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Elevate Christian Network :: Ministry Outreach TV

Elevate Christian Network :: Ministry Outreach TV

Video Transcript

hi I’m Bill Johnson you’re watching all together now with Roy and Melanie fields the following program is sponsored by the friends and partners of run with fire ministries [Music] today on all together now the second time we prayed how many of you can say Jesus healed my body wave your head the second time wave your hands over your head see who you are way back down here bless so now all of you that were healed wave your hands I want to see who you are just wave your hands over your head that’s good we need the forerunners the ones who stand head and shoulders above everyone but they are they’re not under themselves they are there to equip the Saints so that what once used to be a high level of breakthrough for an individual becomes the new level for the get ready because you are life is about to get rapped found it on salvation worship and healing we run with fire sounds of revival intimate and fresh word live from the one woodfire studio in Orlando Florida all together now with Roy and Melanie fields [Music] my [Music] we’ve got [Music] – all together now well I know you’ve been waiting for this and it’s finally here it’s the new live DVD and CD stand up by Roy fields I mean as we were traveling around the world Roy was writing these songs right in the midst of revival we were like let’s get them on CD so we went to Binghamton New York in this live worship experience and we got we caught this live atmosphere I mean the CD is 14 songs the DVD almost 3 hours of this live worship experience plus all these behind the scene interviews about Roy’s life and how God touches him early on we just want to get this into your hands call that number that’s on your screen right now it’s just a love gift of $35 or more we’ll get into your home into your car wherever the presence of God can talk to you hi I’m Bill Johnson you’re watching all together now with Roy and Melanie fields we’ll be right back [Music] [Music] we now return to all together now [Music] bill johnson so good to have you here thanks this is awesome you know I’ve been waiting for this interview again we met I think you were with each other in the studio three years ago or so yeah helped us start off the show and everything right I want to start right off the bat I want to go left field with you it go way off the map can hardly wait I can’t wait to hear what the questions gonna be ready take me back to Bill Johnson at 16 years of age long hair sandals no shoes tell me where you were at 16 years of age what was going on with Bill Johnson oh the long hair didn’t come till 19 but oh yeah okay oh goodness I I was just very much into sports you know I had just a lot of passion for for sports for baseball and football primarily and had planned to play professional baseball and that was that was really what I that was my life I ate it drank it slept in your dad was a passenger yeah yeah I you know I I had a tender heart towards the Lord you know always did to be honest but I didn’t I didn’t know what it looked like and I didn’t have many peers around me that that really modeled what that kind of relationship with God was like I we around young kids at that time or did you have adults mainly in your laws a smaller small church so there wasn’t a lot of youth you know at that particular time so mainly adults yeah so a couple years later we moved up to where I’m at now which is writing and and that was a real revival at the young people and that’s when my heart started to really turn towards the Lord really in a passionate all that way and I just didn’t minister it was never an issue I mean my parents never brought it up once you know their their goals that I’d make it the hell they have that was their ambition oh yeah yeah because I just didn’t have great interest in overtly and the things of the Lord you know they just they just wanted me to to get to heaven you know my brother always had 10 and they thought he might be a pastor or something but but anyway long story short is Mario Murillo the preaching of Mario really really impacted my life oh yeah I of my life yeah I’m in my life he just were relentless on all for Jesus all you got like a key thing he might have said in one meeting you call or something there’s probably it was well it was it was just everything’s for Jesus there’s no other reason to be alive you know he was extremely focused and relentless and and I you know for me you know it’s all I knew but Jesus was a part of my life he wasn’t my life you know and and he just Mario just laid it down week after week after week and he became into this day’s very close friend of our family but his preaching really turned me around and I remember the Saturday night just saying absolutely.i from this point on you have everything you’re in a meeting last night no I was at home you’re at home you know said you’d been to a meeting the day before and then that was like the next day no it just no I hadn’t been storing I’d been to so many course in ready and we I traveled down to Chico below where we lived in other cities where he was preaching and just get hammered week after week you know from his his a very very strong message of surrender to Christ and changed my life and I finally said yes what was the what was like the common not the common that’s the wrong question what was the I don’t know you said you said it really impacted you what was maybe one of the major keys that just really struck you and you said yeah this is where I need to go this is the change like what was that I don’t know if maybe you can’t even answer that question it’s so broad in that well it was a combination of the of the power in the message you know there’s there’s something you can’t it’s hard to quantify the power that is in a message when it’s preached when somebody just just preaches what Jesus preached you know you lose your life to gain it and if you see the message made sense all of a sudden made sense and but it wasn’t like that before not okay but what helped is there was a whole bunch of young people around at that time okay that had said yes to his message already and I can see their lives I could see the joy I could see the freedom the purpose all the stuff so you’re denying your dynamic change from the adults surrounding – you saw these young people your age and that yeah you said oh wow I want to be like that that’s that’s happened in my culture yeah yeah yeah I saw passion in people my age and I just hadn’t seen it before ever I’ve heard my wife do you see that same passion today in the youth oh yeah oh yeah what’s happened now it’s common yeah it’s common but it was pretty rare then okay so now you’ve had this experience now you’ve had this change Maura Murillo walk me through the next ten years a little bit let’s let’s take the journey with Bill Johnson now he’s got this new lease on life he’s met Jesus he’s got the message it resonates would you say that that became this is my purpose in life Oh totally no I had no other options it wasn’t just I want to be like my dad this is I want to know you like God like no it was it