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Contemporary Christian Music Concert

Contemporary Christian Music Concert (Image: iStock).

Christian Radio Host Brant Hansen:  Many people complain that the genre called contemporary Christian music (marketed to church folk) is derivative, cliched and over-produced. But despite that, the number of people who listen is growing. Here’s why: People like how it makes them feel.

You can watch this phenomenon in person Saturday if you’re in D.C., where thousands of people will gather on the National Mall for a concert-prayer event featuring some of Christian music’s biggest names, from folk-tronica star Crowder to Grammy-winning rapper Lecrae.

Christian Pop Music

So, if we’re keeping score, Christian pop/rock radio stands accused of being less than real, in addition to formulaic, talent-free and vacuous. All that, and even less, actually: One analyst of religion wrote recently for the site fivethirtyeight.com that a primary failing of Christian music is that it’s not negative enough. It’s too sunny, she wrote, with too-frequent appearances of words like “hope” and “joy.”

What about pain and sorrow and darkness and evil? What happened to that? What about, you know, judgment and hell and that stuff?  Via washingtonpost.com


Christian Radio Host - Brant Hansen

Brant Hansen – Christian Radio Host (Image: BrantHansen.com).

Brant Hansen is a radio personality and author. He has hosted national Christian radio shows on WAY-FM Network and Air1. He has a nationally syndicated radio show carried on over 200 stations in the United States, and is the storyteller for CURE International, a network of charity hospitals and clinics in 30 countries.


Brant Hansen: When Life Makes No Sense – Faith Like a Child

Brant Hansen: From a talk at Boundless.org’s “Pursuit 2014” event. Brant works for CURE International (www.cure.org), a global network of hospitals and specialty programs to heal children with correctable disabilities, and tell their families about the Kingdom of God.


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