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Joshua Mills Book - Atmosphere - Creating A Realm for Miracles and Success

Joshua Mills: “God wants to give you an atmosphere for miracles everyday of your life.”

Atmosphere Book – Joshua Mills: In this fascinating book you will learn how to develop an atmosphere for miracles and success to abound in your life.

As he traveled around the world, Joshua Mills discovered that atmospheres play a very significant part in understanding how people receive from the presence of God’s glory. | Learn more…


Joshua Mills speaks with Patricia King about how praise changes the atmosphere

Joshua Mills speaks with Patricia King about how praise changes the atmosphere. | Image courtesy: xpmedia.com



Reviews of Atmosphere Book

“Joshua Mills has other resources going into greater depths of entering the Glory realm. This book had tidbits and nuggets of Truth that lays a foundation in some principles of living the Glory life. It’s all about creating atmosphere… and living from that atmosphere into the earthly realm.” – Jay D. Smith


“Easy, interesting, inspiring. Joshua is practical and heart warming.” – Sally Shaw


“Read this book if you want a deeper revelation on the Glory and walking in the Glory Realm. I also recommend Joshua’s DVD school. Just set aside a weekend to go through it and watch what happens.” – Kevin Frasure



Patricia King: Atmospheres Interview with Joshua Mills

(XPMedia) Patricia King and Joshua Mills talk about how you can create an atmosphere of heaven in your life, and carry and release it everywhere you go.


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