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Video Transcript

0:00 welcome to revival radio TV I’m gene 0:02 bailey glad you’re with me today today 0:04 is a special day for me because I have 0:06 one of my very special friends fellow 0:08 pastor Billy Burke right here coming 0:11 into the studio he’s going to be with us 0:13 now maybe you don’t know who Billy Burke 0:15 is and if you ever heard of him God’s 0:17 given him an amazing miracle healing 0:19 ministry I’ve never seen anyone flow in 0:22 the healing ministry quite like Billy 0:24 Burke in fact I want you to watch this 0:26 quick clip and see just what it’s all 0:28 about 0:28 watch how long have you had this 14 0:31 years 14 years I’m 20 you’re 20 so you 0:36 had this when you were 6 what’s the 0:39 matter with you 0:40 I’m type 1 diabetic and that’s the pain 0:43 it’s a pump it’s an insulin pump yes not 0:46 a pain pump it’s for medication uh-huh 0:50 you’re shaking why you feel him do you 0:56 know who that is God he’s the Holy 0:58 Spirit I know he can heal me he is it’s 1:04 happening as you stand here this is does 1:11 this instrument record your numbers 1:12 mm-hmm do you know what they were before 1:14 you came up 1:16 370 what do they know I’m I have my kit 1:20 over here go get it come on hurry girl 1:25 we don’t got all night your water 1:29 she’s a shopper I can tell what are you 1:35 doing here you didn’t do what are you 1:36 gonna do right in front of me I’m not 1:40 gonna do needles or nothing like that 1:41 are you 1:51 help me Jesus 2:00 83 in every generation there have been 2:08 revivals massive moves of the Spirit 2:12 that changed the course of history in 2:15 every revival there were believers like 2:19 you who chose to answer the call 2:23 to become the one their generation 2:26 discover your call to be the one 2:29 generation we’re about to take you face 2:33 to face with history 2:41 pastor Billy good to have you back get 2:43 back Eugene Bailey yeah dr. gene Bailey 2:46 yeah so good to have you you know for 2:49 those of you don’t know pastor Billy 2:50 Burke you can’t be around us much and 2:54 not hear something about a miracle 2:56 somewhere or healing or miracles on the 2:59 mountain which you’ve been eating out 3:01 Church several times about miracles on 3:03 the mountain so many of our folks the 3:05 first time you were on the program and 3:07 it’s been a few years ago 3:08 yeah and it’s one of our most viewed 3:11 programs you can go back and watch it on 3:13 YouTube on our YouTube channel but I 3:15 want to recap your story for those that 3:17 may not have known kind of what happened 3:19 in your life so let’s start when you’re 3:21 young boy and pick up the story again 3:23 diagnosed with terminal brain cancer 3:25 nine years old was taken to a hospital 3:28 in Pittsburgh and they wanted to begin 3:32 treatment this was 1962 63 62 so you can 3:39 imagine what the medicine the 3:41 instruments everything was pretty 3:43 archaic and to say the least 3:44 and they they said that with surgery 3:49 that I could possibly live another three 3:51 days to three weeks with surgery but 3:54 this thing had developed in my head my 3:57 neck my lungs big lumps were all over my 4:00 body and my grandmother who was an 4:02 advocate Ron Coleman listener to that 4:04 three o’clock in the afternoon broadcast 4:06 right loved Katherine we had never met 4:08 her at that point 4:10 my grandmother said give him out of that 4:14 Hospital let’s take him down to a Friday 4:16 morning meeting and God will heal up all 4:18 right so you’re nine years old did you 4:19 know who Kathryn Kuhlman why had no idea 4:21 she scared me had no idea yeah and I was 4:24 raised in a Christian Missionary 4:25 Alliance the CMA so I was going through 4:27 a CMA sunday-school okay and but I had 4:31 headaches so bad that we had buckets of 4:34 ice water next to the sofa soaking 4:37 nothing would relieve the pain my head 4:39 was swelling so when that diagnosis came 4:42 through 4:43 I didn’t comprehend death at that