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Christie Amira Harfouche – IMI LIVE Online Bible College Testimony

Elevate Christian Network :: IMI LIVE — Online Bible College

Christie Amira Harfouche - IMI LIVE Testimony - International Miracle Institute

Christie Amira Harfouche — IMI Live Testimony:  She shares how IMI LIVE Online Bible College has changed and continues to change her life. Christie says, “IMI for me is really been a way of life since before I can remember. When I was about 11 years old, I decided to be really serious about doing the teachings.  I mean even even at that age it lights you up. ”

“You know you get a revelation and and all of a sudden it’s not something that you know to be real.  It’s something that you know has power for the now.  It’s different when you know that yes, Jesus is powerful.  He’s real, he can do these things.  Then when you get a revelation through IMI, and now you know hey he’s doing these things right now, today… IMI is for everybody.”

Who Is IMI – International Miracle Institute For?

“IMI is for the the person raising children so that they can be the right kind a parent, that Godly parent that they’re designed to be; its for the spouse so they can be there, the strong spouse and love people with the love of the Lord and love their spouse with the love the Lord; it’s for the business person who wants to be successful, not for selfish reasons but for the purpose of the kingdom.”

“You know each person has a different purpose in life. And the Word of God is not just for the person who preaches even though yes it’s for the preacher, but the Word of God is for every person who wants Jesus to be a living part of their life.”

International Miracle Institute — Real People, Real Stories, Real Life.  For more information, visit:  https://imilive.org/

Christie Amira Harfouche – IMI for Life Video Rating: 5 / 5


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