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Elevate Christian Network :: Ministry Outreach TV

Video Transcript

come on let’s give God a big big hand huh yeah wow wow wow wow what a savior we serve huh [Applause] you know one and that clap was for Jesus but it was also welcoming in all of our locations right now those of you watching online and you know we have been in an amazing three months of revival here at celebration and we’ve um one of the words that God gave us was when this started back in January with our season of prayer and fasting was he was going to restore in three months with the enemy has had held up for three years and he has done that for so so many of us and he’s done so many wonderful things miracles and healings and Families being restored finances like you you saw there’s so many things and what I’m gonna talk to you about if I can go ahead and be seeing you thank you very much you can go ahead and be seated what I want to talk to you about today is an experience that I had this past Friday a couple of nights ago at our Good Friday service um you know it’s kind of exactly three months today April 1st it’s interesting how Easter was exactly three months since God spoke that word to us and I had a very powerful experience Friday night that I want to talk to you about how many of you were at the Good Friday service and so you you’ll be able to connect you heard me try to put into words some things that I had experienced but it was too overwhelming I got a few things out and I just need to go back to the green room and process it and then go go home to the other Holy Spirit in my life carry and um process process things with her and so it’s going to be a great day but I want to share listen I had a message to preach to you about the resurrection and it was an awesome message but instead of preaching about the resurrection I want to tell you about my meeting with the resurrection okay and and so let’s do let me just read let me read this passage of scripture to you and then we’ll pray and then Kerry’s gonna kind of keep this an interview format and so I just want everyone just think of this like a big living room and we’ll probably talk for about 40 minutes and and this is very very important please at the end of this service or as much as possible during the service please keep your movement to a minimum okay and I’m gonna dismiss us it’s not gonna be a long service and you’ll see this weekend or this service guess what I’m gonna be the first one to leave today I am I’ll get pastor gets to leave early today I’m gonna be the first one out of the door and then everybody else can follow and you’ll see what I’m talking about okay after that today but I just want to read the resurrection story um mark 16 verse 1 it says now when the Sabbath was passed Mary Magdalene Mary the mother of James and Salome II bought spices and they came that they might come and anoint him very early in the morning on the first day of the week they came to the tomb when the Sun had risen and and they said among themselves who will roll away the stone from the door of the tomb for us but when they looked up they saw that the stone had been rolled away for it was very large and entering the tomb they saw a young man clothed in a long white robe sitting on the right side and they were alarmed but he said to him do not be alarmed you seek Jesus of Nazareth who was crucified He is risen he is not here see the place where they laid him but go tell his disciples and Peter that he is going before you into Galilee there you will see him as he said to you so they went out quickly and fled from the tomb for they trembled and were amazed and they said nothing to anyone for they were afraid now when he rose early on the first day of the week he appeared first to Mary Magdalene of whom he cast out seven demons she went and told those who had been with him and as they mourned and wept when they heard that he was loved and had been seen by her they did not believe thanks guys come on how many you women can relate see this is scripture for you you need to keep telling your husband what you think and eventually God will bring him around it says after that he appeared in another form to two of them as they walked and went into the country and they went and told it to the rest but they did not believe them either later he appeared to the eleven and as they set at the table everybody say table as they said at the table look he rebuked their unbelief and hardness of heart because they did not believe those who had seen him after he had risen and he said to them go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature he who believes and is baptized will be saved but he who does not believe will be condemned I want to talk to you about the experience I had Friday night were I met and I saw our risen Savior now listen listen I understand the consequences that come with making a statement like that okay I’ve been walking with God for 28 years our church celebration Church here in Jacksonville we have multiple locations around the world we’ve been here in Jacksonville for 20 years nothing like this has ever happened to me I think the longevity and integrity of our ministry speaks for itself and so I know when people when I’ve heard someone said they met Jesus or they saw Jesus immediately my weird antennas go up understand that now I’ve heard people met people that I’m like man up I think that they see Jesus or they met Jesus and so on when this happened Friday night I mean I was really a wreck Carrie could tell you like I was just kind of sobbing I couldn’t sleep this went on into Saturday thank goodness you came to church today and not Saturday night because in trying to describe like emotionally I was a wreck in