was a yes to absolute surrender to Christ period nothing else matters it’s it’s like I don’t have any options I got rid of all the options I I counted the cost once I don’t need to do it again I said yes I’ve never I’ve never taken it back so it took me a while to get to that point but when I did you know I said yes so that’s I instantly overnight it became a student and the next 10 years you get involved in all kinds of animals wherever they needed help really oh yeah all the ends on deck guy got absolutely and needed help with junior high kids that’s what I would do they needed help with Street where you have it like revival meetings and stuff turtle coming in Christ yeah yeah yeah a lot of that stuff I’ve reached no no no no no would never talk to me oh no no I was not a speaker okay that’s interesting I didn’t know that I thought you know usually you have a pasture and he has a son he wants to emulate you were totally awesome no no no no I just I I wouldn’t I mean in school I’d rather take an F on oral exam than answer the question out front you know okay didn’t when did that change it mm-hmm I mean bill your today in 2016 and I know you do it for the Lord but your name is absolutely synonymous with the move of God healing and Colt revival culture obviously something changed in your life where you became a speaker well you did weren’t afraid of the public or what was that I was kind of forced into it alone as I ran a ministry but I had somebody else till the speaking and one week he said I won’t be doing it anymore you will and he was the one I was accountable earth thrust into it yeah but also help to have something to say and it’s hard to talk when you don’t have message yeah when you’re not carrying something but you know I I went from a non-reader to a devourer of the word and books I would breathe especially books on prayer you know the lifestyle of Prayer the devotion that for a resells intercessor and praying high in all those books you know I became very committed to reading reading the scripture every day I don’t miss I just don’t miss so he came new every day as you read it you know it’s alive yeah it’s a lot you know it it’s not I’m not I don’t study to teach I studied to learn I studied be changed and then I just take out of what what I’m learning in my own change and that’s what I feed people let’s take you to 40 years old you’re married your wife many mm-hmm your sons do three two boys and a girl yeah two boys and I go yeah so that girl was totally protective and your prayer life probably increased as she got older but you’re 40 years old now you’re married you’re in life here you’re moving on with the things of God and I want to take you in this net we only got about a minute and then we’re going to break but is your identity still being formed during that time as you’re 40 years old oh yeah or did you come to a place where you found it well how does that you know I don’t know I mean a broad question it’s it’s both our truth okay you know I had an identity I knew what I was around for and what what I was supposed to be doing my function you know and and where I get my identity from my identity isn’t in my job it’s in it’s in my relationships and the voice of the one who called me you know so that’s the identity issue and that was pretty intact but it’s still changing I’m not changing it’s still evolving is still evolving you know it then what still it’s still being you know strengthened I hope you know where he’s just molding and shaping and their seasons where he does that their seasons where he releases seasons where he brings back to the potter’s wheel does some more work I want to talk about that evolving yeah we’re still evolving yeah yeah absolutely hey listen we’re gonna come right back right after this with Bill Johnson [Music] we’ll be right back – all together now [Music] [Music] we now return to all together now hello we’re back with Bill Johnson we’re just hanging out here at the coffee table with the word just getting to know Bill a little bit more here we talked about evolving your identity in Christ as a Christian you’re evolving and the gifts are evolving in your ministry calling you’re evolving we mentioned how you were four years old and I want to take you now the next 20 years that were coming to this point now and I forgive me if I’m actually aging here we’re all getting older nobody’s a younger but you were touched by John limbers ministry weren’t you I was yeah deeply 1987 yeah it took walk me through that a little bit how was your exposure to his ministry and how did it affect you I went to a conference I I would have seasons where we’d pray for the sick I just was hungry to see what’s in the Bible happened and sweet have season is praying for the sick nothing what happened I’d get discouraged and stopped I heard about Wimber I went to a conference and I heard him I heard him and his team teach saying exact things I’d talk exact illustrations the same day but I thought were mines and I came home both frustrated but encouraged encouraged that I was hearing from the Lord but frustrated because they had fruit and I didn’t and it became obvious I needed to I need to I need to put heard Amanda what I believed and take risk take greater risk I taken what I thought was risk but it wasn’t wasn’t risk in his eyes came back and they started immediately that wait part of it was just the anointing that was there that I think was contagious you know part of it had to do with our obedience my obedience and taking risk so we saw immediate breakthrough and it start I never met him I never certainly didn’t have hands laid on me or anything like that I was in a room with five for a pass okay now but I was you know I’m in a room with 5,000 other people you know at the same event but it was very very good for me too to have something proven that I had hoped was true and that was everybody was called to do it and and that’s the motto we’ve always followed I lived with that conviction for a long time my dad taught us the priesthood of every believer and and that every believer has a responsibility so you think it’s moving away from where the one guy ministry to the body ministry yes obviously Mario Murillo touched you he would have been a one-man ministry with other followers and then John Wimber is kind of the point man in a lot of ways you’re the point man for Bethel for your ministry but I see you doing something this is what I look at I come from different camps too but I see you and like Toronto and you know your friends John are not any Baker I could just name it on Randy Clark all day I could drip all day long you guys to me have been the mists is the way I look at it the movement that’s happen is you have gone from the stage to empower the people literally to go do this stuff yeah and you’re almost like the true almost what really want to go behind the scenes to say I want to watch yeah is that right yeah it’s mostly right it’s I mean that’s exactly what’s happened that’s as we spend our life equipping people the the need for the individual carrying their breakthrough anointing will never cease we need the forerunners the ones who stand head and shoulders above everyone else but they are they’re not