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today on bridges no God doesn’t always give us a perfect plan of how everything is gonna go being Christ we can find the strength to face whatever we need to say and to be committed because there is no one else but him [Music] so today’s episode on bridges is finding the strength to face the day and this show is for every everyone who ever had a day where you just want to stay home and pull the covers up over your head or your phone rang and you pressed ignore because it was just way too much to handle on a Monday and for everybody who might have gotten up with the best of intentions to clean out your closet and there was just way too much to do so you ate a chocolate bar instead but we’re glad you could join us today for bridges and I’m glad that all of you could come out today what I’m really saying is that today’s episode finding strength for today is for every single one of us because who hasn’t ever needed to find the strength to face the day and we’re going to talk about today how some of the ways that we can find the strength to face today are found in making faith-filled choices in our commitment and having courage in the midst of life’s storm so let’s talk first about faith-filled choices I read this story in my devotional the day before yesterday and it was a story about President Ronald Reagan when he was just a boy and so you know I read this on the Internet you know so it has to be true right if it’s on the Internet but it’s said that if when he was a little boy his dad sent him to the town shoe cobbler to have a pair of shoes made and that the cobbler asked Ronald as a boy do you want rounded toe toes or pointed toes and Ronald says in the story that he hamed and hawed and said you he just really didn’t know he was gonna get back with the cobbler you know once he made a choice so the story goes that a couple of days later he saw the town cobbler you know in the town and the town cobbler said to him hey you know Ronald did you make a choice and Ronald said no I haven’t made up my mind yet and he said well just come by in a couple of days and pick up your shoes and so he said that he goes in a couple of days to pick up the shoes and when he got them one toe was a rounded toe and the other one was a pointed toe and that the cobbler said to him if you don’t make choices in life others will make them for you and you know it can be hard sometimes especially as people of faith to make choices because we really want to make the right choice so sometimes we let that moment pass and the point of this story that they were telling in the devotion was you know pray ask God to help you make the right choice have the faith to make it and if you find out you know that that wasn’t the best choice learn from it but we have to make choices so to find the strength to face the day you know God doesn’t always give us a perfect plan of how everything is going to go it’s one step of faith at a time and faith filled choices are very important in terms of facing the really tough stuff in our life one thing that we have to understand and one of my favorite sayings for this year has been God is only good and he is always faithful and it gets easier to make faith filled choices when we walk in that knowledge Psalm 107 verse 1 out of the New Living Translation says give thanks to the Lord for he is good his faithful love endures forever Nahum 1:7 says the Lord is good a strong refuge when trouble comes he is close to those who trust in him and so what all of us need to understand in this studio and all of you that are watching on television or you’re watching on roku or you’re watching online what we need to understand is that we can find strength to face the day when we understand that God is with us that he’s a refuge when trouble comes he’s not like people you know sometimes when trouble comes people want to get away from us you know there have been more than one time in my life I can think you know that there was so much trouble that I probably wasn’t even that great to be around you know because sometimes when hard times come we’re not all that positive and we’re experiencing angst but here’s the war if God says he’s close to everybody who trust in him so he’s not far even if we think he’s far he’s not far and he is good and he is a strong refuge when trouble comes and you all trouble is going to come the Word of God says be of good cheer he has overcome the world and to overcome the world it has to mean that there was some trouble in that situation so faith filled choices really requires that we understand who God is and that by faith we pray about it we make a choice we entrust it to him and that he gives us the strength to face the day I have found over these many years as I have served the Lord that many times I don’t get more information for the next decision until I’ve done something with what I already know and I might not have all this strength that I think I need to face the whole day but enough strength to just get up out of bed is step number one and making that faith filled choice that God is close to me that he is a refuge that he’s watching over his word to perform it in my life you all he’s doing the same for you because he’s no respecter of person there may not ever be a day now that might be and I praise the Lord and maybe it’ll happen today or tomorrow praise the Lord that we just get up and it’s just like we’re on top of the world and we think with God’s help I’ve got it but even though I know that sometimes you guys I still want to pull the covers up over my head sometimes I just don’t want to go in and face that situation at work sometimes I just don’t want to have that tough conversation sometimes I just don’t want to put myself out there and say this is what I think because I think it’ll be one more time that my words fall on deaf ears and can happen if we live in that as we lose our strength we we lose our our desire to want to interact with people we we kind of begin to shirk back and this is what I want to say is that with God’s help we can find the strength to face every