trying to describe what I had experienced it was just difficult it was difficult to put into the right language so thank God I have a wife who has a great command of human language and taught English and so a lot of what we’re going to talk about is you can’t really put into words but we’re gonna we’re gonna do our best and the thing about it is when I was like what should I share how much of this should I share um what I realized that today there’s no way I could have preached a message about the resurrection when I was with the Resurrection Friday night there’s just no way I would have had to sit on the front row and y’all be like whiting Stovall preaching and then some might say what he thinks he saw Jesus like I don’t know what you know so you know I know how it is you’re a first-time guest here it’s celebration today and someone’s gonna say I was Easter like man and when Pastor said he saw Jesus and but now that I think about it if God was going to privilege me with having this experience I can’t think of a better time than right before we talk about his resurrection that that this would happen and so it happened Friday night I’m about to turn it over to to Carrie here and I do want to say there’s going to be a part two to this on on Wednesday night I could probably talk for several sessions don’t worry we’re gonna 40 minutes and and so part two will be Wednesday night and I open it up to everyone if you want to go onto our church website on the app and an email in a question about something that I say that you want to know something about Jesus that I don’t know if I can answer it but I’ll tell you I’m I met with him and and and it was just a real powerful experience getting into it just one more thing I want to just set some context around what you’re gonna hear what we’re about to share with you is something called a waking vision and it’s um it’s it’s something that’s biblical we can find it in the New Testament in the Old Testament you see this kind of vision when Peter was praying and a sheet came down from heaven and told him that all food was clean to eat and then when he was told to go to the house of Cornelius and preach to him and baptize him we see it happen the Apostle Paul talks about it um but it is very a very very rare kind of vision because it happens while you are awake and the best way I can describe it is that you’re awake and you you know everything that’s going on but at the same time like a window or something you had there’s an opening into the heavenly realm and you are also present there experiencing something that God wants to show you there so it’s very overwhelming because here you are on this side experiencing what you were experiencing Communion and you’re in church and you’re hearing and pastor Paul talked and then on this side you are having this full bloom meeting with Jesus and so we’re gonna try the best we can to explain this that something like that is so heavenly and it’s so spiritual and all we have to describe it our earthly words and the minute you start to describe it it’s like yeah that’s not quite right it’s like if somebody asks you to describe what love is you the first the minute you try to define it you reduce it because you you can’t describe it and that’s how Jesus kind of is it’s like it’s so hard to describe everything but we’re gonna do our best so um I just wanted to come I’m gonna set the tone I’m gonna ask you a few questions and first of all this happened it was during the Good Friday service toward the end and you went on stage with Pastor Paul to take communion and we were the way we were doing communion at that service was that we were celebrating communion as the Messianic Jews would do as a Passover Seder and so it was just very different than the way we do it here but um it was very reverent and in the presence of God was there and it was very strong and so your own you’re on the stage in pastor Paul is uh you take the bread you hold it pastor Paul is praying and then he starts to pray in Hebrew so what happened then yeah yes so the Passover Seder like that’s the way that Jesus and His disciples were taking communion at the last what we call it communion but that’s what they were doing at the Last Supper and so we were celebrating Jesus obviously as our Passover lamb and so what pastor Paul did who’s you know if you know pastor Paul is just amazing man of God he goes to church here he’s been in ministry for 40 years he has a great ministry he’s a Messianic Jew and he has a great ministry around the world to the Messianic community and so it was at the the part of the service I was up here I was like right there and I had taken a piece of the bread and I had it in my hand and then pastor Paul was out front out here and he held up the bread and what he was doing he would speak it in Hebrew and then he would speak it in English and so he began to speak in Hebrew the scripture where Jesus told his disciples take and and eat this is my body that was broken for you and and and he began to speak that in Hebrew and when he spoke that in Hebrew now I’ve heard Eber before I’ve been to messianic services I’ve been to Israel I’m familiar with Ebru but when he spoke Hebrew I don’t know if was the second word halfway through the first word but like it started with him and then I heard an another voice was another voice in Hebrew and this voice was a different voice and it was clear and it was loud and and so that started this yes yes so this is really important so so I’ve never heard the audible voice of God I’ve been walking with God for 28 years I’ve never heard the audible voice of God the way God speaks to me like many of you who know Jesus you know 90% of the time it’s through his word and he takes a scripture and he illuminates it to