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California: Bishops say Catholic schools ready for ‘vital’ in-person education

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Regarding limits on in-person education, the Catholic bishops asked Governor Gavin Newsom to speed the creation of regulations that would allow local authorities to grant waivers on a case-by-case basis at the local level.

“Our Catholic schools across the state have been diligently implementing the Centers for Disease Control guidance for schools and the recommendations of local health authorities in preparing to return to the classrooms,” the bishops said. “As many businesses, organizations, and government offices around the country are doing, we are making accommodations to adapt to the new realities caused by this pandemic.”

Concerns About The Importance of In-Person Learning

“We understand that the threat of the coronavirus is real and ongoing in our state. And we understand the legitimate concerns that teachers, parents, and elected officials have about the safety of returning to the classrooms this fall,” the California Catholic Conference said July 22. “At the same time, we are deeply concerned about the broader health and development issues for our children if the state presumes to rely only on distance learning until a vaccine is developed.”

“In-person learning, especially at the lower grades, provides emotional and social skills and supports that are crucial to early childhood development and the overall well-being of children which simply cannot be replaced,” said the bishops.  […]


California governor lays out school re-opening plan

  • Governor Newsom also said during a Friday (July 17) news conference that schools in counties where the 14-day threshold has not been met must remain closed, but can offer remote learning. All schools will require masking, social distancing, and regular testing, he said.


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