under themselves they’re there to equip the Saints so that what once used to be a high level of breakthrough for an individual becomes the new level for the body of Christ and in history I don’t know of any season or that that took place it may have happened but I’m not aware in church history of that happening yeah where where the breakthroughs of one became something that was common for everyone but I think that’s what the Lord is doing in fact I’m positive but it’s still good to come and listen to the speaker speak of what he’s sharing it’s like Jesus right we need the generals in the army we always need the generals memory they help to clarify they hope to add they help to impart release anointing that impartation things huge but they also help to bring kind of a prophetic clarity on what we’re doing why we’re doing what we’re doing and they help you know they help just to keep the army clean and healthy and accountable and so it all you always have the individuals that are head and shoulders above the but they are there for the sake of others why are you so nice why am I so nice don’t know am i nice you know why are you so nice where did you pick that up from well I don’t know it wasn’t intentional do you know why I asked because when I sit down with you and I’m not trying to be super creative here but when I sit down with you it’s like what I’m with Heidi it’s a peaceful atmosphere no yeah there’s no fluff there’s no it’s like I’m sitting in your living room right where does that come from well I hope it’s it happens culture that’s that’s our ambition is to live mirroring the reality of that world you know where we everything in heaven is connected to the manifest presence of God and when you live with an awareness of him it changes how you face a problem changes how you react to difficulty it changes your response to friends to covenant to relationship accountability you know everything’s affected by that so I hope that that would be the reason and I think that’s the that’s the ambition would you be would it be fair to say that you actually know God I’m getting to know him but it’s an ongoing evolving situation it’s a growing one yeah yeah so I was telling Heidi this in the other interview I was in a plane flying somewhere and I was reading in first well not first the John chapter 17 verse 1 through 3 and I got to the scripture and I was having this concept and I want to get your take on it I was thinking about what does heaven really like and what is really the value of heaven you know you wrote a book called having made earth when with him when heaven invades earth which by the way I remember you telling me that thing is moving quicker than when you first wrote it it’s amazing so there’s a real hunger for the pseudonym there’s but I got this concept and I think it comes from the Lord you can maybe help me with this we just had about it for a second I got to the scripture where Jesus is praying and he says to God he says and this is eternal life I’m reading it that they may know you the only true God and I had this thought I think that’s better than heaven what don’t you think and just be candid with me don’t you think you would get bored looking at the streets of gold every single day I’ve seen gold I look at any go I go that’s nice and then I’m like what’s next the gates the Jasper the Pearl wouldn’t you say knowing God I mean Jesus said this is he’s saying that knowing him right now is actually eternal life what’s your take on that Scripture he is heaven I mean that’s the whole point there’s nothing in heaven that is separate from him it’s not about the houses it’s no that’s all a part of it because that’s the way he is as a father as a father he just delights in supplying the fulfillment to dreams desires wishes aspirations talents abilities all that stuff that’s the way he looks for that but it’s all in the context of knowing him knowing him is eternal that’s life knowing him is life are we an attorney right now but we’re here on earth yeah yeah we are it’s it’s but it’s you know let’s face it we’re in bodies that are not eternal and so there’s there’s limitation restrictions or to everything that we have we get all of it we taste it now but there’s so much more to come you know it’s I do think eternity has started yes for us as a new believer I will live forever I will step from this life into the next but you know I to be honest I don’t I don’t think a whole bunch about that I my life is spent trying to discover what’s possible now and you you absolutely I watched an interview did you feel absolutely you even got choked up about it you said you feel absolutely obligated that you must produce fruit with your life yeah well like you were choked up about it so that’s that’s you’ve got that revelation thank Jesus curse the fig tree for not bearing fruit out of season he’s the only one who has the right to expect fruit that’s impossible so I have to be breaking into the impossible to bring him the fruit he’s looking for gets through the barrier keep on challenging go through every obstacle yeah gotta bring stuff to him that I can’t do he can only you can do it but he’s willing to do it through me so last question dip I asked Reinhard’s this question I’ve been asking everybody seems these days when your time is up here on earth you cross over into eternity literally not some pie-in-the-sky thing you literally cross over into eternity do you have thoughts about that what it might be like hmm what do you think you’re gonna encounter the Bible says many things but we really don’t know but you might have maybe a glimpse what do you think it’s gonna be like perfect you know absolute perfect beauty absolute perfect peace absolute perfect love absolute perfect everything I mean it’s it all comes from his face everything about heaven really comes from his eyes speaking of the Father speaking of Jesus you know they’re one in the same okay in that sense I mean I believe Father Son and Holy Spirit but Jesus said if you’ve seen me seeing the father so there’s there’s that which emanates from the father it’s a perfect peace yeah it’s it’s it’s perfect but it’s also you know there’s also adventure you know we we’ll know as we are known so we will know a whole bunch but we won’t know everything yeah because he says in the ages to come we’ll discover the surpassing riches of His grace which means there’s discovery throughout all of eternity the whole issue of grace will be something that will take you turning eat unravel and every aspect of is love his person his goodness as I consider the cornerstone of old theology is the goodness of the Lord all of eternity will be spent just discovering His goodness and so we will we will not be bored you know I don’t think that what a continuous adventure of discovering yet and and having the courage and the Liberty to do so that’s awesome bill I I really from the bottom of my heart and you know this we’ve known each other on the phone and different places I really like thank you for believing in us and we believe in you know what God’s doing you’re such an encouraging voice to us this book we’ve what many times and it’s just awesome what you’re doing so thank you thank you thank you so much [Music]

