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Dr. Creflo Dollar Book - Overcoming Fear

Dr. Creflo Dollar: “When we get to the place where we refuse to tolerate fear in any form, it has to leave.”

Overcoming Fear Book – Dr. Creflo Dollar: It is reported now, more than ever, that many people struggle with feelings of depression and stress that are fueled by fear. This book provides a candid and revealing look into how fear works and how to be free from it forever. Once fear is removed, you are free to live the life God has designed for you. | Learn more…



Dr. Creflo Dollar - Override the Spirit of Fear

Dr. Creflo Dollar: “It is critical that you align your words with the Word if you want to override the spirit of fear when it tries to attack you. Faith-filled words empower God to move on your behalf.” | Image courtesy: creflodollarministries.org



Reviews of “Overcoming Fear” Book

“I love Creflo Dollar he is the only one so far on my spiritual journey with God helps me understand things clearer. I love this book he breaks everything down so gently although I’m going to have to read again because its a lot of info. I definitely want to apply all of it to my life! Thank you Creflo!!! God bless!” – Claudette Jerzak


“This book is great. It give you really great insight into how fear works and how we can deal with over coming it.” – Lisa Weaver


“This is an excellent book. It is full of practical information to help overcome fear in every area of your life. It is a must read. This is the type of book you have to read a few times to truly hone in on different areas you need to overcome fear.” – Tyeisha Washungton


“God’s wisdom related in everyday language. Creflo Dollar is as awesome on paper as he is in the pulpit. Enlightening!” – Julie Bruck



Your World with Creflo – Living In Fear | Pastor Creflo Dollar

  • Richarrd comes face to face with extreme violence as two hijackers enter his car. Find out how to deal with the aftermath of such trauma, on this powerful episode.


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