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How to Pray - Christian Book - Dr. Morris Cerullo

Courtesy: Morris Cerullo World Evangelism.

How to Pray Book – Dr. Morris Cerullo: This book covers subjects not normally touched by the traditional books on prayer. From his sixty years of experience in global ministry Dr. Cerullo tells you how you can receive the end-time prophetic prayer anointing, a powerful prophetic anointing that will spill over into dimensions that have only been known by Old Testament prophets.

You will discover how to recognize and deal with hindrances to answered prayer, learn how to persevere in prayer, go beyond ordinary prayer to a new, higher level of intercession, use the prayer command of faith, enter into throne room intercession and how to use the Lord’s Prayer to intercede. You will never again experience defeat in your prayer life.


Dr. Morris Cerullo - Urgent Call to Prayer

Dr. Morris Cerullo – Urgent Call to Prayer. Courtesy: Morris Cerullo World Evangelism


Reviews of How to Pray Book

“The author Dr. Morris Cerillo uses Biblical teaching and examples to demonstrate the need and call of God’s people to pray. His style of writing is easy to follow and understand. This book will encourage and benefit all who seek to further their personal relationship to Jesus through prayer. It will also motivate believers to make prayer a priority everyday.” – S. Augustine


“This is a wonderful and biblical based book. The author does a great job of connecting his simple and down to earth thoughts about prayer to the Holy Bible and helping you understand just what true prayer is all about.if you want to deepen your prayer life read this book along with looking up the Scriptures listed in this book.” – MJ Rhone


“The greatest thing about this book, is, that it teaches you how to worship God, followed by intercession,how we should position ourselves for intercession on behalf of others. Once one follows the steps as outline in the book, you feel within yourself that you are getting closer,having an intimate moment, or a relationship with our Lord. I would encourage everyone to get a copy of the book and read, because it really works. It is written in plain language anyone can read, and understand the message. The anointing is also felt as you read through the pages of the book.” – Kenneth A. Richardson


Dr. Morris Cerullo – No Unanswered Prayer

Morris Cerullo World Evangelism: After literally being used to bring the miracle working power of God to millions over seven decades, Morris Cerullo shares a powerful revelation on prayer – now with a fresh anointing of the power of God upon his life, Morris wants to agree with you for your miracle of the century.

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