me and my spirit that’s the quickening that’s the prompting and you know that’s for you and then you pray how to apply it and he’s speaking this the other ways that God speaks to me the best way that I can describe it it’s just like he drops it in my spirit it’s not a voice it’s there and then it’s there and I’m trying to explain it or whatever this was different this was an audible voice and so when that happened does when everything’s sort of happen you basically heard this voice three times right and yes and so so and it was a how many of you were at the service who was how many some of you read that the Good Friday service oh yes so it was it was I’ll put up in just a second it was it was thick in here one and I mean the Holy Spirit was just heavy heavy in here and so it was already like I was heavy in the presence of God and this is very important because this is this kind of the second thing that happened we were heavy in the presence of God um and I almost felt I don’t want to say sleepy because I wouldn’t go to sleep it was heavy and then I heard that voice and then when I heard that voice like okay that was an audible voice that wasn’t Paul’s voice and then when I heard that voice again I felt another presence now listen listen I know the Holy Spirit I understand theologically that Christ is in us through the Holy Spirit understand that we serve one God in three persons understand that okay the presence here was Jesus it was the second person of the Godhead it was the person of Jesus it was the it was the the person of Jesus that and so when that happened I heard the voice again the Hebrew again I don’t know what Paul is saying at this time I’m hearing the other voice and we we haven’t on video what was going on but we only have one still shot I want to show you so that was me for a while standing there and met Matt and the staff can tell you most of the staff down here they thought something was wrong with me um they were like what’s wrong with Pastor is he mad like that you know like you know he’s so so they weren’t um you know they knew something was up but they obviously didn’t think you know I was meeting with Jesus and and so so when he spoke it again then that’s where I would I would say like I was in the heavenly it it felt like here I was in a trance but like you said I was aware like you couldn’t you I was aware but I was in a trance and then the third time that he spoke it I was in the heavenly realm I was I was like the presence that I felt he appeared like there he was like you were there where is there what were you doing when you were there yes so I was at the Lord’s table I was at at it was like the Last Supper but it wasn’t what happened on earth I wasn’t in a dark room and Jesus was sweaty and I could see the faces of the disciples I was in like the heavenly version of that room if you could go into heaven if you were in heaven and you were reenacting that moment or recreate it recreating it it was the same you just knew it was it was a model it was the same yes the same thing and Jesus Jesus had the bread okay so Jesus had the bread and I was there at the table with the disciples but I didn’t see their faces I didn’t see him in flesh and blood all I can tell you is they were just there I’m just describing what I experienced and I was at the Lord’s table and then all and then I looked at the bread the bread that I had been holding in my hand and at that moment I knew that Jesus served me that bread he had a piece of the broken bread in his hand he was not looking at me he was looking out like it first was like he was looking out to all the congregation like leading us in the Passover service remembering him but then it got it was like up here was the table and I was there next to Jesus and the the the bread like realizing that he served me that bread and that he was inviting me he was including me to partake and be part of his table just it started to be overwhelming ya know one of the things you said and I think one of the things that that the reasons that one of the reasons that we both believe that one of the reasons that this happened to him on Friday night is because there’s a lot of people here who Jesus would like to introduce himself to and he would like you to know what he’s like and he would like for us to tell you what he’s like and so on and so I want to ask you a couple of questions that are really cool so you weren’t you said that this personality when you say gee when you met Jesus and you met him like as he was on earth that is a that is what you feel like you were meeting his personality or not okay yes so this is the first of many what I would call dichotomies that are two things at once that’s hard for the human mind yeah they’re opposites so in our human mind it’s hard for us to merge these two so the first thing that I was taken back with is like Jesus personality like this is how Jesus was when he was on the earth like I heard his voice the tone of his voice the cadence of his voice I could sense his mood I could sense his presence like like like his he has a personality it’s like you know he was fully God but many times we forget you know the man Christ Jesus like he came as a man like so he has his own unique personality and that was so what so so so so so what’s overwhelming is like it’s like he was knew in that way but at the same time I felt like I’ve known him forever like like like like like I can’t describe the closeness the closeness that I felt with Jesus like he didn’t look at me like I never saw the front of his face you know if you want to know I mean maybe this is no surprise he was wearing a white garment you know he had on a white garment he had brown hair I could if there was a sketch person I could I could describe it I’m looking