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Our metro Charlotte NC Church Directory is designed to provide you with information to help you choose a church or ministry to attend in the Charlotte, NC area. Our online church directory has updated listings and reviews of some of the top churches and ministries. This directory is for both residents, visitors, and people new to Charlotte, North Carolina (USA).

According to 2014 Census estimates, Charlotte had a population of 809,958.  The Charlotte metropolitan is home to more than 2.3 million people.

Charlotte NC Church Directory

Freedom House Church

Phone: +1-704-503-0311
2732 Salome Church Rd. Charlotte, NC 28262

The last 5 years of being in this church has been brought our family such healing! Love this place! Love what God is doing in this church! read more »

Rating: 4 based on 5 reviews
Freedom House Church - Charlotte North Carolina

Freedom House Church – Charlotte, North Carolina.

Freedom House Church Charlotte is a community of friendly people who are learning to have healthy relationships with God and each other. We’re all looking for encouragement and hope, for honest answers to tough questions, and for people who both accept us and push us to grow.

Freedom House is a place where these things can and do happen.  Our vision is to equip people to experience Christ’s freedom in their everyday lives.  Visit online at:  http://freedomhouse.cc

Video Transcript

awesome I want you to stand up on your feet come on stand up on your feet I want you to turn to your right turn to your right your right I want you to reach over just give your person right in front of me just a little massage on the back come on a little Saturday night love come on come on come on don’t stand there awkwardly find somebody all right now turn around the other way come on turn around the other way bless the person on your right come on just just a couple more seconds five four three two one all right slap three people a high five and say I’m glad you came tonight all right y’all a little sluggish tonight need to get you going well we’re start a new series that’s gonna lead us right into our Christmas Eve which I want to just plug right now so you can start inviting putting your plans together we are going to do a Mary Queen City Christmas and we’re reaching all around the city and inviting as many people to come out on Christmas Eve at 4 o’clock 5:30 and seven o’clock we got three different services are gonna happen we’ve got awesome thing we got snow tubing and it’s gonna happen this year because last year it rained like nobody’s business and we are believing this year that it’s not going to rain it was torrential rain storms last year but y’all still came out and it was fantastic by then we will have the rest of this auditorium completely finished and that great next week we will have our temporary certificate of occupancy for our children’s ministry so in Jesus name Jesus name next week your kids will be over in their new classrooms and they’re fantastic we will have that probably Monday or Tuesday of next week and then as soon as that happens then there’s going to be more demolition out in the front and all those classrooms are gonna be removed out of there and our new mezzanine is gonna come in we’re gonna have a connect lounge out there and a bunch more Lobby space and that fantastic you know it’s hard to believe you look back here and it’s almost like it’s been there forever doesn’t it feel like that it’s awesome so so all of y’all can sit we’re just kind of everybody sit in the back in the next couple weeks and just I’ll leave all is open all right here this series I’m excited about this series because I don’t know if you’ve ever looked through a kaleidoscope as a kid or maybe maybe you went to some kind of Discovery Zone or something like that if you don’t know what a kaleidoscope is it’s basically well maybe a little round thing and they have all kind of broken pieces inside of it and as you turn it and the light hits it it makes these beautiful colors and in different designs and and different things like that and what we’re going to be talking about over the next few weeks is we’re gonna be looking at how God can take something that is broken and make something beautiful out of it and I think all of us have that kind of story but forget into the message let me ask you a question have you ever had a a word that you defined let me give you an example that that changed over your experience for example love okay that word love I know some of you can define love a lot differently than you did when the first time you said it when you were 13 years old I mean you know I’m saying so so you remember when you said I remember when I thought that I understood love I was 13 years old and I went to a Baptist camp and I met this girl named Laura okay and it was like the first girl that I ever thought you know I was kind of infatuated with this is way before my beautiful gorgeous smoking-hot wife because I really I was 13 years old and and she and I thought that I understood what love was I thought I understood kind of what it meant I’m 13 I know you me somebody like that and so that those like we were there for four days and I was just infatuated with the girl this girl named emer what she looks like or anything like that I was only I did a dive he knew they had a diving contest and and I was pretty athletic back then and we played softball and she came out to watch me play softball and I’ll never forget it was at night and we had a diving contest and nobody was doing dives off the high dive and I was on a diving team at the time so I knew how to do some pretty cool dives and so I’ll never forget this I went off the high dive trying to show off a little bit and I was gonna do a two and a half okay so you don’t often do two flips and then dive in I missed I I did two and a quarter I landed flat on my stomach I’ve never felt that kind of pain in my entire love life I mean ever it hurts so bad I was bruised from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet I’m not kidding it was it was where I was trying to show off because I thought I was in love I was a youth pastor for seven years and all these kids I would try to I was try to teach them relationships like they are today are pretty crazy with young people and I was trying to teach them that look you don’t you don’t have any idea what love means you have no idea what that means and I our big penny and I our big thing that we would teach them is what do you want out of a relationship that you can’t get out of just being friends at 13 14 15 16 years old when they start throwing the love word out there and of course now you know I’m I’m 46 years old and I’ve married this beautiful wonderful amazing best friend and I’m still discovering the facets of love I’m still learning how to love somebody what that looks like what it looks like to receive love now why are you talking about this because I think when it comes to broken I think we can have a different definition than God does matter of fact we see if you look through the