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Dr. Myles Munroe Book - Living with Purpose - Munroe Global

Dr. Myles Munroe: “Potential is like soil it must be worked and fed to produce fruit.”

Living With Purpose Book –  Dr. Myles Munroe: In this devotional book, you will receive access to Biblical wisdom and spiritual insights that will help you face your day with increased vision and live your life with a greater sense of destiny. You were made for greatness, not mediocrity.

Inspiration That Will Unlock Your Potential and Release Your Destiny

Every human being was formed in the image and likeness of the Creator—a God of purpose and destiny. In turn, it is Heaven’s perfect plan for you to maximize your life, fulfill your destiny and live with a sense of divine purpose. | Learn more…


Dr. Myles Munroe ministering on Kingdom Leadership

Dr. Myles Munroe: “Leadership is inherent in the human spirit of every person, but only a minute fraction of the human population ever knows, discovers, believes, or attempts to develop or release this hidden leadership potential.” | Image courtesy: munroeglobal.com



Reviews of “Living With Purpose” Book

“I’d recommend this book to anyone who feels they either aren’t sure of what it means to live with purpose in God, or anyone who is confused about their potential.” – Daniel Appiah


“This man truly will excite you though the word of God to believe and walk in greater. God, who created the heavens and the earth, lives in us in the person of the Holy Spirit and wants us to live to our full potential.” – Justin Campbell


“I read every chapter with extreme expectation. Never have I read words so inspiring, other than the bible, than Dr. Munroe’s.” – Maurie Deming



Discovering Your Personal Leadership | Dr. Myles Munroe

Dr. Myles Munroe: Trapped within every follower is a hidden leader. You may ask, If every follower is a potential leader, then who is going to follow? The answer is the essence of what the original philosophy of leadership was intended to be. This message will help you to tap into your true leadership potential. | Visit Munroe Global online at: https://www.munroeglobal.com


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