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California: High School Girls Invent Solar Powered Shelter for Homeless

San Fernando High School: As residents of a low-income community, the girls have seen the problem of homelessness first-hand, which is why they chose that population to create a product for. Image: Gofundme

Solar Powered Shelter for Homeless: For more than a year, the girls have been working after school and over their winter and spring breaks to complete their project.

When 12 junior and senior girls from San Fernando High School in California received a grant to develop an invention to solve a real-world problem, they decided to create a solar-powered shelter to help the homeless.

Creating the Prototype Shelter for Homeless

Seventeen-year-old Maggie Mejia told the Huffington Post that while she had no prior engineering experience, the girls figured out as a team how to create the prototype, using how-to videos and books that taught them how to code. But the most important lesson she’s learned over the course of the project isn’t technical.

“I’ve learned a lot about helping others, helping the community and being selfless and showing a better world to other people and changing someone else’s life,” she said.

Funding for Project

The girls have been invited to MIT to showcase their invention in June and are raising money on Gofundme in hopes that the whole team can attend.  Read the full story…. huffingtonpost.com


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