day some days are better than other days Christian or non-christian right some days are just better than other day some days things are clearer than other days but make faithful choices knowing he’s got you knowing he loves you knowing that he’s gonna see you through he’s never ever ever ever ever gonna leave us or forsake us he brought us into this world he’s gonna walk us all the way through and then we’ve got to have that commitment finding the strength to face the day requires commitment to stay the course regardless of the circumstances you know how it is sometimes you get half way out there and you’re like mmm I’m going home I’m out I’ll take my ball home and play with it there and you know in Jesus time they face this there was a really hard teaching that went forth in the Bible and many people got upset they got offended and they walked away from it and in John 6 starting in verse 66 to 69 out of the New Living Translation after this hard teaching it says at this point many of his disciples turned away and this is speaking of the disciples of Jesus turned away and deserted him then Jesus turned to the twelve and he asked are you also going to leave and Simon Peter you know he gets it right a lot of the times no matter what people say Lord to whom would we go you have the words that give eternal life we believe and we know that you are the Holy One of God and I want to say this to you we have to believe that with everything that is in us every single day of the week the good times the not-so-good times the rough times when the winds of adversity blow and when life is so wonderful it seems like an amusement-park we have got to know he is the only one that has the words of eternal life you all there is no place else to go but as long as we think that there’s another place to go we’re gonna go to that place when everything either really gets really easy and we think we’ve got it or when things get really bad we’re gonna go back to that place and for some people that place is a it’s a level of compromise it’s a place of relationships that are toxic or not healthy sometimes it’s a different place of compromise maybe of gossip of being petty of addictions whatever you think has the answer or the keys to life that’s where we’re gonna go so just look at your life and look at how you spend your day and you’ll know what you think we have to think we have to believe with all of our hearts that he’s the only one with the words of eternal life we have to be committed to that we have to know that life is tough and pressing and can be overwhelming but we can find the strength to face the day by remaining committed to Christ and you all it can even be things like a child that’s really strong-willed we can get worn out when a kid has a question every five seconds and do I have to do my homework and do I have to do it now we get worn out right sometimes moms and dads and good moms and dad are just like I can you know just go to your room and sometimes that’s not bad if it’s like one day but if it’s every day it begins to be a problem we have to be committed to have the strength to face the things that life brings us we have to believe that he is the only one that has the keys to life and that we’ve got to remain faithful to our jobs the rules and the things that we do here on this earth because it matters we can’t just give up it can be for example like finances or budgets and we just we don’t have the strength to go through the money things you know what I mean you don’t want to set that budget we don’t want to look at that account I have a friend who says she just kind of looks like this at her online banking you know when I close one eye open you all it takes strength to face stuff in this life and if we’re committed fully to Christ we know that he tells us to be good stewards to be faithful he gives us the strength with eyes wide open to even handle the tough stuff there’s this great commercial I don’t know if any of you all have seen it but they all these different people and they want to save for retirement and it’s time to have that meeting you know with that financial advisor and in one of them you know the wife looks at the husband and she’s like it’s time for us to have that talk and he’s like oh I gotta go wash the windows and then there’s another one this one’s got to go they’ve got to mow the lawn and they’re just like we’re busy we’re busy and what it’s about is they’re worn out you know they’re worn out with the day-to-day living and the obligations and what I want to say to all of us is that in Christ we can find the strength to face whatever we need to face and to be committed because there is no one else but him like what else are we gonna do I mean you can tell the kid we’ll just go ahead and go to your room you can ignore the budget if you want to you can let that hard conversation go away but who else can help us with those things but Jesus Christ where else would there come a solution or an answer that would make the difference and the more that our roots go deep down into him the more strength that we have but we get it in motion by our faithful choices and by our commitment you see God is the same always and he gives us everything that we need for life and for godliness in his word but we have to make that choice and we have to make that choice to remain committed and as we make those choices his strength begins to rise up in us and you guys it doesn’t always come like in a minute or like a bolt of lightning sometimes it’s just like one really hard step a long really hard step and then all of a sudden man you are taking you are making great big strides I don’t know if that’s how it works for you but that’s how it works for me it’s a whole lot of white-knuckle I’m doing this by faith I don’t feel like I have the strength I don’t think I can do it but I tell myself faith filled choices stay committed stay the course there is nothing else good going on just him do it as unto Him and then all of a sudden one day I’ll get up and he’ll be like deep breath and we call that a suddenly but really it’s been happening slowly over time and