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well welcome to today’s program I’m Dr. Cindy Trimm today we’re going to discover the missing key to turning your life around it’s been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result many of us talk about change but we don’t so we want to give you some principles today that can really bring the changes you’ve been looking for when we begin to understand that we are what we do and say in life and we’re simply doing it on a continuous basis until a present actually becomes our future you got to make some choices you’ve got to make some decisions and we do it every single day here’s the thing if you fail to make a decision it’s a decision not to make a decision and you’re making a decision anyway we don’t have to look for success and expect it to happen by default instead we can define and we can design our future and you’ve heard me right if you keep making the same decisions in your marriage and your careers and your health and your finances guess what’s gonna happen you’re going to have the same outcome you might be thinking well dr. Cindy trimm that sounds like my life exactly and maybe you feel you’ve been in the struggle with the same issues going around and around the same mountain you need to know right now that you were created for something more and you’re destined by God to live a fruitful life well here’s the good news today we’re going to give you some principles to do just that you are not ordained to live a life that struggles and in difficulties but if you want to see a change in your life we can change the words we speak stay tuned so let’s get started on our teaching today I’m gonna give you a few seconds to call your BFF and say dr. Cindy is getting ready to teach get your notepad out in your pan you’re going to want to take notes in the book of Mark chapter four verse thirty five to forty one very interesting text I believe that this is a text that shows us how to move actually into new realms of Dominion you would not believe where Dominion actually starts it’s not just living in a realm but it’s doing something with the very thing that we take for granted and that is the power of the spoken word now in this particular text here is Jesus walking on the water the disciples are shaking and fearful and he just stands in the middle of the same storm that’s threatening to destroy them the wind is just hammering the winds are hammering and they’re afraid and here comes Jesus with a swagger of course walking on the water and then he says guys it’s I and then he turns and he addresses the winds and he addresses the waves and he says peace be still he took dominion over the situation by controlling two things controlling his emotions and controlling his words now when we talk about these winds these these are the theories and philosophies that become the traditions of men it’s Colossians two and eight that says beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit after the tradition of men after the rudiments of this world and not after Christ very important scripture why because when God created you and I he created you and I in his image and after his likeness to represent him in the earth realm God is not only a spirit being he’s a speaking being if you look at Genesis chapter one he just speaks to circumstances and situations scripture says he was the one that call it things that be not as though they wear one of the things that I found out and the mistake that I made in my life back in the day I kept talking about the things that I didn’t want I don’t want to be poor I don’t want this I don’t want that talking about and decreeing what you don’t want doesn’t bring to you what you want and this is why many of us are caught in these kinds of storms we have health storms financial storms relational storms maybe some of what is going on is not happening to us could it be that it may be self-fulfilled prophecy doctor trim what are you saying I’m saying that Scripture is saying that words determine our destiny for true it says life and death is in the power of the tongue he that loves it shall eat the fruit there off one of the things that I’ve discovered is this that by just carefully looking and interpreting a situation and claiming that situation as your reality it becomes your reality as a man thinketh in his heart so his II so your reality of your thoughts your feelings your emotions negatively or positively impacts the reality that manifests in your life now one of the things that I want you to do is to understand it is not what is happening to you that causes the conditions in your life to be what they are it is your response your reaction to what is happening to you here is two scenarios playing in the same kind of realm Jesus is experiencing the storm the wind just like the disciples and so now you have here’s the disciples saying we’re going to die we’re going to die and here is Jesus saying listen peace be still I love it because that word peace is translated silence yourself and put a muzzle on it do you not know that everything in this world is voice-activated and there a voice that are always speaking to us if you have negative voices if you have negative things that is going on around you you can speak the same thing peace be still be silent put a muzzle on it the key question that is found in our text is found in verse 41 what manner of man is this this is the response that the head of Jesus Jesus was demonstrating for his disciples what it looked like to walk in the in Dominion and this is what I want to share with you in our next segment stay tuned join dr. Cindy trim for these next live appearances welcome back let’s talk about this word Doh minion it sounds like it’s a big word and none of us can operate but when we usually think of Dominion you usually think of someone with a whip someone with authority and we Big Chief and you little endian but no that’s not what Dominion is