Bill Johnson Interview: In this episode Roy Fields (Run With Fire Ministries) talks with Bill Johnson about the things of God. In this in depth conversation, you will find out about Bill’s past and how God drew him towards the calling he is fulfilling in his life today. It’s touching millions all over the world.

About Pastors Bill and Beni Johnson

Bill Johnson and his wife Beni Johnson are both authors, itinerant speakers and Senior Pastors of Bethel Church in Redding, California. Pastor Bill has also been interviewed and highlighted on CBN and Trinity Broadcasting Network. He has been featured on the cover of Charisma magazine and has appeared as a guest on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural TV Show.

Together Pastors Bill and Beni serve a growing number of churches partnered for revival. This apostolic network has crossed denominational lines in building relationships that enable church leaders to walk in both purity and power. Their three children and spouses are all involved in full-time ministry.

Healings and Miracles

His greatest breakthrough in ministry came after attending two conferences in 1987 put on by John Wimber. Pastor Johnson realized he needed to “put a demand” on what he believed – his risk factor had to line up with the boldness of his beliefs. As he did this there was an immediate change in his ministry and he began to see healing and miracles increase.

After Pastor Johnson moved back to Bethel Church in Redding in 1996, the outpouring began almost immediately and continued to grow.  Today, healings, ranging from cancer to broken bones, to learning disorders and emotional healing, happen with regularity.

Bill Johnson Ministries - Bethel Church - Redding California

Bill Johnson Ministries: Bethel Church is a community of worshippers in Redding, California. They exist to ignite individual hearts until Heaven meets Earth. We gather to encounter God’s presence, where personal revival starts. | image courtesy: bjm.org

  • For the latest updates, news and information, visit them online at: http://bjm.org



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Pastor Bill Johnson ministering at Bethel Church in Redding California

Pastor Bill Johnson ministering at Bethel Church in Redding, California | Image courtesy: bethel.tv



Pastor Bill Johnson interview on Sid Roth It's Supernatural TV Show

Pastor Bill Johnson interview on Sid Roth It’s Supernatural TV Show | Image courtesy: sidroth.org