age I 4:46 just didn’t think about it and all I 4:49 knew was our church I didn’t have any 4:51 contact with the supernatural 4:54 didn’t want to didn’t want to meet her 4:57 didn’t want to know her and didn’t want 4:59 to have cancer right you know and 5:02 somehow the providential paths worked 5:05 out that I was taking off that Hospital 5:08 taken down to a Friday well for a Friday 5:10 morning meeting I was just discharged 5:12 from the hospital on the monday mmm 5:14 and most people don’t know this part of 5:16 the story I don’t get to tell this too 5:17 much services but on that money from 5:21 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday I was 5:23 with my grandmother’s house and my 5:26 grandmother went to work and all she 5:28 would say cuz I I really couldn’t speak 5:30 I mean the pain was so bad I had to eat 5:33 through the straw 5:34 I couldn’t only walk on one leg my eyes 5:37 were crossed 5:37 so I’d wear a patch over my eye so I was 5:40 pretty banged up to say the least yeah 5:42 but she would be in my face saying 5:43 continually when she touches you when 5:46 she touches you you’re gonna be healed 5:50 the moment she touches you now at that 5:53 time I had no idea what she was doing I 5:55 mean I’m right now but I didn’t know 5:56 then and I didn’t know who she was and I 5:59 said what are you talking about and I 6:01 could hardly speak my speech was pretty 6:03 slurred because I was in an oxygen and a 6:06 oxygen tent I awakened in an oxygen tent 6:08 packed and ice and that’s why they 6:10 dismissed me from coming out of that 6:11 tent so I was really not real coherent 6:14 yeah and so long story short we get down 6:18 to the service well it was so packed and 6:20 we have a photograph of that it was so 6:22 packed I mean we’re talking probably 6:26 that the church holds probably 2,000 6:30 people there had to be 4,000 people 6:32 there it was just people in every world 6:34 over the streets we couldn’t get in and 6:36 so I kind of thought great I don’t have 6:38 to go in because I was hurting right and 6:40 we started to leave and what somebody 6:42 just yelled that it’s just out of 6:44 nowhere we didn’t know them they said 6:46 hey and they waved I remember that and 6:49 they they they kind of got me in a side 6:51 door and we went right up to the balcony 6:54 place was jammed and I we were right on 6:57 the railing looking down over the 6:59 balcony and I was like what am I doing 7:02 here 7:02 you know I don’t want 7:03 good I’m I feel horrible I’m in a lot of 7:07 pain I need a cold rag all that stuff 7:09 what’s going through my head when she 7:11 come out and she began to open the 7:12 service up there was some worship so 7:15 what were you thinking when you first 7:16 saw her come out there and what am I 7:17 doing here 7:18 yeah and I said oh here’s to the words I 7:20 said to my grandmother I Katherine they 7:25 said I said how’s that all the woman 7:27 gonna help me how’s that woman gonna 7:30 help me and my grandma says don’t you 7:32 ever say that she said that one was used 7:35 by God then and I’m telling you when she 7:36 touches you and I’m thinking there’s so 7:39 many people here why would she want to 7:41 touch me right that’s not my grandmother 7:43 was just being my grandmother yeah and 7:45 in that second it was like wow 7:48 it was so quick she just turned at this 7:51 point that she said you I screamed I 7:53 thought no and she said you get down 7:57 here like oh why did you say no I was 7:59 afraid she frightened me 8:00 I’d never seen plays like yeah she plays 8:03 like that I was regular – regular I was 8:05 just a regular church people yeah no 8:07 one’s rest like don’t talk like that 8:09 actors like that let alone you know so I 8:12 was very unfamiliar with that and we 8:15 criticize what we’re not familiar with 8:17 you know our comfort sometimes is in the 8:19 wrong place so unless we get stretched 8:22 we miss a lot of what God has and to get 8:25 stretched you got to sometimes be like 8:28 when God pulled a lot