at the side it was like this he never welcomed me he never turned and said hey Stovall he never anything like it was I was I wouldn’t have guessed I was supposed to be there he’s like this these it’s a closeness that you can’t describe at the same time well like this is the first time I’m kind of meeting the personality side of Jesus that that the disciples were familiar with because he walked the earth so what are some things some impressions that you got because one of the things you said that was so so incredible was that his personality all the attributes of it are communicated through his voice when you hear his voice you just you can just know his character almost through his voice what describe his voice like was it calm was it soft loud well he’s spoken Hebrew and I don’t really know what that means oh you know I don’t know how to interpret that but the best way I can say this is his voice was a reflection of his attributes so the one thing that stuck out to me was was Jesus was very he was passionate he was not emotional but he was passionate he was the the you know the strength the authority I mean we’ve got the the authority I could his authority and his strength and this is just his personhood you know so all these things are the gentleness the authority like all these complete imes we as humans consider competing virtues somehow they’re all in one and the the authorities so like when I was in his presence I’m telling you right now the fear watch the fear of God was so it was such a fear of God but it was clean it was sure it was accepting like it was this holy fear like I can’t believe I’m included I like I’m so unworthy he’s so worthy I’m so small he’s so big but his love is overwhelming love the look light like so it’s this it’s it’s hard for the his overwhelming his love overwhelms everything so all these other things it’s his love is the is the overriding thing so now I know I know what that scripture means perfect love cast out all fear I experienced that the N in that heavenly vision and and the authority like the the authority that he carries and he’s not he’s not passive but he’s not aggressive you’re walking out here okay great he’s not this he’s not that he’s not but he’s he’s on it it’s like he’s a leader like he’s a he’s a his his strength okay you said his his strength his authority his strength so I can totally see you know the stories in the Bible like the woman with the issue of blood and she’s like if I can just grab ahold of I’m telling you it like like I didn’t touch Jesus he didn’t touch me I didn’t feel like he needed to I felt I felt such one is such closeness I felt but but I can see how this Jesus if he’s walking on the earth even for totally self-serving purposes somebody like me I’m gonna touch if I can just grab ahold of any part of him that strength that power that authority it’s so like understand that I cannot wait to read through the Bible again I totally understand why this Center on said hey I understand Authority I have guys under me he sense that authority in Jesus he’s like you don’t need to come back here I’ll since you have Authority so just go ahead and say the word and it’s gonna happen that that authority and the strength is so like you know when we pray for things like we want to pray for healing or pray for something we you know it’s okay we all do it but we work for it in a sense like she’s in Jesus name we command this you know we get you know we are emotions get into it and because we’re rousing our faith up right we’re activating our faith Jesus would never have to do that he would would he he just no he would never he would never he doesn’t know he would never have to work it he just is it’s it’s almost like he’s containing it like he would never have to raise his I don’t know if he did he’d not wha was there but he would never have to wreak his power is not in the raising of the voice or whatever it’s just him it’s who he is he has so in the Bible where it says all authority has been when he said all Authority has been given to me and it is literally all yes it is all authority it is the that’s what the authority it’s overwhelming which you know speaks to his death and resurrection because he he he conquered death hell and the grave he has the keys to death and hell he has all authority in heaven and earth something else that you mentioned too is about Jesus’s personality was that he is the kind of person that you just want to be around like you just was like a tractional as if you you just want to be around him yes so so so okay so here’s the all okay so this this was this is overwhelming okay so like I’m next to Jesus I was just so still and when your neck but when I was next to Jesus it’s almost that strength and authority that he has I want to see the the video but it almost like forces you to you just kind of bow it just kind of boughs you somewhat and and but his overwhelming love is flooding you and then it’s like you’ve known him forever but here’s like Jesus like the man Christ Jesus like okay so this is all right just remember if I forget something if I get off track but so he’s God he’s Lord he’s Christ but he treats you as an equal it was it that is over what like like I felt like I’m part of his team um yeah like I’m as he’s like my best friend Jesus is the best version of every type of man or leader he’s the best brother you could have he’s the best friend you could ever have he’s the best a husband he’s just the best he’s he’s the best version of everything he’s sounds weird for me say but he’s like a perfect man he’s the second Adam he’s he’s the perfect man so like I never I never had an older brother it’s like I felt that and I don’t even know what he was saying in Hebrew but here’s the thing he was it was here it