scriptures we see broke a broken wall God sees an opportunity for leadership Nehemiah we see a broken alabaster box God sees worship we see a broken roof God sees a paralytic may hold we see a broken world God sees an opportunity for a savior we see we see broken this way different matter of fact Jesus makes broken things beautiful and I want to talk to you because I think we can all identify with some area of brokenness now you may have seen this before but there is a design or type of pottery that was discovered back and many many centuries ago and Japan I’m not gonna try to pronounce the word but I do have some pictures on the screens I want to show you and what they would do is they would take a piece of pottery that had been broken that had been cast out and this one particular gentleman who was a pottery maker he instead of seeing a pot that was broken he saw something that could be beautiful and what he would do is he would take the broken pieces instead of just gluing them together he would put gold inside of the glue and connected the pieces together with gold so that the broken pot that was not valuable and somewhat worthless in people’s eyes now has become something that is priceless because of the gold and sometimes they would use silver and different precious metals and the reason I say that is because when we look at our life it’s so easy to look at our life and go we’re worthless what we’ve been through is not restorable now here’s what the Bible says in Psalms chapter 34 verse 18 it says if your heart is broken listen to what what God says to us God says if your heart is broken you’ll find God right there come on did you hear it what’d you hear that if your heart is broken notice what else that says it says if you’re kicked in the gut this is a message paraphrase I love the message he’ll kill help you catch your breath Colossians chapter 1 verse 20 talking about Jesus coming to the world he says not only that but all the broken and dislocated pieces of the universe people and things animals and atoms get properly fixed and fit together in vibrant harmonies all because of his death his blood that poured down from the cross there’s an author her name is Cynthia Shelley and she made this statement that has become very popular she said for a seed to achieve its greatest expression it must come completely undone the shell breaks its insides come out and everything changes to someone who doesn’t understand growth it would look like complete destruction see God has had a plan for your brokenness ever since you started going through it I know it’s not hard when you look over because we define it as there’s no way that God can bring value out of that problem and today I want to take I want to take you through a story of somebody that you probably heard lots of message even in church for any length of time you probably heard messages about this but a guy by the name of Jacob have you ever heard of Jacob in the Bible okay Jacob Jacob Jacob well I started out in a Genesis chapter 25 I’m gonna talk about it for a little bit and then I’ll get into some like little points that might help you a little bit alright Jacob was the son the twin son of a guy by the name of Isaac you remember Abraham Abraham had a son is no son’s name was huh hit your neighbors say Isaac hit your neighbor’s house at Isaac all right Isaac married this girl named Rebecca Rebecca got pregnant instead of one she had twins now the Bible tells us right from their birth right actually before they were born that things weren’t going so good it says in Genesis 25 22 but the children struggled together within a matter of fact she even prayed to God like what’s going on in here there’s some problems in here God like what’s happening and so when she gives birth Esau comes out first and he’s all hairy so they named him Esau he saw means hairy and so when he comes out here’s what Jacob does baby beam birth Jacob reaches his hand out to try to pull Esau back that’s why his name is called supplanter or deceiver his name names are really important in the Bible so he reaches up and he grabs the heel to try to pull him back into the womb so he can be the first one that comes out and so right from the very beginning there’s this dissension between Jacob the deceiver the supplanter the the the trickster guy and hairy boy okay so and hairy Esau was like he went to shop class he was a hunter he was a gatherer and Jacob loved home economics okay he liked to cook he bought one of Penny’s cookbooks and so he knew how to cook real good one particular day remember his name means deceiver one particular day Esau has gone out hunting and he hasn’t he hasn’t killed anything trying to bring back some food and he’s really really hungry I mean super hungry like you haven’t eaten for two or three days hungry so hungry when he comes any smells Jacobs Dinty Moore beef stew because Jacob is the one who created Dinty Moore beef stew you know the big can have me Audrey Dinty Moore beef stew come on old people you know talking about Dinty Moore beef stew was the bomb okay it had real unnatural stuff in it lots of sodium and big hunks of meat who knows how long those cans have been sitting on the on the shelves and they were just I mean nowadays if you were to open I mean anyway in a zombie apocalypse Dinty Moore would be the thing to have alright just saying all right so Jacob is making his beef stew and Esau comes in from hunting and here’s what Jacob does because he’s a trickster because he’s a manipulator he’s a he’s a supplanter he saws like that smells good Jacob what you cooking he goes I’m cooking some Dinty Moore and he says well can I have something he goes oh no that’s all right I got just some enough for me so you he saw says well what can I give you for something and Jacob goes how about you give me your birthright how about you give me your firstborn blessing and Esau kind of stupid makes a decision to give something that’s priceless to give something really good and he and he gives Jacob his firstborn blessing for a bowl of Dinty Moore beef stew bad bad decision from that point forward everything started to go bad for Jacob if you fast-forward matter of fact he steals the blessing from Esau Isaac is about to die and Isaac calls Esau in he says hey Esau can you go out and kill something come back make me a meal some meat and when you’re finished I’m gonna bless you Jacob overhears it Rebecca his wife overhears it Rebecca Isaac’s wife overhears it she liked Jacob a little more than Esau and and she says hey why don’t you go in there I’ll put some hair stuff on your arms you’ll smell like Esau and you can get the blessing of Esau his firstborn blessing and here’s what happens at this point in Genesis chapter 27 when Esau comes back and realizes that Jacob has taken his blessing it says that so Esau verse 41 he says Esau hated Jacob because of the blessing with which his father blessed him and he saw said in his heart the days of mourning for my father are 10 and then I will kill you I’m gonna kill you Jacob I will kill my brother Jacob so Jacob runs I mean it’s never good when your