Pastors Bill and Beni Johnson interview on Bethel TV

Pastors Bill and Beni Johnson interview on Bethel TV | Image courtesy: bethel.tv



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Video Transcript

I in talking with Pastor Robert this last week I found out you guys have been doing a study on the presence of the Lord and of course he said I could talk about whatever is in my heart which I always appreciate but there’s nothing that stirs me more than the privilege of being able to talk to people about the presence and one of the interesting things in scripture about the presence of God is whenever in the Old Testament and oftentimes in the new when the presence of the Lord is mentioned the word for presence is actually face if you know anything about the subject of the face of God in Scripture it is the sign of God’s favor so when his face shines upon you if you remember the prayer the priestly blessing that Aaron was to give over Israel every day part of that blessing was the shining face of God the Father over his children years ago I wrote a book on the face to face of God when I was doing writing that book somebody came to me and they said they’ve they found that that there’s a joy center in the brain that is actually trained and activated by the countenance of caregivers so the mom that I mean when you’re holding an infant you make faces and say things you would never say to another human being you know noises and stuff and that there’s something in that process that actually activates joy in that child and if you think about it it’s the shining face of the father that teaches us real joy as well it’s knowing that we are accepted and not just accepted but celebrated by a perfect father so when we talk about the presence of God we’re actually talking about the shining face of a perfect father aimed directly at you I remember a number of years ago I made a discovery so I announced it every week to our church for quite a while that God is in a good mood it caught people off-guard they didn’t know that but I have it on firsthand authority that he is actually in a good mood he knows the end from the beginning and it’s so wonderful to be celebrated by such a perfect father he gave us the Holy Spirit God on earth is the Holy Spirit it’s crazy but is the Holy Spirit is referred to as the downpayment down payment is here’s a payment there’s more coming so the Holy Spirit is the down payment which means there’s more coming of the presence of the Lord specifically the Bible teaches that we are errors of God I can’t say I understand that that it kind of hurts my brain to think about that but God so freely and completely gives himself to us that we are called errors of God you turn that around in Ephesians and you find that God what God gets out of all of this is he inherits us so he inherits us and we inherit him you can tell how much God trusts you and trusts the work that he’s done in you by what he has entrusted to you he’s entrusted the Holy Spirit to you the reverence that the father and the son have for the Holy Spirit is really quite remarkable jesus said you can blaspheme the father you can bless from the Sun but you can’t blaspheme the Holy Spirit the point is is here is this treasured one of heaven that God decided to put inside of you and me the Holy Spirit lives in every born-again believer he’s in me but he wants out he’s in me according to John 7 he’s in me as a river ease he’s there to flow through me to impact the world around me he’s not in me as a lake he’s a moving force power of heaven itself to flow through my life through my actions through my words to impact and to change the geography around me I’d like to put it this way the Holy Spirit is in me for my sake but he comes upon me for yours don’t you think about the difference because what you and I have been given the privilege to do is to actually learn how to host the presence of God to actually be the person that he rests upon he’s in me to convict me to guide me to encourage me comfort me all of that we understand that parties is in us forever will never leave us but there’s something about when the presence of the Lord comes upon a person that presence manifest upon a person is to change the circumstances around us you were born to invade the impossible you are alive with a god-given appetite to invade if the appetites not there I personally think either disappointment or bad teaching kills the appetite for the impossible because you and I by nature were designed to express the life of Christ towards some impossibility and I don’t mean just the stuff that comes our way because we’ve all got stuff we’ve all got issues and crises and challenges and problems I’m not just talking about that I’m talking about the appetite to look for problems to look for the things are impossible the appetite that says these things must bend their need of the name Jesus through my lips God’s given you that privilege given me that privilege in fact I think the absence of that is a sign of illness the opposite the absence of that kind of an appetite that God has actually created us with the instinctive nature to look for things that must yield to the name of Jesus many people don’t don’t pursue these things because they’re afraid they’ll be noticed or they’re afraid that they’ll get the credit or the attention it’s a legitimate problem because nobody you know none of us are worthy of worship he said though let your light shine before men in such a way that they see your good works and glorify your father so apparently it can be displayed in such a way that people realize ah he’s not that good it must be God so so that’s the invitation that we have is to learn this lifestyle when I look at the life of Jesus I I don’t know what you do I get jealous I get jealous when I see the things that he did and I understand that he’s got he’s eternally God but when I see I see I hear him talk he says he says of himself he says the son of man can do nothing of himself he’s referring to himself as the son of man I know he’s the son of God eternally God but he refers to himself in this earthly form as the son of man and he says the son of man can do nothing of himself I have looked at that word nothing in the Greek and it actually means nothing he couldn’t do it couldn’t do anything of himself so that tells us that he emptied himself in that sense that he refused to do life in physical form as God even though he’s eternally God he decided to live life in such a way that he could be followed by imperfect people you and me qualify for that one see if he did all of his miracles as God I’m still impressed but I’m I’m a spectator I stand back I applaud I cheer go