then it’s like whoa and then courage and I want to say this if there’s ever been a time in life and in history that I can see that people need courage it’s now people are worn out and tired and overwhelmed and even good Christian people are worn out and tired and overwhelmed but we have got to have courage to face life first Corinthians 16 13 and 14 says be on guard stand firm in the faith be courageous be strong and do everything with love you all sometimes as I pray for our leaders I think you know if we just had a few that had some courage to just stand up there and say what needs to be said even if people don’t like it there are always going to be haters and mockers everybody is not going to love us everybody is not going to see things our way but courage is a particular virtue that is so important because it fuels the other gifts the other things like mercy and grace it fuels that here’s I want to give you this example for example when Jesus showed mercy to the woman that was caught in the act of adultery that took great courage its mercy that he showed abut think about what it felt like to be in the presence of all those mockers and all those haters who wanted her stoned to death he had the gift of mercy I mean obviously he’s Jesus but he had to be strong and he had to be courageous to withstand that and for us to find the strength to face the day we have got to believe God’s Word that says to be courageous and to stand up in Christ and to be courageous be courageous in the midst of the tough stuff at home in the tough stuff at work and if you want to show mercy and grace to people and people think that they should be held to the letter of the law and the penalty of the law that is going to take courage to stand there is it going to take courage after having done all to stand to stand the Bible tells us to be strong and courageous because the Bible knows that there are going to be times in life that we feel weak and insufficient and you know what the enemy does is he works to isolate us he wants us to think that we are the only ones that feel weak and insufficient so I don’t know about everybody in the whole wide world but I’m gonna tell you for me and I think for most people I mostly feel weak and insufficient just about everything that I look at on my plate I know is larger than what I can do on my own I know that sometimes when it comes to tough conversations I just don’t even have the words or know how to begin but I have to I have to find the strength face the day because God gave me life he called me his own he’s made it clear that my life is not my own he bought me with the price and he did that for all of us and so he knows that this world and that the enemy and sometimes well-meaning people and sometimes just mean people work to wear us out but I’m telling you that by faith we can stand strong in the midst of all of that and make faith filled choices we can remain committed that when those winds come sure we may go back and forth just a little bit but we’re not getting knocked over our roots are down way too deep for that and then that we’re going to live courageously you know what stand up for what’s right even if you’re the only one that’s standing stand up do what’s right be courageous show the world the Jesus Christ inside of you and inside of me as we are going to be courageous you know we’ve talked today about finding the strength to face the day and I put together something new on the website and it’s called a beauty break and it’s not from makeup and all that stuff true beauty is found in God’s Word true beauty is found in obeying him so I’ve put together just a free resource that will give you a quick look into God’s Word and so today’s Beauty break will all be all about finding strength to face the day and is a beauty break that you can download to your Kindle to your tablet to your phone because today in every day the winds of adversity will blow life days will get long and we need to find the strength to face the day because God loves us and because he’s called us his own I want you to stay with us we’re gonna take just a short break and when we come back Lisa hooks and Patricia Douglas are going to continue to this conversation about finding the strength to face the day the blood Christ is the only cure it gets down to the root of every single thing that ails us there’s not an addiction there’s not a generational curse there’s not any root of sin there’s nothing that the blood of Jesus cannot cleanse visit monicaschmelter.com to schedule Monica to speak at your event live on 2ww CTN TV org where you can make a prayer request view our program guide see who’s on bridges or even watch one of Monica’s latest teachings log on to www.nasa.gov – pull up that joy that will bring up that to make the right faith choices to make the commitment what Monica was talking about and to be courageous so a lot of times we think things are going to be a certain way and my mom used to always tell me everything is not gonna always be exact and I said well why not you know why it can’t be exact but it’s not but we have to know that God is with us regardless of whatever is going on in our lives and you know you said something there because a lot of times we try to do things on our own and our strengths and we really need to press in to God’s strength how have you learned to do that well one thing I realize I stopped trying to be righteous because righteous is sometimes it’s viewed as works but see we’re the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus anyway so when we realized that he is our strength I think sometimes we think even though we were mature we could I can handle I can do but then you’re forgetting about the source and he is our source so when you realize okay I don’t have to work to get him to help me be strength I don’t have to work for him to love me because he does so just knowing sometimes that remembering that he loves me I can get that foot out of the beach and put on the floor and get the step in so that sounds like identity there you just recognize your identity in Christ and that makes it easier for you Wow