brother wants to kill you it’s one thing if your brother wants to beat you up I’m an only child I don’t know what that feels like but I do have three three in my house and they kind of fight every now and then they get an argument I don’t think any of them ever ever said I’m gonna kill you okay like I’m gonna really strangle you kill you he saw really one and Esau could do it he went to shop class he knew how to do it and so Jacob leaves he leaves and he goes Rebekah says you need to go because he’s gonna kill you you need to go to my brother Lemmons house get yourself a wife now here’s what happens to Jacob because when you read the story you never think how Jacob could actually be broken but the truth of the matter is this Jack this this this character he went through some stuff so he goes to Lathan and at when he gets there he sees this beautiful woman named Rachel she’s gorgeous blond hair flowing pretty eyes and and you know she he sees her and and he realizes that she’s actually a part of the right and he goes and he gives her a big kiss and he says I’m gonna marry you and laid me goes oh you want to marry my daughter all right you got to serve me for seven years seven years you gotta earn her but here’s what happens to Jacob on his wedding night what his wedding night remember the show wife swap remember that show okay it happens to jacob jacob started the show jacob on his wedding a Laban tricks jacob and instead of rachel becoming Jacob’s wife he throws in Leah his his firstborn daughter and tricks the trickster hutch I mean I can’t imagine waking up from your wedding it must have been a crazy party for him to not realize he was with the wrong woman so he wakes up whoa you guys got the wrong one and so Laban says I’ll give you Rachel but guess what you got to serve me another seven years another seven years so he serves Laban another seven years and during that time he tricks his brother his father-in-law out of a bunch of cattle he figures out this way that when the cattle have children they will have the children that Jacob is able to pull from the cattle and he becomes rich at Laban ‘s expense and so he gets Laban man he’s got Esau mad I mean this guy is jacked up I mean this is Jerry Springer esque quality Jaffna s– okay you follow I’m talking to here so now Jacob now we get to this place in Genesis chapter 32 so if you have your Bible I want you to go there with me Genesis chapter 32 where where Jacob is running from Laban and guess who he bumps into Esau Genesis chapter 32 verse 1 I want you to see this so Jacob went on his way he leaves Laban is running from Laban and the angels of God met him when Jacob saw them he said this is God’s camp and he called the name of the place Mahina m– then Jacob sent messengers before him to Esau his brother in the land of Seir the country of Edom and he commanded them saying speak thus to my lord Esau thus your sermons jacob says i have dwelt with Laban and stayed here until now I have oxen he’s basically saying look I got a lot of money I have oxen and donkeys and flocks and male and female servants and I have sent to tell my Lord that I may find favor in your sight in other words please don’t kill me then the messengers returned to Jacob saying we came to your brother Esau and he also is coming to meet you with four hundred Navy SEALs because you know J Saul’s not gonna attract a bunch of floundering you know military rejects he’s gonna have some serious firepower and so he’s got four hundred men coming if you were Jacob what would you do you’d be shaken because he’s already said he’s gonna kill him he’s always he’s kind of in the middle he can’t go back because he’ll run into Laban now once you follow me because I’m getting to the message now that was just all intro he can’t go back because the Laban is behind them and he can’t go forward because Esau is in front of him all he’s got left is to go up and meet God and see this is where I believe many of you are here today you’re in this place today and you can’t go back like I don’t want to go back because where I came from what I know you might have been fighting with your past trying to figure out how you can fix it but you can’t go back there and you can’t go ahead because you’re like I don’t know if I can make it because you know of what happened in the past and I don’t know if I can make it because what’s going on back here and I don’t know if I pull this up here and the only place you got left in it I think it’s God that puts us in these situations where we can’t go back and we can’t go forward we’re stuck right here in this middle place this wilderness cities if you if you want to say it that way and Jacob does this he’s greatly afraid verse seven and distressed and divided the people that were with them and the flocks and herds and camels into two companies and he he said if he saw comes to the one company to tax it then the other company which his left will escape so basically he’s just sitting out he sends two companies out and in different stages he goes if they kill one then the rest of them can run then Jacob does this in verse nine he prays O God of my father Abraham and God of my father Isaac the Lord who said to me return to your country verse 10 here’s where he admits his brokenness he says I’m not worthy I’m not worthy of the least of all the mercies of all the truth which you have shown your servant I have crossed over this Jordan with my staff and now I have become two companies look at verse 11 he says deliver me deliver me I need some help how many I’ll could just use a miracle in your life raise your hand right now you need a miracle you need you need you need a moment with God a chance of a step honey deliverance I need to get past this something is holding me back Jacob fell broke and he felt unqualified he felt damaged and then something interesting happens that changes Jacobs life forever he gets into a wrestling match with God and here’s what I want to do I want to take you through this this this encounter with the Lord this this connection with God and I want to I want to build a prayer for the broken out of this because you can see how Jacob kind of works this out in his life as he’s having this encounter with God can I can I just tell you that that that your brokenness will only become beautiful when you have that encounter with God you’ll never be able to do it on your own you’ll never be able to accomplish it on your own so look with me at verse 22 of Genesis chapter 32 and it says and he he rose Jacob arose that night and took his two wives remember Li and Rachel it’s two female servants and it’s eleven sons and he crossed over the Ford of J book everybody said JP I’m gonna say one more time stage a book and he took them and sent them over the brook and sent over what he had in other words he gets to this place and he goes you guys go ahead because he doesn’t he says look if he saw comes and finds me he didn’t want him to kill his wife and his kids so he sends them across and he’s all by himself here’s the first you want to write this down because I want you to build this prayer and I