about Dominion is the right to rule it it’s wired in each one of us we are born to have Dominion not over everyone but over specific realms and regions and Genesis chapter 1 verse 26 and 28 God looks at himself and says let us make man talking about God the Father God the Son God the Holy Spirit that is and he looks and says let us make man in our image and after our likeness let them have dominion over the fish at sea follow the air over everything that is created except man so it’s not speaking of you having dominion over people but you having dominion over things it used to be a time that we love people and use things now things are being reversed we use people and we love things but the original intent and purpose of man was not that we were to have control over the things that were going on in the earth realm the earth was created and then God placed man to exercise his Dominion Dominion is the right to rule when Adam fell he didn’t fall from heaven he fall fell from a realm of Dominion let me just break that down a little bit more when you think of powerful people you think of people I think of a person like Oprah she can just stand up and say hey I read this book and boom within seconds or minutes that book becomes a best-seller why not just because she has influence but because she lives in the realm of influence let’s talk about faith faith is not just saving faith or a law of faith or the gift of faith or a dimension of faith you can actually live in the realm of faith this is why Hebrews 11 is written not just people that understood the law of faith but they actually lived in the realm of faith let’s talk about success Donald Trump for instance um he’s very very successful not because he does successful things but everything that he does is a success why because of the realm that he lives in now realm is a spiritual dimension we are spiritual beings we’re more than just physical beings scripture says that we should walk in the spirit and not fulfill the lust of the flesh so this brings me right back to the word Dominion living in the realm of Dominion when Adam fell he fell from the realm of Dominion he fell into a realm that operated by information and operated by facts and he fell from a realm that actually operated by faith and revelation so once you move into the realm of Dominion the facts won’t matter and this is why when we talk about at decree and declaring you are not declaring and decree from a realm that victimizes you it your decree and declaring from a realm that gives you the right to take control over your situation you will take personal power or take your personal power back from that realm now one of the things that Peter said 2nd Peter chapter 1 verse 4 it just love it he said we are called to partake of the divine nature what is the divine nature God is not only a spirit being he’s not only a creative being he is a speaking being and governing your words is the proof that you are participating in the divine nature in the book of Genesis chapter 1 we see God exercising his Dominion the earth with was without form and void darkness was upon the face of the deep the Bible said the Spirit of the Lord moved upon the face of the water things were not looking like he wanted them to look it was just topsy-turvy the Bible said there was no vision there was no insight there was darkness no revelation there was just utter confusion God steps into the middle of it he didn’t say ah look what the devil done he didn’t cry over it but what he did was he used the power of the spoken word and he took dominion over his situation and this is what happens when we begin to decree and declare calling those things that be not as though they were the things that you want brought back into alignment I can go on and on how declarations have changed my life I was born in poverty I begin to decree and declare the scriptures that says I wish above all things that thou may’st prosper be in good health even as your soul prospers I wanted to be I want to prosper and one of the things that God said to Joshua that really impacted my life this book of the law shall not depart out of your mouth but you shall meditate on it day and night therein you will make your way prosperous and you will have good success so success and prosperity is is connected to your thoughts as well as your words negative thoughts bring about negative results negative words bring about negative results positive words healthy words successful words prosperous words will do exactly that it will bring health it will bring happiness it will bring success and it will bring prosperity check the scripture out here’s Jesus now teaching his disciples how to exercise Dominion and he walks into a city he looks at this bush and he says die and then he keeps going and a day later the disciples come back and they said oh my goodness guess what this bush this this tree or whatever it was I think it was a bush they said it has dried up at the root now this is very important when you begin to decree and declare over your life you may not see immediate results but keep on decree and declaring why because it takes a little while for the fruit to know that the root has died so just because the leaves on the tree is still green it does not mean that that root has not been destroyed we are going to get to the root of the problem by teaching you how to take Dominion exercise you’re right by welding your words using it like a sword a as Tsuburaya uses a sword the Bible says that we should use this the Word of God which is the sword of the Spirit let’s just cut some of these negative things down so that the positive can blossom stay tuned so welcome back you might have the question that’s in your mind because I knew it was in my mind when I first heard this word doe million what does that mean what does doe minion mean Dominion actually has to do with the exercising of your rights when you have Dominion you’re exercising your