well tell me more about that well the bible does say it’s not by works that any man should boast it is the grace of God so if we realize that in limitations it says grace and mercy is new every morning so if you think about that because sometimes the enemy try to bombard you before you can get up good you know so what I say is all wait a minute I’ve got a grace and mercy and it’s new it’s not leftover it’s not stale it’s new so that helps a lot encouraged me so do you do anything at night the night before like if you know you’ve had a difficult situation or you know something that you’re facing is there anything that you do the night before so that you can have peace in the morning I do I meditate there’s a scripture in Daniel and I asked the Lord to clear my mind so if he wants to give me dreams during the night because a lot of times the Lord wants to speak to us and he doesn’t get to speak to us during the day because we’re doing all the talking or we’re not listening and so there was like Lord I’m getting ready to sleep and I know your word says you’ll make my sleep be sweet so I want my sleep to be sweet and I want you to be able to download supernatural wisdom and everything for the night in Revelation so I can get up fresh that’s great that’s great what advice would you give the viewers on how to find strength in the day stop trying to find it in yourself stop trying to do it with yourself you cannot do it he is here for you the Bible says cast all your cares upon him he cares for you stop trying to do it trust him enough to let him do it very trust trust that’s not very easy for a lot of people though how can we trust God you start off with just a little bitty thing it’s just thanking him for just that day Lord I trust you for just this day I trust you for my family just small don’t make it big start out small he cares about a small you know Monica said that small steps turn in two big strides so that’s a good point trusting God for the smaller things so Patricia when you find that you are struggling with finding that strength what do you normally do at first to be honest with you I get very quiet I get what you call the shut ups and I just don’t say anything but then I realized that I have thoughts in my mind that’s going on so I know I can’t fight thoughts with thoughts so then I take them captive and then I say Lord I’m gonna say that you are good no matter what I feel like no matter what it looks like I’m gonna say that you love me just something like that so much power in our words yes yes yes so you speak truth I like how you sit in the morning you begin to praise so you’re using that power to praise God to begin your day yes exactly and sometimes I’ll laugh and I’ll say Lord I had me brush my teeth but I just want to praise you yeah yeah I think sometimes we forget to show gratitude towards all the goodness that God has done for us do you find that that gives you strength yes because you have to thank him in all things we thank him and even when it’s in Philippians it says not to be anxious but all things to prayers supplication and Thanksgiving sometimes I think we forget to be thankful yeah agreed you mentioned anxiousness you know we are really we are really in a in a in a society where there’s a lot of fear there’s a lot of anxiety and so when you find strength for that day and you think about those fears that you may have how do you normally deal with that what I try to do is realize God is bigger than that fear comes to what steal kill and destroy we know it does it will stop you fear will actually stop you in your tracks we know it’s not of the Lord so it’s like father wait a minute do you want me to be anxious do you want me to be like this because if I have your perfect love it’s gonna cast out fear it’s gonna cast it out it’s my choice to allow that love to come forth yeah and God’s perfect love does that we must love the Lord and and be faithful to him and trust him to take care of those things thank you so much pastor Patricia for more resources on how to find strength to face your day go to monicaschmelter.com you can purchase a copy of today’s show for $15 call us at six one five seven five four zero zero three nine or send a check to the address on your screen be sure to mention the program number prayer changes things if you need prayer write to the address on the screen call six one five seven five four zero zero three nine or email prayer at CTN TV org join the bridge’s community on facebook visit facebook and search for bridges with Monica we would love to connect with you [Music]

  • On this episode of Bridges,  Monica Schmelter shares practical ways on how we can find strength to face even the hardest days.

Though Christian Television Network (CTN) – WHTN Nashville, Bridges is broadcast weekly in over 50 million homes across the U.S. Her show has been on the air for more than 20 years. A talk show designed to showcase the hearts, struggles, and triumphs of Christians living everyday life, “Bridges” is a project that represents Monica’s childhood dreams of someday using television to make a difference in the world.

She has served at WHTN as a volunteer, camera operator, traffic manager, program host, and station manager. As WHTN’s station manager, Monica oversees all aspects of WHTN. According to Monica, It’s a responsibility she takes seriously and one that requires she rely totally on the Lord.


Bridges reaches today’s men and women with the message of faith and hope. Bridges goes beyond the convention of TV “talk and magazine” shows by going to the root of today’s challenges and issues. | Image courtesy: monicashmelter.com



Bridges with Monica Schmelter | Christian Television Network – WHTN Nashville



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Monica Schmelter interviews author Scarlet Hiltibidal on Bridges TV Show | Image courtesy: monicaschmelter.com



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Monica Schmelter interviews author and wellness coach Susan U. Neal on Bridges TV Show | Image courtesy:monicaschmelter.com



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