out of Sodom and 8:30 Gomorrah right a little bit of pressure 8:31 so I went down so that she sent Donny 8:34 and norm I heard later I got to know 8:37 really well and did the balcony to get 8:39 me and they came up in the velka she 8:41 said I should go get him cuz I wouldn’t 8:43 come down since she’s not shares to go 8:45 get him and so they should just quite a 8:49 few minutes 8:49 passing by here people we were – she was 8:52 she was there was a lot of I later found 8:54 out some of those word exchanges what 8:57 was going on with you I didn’t know then 8:58 but she so they came up and I said my 9:03 grant they just looked at my grandma and 9:04 they said mr. Coleman wants him nobody 9:07 called her Kathryn nobody 9:08 it was always miss kuhlman miss kuhlman 9:10 wins him and she said 9:14 and I just screamed my grandmother no I 9:16 don’t want to go they helped me out 9:18 because they had to help me right and so 9:20 we got down through the side stairs and 9:22 when we hit the front our way she was 9:24 waiting at the base of the down there 9:26 where the altar was right all marble 9:30 floor just a beautiful beautiful Church 9:32 and so I walked down to the you know and 9:36 I was right there there and she came out 9:39 and she said well here you are well you 9:41 wouldn’t come out of that balcony she 9:43 said what’s your name I said my name is 9:46 belly 9:46 she says belly she only want one thing 9:50 from me and I saw just one thing I want 9:52 to know one thing from you I just looked 9:55 like she just what if what he isn’t is 9:56 because I’m thinking what is who talks 9:58 like that 9:59 my preacher talk talk like that right 10:01 and that wasn’t exposed to a menu of 10:03 people and I said she said do you 10:06 believe do you believe and I said I 10:11 believe I’m thinking yeah I do cuz my 10:14 grandmother because I’ve been in the 10:16 sunday-school and she turned around to 10:18 walk away and she spun quickly and she 10:21 screamed I said do you believe I thought 10:25 well maybe I don’t I think I do and the 10:29 next thing I know that quick that hand 10:31 is coming towards me now here’s the part 10:34 that I don’t tell a lot when that hand 10:37 was coming towards my head I could hear 10:39 my grandmother uh-huh when she touches 10:43 it so what I tell people is we know how 10:48 to get ready for Thanksgiving in 10:50 funerals and weddings in church and 10:52 church meetings and even revival 10:54 meetings but we don’t have to get ready 10:56 for a miracle see my grandmother planted 10:59 that seed that needed to be planted in 11:02 me 11:03 they even have an understanding of what 11:05 was about to happen and her big phrase 11:07 for four days when she touches yeah I 11:12 didn’t know that man I got so tired of 11:14 hearing that for four days with the 11:16 condition that I was in didn’t 11:17 understand that but she was planting 11:20 that seed of expectation and you recall 11:24 that at nine years old 11:25 oh my when that hand came to me as I 11:27 could 11:27 her voice now Catherine’s hand did blow 11:30 him hit me and that of course that power 11:32 went all through my body I went down 11:34 five rows fell with me five rows of 11:38 people went under the power I couldn’t 11:40 move I was just I tried to move my arms 11:43 like good now when you were at when you 11:44 went down you know I’m were you aware 11:47 what was going on or we just out I was I 11:50 was aware that I was I was away I was 11:53 conscious but couldn’t move no okay 11:55 very so what were you thinking at this 11:57 point I was scared yeah I mean right I 11:59 mean I understand that now today but 12:02 then I had never seen thinking what’s 12:04 going on I’d never seen it had never 12:06 felt anything go through me like that 12:07 and I didn’t understand fully what that 12:10 was well she stood over me and she said 12:12 this is the Holy Spirit belly this is 12:14 the Holy Spirit he’s moving through you 12:17 she said my what faith you have what 12:20 faith you have she just bring