that’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen but when I see that he empties himself and he he takes on human form and he faces all temptations such as we are yet without sin and then he becomes personally empowered by the Holy Spirit and then he only does what he sees the father do he only says when he hears the father say then I realize he has just set an example that can be followed when I see that he walks on the water and he heals the sick and he casts out Devils he does all this stuff as a human being a right relationship with God then I suddenly become discontent they suddenly condole or stay in the condition I’m in I must pursue what has been held in front of me as an invitation by God Himself to follow his son and to become like him this is what I ache for this is what I will spend the rest of my life time pursuing and I may never do it well you know Jesus healed everyone who came to him and I try He healed everyone the Father sent him to he didn’t heal every sick person on the planet because the person that gave beautiful was there for a long time it was healed after the Apostles came by so we we in Acts chapter 3 so we know he didn’t heal everyone on the plan but he healed everyone who came to him number one and number two everyone the father directed them to so that’s the only standard I’m willing to follow I won’t blame the person I’m praying for I’m not going to do guilt and shame myself but this is what I will do I will get into the secret place and cry out to God and say God you’ve got to do more with me because that person travelled around the planet to come to receive prayer they they thought by coming here they would meet with you and all they met was me and neither of us are impressed you’ve gotta do something here so that when they come in your name they actually encounter you and they leave with the same thing they would leave with if Jesus were standing in his shoes that’s in the quiet place that’s in the secret place in the public place you look for problems you take risk there’s an appetite to see these things that have exalted themselves against the name of the Lord Jesus to watch them bow to watch them bend their knee to the name Jesus through your lips and through mine this is what we were given a privilege for Jesus modeled something he modeled what life could be like for any human being that had no sim and was completely empowered by the Holy Spirit no sin the first qualification is met if you’re born again because the blood of Jesus completely thoroughly deals not only with the record of sin but the root system of sin it’s broken the second thing is up to you it’s up to me it’s how empowered how filled with the Spirit of God am I willing to be if I were to take this bottle here which I won’t do for you now but this is considered a full bottle but it’s not really full because it’s not overflowing the only time it’s really full is when it’s overflowing because fullness is measured by overflow not by what it contains when you and I choose this lifestyle to live full of the Holy Spirit its measured in overflows the fact that things become alive around us because we are yielded vessels to this wonderful glorious presence of God the Holy Spirit God on earth I look at Jesus’s lifestyle I see things that he that he did that are so how do they provoked me I don’t know what they do for you I I see I see him walking through town and the crowded streets and you know everybody wants to get caught everybody wants to say you know I was there the day Jesus walked through town and they want to hear the stories they want to see the miracles and in the middle of this chaos that’s surrounding him a woman who’s been sick for a long time spent everything she had pushes her way through the crowd she’s not even supposed to be in public because of the nature of her of her illness and she reaches out and touches the edge of his garment and Jesus stops and he said who touched me I know you know the story but think through this with me he’s being bumped he’s got conversation going with all kinds of people and yet he was aware when presence left him he wasn’t aware of presence leaving him because because it was now gone you understand the Holy Spirit was given him without measure so it’s not it’s not that I had something now it’s gone it wasn’t that it was the Spirit of God was resting upon him and he recognized the flow of anointing of presence into somebody’s body and he stopped he said who touched me disciple said everybody’s touching it he ignored them which he did quite often ignored them and turned and and saw the woman and said your faith has healed you she was completely restored here’s the thing that I have an appetite for to live so conscious of the person of the Holy Spirit that you can tell when there’s a draw made on what you carry see the Holy Spirit is in you but he’s in you for your sake he rests upon you for everybody around you he’s in me for my sake he’s upon me for yours when the Spirit of God manifests himself upon his people it’s because he has assigned us into a situation where an impossibility must bow I want to stir up provoke cultivate appetite for that today I believe that you and I are going to see things in the days directly ahead that we’ve only dreamed of and perhaps some things we’ve never even dreamed of things where we see the Lord use us I know I grew up at a time when I thought it was just you know the significant you know the big-name people that God and I just didn’t qualify I remember reading about all these heroes of the faith and I didn’t have any of their encounters any of their experiences and I always thought it was just for the specialist and the Lord has made it very clear that the specialist equips the rest of us so that as John a member would say everybody gets to play everybody gets to be involved so this that I want to talk to you about today is this presence of the Lord that is in every person and why he’s there is there to comfort encourage but he’s also there for the invasion into the impossible why because the kingdoms of this world are becoming the kingdom of our God he gave us a mission and I hope that you see this clearly we’re the backbone of why we are left on planet Earth is found into what is referred to as the Lord’s Prayer it’s not really the Lord’s Prayer because in it is the confession of sin and he didn’t have any sin but in that prayer is your will be done on earth as it is in heaven he didn’t give us that assignment to keep us busy it wasn’t trying to think of some nice Christian activities to keep us occupied so that we just stayed busy and not be tempted now fall into sin he gave us a military assignment because of his intention