want your Holy Spirit to fill me up and then I’ll kind of change postures I’ll walk around in my den and you listen my dogs will start you know just like running under something when I get up that means it’s about we’re about to get some volume going here and other times I’ll go for a walk and just pray but what I feel like that morning does and this is where I really want a young mom to hear this can be something that does this doesn’t have to be an hour long this means you’re opening the door if you took the five minutes five minutes to say I want this door completely open between us I want that where we can have fellowship all day long it’s like hitting the talk button on our cell phone and then instead of instead of ending the call it stays open all day and so we just pick it up over and over through the day and then the course of what we’re doing with our children and the course what we’re doing in our workplace to me that’s that’s how that it stays sometimes Joyce even in an elevator I’ll sum what the doors will open and I’ll be in there by myself but I was talking to God because I was just kind of catching up with him on something and someone will get on and they’ll know that I was talking when the door is open but there was no way it’s a hard thing to explain this relationship we have with Jesus but that’s what I’m looking for is that that door gets opened in the morning and of course we know he’s always present with us right he never leaves us nor forsakes us but i want to walk in the sense of that right as as brother Lawrence said I want to practice his presence right

Joyce Meyer sits down with one 2016’s Love Life Conference speakers, Beth Moore, as she explains how connecting each day with God helps her Love Life!

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