him up so 12:22 I’m thinking I don’t I’m thinking I died 12:25 I thought I died I thought I died she 12:28 came with me right I thought this is a 12:30 bad day and it was a healing then I 12:33 didn’t know it yeah see she didn’t play 12:36 with Uniting mm-hmm what do you mean she 12:39 didn’t play with the anointing I mean 12:41 thank God we see what we see but it’s 12:43 until until we want more than just 12:46 people being slain until we want more of 12:48 it just the latest fad on how to do it 12:51 right and I never seen her do that so we 12:56 all don’t fall too far from the tree 12:58 mm-hm 12:59 you know the the the purity of it all 13:05 are you after seeing people fall were 13:07 you after a miracle are you after the 13:09 appearance of a good meeting or do you 13:11 really want God’s heart yeah which is to 13:14 alleviate suffering right see therein 13:17 lies some kind of a they contacted the 13:20 secret place of God whenever you’re not 13:23 doing it for the results right past the 13:27 test you know so there you are 13:30 on the floor she bring me up the second 13:33 time and she says how are you and I said 13:37 well I mean what do you mean how am i 13:39 why my speech was clear 13:41 I couldn’t believe it but I didn’t know 13:44 it and I was able to walk and I didn’t I 13:47 just I was healed didn’t know it that’s 13:50 how that that the lingering presence was 13:52 just feels incredible right and I saw 13:55 walking around then I thought but the 13:57 audience the people going crazy and I’m 14:00 thinking what’s this about my 14:01 grandmother’s crying my mother’s crying 14:03 and I’m just kind of like I don’t get 14:05 this 14:05 and she said gets that patch off your 14:07 eye I said pardon miss you should get 14:09 that patch off her I said I can’t take 14:11 this patch off my mrs. Coleman 14:13 and she said why not I said because I 14:16 see double she says no more you don’t 14:18 she didn’t take that patch off your eye 14:20 I know I don’t want to listen cuz I she 14:22 didn’t understand how horrible that was 14:24 so I took the patch and I pulled the 14:27 patch like that and I was just perfect 14:30 vision I was like oh my god I know that 14:34 looked at her like just like and she’s 14:35 just standing there going I told you to 14:38 take that patch off didn’t she come up 14:41 she said you need another touch young 14:43 boy dumb well then I get out again more 14:46 people fall right so on this time she’s 14:49 crying remember hearing this my said 14:51 this I heard she said there’s anybody in 14:54 this audience and this balcony down here 14:56 any kind of cancer any kind of blood 14:59 disease get down here stand on the Pew 15:02 get around this boy she said there’s 15:04 something coming out of him get around 15:06 this boy well before I knew I couldn’t 15:09 move again so I couldn’t move so that 15:12 discomforted me obviously Rose it’s 15:15 probably what paralysis feels like so 15:19 they were standing on pews I mean they 15:21 were in the in the pews they were 15:22 everywhere and I remember seeing a lot 15:24 of little kids you know like my my 15:26 little kids I saw a lot of little kids 15:27 just all over the place just looking at 15:30 me I’m just laying there and she then 15:33 just from that point she just began to 15:36 pray in for people preach to people in 15:38 cetera et cetera and I went home that 15:41 day tollway home it stayed on me I’ll 15:44 bet they all that night probably for a 15:47 day and a half 15:48 I just couldn’t function huh and so they 15:52 took me back to the hospital 15:54 I had a Jewish surgeon Jewish doctor and 15:58 he said I don’t know what you did he’s 16:01 on how you did it I don’t believe in 16:03 what you do he said but there’s nothing 16:07 here 16:08 there’s nothing here of course that was 16:11 celebration time and celebration sure so 16:15 for a couple years I would shared my 16:16 testimony and now the other thing that 16:18 remained was these cancer lumps they’re 16:21 all over my back big ones for