to demonstrate his goodness his presence his glory his purposes into the earth so that all could taste and see that the Lord is good taste and see taste what you’ll experience you’ll perceive you’ll taste and then you’ll see the goodness of God is beyond anything we could possibly imagine I don’t think it’s possible to exaggerate his goodness it’s beyond anything we can wrap our head around but it’s not bigger than what we can experience so I see Jesus as the woman touches his garment I see Paul as in acts 19 where they would take pieces of cloth from his body and they would send it to a sick person a diseased person that person be healed or delivered I see Peters shadow they would line people up who were diseased in the streets as he would walk by and they would be healed I hope you ate for that I hope you hunger for that I hope that I hope that the cry of your heart like mine would be that God would do something so significant that as he rests upon you everybody around you is impacted by that presence how is it a shadow can heal anyone there’s no substance to a shadow your shadow will always release whatever overshadows you whatever you give place to think about this this world is filled with a lot of good things but a lot of crazy stuff to this Phyllis filled with so much unbelief and so much chaos and so much animosity you know towards the things of God this world is filled with a lot of fear a lot of tension a lot of strife heaven is filled with absolute perfect confidence in God there’s not even shadows their light is shining everywhere at once so there’s heaven is filled with this absolute delight and confidence in God and you and I will always in our countenance reflect the nature of the world we are most aware of if we live overwhelmed by the difficulties of this world we will project that if we live with our souls anchored and the reality of God’s presence and the reality of his promises you and I will always release that into the world around us your shadow will always release whatever overshadows you I look at these stories and it just makes me hungry that God would do something significant in that way in my life and I pray that today for each one of us turning your Bibles if you would to mark chapter 1 I want to read portion of Scripture here about the baptism of Jesus the water baptism of Jesus is a is a stunning account to me John is preaching and he’s telling people about the one who’s going to follow him who’s he’s not even worthy to untie shoes and announces you know i baptize in water with repent for repentance and he baptizes in the Holy Spirit fire and then he looks and he sees Jesus and he stops he says look behold the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world Jesus walks up to had to be one of the most frightening moments of anybody’s life the Lamb of God the perfect one walks up to John and asked John to baptize him John needs the baptism Jesus offers but couldn’t have it because it’s it was after John’s life and ministry it was after the death resurrection of Christ and that was the Holy Spirit baptism so he comes to John and he says John permit it right now would you baptize me and it’s awkward to baptize the one who is perfect into a baptism of repentance but it shows that Jesus really is the ultimate intercessor to stand in our shoes if you will and represent us in that water baptism to intercede on our behalf John knew he wasn’t qualified to baptize the son of God but sometimes when you’re willing to do what you’re not qualified to do that’s what qualifies you so he baptized Jesus in this passage verses 9 and 10 of Mark chapter one it came to pass in those days that Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee and was baptized by John in the Jordan and immediately coming up from the water he saw the heavens parting and the spirit descending upon him like a dove John’s Gospel adds a phrase when it says the Holy Spirit came upon him in the form of a dove says and remained I love that frames because it it implies that help doves are skittish they are easily frightened easily spooked and Jesus lived in such a way that nothing ever caused that dove if you will to leave him that dove represented the Holy Spirit that rested upon him if in the natural I had a dove sitting on my shoulder and I was walking around this room how how would I move about this room if I if I didn’t want to frighten them the most common answer of course is carefully but I’d rather describe it this way every step is with the Dove in mind every movement is to protect and celebrate what I value most and that is the Spirit of God who rests upon me Jesus was baptized in water and in Luke’s Gospel it emphasizes this he came up out of the water and from that point on we see him moving in power he went into the wilderness there was a great trial there he came out with the power of the Spirit of God the point is this Jesus came to earth set by the Father having been commissioned by him and that was where he came with authority but how many know we need authority and power where did he get power he have power in the encounter it’s the same for you and me we walk in authority to the degree we say yes to the primary mission of God for your life and for mine we say yes then we are Co missioned into the mission of God and that’s where authority has lived out but the second element is the issue of power and Jesus himself while he came commissioned by the Father he still needed the encounter with the Spirit of God to walk in great power and so do you and so do I the continuous ongoing encounter with Lord as we wrap it up in a few minutes I’m going to pray that the Lord would actually set you up would set me up for increased encounters with him that we might even more effectively walk in power and demonstrate who he is to this world around us this hurting so so much and Jesus carries every answer and that Spirit of God lives in you and me and longs to be expressed to bring healing in order to the world around us when he said pray like this your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven it wasn’t to keep us busy it wasn’t just to keep us in Christian activity he was actually giving us an assignment a commission to see the kingdoms of this world yield and become an expression of the kingdom of God it’s a very practical plan from his point of view and it’s your prayer and it’s mine prayers to be followed by actions Jesus in this prayer says excuse me not this prayer that’s water baptism experience it says that when he came up out of the water he saw the heavens parting and that that word parting sounds like a real gentle moving of clouds but it’s actually a very violent term it’s a word that