believe that some of you tonight will find yourself in the middle of this prayer and maybe one of these prayer statements maybe these state one of these statements to God will help you in overcoming your feeling of unworthiness the first prayer the first thing that I believe we can say to God is Lord empty me of me the word J book actually means empty we have to cross an emptying in order for us to deal with our brokenness see the reason why is because when we are broken we adjust to the brokenness and in order to empty me of me it means I got to get rid of something that I’m using as a crutch to help me deal with my brokenness for example my wife mentioned a couple weeks ago that we just have this Volvo and it was like 1992 maroon Volvo station wagon and we were polled we were we didn’t have any money when we started the church we gave all our money away and so we didn’t have any money to fix the car let alone you know barely enough to take care of the car and so when we had the car it would it would basically need to be anointed once a week with oil we had to pour oil into it the problem is as we kept having to pour oil into it we never got it fit it was broken so our way of dealing with the brokenness was just to keep pouring oil in it we never figured out why it was leaking oil we could’ve easily fixed it if we had the finances gonna eat leaf it if we knew what was going on it’s like it’s like people who get a flat tire they know it nails in the tire but they don’t go in feet of fix they just keep going by and putting air in the tire they just keep filling the tire up over and over and over again see when we pray a prayer like Lord empty me of me it’s like I’m saying God I need to get rid of the crutch that I’m using to hold myself up in this brokenness we tend to figure out a way to live with the brokenness I used to skateboard when I was younger I used to ramp skate and back in the long time ago when you didn’t wear helmets and kneepads and stuff like that and I ended up breaking my right ankle probably three times okay and because you know I didn’t we didn’t go to the I didn’t go to the doctor I broke it I broke it really bad the last time where I went off this I want to offer 12 steps I went off this flight of steps and I wanted to kind of Ollie up the steps and land well my board got caught right the end and so I fell and I fell down 12 flights as 12 steps and a landed on my ankle like this and it blew up like a balloon on the side of it well what’s happened over the years is I’ve got all this scar tissue it’s all around my ankle and I’ve started to exercise and do different weight lifting things and stuff like that and what has happened over the years is I have adjusted to the immobility in my ankle but here’s the problem the problem is my ankle is is the issue but now it’s shifted all the way over into my left hip because I’ve adjusted to my brokenness listen what are you doing right now that’s simply covering up your brokenness you’ve adjusted to it you’ve allowed it to – to change the mobility of your life you need to pray Lord empty me of me Lord empty me of me Genesis 32 verse 24 then Jacob was left alone when he sent his why across so not only do we need to pray this prayer Lord empty me of me here’s the second part of the prayers Lord I only need you I say this all the time and services and I’ve been you know ministering now for twenty years and I’ll say close your eyes and I’ve been doing that for a long time I don’t know where I picked it up from and I’ll look I won’t close my eyes but I’ll look and I’ll notice that people don’t close their eyes and I’ve always wondered I was like well why you know why would somebody not in the middle of a moment where we’re trying to get close to God or or something or we’re trying to get a loan they won’t close their eyes and I remember one time I prayed I said God why is it that in the middle of a service or in the middle of a ministry time I’ll ask someone to close their eyes and they can’t do it and he said this to me he said because they don’t like what they see when their eyes are closed and it impacted me because I realized that when it comes to our brokenness we don’t like to be alone but sometimes now now there’s a big difference between being alone and being lonely because God said in his word he said in Genesis when Adam was by himself he said he said it’s not good that man be alone he wasn’t Adam was not he was not alone because God was there with him and see here’s the thing that you got to understand no matter how broken you may feel right now you’re never alone because God says I’ll never leave you nor forsake you Lord I only need you I only need you just you no distractions in our life can be easy things to try to deal with that loneliness that aloneness that we don’t want to deal with those times when we want to close our eyes but we don’t really want to close our eyes you know with distractions so what will create distractions in order to not deal with our brokenness will create diversions you know what the iPhone the the whole mobile device era that we’re in right now is a very easy way to never feel like you’re alone to never deal with the things that are really going on with your heart because if I can post something on such-and-such a website or put something on Facebook and hey did somebody like it did did somebody make me a comment they’ve even figured out that you get some kind of a emotional stimulus when somebody likes your stuff I turn off all the notifications on my phone cuz it bugs the bejesus out of me when you and so you know we get lights and hearts and this set any other we’re creating distractions it’s all distractions I was I was looking at this word concealed and when I was looking on the computer it came up concealer you know I got three girls in my house my wife and two daughters you know girls with makeup they put concealer on why do they use concealer to hide the imperfections they cover them up you don’t need to cover up your imperfections when it comes to God you don’t need to try to hide when it comes to God Lord I only need you I only need you see we got to get rid of all the distractions all the diversions remove all the interferences I found this quote Bailey I don’t know who wrote it but failure sometimes we can use success to do this failure will leave you dead but success will bury you love meaning that sometimes we’ll use success in order to outweigh dealing with our brokenness Lord empty me of me lord I only knew you here’s the third part of it is I want to be closer to you God this is where it gets real interesting and Genesis chapter 30 32 verse 24 you got to tracking with me it says the man was left alone and it says a man wrestled with God notice that the verse uses a capital ma in who’s who who did who did who wrestled here like what’s going on it says at the beginning of this chapter that Jacob meets some angels is he wrestling with an angel no he’s not matter of fact you found out later in verse 30 that Jacob actually is wrestling with God this man is Jesus pre-incarnate now Jason come here for a second I wrestled