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The Normal Supernatural Christian Life Book by Aliss Cresswell

Aliss Cresswell: “The glorious power of the cross and Christ’s resurrection is the very foundation of the power available to us.”

The Normal Supernatural Christian Life Book – Aliss Cresswell: With a heart surrendered to Jesus and a passion for the Holy Spirit, Aliss has learned how to take an average day and make it explode with the heavenly.

A treasury of practical teaching and Scriptures, this book is bursting with Aliss’ unique stories that will make you laugh and cry. They will inspire you, encourage you and fill you with faith. | Learn more…



Aliss Cresswell - Christian Author and Minister

Aliss Cresswell believes in the God of miracles and living a life full of love and power. | Image courtesy: alisscresswell.com



Reviews of The Normal Supernatural Christian Life Book

“This book is a testament to a heart of a true follower of Christ who not only believes the miracles of Biblical times were true, but believes they are for today, too…and proves it! It’s encouraging to see compassion walking the streets of fear and pain and showing the love and healing of Jesus’ heart to them.” – Tisha Cole


“I am so in love with this book! The author gave us vivid depictions of the normal supernatural Christian life. She has inspired me to stay strong on my journey and has clarified so much! I would recommend this book to everyone.” – Cierra Sherman


“This is the book to read if you are ready to experience more of God’s power in your life! Thank you Aliss for the insight and courage to live in your power. And thank you for sharing your experiences!” – Octavia Burns


“Aliss is a trailblazer. The information shared in this book is excellent and important for this time. She tells personal stories and references information from the bible. She is groundbreaking a recipe for modern day miracles for this time. Miracles are alive and active today.” – Sue Wittmann



Aliss Cresswell Video Diary #8 – Never the Same Again

This week, Aliss Cresswell travels to North Carolina. Watch as a woman does a miracle for the first time, a man is healed and a woman gives her life to Jesus. Pray along with Aliss and receive Jesus too!  For the latest updates, news and information, visit her online at: http://alisscresswell.com


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