a little 16:24 boy than the big ones and Catherine said 16:27 domitius I’m telling you today if 16:30 they’ll remain until you testify the day 16:35 that you test that by those who loves 16:37 will go against your body that’s I was 16:41 so out of touch this was so bizarre Oh 16:43 mom yeah yeah and so I was invited to a 16:46 church camp with Church from a half 16:48 can’t Mahaffey I believe it’s in New 16:50 York somewhere and that they had make 16:53 him up and share my testimony I can 16:55 probably was I don’t know 10 11 I don’t 16:57 know and I cried through half of it and 17:01 that day I walked off the stage Matt 17:05 grabbed my shirt what is this who is 17:14 this what is this no understanding you 17:17 know there wasn’t you know she wasn’t a 17:20 teacher that taught like that right you 17:22 caught it you felt that it hit you but 17:25 there was not a lot of understanding 17:26 teaching wise so I left her that day 17:30 just you know and I felt kept it a 17:33 secret so might as much as I could 17:35 because my friends entering junior high 17:38 school and that was something I didn’t 17:40 want to reveal so icepack that a church 17:42 backed out of sharing my story different 17:45 churches and my parents a lot to carry 17:49 on for a kid there’s a lot well it’s 17:51 that doesn’t that’s not exactly 17:53 that doesn’t make you fit you know 17:55 that’s a misfit right of course you’re 17:58 at that age you’re looking for a lot of 17:59 social acceptance to belong right to be 18:02 in all that I was no different 18:04 so that was a hidden compartment of my 18:07 life and 18:09 I stayed that way 12 without certain 18:12 though 13 14 15 16 17 18 I just didn’t 18:17 when I just so she would call the house 18:19 when Maggie would call the house Maggie 18:21 heart nerd would call the house in 18:23 Katherine would like meet with Billy 18:24 meet with belly and I I would get mad at 18:28 my grandmother I would say I don’t want 18:30 to do that I’m away from that I’m 18:32 grateful she’s a great lady I don’t want 18:34 to do that 18:35 can you write yeah and then my brother 18:38 who was 16 was killed by a drunk driver 18:41 mm-hmm he was a few years younger than I 18:45 was and when he was killed 18:48 really I came apart yeah I really came 18:51 apart because I knew issued I thought it 18:55 should have been me and I was right 18:56 there at death’s door he’s a good kid 18:58 healthy kid and so Maggie called she 19:03 said Katherine said now now it’s time 19:05 for Billy she wants Billy to meet him in 19:10 Youngstown you know gave the date 19:12 Youngstown with the Stompa auditorium so 19:15 at this point you’re like 19 19 yeah 19:17 about 19 yeah 19:19 19 and I you know I didn’t want to I was 19:23 broken I was really devastated over that 19:25 over that loss and I said tell her I 19:28 made her tone I made her so my grandma 19:31 said to Maggie he’ll meet you and then 19:33 when they made the arrangements so I 19:34 don’t want to go myself so I asked this 19:38 friend of mine who was a girl was not a 19:40 girlfriend but a girl you know I said 19:42 hey you want to ride up with me to 19:43 Youngstown I’m gonna go meet Katherine 19:45 Coleman would you like to go with me she 19:47 said whose Castle Combe but they said 19:49 this really neat lady you know she’s 19:51 different she’s kind of I said but God 19:55 used her to heal people with cetera et 19:56 cetera and she said yeah right up with 19:59 you no big deal so there’s a Sunday 20:02 afternoon the services were in the 20:03 afternoon Sunday afternoon like they 20:05 started about I think two to five right 20:08 three hour meeting so we’re riding up on 20:10 79 north I’m driving she’s in the 20:14 passenger seat and I’m we’re talking 20:16 back and forth about the day and so 20:18 forth and all of a sudden she says to me 20:19 now don’t look now bill 20:21 but she said there’s there’s this car 20:23 it’s pulled up right next to you and 20:25 it’s weird-looking lady it’s waving at 20:28 you 20:30 what are you talking