for one year in middle school and I wrestled until somebody stole my wrestling shoes wrestling is honestly the closest that two men should ever get I’m just saying that right now all right all right and so I wrestled a little bit I was pretty good at it cuz I was long and lanky you know so I could actually use leverage wrestling is all about leverage now the point of what this is what what is happening here is the wrestling is not what what is happening with Jacob in the wrestling so this is what would happen in wrestling just work with me or don’t be so stupid all right you smell good man so this is this is what he’s wrestling Jacob is wrestling with with God he’s wrestling with it he’s moving now notice what he did he went when you’re trying to get a takedown he went to try to gain leverage where did he go to gain leverage and here’s here’s what I want you to see because in the middle of this wrestling match where he is its neighbor here he’s intimate this intimacy with God and Jacob is in a position where he wants to be in control of his life but when you’re intimate with God you have to let go of control and in order for God to gain control with Jacob it says that he touches his hip see the power of wrestling is in the legs but the control of the power is in the hip and so God touches his hip in order for Jacob to lose control of what he thinks is his power move see when we when we can let go thanks Jason Kim Han and that great he’s wrestling with God your intimacy with God will only be at the level of your letting go of control of your life let me say that one more time because you need to catch this this is this is the crucial part of this prayer is is God I want to be close to you I want to be close to you God I want to be intimate with you I want I want more of you well in order for you to get more of God you’ve got to lose control of yourself you’ve got to let go it can’t be dependent on you anymore that’s why John the Baptist made the statement when Jesus came on the scene less of me and more of him less of me I can’t be in control so so God is wrestling Jacob now we know that Jacob was not winning against God but isn’t that what we think when we’re in control isn’t that what we think don’t we think oh I got this I could handle this we think we got God and then God just touches his hip he knocks his hip out of socket now just so you know to not knock your hip out of socket is a pretty big deal it will put you flat on your back I did a little I looked through a bunch of medical research as I was studying this week just looking at what it would look like for somebody’s hip to be knocked out of socket it’s pretty big he’s gonna be limping for a long time after this but see the limp is not the issue it’s what happens after Jacob gets up that’s the real deal the limp is our testimony see it’s not there’s a big difference between sharing your brokenness for the sake of gaining pity and sharing your brokenness for the sake of taking down the devil big difference big difference that was really good that was worth an amen right there come on let me let me just say one more time cuz you might need to write this down there’s a big difference in sharing your brokenness for the sake of pity and sharing your brokenness for the sake of testifying against the devil big difference see the person that’s looking for pity is still in control but the person who has the testimony yeah they’re limping but it’s all God it’s all gone so lord I want to be close to you I’m not letting go until you bless me so you see the prayer here’s the prayer the prayer is Lord empty me of me Lord I only need you I want to be close to you God I’m not letting go until you bless me Genesis 22 32 26 and he said let me go God’s talking to Jacob let me go for the day breaks and he said I will not let you go until you bless me this is the fight this is the fight that we all must have with God is I’m not letting you go god I’m not I’m not leaving this moment until you change my life you got to be willing to fight with all the faith that you have all the faith that you can muster if it doesn’t happen right away I’m gonna hang on God until I get blessed until you give me what I know is a part of my inheritance well why is it he give me right away because he’s developing the faith in you to help you maintain and sustain God’s never gonna put you somewhere that he wants us they give you enough faith to sustain you the fight is the faith required to sustain you at the next level to be able to deal with that testimony to be able to deal with the fight that comes with sharing that testimony fighting the enemy listen listen this is this war that we’re in it’s not against flesh and blood it’s against principalities and powers and if you really want to kick some devil tail it’s gonna require some faith to stand and occupy some places that some other people don’t want to occupy because they don’t want to fight hard enough hey man you gotta have some fight hit your neighbors say you got to have some fight I’m not look it your other neighbor say I’m not letting go until you bless me I’m not letting go until you bless me I am not letting go until you bless me y’all Genesis 32 27 here’s the end he says so he said to him now he’s in the middle of a fight and God goes what’s your name like what do you imagine wrestling with somebody and they’re like I’m not letting go I’m not letting go what’s your name why did God ask him what his name was because he wanted Jacob to know that what he was was going to change he had identified with his brokenness for so long he had built this crutch so long my name is Jacob my name is deceiver maybe for you it’s my name is abused my name is divorced my name is lonely my name is hurt my name is is worthless my name is lost my name is failure maybe God’s putting his pressure on you just so you can identify that one last time with who you were not who you are are you with me and so so he turns he’s fighting him see a new name is always indicative of a new beginning it’s always indicative and so he says what’s your name he says my name is deceiver my name is Jacob he says your name shall no longer be jacob but israel israel means prince of god at its root form it means God fights God fights he says no your name’s not jacob anymore your name is Israel for you have struggled with God and with men and have prevailed God says no no your name sure long will be that it’s gonna be Israel no no your name’s no longer gonna be abused your name’s gonna be valued your name your name’s no longer be hurt your name’s gonna be healed your name’s no longer gonna be divorced you’re gonna be child of God no longer are you gonna be called worthless no longer you gonna call yours you’re gonna call yourself masterpiece because the Bible declares in Ephesians 2:10 that you are God’s masterpiece you are God’s work of art let me get one of my musicians that come out if they can you are you are God’s work of art God’s masterpiece God’s masterpiece don’t ever forget that if there’s one thing you can walk out of the service tonight it’s to know that the grace of God