right remember Dominion does not refer to you ruling over persons but things Hebrews chapter 10 23 gives us a hint of where we can start so the first way of exercising Dominion according to Hebrews 10:23 is to hold fast of the profession of your faith what it simply means is that word profession comes from a Greek word homologous homo the same logo words say the same words now this God is so good because he takes all the guesswork out of then if I’m going to hold fast to my words what words are you talking about we’re talking about the scriptures all the promises of God if you want success find all the success scriptures if you want prosperity find the prosperity scriptures if you want to decree that your children will be successful find scriptures that talk about children and so you’re going to hold fast to the profession of your faith take and Dominion starts with your speech and then your speech making sure that your words are lined up with God’s words don’t begin to decree over your life the problem decree the solution don’t decree what you see decree what you want and then make sure that what you are saying is aligning with what you want to see if you don’t expect to see it in your future just don’t talk about it in your presence because again life and death is in the power of the tongue and he that loves shall eat the fruit they’re off if you want to see it in the future begin to decree it and declare it in your presence the next way is after you deal with the whole issue of holding fast to the profession of your faith so that you can ensure that the results that you end up with all the consequences that you end up with other consequences that you want Hebrews 4 and 2 gives us the next secret or the next way or the next tool or the next strategy make sure that your words are mixed with faith so having your words line up with scriptures but the Bible says clearly profession or confession of faith now this word is important why is that word important because you can’t just think that if you decree things that you don’t believe in this is not going to happen that that is going to come to pass because there’s some incongruence how do I build my faith then you start building your faith by not only decreeing that word but meditating on that word what is occupying your thoughts on a day to day basis do you get up in the morning command your morning I decree I declare then throughout the whole day do you worry do you fret do you still talk about the things that you don’t want to see here’s a caveat that I want to give to you and it’s a very important caveat and and and and I learned this from my own personal life when I begin to decree and declare if I heard something negative say for instance if someone decides that they’re going to gossip about you and you hear the gossip do you run pick up the telephone call all your BFFs your best friends and do you start saying okay this is what I heard so-and-so say about me and do you repeat it over and over again here’s here’s one of the things that I do I take Philippians for 1/8 whatsoever things are lovely and just and whatsoever things are praiseworthy if there be any virtue I take that particular scripture there are eight specific characteristics of the things that I should ingest into my mind and repeat and I say if it doesn’t if it’s not true if it’s not honest if it’s not lovely if it’s not praiseworthy if it’s not a good report if it’s not those eight things if they don’t qualify for all eight areas I don’t meditate on it and I’m not going to speak about it now let me break this down just a little bit further so you can understand what I’m saying what if a person is gossiping about you and it hurts you deeply you pick up the telephone you call your mother you call your best friend you call your neighbor and everybody that you run into you say this is what so-and-so says do you not know that what you’re doing is de cría and declaring what that person said and you were giving that thing permission to exist in your life now is it true that they gossip of course but do you want to then ingest that so that that becomes a part of your declarations you might say well doctor him I didn’t talk about it but what if you went home and you meditated all night why did she say that and it goes on in your mind over and over and over again eventually it’s going to affect the quality of your thoughts and the quality of your thoughts is going to affect the quality of your life and so even things that are spoken gossip if it’s not true what if it’s true and they’re gossiping well is it lovely is it just is it honorable if it’s praiseworthy if it is not do not allow that thing to come out of your mouth do you not know this is the hardest thing because we want to talk we want to talk we need to get it off of our chest but sometimes if you speak everything that’s on your mind you you you sometimes you just got to bite your tongue refrain from speaking it and then start ingesting that same word so that the word displaces the things that we or you have typically been meditating on day and night here is another caveat that I want you to understand is not just the words that other people are speaking about you or saying about you it’s the words that you are speaking over your own life you can reverse even negative words by displacing it with positive words I’ll give you an example when I was young about 17 I thought what 40 was old and I’m beginning to say oh I don’t want to be old and forty I think I want to die before I get 40 guess what happened when I was about 38 somewhere they were about you know I’m 21 in my mind but when I was somewhere about 38 years old all of a sudden my body started breaking down just unexplainable things I went to the doctor I was so weak they couldn’t find anything wrong with me and do you not know that I had to go back home and I said you know I don’t want to die I was diagnosed with the Honea hernia that my blood count