about she says 20:31 don’t keep your eyes on the road just 20:32 keep she’s oh my god this old lady’s 20:35 just women hate you it’s funny what old 20:37 was then because you wasn’t that old I 20:39 think I’m older than her yeah at that 20:41 time so I looked over well she had the 20:43 back window down on her look like a limo 20:46 I don’t know that it was but yeah the 20:47 big car probably a Lincoln Continental 20:49 so yeah but she had the back window down 20:51 and she’s just waving out the window 20:53 like this I said that’s that’s what I’m 20:55 taking you to me she says you’re taking 20:57 me to meet her 20:58 I said that’s Catherine Coleman she said 21:00 really it’s amazing how we judge uh-huh 21:05 the vessel right amazing I said that all 21:09 I know is when she touched me what 21:11 happened and I don’t have any cancer and 21:12 I said I don’t understand at all and she 21:15 says oh I can hardly wait she said I 21:17 don’t know she that’s strange if that 21:19 would be the woman so that was my the 21:21 beginning of my journey back and I got 21:25 there we went into the foyer of the 21:27 auditorium and Maggie came and she said 21:29 so glad you’re here Catherines waiting 21:32 for you in the greenroom 21:33 I’ll ask you know what Maggie I’m 21:34 changing my mind she’s a pardon me she 21:37 said changing my mind 21:39 she says you Bailey you don’t want to do 21:41 this 21:42 I said Maggie I come changing my mind 21:44 and she said why would you do that I 21:47 said I don’t know maybe I don’t know why 21:49 it is a skinny tie on she grabbed their 21:52 tie yeah and she pulled me literally 21:54 across the front of the auditorium I 21:56 mean back of the auditorium the foyer 21:58 the floor right and she took me into a 22:01 corner where no one wasn’t she pushed me 22:03 into the corner she I can’t believe you 22:05 I can’t believe you don’t you know what 22:09 miss kuhlman did for you through God the 22:11 Holy Spirit don’t you understand what 22:13 she did I said I do I do but I said 22:16 listen I just feel pressured what if you 22:18 feel what I can’t not believe this 22:21 she said I’m telling you where you’re 22:23 sitting you’d be down there at that seat 22:24 and you get you do this you are God and 22:28 you owe her you get down there so I did 22:31 eventually but I mean 22:33 so it was a journey but see I didn’t 22:35 know she wasn’t a famous person to me 22:37 right 22:38 I mean I’m 19 I knew that she was I saw 22:41 the crowds sure but I didn’t know I 22:44 didn’t know I didn’t think of her like 22:46 that right and then I’d take my friends 22:48 down to meet her and if she more she was 22:49 a friend and and she was very you know 22:52 first sweet to me and I don’t talk a lot 22:56 about her I try not to mention too much 22:58 about her because too much has already 22:59 been yeah a lot has been said too much 23:02 you know because our eyes are on him 23:04 right on yeah I’m cheese right on this 23:06 word so forth but that’s the my 23:08 background I can’t get away from my 23:10 background no you can’t and I and I 23:12 think that’s what I appreciate about 23:13 your story there was a connection there 23:17 and so you knew the connection being you 23:20 were sick and she prayed for you but 23:22 there there’s more I like the fact in 23:24 your story is that it just it’s not a oh 23:27 and I jumped up and I immediately went 23:30 out as the child evangelist at 9 years 23:32 old it didn’t it didn’t happen that way 23:36 and that’s more so than not that’s what 23:38 happens so let’s fast forward now on to 23:41 as you go out in the ministry and you’re 23:44 starting to see see tell me about that 23:46 first time that you pray for somebody 23:50 that got healed oh gosh I think I think 23:54 of a girl and I was in a small country 23:56 church in the cornfield 200 people 23:59 Easter morning she was deaf completely 24:03 deaf she was born deaf and she had to 24:08 have some surgery so they put tubes in 24:11 her ears to try and help her to hear 24:12 right