transforms us the minute that we say yes to Jesus Christ so here’s the prayer Lord empty me of me Lord I only need you I want to be closer to you God I’m not letting go until you bless me Lord I’m ready to start over I’m ready to start over in Jesus name I’m ready to start are you ready to start over today here’s what the Bible says 2nd Corinthians 5:17 it says therefore if any man be in Christ he is a new creation old things have passed away behold all things have become new you know in light of hearing this story hopefully that verse will make a whole different whole different picture for you if anyone is in Christ he’s a new creation you’ve been given a new name the minute that you said yes to Jesus Christ you’ve been given a new name you don’t have to you don’t have to adjust to that brokenness anymore won’t you stand up on your feet if you could before we go we’re gonna pray together but I wanted to last night we were at the night of hope with Joel Osteen and he said something that kind of messed with me a little bit because I wrestled with this for a long time I wrestled with when God would announce himself or someone would announce God that he would be called the God of Abraham the god of Isaac and the God of Jacob you ever heard him you ever read the Bible and says that many times people would pray and they would pray you are the matter-of-fact Jacob actually prayed he goes you’re the god of my father Abraham you are God of my father Isaac now of course Jacob was praying it so he couldn’t say he was basically declaring that he was gonna be the God of Jacob many times throughout the Scriptures he will look Oh God will come on the scene because I’m the God of Abraham I’m the god of Isaac and I’m the God of Jacob I can understand that he’s the God of Abraham that he would announce himself as the God of Abraham he because Abraham was a pretty he I mean he’s the father of our faith I mean that God believed he had a baby when he was a hundred years old I mean that’s pretty rockin right there Isaac Isaac was Abraham’s son who was willing to be sacrificed in addition to the obedience that Isaac demonstrated in the scriptures I can understand Isaac but Jacob Jacob stole his brothers birthright he married the wrong woman you know him tricked why in the world why wouldn’t God change it to the God of Abraham the god of Isaac and the God of Israel because he changes his name why wouldn’t he say that and Joe last night I’ve been praying this and I kind of knew this but I didn’t know how to say it and he said it last night so that we would all know that God is not just the god of the faithful not just the god of the obedient but he’s also God of the broken and that good to know and that good to know no no matter where you are in life he’s the God of the broken once you close your eyes and bow your head if you could right now everybody’s gonna close their eyes for sure [Laughter] close them tight extra tight thank you Lord Father we thank you for your grace your amazing grace love that Amazing Grace God God you do for us what we don’t deserve and God I know there are people in this place tonight Lord that that they’ve they are broken even because we’re broken I know I am I know I’ve made some mistakes in my life it’s my own fault God we all sit in this place and it’s because of our own instances or or maybe because life dealt us some bad stuff or we were we feel like we were born into the wrong family and we didn’t choose these things and there’s some things that are out of our control but god we just we pray this prayer tonight that god empty us of ourselves Lord we want to be closer to you I only need you God Lord I’m not letting go until you bless me and Lord I’m ready to start over today if you would honestly say every head bowed every eye closed that I’ve been using a crutch to hold I’m an adjusting to my brokenness would you just lift up your hand to God right now you know there’s some areas in your life that are broken listen I got my hand up to maybe you’re thinking is a little out of whack because of what happened in the past maybe your the way that you see things your perspective has changed your reality so much maybe the oppression of your past or the oppression of that brokenness has has called you to develop a lifestyle that you know is not healthy maybe it’s some habits that you’ve created as a result of trying to help that brokenness or hide that brokenness I wanna I want to just pray matter of fact I’m gonna just have Leslie just sing this song over your life right now it’s amazing grace [Music] I want to lost but never was [Music] Amazing Grace how sweet [Music] that’s [Music] I want to buy now buzz oh I can see in [Music] I can see the love [Music] laying yourself [Music] raising up the broken who I can see I can see the love laying yourself [Music] raising the broke father we just thank you for your grace your grace your amazing grace [Music] we’re not letting go God till we do you bless this we’re not letting go we’re not letting go god we’re fighting we’re fighting for our families go fighting for our marriages God we’re fighting for our cities God we’re fighting for our community God we’re fighting for our school God we’re fighting for our church Laura fighting Lorna and we’re gonna keep fighting and we’re gonna keep pressing in and we’re gonna keep praying and we’re gonna keep serving and we’re gonna keep seeing people’s lives changed every day every day every day we’re gonna keep fighting God we’re not gonna let go God we’re not gonna let go of Charlotte we’re gonna keep praying for the city we’re believe for this city we’re not gonna let go of our families God we’re gonna keep praying for our families we’re gonna keep praying for our kids even the ones that are still running right now we’re gonna pray for them God we’re not gonna let go until you bless them Lord we’re not gonna let go until you bless them God we’re not gonna let go of that spouse that’s running from you right now we’re not gonna let go we’re gonna keep praying we’re gonna keep fighting we’re gonna keep fighting God we’re gonna keep fighting and we’re not gonna let go God until you bless us God develop that faith in Tuscon develop that faith we’re gonna fight for this marriage God we’re not gonna quit on this marriage we’re gonna give everything we got Lord we’re gonna fight fight fight for this marriage in Jesus name we’re gonna fight for this healing God we’re not gonna let go God until you heal us until you bless us we know it says it in your word God that you are a healer you are our healer by your stripes we are healed we are healed I am healed I am healed God I believe it and I’m fighting for it I’m not gonna let go of the promise in Jesus name thank you for your grace God thank you God we’re not letting go until you bless us we’re ready to start over God to begin again if any man be in Christ he is a new creation old things have passed away behold all things have become new we thank you for the newness God the newness we have in you in Jesus name if you agree with that say Amen and give Jesus a big hand clapping all [Music] [Applause]


