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Video Transcript

welcome everyone dr. mandell here I want to share a very simple technique that’s going to open up your sinuses allow the congestion to drain immediately this is going to make you feel light it’s going to lie to focus it’s going to really make you feel good we’re going to apply pressure on the sides of our head by doing so we’re increasing movement now the movement is very very little but these bones all work hand in hand with each other our head and neck goes through many stresses from poor posture accidents injuries and we can develop problems where we start losing that little bit of mobility remember that motion has a direct correlation with function so as we apply more movement we get better function so because the skull is so important where it protects the brain and all the different bones are all interconnected as we apply movement and motion in this area you’re gonna see immediate changes all throughout the whole facial area so let’s put it to the test you’re gonna feel instant drainage within seconds your facial region is gonna feel nice and light you’re gonna feel as if you can focus much better we’re gonna use the heel of our hands that’s gonna put pressure against the temporal region of our skull I want you to take your thumbs and put it behind each side of your ear okay if I can come around and show you okay and if I turn this way you can see the other side now I want you to take your hands and just push it up against the temporal area like this your thumb stays behind me facing backwards okay like this okay and what I want you to do I want you to push in against the skull and lift up as you push in you’re gonna lift up about an inch and a half to two inches and release and go back down again do it again push in nice and firmly and push up good come back down we’re going to do a total of five push in and push up only about an inch and a half you’re coming up go back down push in and push up good go back down push in and push up keep that firm pressure and release now many of you may experience immediate changes and drainage while doing the technique but for the most of us once you stop this technique you will feel within minutes the continuation of dripping as your sinuses open up as your breathing becomes easier and as you feel much lighter do this is often as necessary you will be amazed please share this video with your friends and family I know you’re gonna see great results leave your comments below and most important make it a great day I’m dr. Alan mandell

Dr. Alan Mandell demonstrates a very simple and effective technique that will directly affect your breathing and sinuses. Restoring movement within the cranial bones of the skull will create balance, function, and health.

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