was deep under deep something I wouldn’t call it telepathy I just I knew I’m fully known and it was all happening you know like you we all maybe have a friend or relative you know you cannot see that person for a few years but you’re so close like like me and my sister Conway moms over there so I’m you know Kerrigan says you don’t talk to your sister enough and uh and I’m gonna talk to Conway’s here for a long long time and we get together and it’s like we’ve never we’ve been together all our lot like there’s no it’s just like that so it was like that with Jesus just to the hundredth degree it’s like he was my brother like understand why he said the disciples hey I no longer call you servants I call you friends understand now while we’re gonna rule over the Angels because we’re co-heirs with Christ he’s the firstborn among many brethren so yes jesus is my Lord Jesus is my Savior Jesus is my king Jesus is my god but the fact that he would treat me like an and equal I I can I’m his brother on this I’m his friend so um one of the I’m just when asking for people in here you know I if there’s a person just looking across this whole room if there’s a person in here who is afraid that if they came to Jesus they’ve done too many bad things maybe he would never reject anybody he would never if you come to him he would never he would never never he would never do that he would never do that and then that goes other thing like like he’s back to his personality so I see now while the sinners wanted him to come to their house I’ll see why now kids would flock to him Jesus he’s not you know some of us are stoic that’s okay don’t take this in the wrong sense but at least he’s always been pretty he’s not stoic he’s not just kind of you know otherworldly like he’s a tractional he’s like he’s you want to be around him you just want it you just want to you just want to be around him you just want I see now so so you know the the disciples like us see now when they’re walking with Jesus they think they can do anything so that’s why you see now you know like remember Jesus in it it’s who is it James and John and they’re going through the town and the town rejects Jesus and James and Charlie let’s go down fire come on let’s go down far on them let’s go right now let’s go everyone Jesus to pull out some of that massive yeah and you feel like anything and he’s got this aura he’s got this like Jesus is hearing when he’s there anything can happen just anything yeah yeah yeah that’s like that action oriented maybe like he’s always just anything could happen and then and then the the the the saying all that but then the gentleness like I know what that scripture means now I mean I’m I would say my pastor some of you are like don’t you you never knew when any of these scriptures meant like yes yes but it’s it’s it’s different like like you know it says in the Bible a loving was John who said you know we’ve we’ve seen him we’ve walked with him our hands have held him you know like I didn’t touch Jesus I don’t I don’t feel it was I don’t know how I could have been closer then I felt just being next to him but he’s so powerful and so awesome and and and you’re just so I was so just I just couldn’t believe I was included and Jesus like that’s what I’m saying he wasn’t like it wasn’t like welcomed and it was like no like you’re supposed to be here like belongings do you treating me he’s just so wonderful and I think about that scripture you know your gentleness has made me great the the gentleness with all of that authority and strength so um one of the things I love that you said was we were talking about you know people feeling like that maybe they can’t be good enough to meet Jesus or to come to him and you said that verse we’ve all sinned and fallen short has a donee meaning no yes yes yes so like you know I’m Jesus would never like he would never like our sins you know the scripture all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God like a way short okay light light light like we’re all so far from God’s standard that’s why your sins your mistakes you know whether you committed a zillion and I committed two zillion or what whatever the light were so we’re so far like sin that’s why I went to the cross like your mistakes what what’s going on you’re like that that’s the last thing you should ever think about that would keep you from God that’s why Jesus died on the cross he like yeah holy revelation there’s no way that we could ever be good enough that to be worthy so he had to do all the work he had to do all all the work yeah so that that’s one of the other things I want to bring out about communion the sacredness of communion this is so powerful you know when communion is a covenant someone he’s going to talk about this but in a covenant there’s always to two parts of the Covenant and usually it’s a more powerful party and a less powerful party and they’re gonna agree to the terms of the Covenant and there’s gonna be an exchange that takes place the more powerful person is gonna offer something like protection or provision or something like that and in return the less powerful party will agree to pay taxes or this is like in the governmental situation they’ll agree to play taxes or they’ll greet their loyalty or their military support or something like that and so a covenant is never one-sided it always has two parts so just go ahead and talk about that whole so this is if you want to say this the serious or like it was all serious but but this was just once again it was overwhelming so remember I said I knew that Jesus had served me that bread and so I was standing there next to him and and all of these things and more and I’ll talk about Wednesday night were happening when it came time to take the bread I looked