Freedom House Church – Ministry Channel

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Renovatus Church

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Elevation Church – Charlotte, North Carolina

Elevation Church -- Charlotte North Carolina

Elevation Church — Charlotte, North Carolina

Elevation Church exists so that people far from God will be raised to life in Christ. Through the use of preaching, worship, creativity, and personal experiences, they strive to present the Gospel in a clear and fresh way.

Led by Pastor Steven Furtick, Elevation Church is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, with multiple locations and extension sites throughout the US and Canada.


Have you been hurt? This is key to forgiveness | Pastor Steven Furtick

Video Transcript

so as I think about forgiveness today I wonder where you’ve been wounded Jesus it was in his hands when they saw the hands they realized this is not an impersonator this is not an imposter they had to see something they had to see something that let them know what he went through and you keep trying to prove God’s presence by your successes but when it came time for Jesus Christ the Son of God to prove his presence he said look where the nails were see my hands see where they drove the spikes between the bones so they would not break so that it would support the weight of my body long enough for me to suffocate see see see it killed me but I didn’t stay dead it broke me but I am now whole I was dead now I’m alive see my scars my scars tell a story I’m not ashamed to show my scars Christianity is not cosmetic surgery so you can hide what you’ve been through to try to get people to think you’re perfect Christianity Jesus Christ didn’t come to conceal the pain he came to reveal his glory and he showed it in his scars but there was one God is always looking for the one who wasn’t there and the Bible tells us that even though the 11 minus Judas got to see him there was one who wasn’t there named Thomas can I talk about Thomas for one minute let me teach you about Thomas oh man Thomas he gets a bad rap they call him in the church they call him doubting Thomas have you ever heard this before doubting Thomas because church people will label you by one moment in your journey doubting Thomas adultery Annie I’ll stop right there something’s going through my head that’ll have to be edited out for YouTube because life will label you by what you did and the Bible gives us a little only John tells us this because John had this sensitivity to him when you read his Gospel he tells you things other people don’t mention he said now Thomas also known as Didymus I mean if we’ve just got a label Thomas a doubter can we at least call him doubting Didymus because the alliteration works much better doubting Didymus the Bible says that doubting Diddy one of the twelve was not with someone say he wasn’t there so now Jesus and Thomas got something in common when they went to look for Jesus dead body he wasn’t there when Jesus showed up alive and resurrected Thomas wasn’t there and Thomas wasn’t there the Bible doesn’t say why he wasn’t there I’ve always heard it preached like he wasn’t there because he didn’t have enough faith to be there but the boys inside had the doors locked they weren’t any better so if we’re gonna give out nicknames let’s talk about Simon Peter inside with the doors locked how about scaredy-cat Simon Peter scaredy Simon how about locked door Levi lock them up Levi and doubting Diddy and we all have doubts that’s what I’m trying to say we all have scars we all have dysfunction you might have long sleeves but if I could roll up your sleeves you’ve been through something you struggle with something your wife may not know it but God does I gotta hurry I gotta hurry I’m getting really indulgent I got to get you out of here cuz the next crowds coming in somebody say nails nails nails nails so the other disciple told him we have seen the Lord but Thomas said this is why they call him doubting Thomas I call him honest Thomas I don’t call him doubting Thomas I call him honest Thomas truthful Thomas cuz Thomas is like I’m not buying it I’m not buying off what you said I need to see for myself I got to see Jesus for myself this has to be real to me so hey unless I see the nail marks in his hands unless I see where he suffered I will not believe in his glory and unless I put my finger where the nails were and put my hand into his side I won’t believe watch Jesus now I want to point out one thing in verse 26 look at it seven days later seven a week later seven seven miles seven days God will leave you in a space where you don’t understand to create faith in your heart so Thomas says I need to see the scars Jesus could have showed up on the spot he waited seven days Jesus could have walked up to Cleo and said see my scars it’s me but sometimes he wants to let you walk and wonder and walk and wonder not because he doesn’t love you but because if your faith needs an explanation it cannot sustain the trials of life so we wait seven days y’all help me preach this he waits seven days have you ever had to wait seven days have you ever had to wait through a custody battle have you ever had to wait to see if this is ever gonna feel better have you ever had to wait through pain wait through depression wait through anxiety attacks wait through bad reports wait through a newscast have you ever had to wait awaiting a waiting period and then when Jesus shows up a week later seven everybody say seven seven days seven miles seven days seven miles it’s the number of completion and then Jesus shows up maybe just at that point where Thomas is tired of waiting and the disciples were in the house again and Thomas this time was there and Jesus walks in look at the next part though the doors were locked they still locked the doors still scared but they stayed still scared but they stayed I still got some addictions but I’m in church today God can work with that I’m still on the road I don’t get it but I’m still and this time Thomas was there he’s not gonna miss it this time and Jesus came in stood among them and said peace watch what comes next yo Tommy hey Diddy hey honest Thomas I heard you wanted to see my scars now this is important put your finger here where where the nails were isn’t that what you needed to see Thomas where the nails were now notice something he didn’t say where the nails are yo Tommy I’m back from the grave and I need you to see something look Thomas no more nails look Thomas they’re not here put your finger where the sin was put your finger with the shame was put your finger where they tried to crucify the creator of the world no more somebody shout no more nails no more nails in other words what held me doesn’t hold me anymore I came to declare today is the day of freedom I wish you would push your neighbour till they almost fall over and say no more nails no more nails now I’ve heard so many sermons about forgiveness because we’ve all been wounded raise your hand if life hasn’t wounded you yet I want to see where the liars are in the church because I want to have a special prayer for all the liars who would have the audacity to lie in the presence of God and act like you haven’t been wounded we’ve all been wounded Rock Hill Gaston County it doesn’t matter Toronto Canada you can’t you can’t walk the road without being wounded you can’t go to church without being wounded he didn’t speak to me that’s why I left he didn’t speak to me I was in a church one time and the preacher got on this thing about wounds and it was so weird y’all cuz he was like he was preaching about wounds his thing was trying