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Jesse Duplantis - The Everyday Visionary - Christian Book

Dr. Jesse Duplantis: “Somebody is going to succeed…why not you?” You can experience real joy, ful-fillment, and success by following God’s path to your dreams. | Image: Jesse Duplantis Ministries

The Everyday Visionary Book – Dr. Jesse Duplantis: Sometimes it might seem as if your dreams are just too wildly improbable, or there are too many obstacles standing in your way, or you’ve missed your window of opportunity.

But if those dreams are divinely inspired, hope is far from lost. You just need to know how to visualize the path to your dream to make it a reality.  Dr. Duplantis shares what destiny really is, how to find yours, and how to avoid letting others kill your joy. | Learn more…


Jesse Duplantis Preaching Message - Possessing Your Vision

Dr. Jesse Duplantis Preaching Message – “Possessing Your Vision” | Image: Jesse Duplantis Ministries



Reviews of The Everyday Visionary Book

“Love all of Jessie’s books as they are all sown with humor and the everyday living of everyone’s lives. Just natural stuff and amazing undistorted vision…..undistorted word of God. I love you Jessie and pray for you ……and your ministry.” – Sharon Wickwar


“Been looking for this book and I am glad I found it. I think this is one of his best books to date. My wife was very happy with this book and she read it 3 times already. You will be happy with this book.” – R. Zimmer


“It will CHANGE your life.” – Bonnie Lucas


“Jesse is informative and humorous in all his books. Read if you have questions on REAL Christianity.” – William Jergensen


Jesse Duplantis: Making Your Dreams Come True | CBN

Jesse Duplantis discuses how God will do amazing things for anyone who believes and follows Him. He is the author of “The Everyday Visionary”. Jesse tells his story of success, business and hope. One of the world’s most humorous and dynamic ministers inspires readers to realize their potential and fulfill their dreams using the power of “determined” thoughts.


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