at that bread and I realized what Jesus was saying asking of me and I knew that if I took that bread I was telling Jesus yes I want you to go shed your blood for my cents I knew that if I took it was covenant it was a blood bond for life and death and I it was so sacred and and and and Jesus was he was saying I’m gonna you know I’m gonna save you I’m gonna conquer sin and he wasn’t this is I just it was communicated this is what it understood this was like oh I’m gonna save them to conquer sin in the grave I’m gonna open up heaven I’m gonna give you eternal life I will give you all of my power all of my authority all of my love it was the Covenant [Music] imagine you’re you’re making a covenant with God and God’s saying I’m gonna shed my blood for you and I’m gonna give you everything I’m gonna give you the keys to the kingdom I’m gonna give you all of my healing power all of my authority all of my power I’m gonna I’m gonna create a place for you in heaven I’m gonna do um but if I took that bread I was saying yes Jesus go shed your blood for my sense my sense and this is a whole nother conversation but one of the main things that God taught me was and what he wants to restore in the church is what the power of Communion and what that’s supposed to really represent and the power of healing that it has in your life we will never never ever again will we get those grape juice things and just pop off a deal and that is so far it is it is about the Covenant and so here’s here was what understood this was my part my part was this Jesus is saying in this town end of the resurrection Jesus was saying when I was taking it I’m saying yes you go shed your blood from my sense communion is very personal it’s very personal you go shed your blood from my sins and in turn here’s what Jesus was asking to me and in turn I’m gonna lay down my life for you so that when you rise you’re gonna rise through me and it’s not gonna be our live but Christ who lives in me that’s that’s the that’s the covenant that that is the covenant and there’s a lot more on Wednesday there was this whole other like this is what Jesus was making with his disciples and what he did I know this experience I had for him he wants to have this type of personal experience with every one of you and what that is is is Jesus saying I’m gonna lay down my um he’s gonna really sacrifice I mean he’s gonna his blood is going to be shed and you’re part of the cover covenant is you lay down your life for me you lay down your life from me and my resurrection is gonna come through you my resurrection power and I’m gonna live my life through you and you and you and you and you and together what and we’re gonna carry on the father’s mission now I understand understand what he talks about here told me not to get up now understand now understand you know the Scriptures light and Jesus says an even greater work shall you do like what how can we do great now I under stand that because he’s he’s resurrecting through us yes he rose from the grave and he’s at the right hand of God and he can appear in many forms as he appeared to me in this vision I understand that but his red he resurrects through us so that he can live his life through us so that he can continue to carry on the mission of his father so he can bring all of his lost children home and then one day return and establish his kingdom and put every single one of his enemies Satan all the Fallen Angels all the demons of Hell all the evil spirits that have kept man in hostage he’s gonna crush him under his feet [Applause] so rest on Wednesday okay so this listen unless no one moved listen that’s a whole other thing we talked about Wednesday I understand how in Corinthians if you’re at that table and you’re you’re you’re treating that as a common thing understand why they were getting sick and dying it’s it’s sacred and I want to apologize to all of you as your pastor that I have not led well in the area of water baptism and communion and keeping the sacred things of the Lord’s sacred and and and we are going to see those things restored and and when they’re restored we’re gonna see the power that Jesus intended them to have okay so so this is the altar call today what water baptism represents water baptism think of it this way Jesus went to the cross and died for us right he did all the work what he asked for us is to believe in him by faith and the initial act if you want to say the cutting of the Covenant he did his part right you know what your part is insane yes your first part you’re part of the Covenant it’s being water baptized that’s why listen the sinner’s prayer is fine we can say the sinner’s prayer that’s nowhere in the Bible because they understood the the covenant that’s why Jesus what do you say you you believe and what what about toast you’ll be safe understand the water does not save you I understand that you were saved by faith through grace okay or you’re saved by grace through faith understand that but I’m telling you we have cheapened the blood of Jesus by just saying come and say a prayer it was never meant to be like that it is a covenant it is a blood covenant it is a covenant and that bread if you if it’s gonna take that bread you’re saying go shed your blood for my sins God’s doing that the least we can do of course I’ll lay down my life of course I’ll get water baptized II and what what are the things that’s happened in the church and I’m sorry and this revival is about restoration it’s like men the church is weak because we’re not doing things according to the biblical pattern that Jesus established because there is power in the pattern you see what I’m saying there’s a power you take you take communion you take the communion right the right way the cup of blessing whoa I can’t