and they brought her to the front 24:14 and I remember I think she was 19 and I 24:21 asked you what was wrong and then the 24:24 father said she can’t hear you but she 24:26 can read your lips 24:27 if you if you talk right in front of her 24:29 and she she can’t hear she can’t hear 24:33 anything and I said okay let’s just pray 24:36 and I went to pray for her and I heard I 24:39 just one of those unique moments I just 24:41 was learning the voice of the Holy 24:42 Spirit then 24:44 and he said to me there’s a there’s a 24:47 spirit in her right ear and a right ear 24:50 I had never heard that oh hey a 24:53 completely foreign to me and I pulled my 24:56 hands back as I was praying for her and 24:59 I looked at her and she just seemed like 25:02 just again judging through observation 25:05 not discernment right so observations 25:08 what I see with my eyes discern is what 25:10 I see with my spirit so I didn’t know 25:14 that if the time either I just looked at 25:16 this console how could she have a spirit 25:17 I was just processing this quickly and 25:21 he said just put your fingers in her 25:24 ears and cast that thing out and she’ll 25:25 hear and I thought wow cuz I’d never 25:28 even read death yeah I mean Bible both I 25:31 had never they didn’t teach that in our 25:34 church and then Ryan Catherine didn’t do 25:36 a lot of better that kind of ministry so 25:39 I I looked at I remember I thought well 25:44 she can’t hear me anyhow so I’m just 25:45 gonna tell her that’s why I said her 25:47 name and I just said listen I’m gonna 25:51 put my fingers in your ears I’m gonna 25:53 tell this thing to leave it’s gonna 25:54 leave and you’re gonna be able to hear 25:56 and part of me was thankful that she 25:58 couldn’t hear me I was hoping she 25:59 couldn’t translate it and and then I 26:03 pulled back and I just put my head down 26:04 to remember bending down like this I 26:06 said well I can’t do it I can’t do it I 26:09 can’t I don’t and here’s what he said to 26:12 me that broke me that moved me he said 26:16 Billy then go ahead and leave it there 26:17 just leave it there when he said that I 26:20 thought what do you mean leave it there 26:21 it became me him and I think that she’s 26:24 now right I said what do you mean leave 26:26 it you know why would we leave it there 26:28 and it’s just quiet no other word is 26:31 quiet mm-hmm so then I thought I can’t 26:33 leave it there I don’t want to do this I 26:36 can’t leave it there that was my 26:37 thinking right so I wasn’t really 26:39 flowing I was like inter reacting but I 26:42 wasn’t and so I just stuck my fingers in 26:45 there real quickly bumbum spirit my boy 26:47 and later she testified when you pulled 26:50 your fingers out all those tubes that 26:52 were in her head broke the hell broke 26:54 wide open and she just began to hear it 26:56 was incredible 26:57 now’s my first look one of my first what 27:00 did you do and when she started here I 27:01 screamed 27:03 iiiii really one thing I never want to 27:06 lose Jane 27:08 if God impresses me oh yeah god 27:11 impresses me as I listen to this story 27:15 my thought was well of course he 27:16 screamed nothing beats the awesome power 27:19 of God healing someone right before your 27:21 eyes 27:22 reminds me of what happened right here 27:24 to Eagle Mountain Church on miracles on 27:26 the mountain I want you to watch as an 27:28 anointed Billy Burke moves watch this 27:33 COPD quickly men how long you had this 27:36 know ten years or so I don’t know but 27:40 I’ve got you where I came in with the 27:42 oxygen Bay and I’m not doing it you came 27:48 in with oxygen yes sir no oh I’m feeling 27:52 about that breathing deeper that I’m 27:54 you’re breathing deeper right yes 27:56 [Applause] 28:02 [Applause] 28:14 you can quit 28:17 you can arrange it’s ready

Dr. Gene Bailey interviews Pastor Billy Burke about updated experiences of his personal testimony and heritage of miracles with Kathryn Kuhlman.

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