started to drop for no apparent reason when I went home I was feeling weak and I began to pray and the Holy Spirit said Cindy when you were you were young in your teens you said you didn’t want to be 40 and your body took that as a mandate do you not know how powerful you are every word that you speak the universe receives that as a mandate as a command this is why God said to job just don’t sit there say something have you commanded your morning since the beginning of your days you got to changed here’s the next thing number three this is not just verbal you’ve got to be able to change your internal dialogue so that you could change your destiny you got to alter or change your internal dialogue in order to alter your destiny if you don’t like where you are don’t just sit there say something the scripture says let the weak say I’m strong and I want to throw it in let the poor say I’m a rich let the depressed say I’m happy let the downhearted say I’m strong let those that feel victim I say I am victorious you gotta be able and here’s number four use a series of I statements it’s not just about what people are saying about you what are you saying about your life here’s what Jesus said he said I am the bread of life I am the way I am the truth I am the resurrection and life you know and that’s exactly what he became what are you decree and declaring over your life use a series of I statements I am successful don’t say I’m a failure I am successful I am strong I am powerful I am happy I am blessed I am I am I am don’t allow the hurtful words and actions of others to define your life it’s time to put an end negative self-talk and reverse the curse you’re living under it’s time for you to declare yourself blessed you don’t have to live under a cloud of doubt to feed and despair any longer everything you need to take control of your life change the course of your destiny and experience peace in your home promotion in your career and unlock your highest potential he’s available to you today from dr. Cindy trim you can change your life right now by following the footsteps of Jesus entering into the realm of authority that God has called you to dr. Cindy will show you how to use your words to take your home your business and your thinking to the next level I declared that health and prosperity were mine that I begin to see my life take a new form and today I’m a stronger man I’m a man because of the words the doctor trim empowered us to speak over our lives break free from the patterns of negative thinking holding you back and discover true success when you learn to declare yourself healed and blessed I’ve assembled a special teaching to help you it contains everything you’re gonna need to know to kick-start the process of changing your thinking and it’s going to lead to a happier home I have your life a more successful business and it starts right now tap into the wisdom you need and put these principles to work for you today begin thinking greater speaking greater and living greater accelerate towards your ultimate god-given destiny and purpose with the powerful declare system your first step begins with declare yourself blessed these prophetic words will stir up the fullness of God’s blessing already on your life for abundant manifestation you don’t have to wait another day activate the Living Word agree with dr. trim in this message and declare yourself blessed next discover how to declare yourself healed speaking out declarations from the Word of God dr. trim praise anointed words over your life releasing the power of God for healing in every area God wants you to live without pain experiencing optimum peace and health take authority over your health and receive your healing starting today last but not least learn to declare your home and business blast tap into God’s success strategy to effectively overcome every challenge lift the restrictions from your life by removing the barriers that have held you captive so your home and business can experience exponential growth and success in the marketplace the entire declare system is yours with your gift of $35 but that’s not all when you call today you’ll also get today’s complete broadcast message on DVD as a free bonus that’s the entire declare collection including declare yourself blessed declare yourself healed and declare your home and business blessed for only $35 plus you’ll get today’s message on DVD absolutely free that gives you that support it gives you tools it gives you strategies so that you can be the best can be in what it is that you have been called to do take your first step to a better tomorrow when you call right now order today and let dr. Cindy lead you into a life that is blessed I want to invite you to tune in with us next week we’re going to learn how to release God’s healing power in your life call a friend call your loved ones and especially those that right now need healing we are going to show you how to release God’s power next week god bless yeah

Dr. Cindy Trimm – Declare Yourself Blessed: You will get you a deeper revelation of the importance of your dominion and the role you have to play in exercising your authority.

She will identify the subtle tricks the enemy has used against you to keep your going in circles and away from your true purpose and destiny. If you are ready to take your life to the next level, this message will show you how.

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Dr. Cindy Trimm is a sought-after empowerment specialist, revolutionary thinker, and transformational leader.  She has earned a distinguished reputation as a catalyst of change and voice of hope to the nations.

Dr. Trimm has repeatedly topped bestsellers lists with what have become renown classics, such as: Commanding Your Morning, The 40 Day Soul Fast, The Rules of Engagement for Overcoming Your Past, and Prevail: Discover Your Strength in Hard Places.

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