wait to see how many people get healed the next time we do communion and do it right you get water baptized understanding I’m coming into covenant with God and I’m a follower of Jesus Christ you know what’s gonna happen you’re gonna come up out of that water and just like with Jesus the heavens are gonna be opened and all of a sudden you’re gonna have an open heaven over your life for the very first time honors now the book of Acts makes sense all the fear and the miracles and the love but also like man the Lord’s table is special the blood Jesus is special so this is the altar call if you I’m asking you if you haven’t really been following Jesus [Music] he’s extending you that invitation today he wants to include you and if you’re ready to follow Jesus we’re gonna get water baptized you might say well stow all we got Easter pictures I understand all that you know all this thing about I was thinking in the in the Bible when the guy says hey Jesus I’ll follow you but my dad’s died first let me go bury my father Jesus said let the dead bury their own dead now listen here’s Jesus understand now once again that seems like competing interest it wasn’t that what Jesus knew what he was really saying is you’re just not serious you won’t get water baptized you just not you’re not serious you don’t understand what this is all about so here’s what I’m gonna do I’m gonna be here’s the altar call is if you need to be saved if you haven’t been water baptized the right way or you like you just been playing games I don’t know you know you are but Jesus is here the Holy Spirit sir you know who you are he’s calling you right now to follow him he is calling you right now to follow him and you know you haven’t been following him he’s offering you everything salvation eternal life everything that he rose for a place at his table next to him seated with him in heaven eternal life forgiveness he offers you everything right now that’s his part your part is saying yes to that and a cutting covenant with him through water baptism that’s it some of you’ve already done that praise God so here’s what I want I want right now I want no eyes closed I want no heads bowed I want everybody looking around we’re we’re getting out of this hole I don’t even know where it came from it just listen I’ll say this I’ll say this I don’t I don’t have to go into the all the Scriptures about being ashamed that is coming I’m not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ is a power God listen to me Jesus is alive he’s risen and I met with him Friday night and I’m telling you he sent me here to tell you today he wants you to come and covered it with it [Applause] so right now if that’s you look we got towels we got t-shirts we got all that or you can just jump in in your clothes whatever you need to do it doesn’t matter there’s water right out there there’s water right out there don’t delay so if you well I want you to come meet me I’m gonna lead you to the water baptism but if that’s you you know God’s calling you to follow him you know God is calling you right now come on come on I want you to come down and meet me right here I want you to come down and meet me right here don’t resist the Holy Spirit don’t harden your heart [Applause] [Music] [Applause] come on all of heaven is watching right now Jesus Jesus is here he’s inviting you to have a place at his table [Music] [Applause] [Music] come on this is his day says his day forget about the movies forget about whatever you knew that tomorrow let this be his day he deserves this day giving this day [Applause] [Music] come on come on come on they’re still coming they’re still coming I want you to plant church [Music] are you lost today Satan you lost today Satan [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] and all of our locations where’s that camera right here this is all of our location so campus pastors I need you to do exactly what I’m doing at all of our locations listen you know you need to follow Jesus he’s cutting covenant with you today you were gonna be saved and God is gonna bring an open heaven over your life when you come up when you go down here’s what here’s what it is when you go down you’re laying down your life you’re dying to yourself and when you come up you’re coming up in the newness of life with Jesus the resurrected Christ on the inside of you living his life through you to carry on our father’s mission [Applause] so are you right so here’s what we’re gonna do I’m gonna lead everybody out this way I don’t want anybody leaving yet cuz we’re all going first pastor pastor gets to leave first today you know what I want all of y’all to follow me cuz you know who I’m following I’m following Jesus and now all of y’all are following Jesus and we’re going right out to the water baptism right out there watch I know it’s gonna be messy I know it’s gonna take time you know that’s okay we’re a family this this is a sacred moment that you will never forget in a prophesy over you right now listen when you come up out of that water you will never be the same some of you watch some of you raise your if you don’t mind raise your hand if you feel like you’ve been torment the word is tormented tormented in some way I want you to raise your hand that you when you come up out of that water that torment is gone in Jesus name you will never be the same Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil you come up out of that water you were healed you’re in your sound mind you’re gonna have peace are y’all ready y’all follow me I’m following Jesus and then all the rest of y’all can come out and watch or whatever y’all need to do come on let’s go [Applause]

  • Pastor Stovall Weems’ Encounter with Jesus – (Part 1)

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