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he is the first bishop of the biggest diocese in India Shamshabad which includes 23 states and two islands it’s an epic key of the cero Malabar right created two years ago by Pope Francis to strengthen unity among Christian Indians Monsignor Rafael tattles diocese has another mission to care for migrants and those who suffer most this mission extends beyond India’s borders for instance many members of the diocese have traveled to Iraq to aid Christians in that country the surah al-buruj has a lot of in-depth earnest a lot of gratitude towards the Korean church now when we have heard – the visit of the patriarch of the Catholic Heidi ensures the difficulties the crisis under which calendar she is moving forward and he will question is whether it is possible to send back missionaries as we had one supports and mysteries to your church so we have accepted it and we have sent a bunch of priests and a bunch of sisters to take care of the needs of the Chaldean church this link uniting the Chaldean Church and the Indian Church originated in the 1st century thanks to Thomas the Apostle in both countries Christians are a minority and thus a population often deprived of its rights in India the church works to promote respect and dignity for the poorest people which many times are Christians the caste system may be a thing of the past but a classist mentality is not if you come to Kerala which is very much Christian if you speak the caste of a man you will be prosecuted that equality sense is there maybe because of the Christian presence but in other parts although it is forbidden as cording to the according to the constitution the mentality is not change the Constitution cannot convert people I don’t want to tell that there is still caste system in India theoretically no but its influence continues to prevail in our country in October the Indian bishops had their ad Limina visit in Rome the Pope assured them he hopes to one day visit India we are excited our people our nation even the Hindus the Muslims they are excited to see our people are waiting to see the holy father face to face to hear the holy father speaking to us Monsignor saddle remembers this moment as a familiar encounter in which Pope Francis had an open and sincere dialogue with them a papal visit to India would be a huge sign of hope for this small Christian population which accounts for a little over 2% of the country’s predominantly Hindu population of 1.3 4 billion people

Bishop of India: Christian presence combats caste system.

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