to get everybody to go back and remember all the ways they’ve been wounded throughout their whole life he had me thinking of stuff in the third grade just the craziest stuff like that was gonna bring healing look at this Jesus didn’t show Thomas his wounds he showed him his scars there is a difference between being wounded and being scarred so when I prayed about this first word of forgiveness the Lord told me to talk to you about the nails whatever has wounded you whatever you hide whatever happened see when Jesus shows Thomas his scars I’m glad he kept his scars I’m glad he kept that part I’m glad he didn’t stay dead but I’m also glad that he came out scarred because that gives me hope and that’s how I try to preach I don’t want to preach wounded because if I preach wounded I’m gonna inflict my pain on you and I don’t want to be a wounded parent I don’t want to be a wounded spouse I don’t want to walk around God spoke to me a couple months ago and he said if I’ve really healed you like you claim I have why are you still so touchy Thomas said I want to see where the wounds were and when I teach preachers Jonathan can tell you I tell them don’t you get up and tell the church all the ways that you woke up at 5:30 a.m. and you know if I put you in my pulpit show the church some of your scars you can show them the stones that God has rolled away that’s fine that’s a part of it he is a God of miracles he is a God who makes dreams come true and we’ve all got some stones that he’s rolled away but we’ve all got some scars too so show them your scars show them where you didn’t get up at 5:30 in fact show them where you pretended like you didn’t hear the baby crying at 5:30 and Ana got up tell them that story tell them how you almost quit tell them how you wanted to throw up the first week you went out to preach after the news media ran a story about you for four days straight saying things about you tell them that tell them how you were in the bathroom and you came out smiling show them where the wounds were and it’ll give them hope what wounded me doesn’t have to hold me forever come on it’s time to be free its been long enough its been 7 days forgiveness doesn’t mean it didn’t happen the scars shows it happened Jesus didn’t show up and say what cross cross I don’t remember cross I heard a preacher say one time this guy’s an idiot he should have his credentials revoked he said if you’ve really let’s get a preacher voice going if you’ve really forgiven someone in your heart you will not even remember the offense there is a word that comes to my mind to describe what he said but I’m gonna just say it’s inaccurate it’s not denial when I say forgiveness cuz I got to be careful because I’m a pastor right I’m not just passing through preaching one week leaving I’m not trying to just get something I’m trying to go on a journey with you and to let you know that when you let go of whatever wounded you so that you can be free and go into the future God has for you it doesn’t mean that you pretend it never happened this is not denial the nails were there my dad walked out on me not not my dad I’m saying that you could say my mom had an impossible standard that I could never live up to and I believe that part of my eating disorder today has to do with that I’m not saying it didn’t happen but I can’t let it hold me I cannot blame her forever not if I’m a Christian not if I am a Christian not if I worship the one who was wounded for my transgression see I need to let you know something because the hardest person you’ll ever forgive is not your ex it’s not your mom it’s not your dad it’s not your neighbor who came over your fence on your property line the hardest person you will ever have to forgive is yourself see the truth be told it is myself inflicted nails that I have the hardest time letting go of but I want the devil to know when he comes to hammer at me with accusation I don’t know where you go when that starts to happen how worthless you are have you noticed the devil loves to hammer you and he’s got a big hammer but let me tell you a little secret he ain’t got no more nails somebody shout no more nails the next time the devil hammers you with accusations shout back in his face you ain’t got no nails all my nails are in that cross all my shame is on that cross somebody shout no more nails there is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus because through Christ Jesus the law of the spirit of life has set me free from the law of sin and death the devil might have a hammer but he doesn’t have any nails reach out and touch the place where the nails were where they were it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen it happened I fell short it happened I ruined the relationship it happened they abused me and wasted I don’t even want to tell my own spouse it happened I deal with the traumatic memory see it’s not that it didn’t happen and it’s not that it doesn’t hurt that’s not what forgiveness is forgiveness doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt I mean the nails might be gone but the memory is still there and it’s really easy to forgive sometimes when the person that you’re forgiving is gone but when you still have to work out shared custody when you still have to live with the memory when you still can’t be touched without recalling the shame of when you were touched the wrong way and now you’re trying to learn how to love the right way when you’re trying to learn how to trust it doesn’t mean it won’t hurt away with the preaching that will teach you that the pain will go away when you forgive the offense it’s not that the pain goes away I’m helping somebody I’m setting somebody free you keep waiting for the feeling of forgiveness to come it’s not a feeling it takes faith I said it takes faith I said it takes faith I said it takes faith it takes faith to believe that the same place where the nails were is the same place where the healing is they saw it in his scars Jesus needed those nails if they hadn’t nailed him to that cross if they hadn’t if they hadn’t puncture if the blood didn’t flow from that place the power wouldn’t be released I’m saying not that God’s gonna take the scar away but that he is going to release the greatest strength in your life from the place where the nails were come on shout no more nails hey thank you for watching make sure you subscribe to this channel so you don’t miss a single video or live stream and share this video with a friend and don’t forget you can join me live every Sunday thanks again for watching

Pastor Steven Furtick: Learning how to trust can hurt; learning how to forgive can heal.


Elevation Church Channel | Pastor Steve Furtick

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Charlotte, North Carolina Travel Guide (Video) Tour

Charlotte, North Carolina Travel Guide:  This video covers the best fun things to do and see in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Join Scott as he gives a guided tour of the past and present highlights of Charlotte – North Carolina’s Queen city. This tour of Charlotte visits center city (uptown), the NoDa neighborhood, Brooke’s Sandwhich Shop (NoDa), the booty loop in Myer’s Park, Mcdonalds in South Park, Carowinds Theme Park, The Billy Graham Library, Prices Chicken Coup in South End, Freedom Park in Dilworth, and The Mind Museum in South Charlotte.

Other top tourist attractions include:  NASCAR Hall of Fame, Levine Museum of the New South, Discovery Place, and Carolinas Aviation Museum.



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NASCAR Hall of Fame - Charlotte North Carolina

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