is used in Matthew chapter 27 to describe the veil in the temple that was torn from top to bottom when Jesus died if you remember of the death of Christ the veil in the temple that veil they say was four to six inches thick and it was torn from God’s and towards men it tore at the death of Christ but in the same verse it describes the rocks around Jerusalem that were split in half so if you can imagine a tearing of a veil in a temple and the tearing of rocks that’s the word used to describe the parting of clouds because you remember the devil himself is called the Prince and the power of the air that which covers the earth with darkness when the Spirit of God was released upon Jesus that veil or that cloud was violently ripped open so that Spirit of God could come freely upon Jesus and then upon you and upon me the picture is incredible you and I live under an open heaven we live under an open heaven it’s the inheritance you have as a believer it’s not because you and I are so wonderful so perfect and so great it has nothing to do with that it’s entirely grace it’s the design of God that the father says longs for fellowship with the Holy Spirit who lives in us so think of it this way the Father in heaven longs for fellowship with the Spirit who is in you what demonic power can block the fellowship between the father and the spirit not possible it’s not going to happen not going to happen and so what you have over you is literally an open heaven now we pray for this for our cities our nation the open heaven is where there’s just such a Liberty and a freedom you can hardly tell the difference between the natural and the supernatural it’s a beautiful combination that we see in God’s heart for us to experience in this lifetime it’s the kind of thing you see you realize when people get healed by shelves but I’ve seen people healed by shows I’ve seen them healed by touching the clothing by sending the the piece of cloth somewhere by making the decree the declaration it’s little moments where God gives us a taste of what a true full open heaven looks like over a region I believe it’s the heart of God for you for me I believe it’s the heart of God for Dallas for Texas for the United States I believe God has a heart to see his presence and power so manifest and so demonstrated that people live in the atmosphere of heaven on earth it’s not a theory it’s not nice cute words to keep us occupied mentally it is the affection of God to intersect the two so that one has influence over the other that’s the heart of God for you that’s the heart of God for me I see this term the heavens parting this violent action most closed heavens for the believers between the ears it’s the way we think when you see a problem in your neighborhood or in your city and you personalize that that you live under a closed heaven you’re empowering something that’s a lie when you believe a lie you empower the liar my encouragement to you today is to take time to recognize the gift that’s been given to you called Holy Spirit and I don’t mean for ministry I love to see him work in power I love I love to hear the inspired prophetic songs and all the things that he does I love all of it but I’m talking now one-on-one when there’s no ministry to be involved that’s where I want to know him I don’t want to know him so that he’ll use me I want to know him so that I’ll know him and whatever he does with that relationship is entirely up to here I don’t care I don’t care if the names in the headlights are on you know spotlight or never heard of again it makes no difference to me I just want to know him because I have the greatest privilege ever offered to a person in history and that is to come and to know God so here’s this Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit who knows the ways of the Father he searches the seek secret the deep things that are in the heart of the father the father has thought about you since before conception and the Holy Spirit searches those thoughts to reveal them to at the right time and every one of those thoughts are for your welfare not your calamity every one of those thoughts delight his heart over you and why he made you this notion that we live in a punished climate that we live and in this darkness and in the world around us is oppressing us is absolutely nonsense absolute nonsense all you do is say Jesus all you do is lift your hands and give thanks just moments of turning out a light and darkness flees redirecting my heart when I go to sleep at night I turn my heart towards the Holy Spirit not to pray because I want to sleep I don’t want to pray I don’t want to pray for anybody when I’m ready to go to sleep I’m going to go to sleep I’m not there to worship and sing songs you can do that when I get into bed go to sleep so though this is what I do i turn my affection towards him so that as I go off to sleep I literally I’m engaged I’m I’m I’m embracing if you will the presence of God the face of God over my life and in that context I like to go to sleep you’ll have a better day if you have a better night why don’t you stand I want to pray for you I want to pray as though this was some kind of a commissioning service I feel like I mean this is such an amazing ministry such an amazing Church I’m not sure if you know how amazing you are but also feel like it’s a powder keg it’s about if you think it’s exploded now wait I feel like the Lord is going to release something beyond what any of us have ever seen yeah shadows need to heal again water longs to be walked on diseases are waiting to hear the name Jesus through your lips the impossible situations broken homes bankrupt businesses they’re just waiting for a kingdom oriented person who knows their God to step into the middle of a situation and say not on my shift not on my shift put your hands in front of you I just want to pray for divine encounters and a real sense of commission father I’m so glad I’m so glad that you let us come together today that you let me be a part of this great church’s celebration thanks thank you father put a mark on each person that each person be marked by the presence of the Spirit of God in a way that’s new a way that’s deeper more profound demonstrates your purity demonstrates your power that this city but this nation feel the effect of what’s being released over this house in these days set people up for divine encounters middle of the day middle of the night set us up for increased encounter with you and then we pray that prayer your will be done on earth as it is in heaven your kingdom become manifest here as it is there I pray all of this for the honor of the name Jesus aim

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