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Church Security: Leaders Explain Extra Safety Measures Taken to Protect Congregations

“Within the last two years, we have equipped a security team that is armed,” said the Rev. Steve Adamson of Faith Church in Peru.

A look at Faith Church’s security system shows they have eyes on all entrances. Parishioner Mike Pack said the goal is to keep any dangerous situations outside of the church and in the parking lot.

Extra Security Measures

Mike Pack walks through the children’s nursery inside Faith Church in Peru, explaining some of the security measures the church takes to protect their children and other parishioners. At any given service, Faith Assembly has at least five people carrying firearms as part of a security team with the goal of preventing situations like the one that occurred Saturday at a Pittsburgh synagogue.

“Within the last two years, we have equipped a security team that is armed,” said the Rev. Steve Adamson of Faith Church in Peru.  He said around five or six people at every service at his parish are carrying a firearm as part of that team with the goal of preventing tragedies like the one last week.

Pittsburgh Church Shooting

It was during a Saturday morning service when gun shots erupted in Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. Those shots killed 11 people and injured nine more as the result of an alleged anti-Semitic hate crime.

Those shots echoed across the country as well, even into the Illinois Valley, as yet another reminder to local parishes that their sanctuaries may not be safe from the evils of the world. Area pastors have stepped up security in recent months and Saturday’s tragedy was another notice to double down those efforts.

Both Grace Bible Fellowship Church and Faith Church in Peru received letters from Peru Police Department offering training exercises for active shooter response training. But Peru police have not limited themselves to places of worship. | Read the full story…. newstrib.com



Pittsburgh congregation weighs security changes after synagogue shooting

(Washington Post) After the deadly shooting at Tree of Life synagogue, nearby Rodef Shalom is grappling with how to keep its congregation safe and remain open to its community.



Across the Web:

https://www.wmcactionnews5.com/2018/10/31/pastors-speak-out-about-guns-churches-after-deadly-pittsburgh-synagogue-shooting/Pastors speak out about guns in churches after deadly Pittsburgh synagogue shooting

“Every individual has the right to protect themselves and the person in charge has to do what they can to ensure the safety of the people congregants,” said Pastor Jay Barfield.


http://time.com/5439114/pittsburgh-synagogue-shooting-armed-guards-debate/Religious Leaders Fear Armed Guards Must Now Become the Norm After the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

The New Reform Temple in Kansas City, Missouri is just one of many places of worship where armed security has become the norm, as a rise in anti-Semitic attacks and other hate crimes has forced religious leaders to take more drastic precautionary measures.


https://www.abcactionnews.com/news/region-north-pinellas/tarpon-springs/local-company-specializing-in-church-security-sees-spike-in-calls-after-pittsburgh-shootingLocal company specializing in church security sees spike in calls after Pittsburgh shooting

ESS Global Corporation says it’s been inundated with phone calls since the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. Most of the time is the church is asking for assessments, can you come to our church and tell us where we’re vulnerable?


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